Do Nails Grow Faster In Summer?

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Do Nails Grow Faster In Summer?

Years ago, the growing of nails wasn’t in any way attributed to our universal climatic change. No known research was carried out on the verification of nails growing at the slightest change of seasons.

But recently, some studies have in numerously shown that there is likely a possibility of nails growing two times their sizes on a particular season. And that season is Summer.

Now back to the question. Do fingernails grow faster in Summer? Yes. Nails tend to grow longer and stronger during Summer Seasons. I know you may be asking, Do nails grow slower in winter? Or Doesn’t our fingernails grow longer in other seasons as well? The answer to your question is No and here’s Why.

Apparently, nails become stunted in cold regions due to a decreased level of blood stimulation and blood pressure. The underlying cause arises from cold climates which often, hinders the fast circulation of blood.

Do Nails Grow Faster In Summer

At such, Summers is the best and favourable seasons to grow long, natural, and elegant nails. This is mainly because they are backed up and aided by some few factors which, in a way or the other contributes to the healthy growth of nails.

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Factors That Enables Nails To Grow Faster In Summer

1. Exposure To Sunlight

Sunlight produces a peculiar vitamin known to be Vitamin D which has some valued nutrients that are essential and important for nail growth. This occurs when the nails are often exposed to sunlight from time to time with the vitamin D nourishing them with better nutrients.

Vitamin D is, no doubt an excellent vitamin necessary for the metabolism of minerals and continuous growth of our bone. Its predominant function is to bring about the intake of calcium, phosphorus, and some ions of magnesium in the human body. These are vital in maintaining and promoting healthy nail growth.

Nonetheless, it is noteworthy that this vitamin D cannot be manufactured or formed by our bodies but are digested into the body through the constant intake of various foods and supplements. Aside from the consumption of food, our bodies can integrate Vitamin D whenever the sun touches our skin; which is readily available to us during day time.

It has also been observed that the exposure of our skin to the sun for about 10-15 minutes twice or three times a week, can produce a good amount of Vitamin D in humans. But the bad news is that one can be short of this Vitamin during Cold Seasons.

2. Engaging In Daily Activities

At Summer, tons of activities are being carried out, which could include camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, sporting activities, etc. The shocking aspect of this is that engaging in all these activities, and many more can lead to rapid nail growth in Summer. Sounds awkward? Yeah, I know. However, as uncomfortable as it may sound, they help.

This is because we engage our hands in so many indoor and outdoor activities, thereby pumping blood to our hands which in turn can result in nail growth unlike in cold seasons, where we are most often indoors with our hands in our cardigans as a result of the cold weather promoting less movement.

Other Demeanor Activities That Can Promote Nail Growth may include,

1. Playing the Piano

At Summer, we get a vibe to want to play the piano at all times by reason of the sun and the warm, friendly weather. As such, they increase the fast growth of our nails. Note that playing the piano can, in a way, cause a little trauma on the nails, and this can lead to an increase in the number of dead cells which, after a while, produces nails.

Do Nails Grow Faster In Summer

2. Typing

Each time we type, our nails are stimulated in such a way that ensures the smooth growth of the nails. The reason being that nail growth arises from the increase of blood flow generated by typing, which takes place in the matrix where cells are produced, helping to increase steady growth.

But the rest seasons doesn’t permit the fast growth of nails. This can be attributed to the fact that in extremely cold seasons, less blood flows into the core such that the respiratory system diminishes the body response.

As such, it becomes difficult to participate in activities as a result of the cold hindering us from doing such since sunlight doesn’t come out on these occasions. The same applies to the playing of piano and typing.

It becomes occasional when there’s cold because we don’t want to get frozen by the cold so we as much as we can, try to wear gloves or mittens and put on bourgeoisie clothes where our hands would be hidden thereby, discouraging us from wanting to type or even play the pianos.

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3. Constant Drinking Of Water

Research has shown that more than 60 per cent of our body is made up of water and in Summer, we feel Dehydrated because of the sun, which leads to the drinking of water to cool off. But the good news is, drinking water has a way of flushing out toxic substances from the human body, which can as well helps promote healthy growth of one’s nails.

Also, constant drinking of water could put an end to brittle nails which sometimes is caused by dehydration, leading to the breakage of nails. So by sipping water daily, we could improve on our nail growth and prevent flaky nails.

And this can only be possible in Summer because, in cold seasons, dehydration is imminent on a few occasions by means of the sun which, in turn, ensures less sipping of water.

Do Nails Grow Slower In Winter?

YES. Nails generally grow twice as fast as they do in summer due to a lot of reasons. For example, when fingernails are exposed to sunlight or in daily activities, the rate at which blood flows increases which can further trigger your nails to grow faster.

Conclusion On Do Nails Grow Faster In Summer

It is expedient to note that our nails are our pride. If you are craving to grow those irresistibly beautiful and tremendous nails, then be ready to put more effort into getting the kind of nails you genuinely desire. Rather than running from the sun during Summer, bask in it for a while, engage in as many activities as you possibly can and lastly, never fail to drink as much water needed for a particular day.

Curious to experience and get a feel of this? Then do the needful and watch your nails grow beautifully.

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