Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth? (Reasons)

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth? Well, When it comes to nail growth, a lot of stuff we do which involves using our finger more often can actually, to some extent, promotes the way our nail grows.

One amongst such activities is typing. When you punch on those keys, either as a typist or someone who love pressing keys, a lot is going on behind the scene which invariably you’re not aware of.

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Pro TIPS: Lightly Tapping a desk for an hour can as well hastens the rate at which your nail grows.

That, you’ll know real soon. But before I go further, let me ask, why does typing on a keyboard stimulate nail growth?

Any answer? OK, I’ll tell you in a short while. Keep reading.

Upon graduating from high school, and due to financial constraint at home, I took up the job of a typist in a nearby firm.

A firm which was very close to my house – A stone throw from my house to be precise. It was such a large establishment that had up to 15-20 typist and a host of others doing other jobs like spiral binding.

We resume as early as 7 am in the morning and closes by 9 pm in the evening. That alone should tell you how stressful it was. In some cases, we are asked to pass the night there due to the workload.

Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Imagine leaving work by 9 pm then you rush home and still create time to read at night in preparation for exams? (isn’t that excruciating?)

Trust me, it is. It was such a stressful experience, to be honest with you and to think of it that I have to work and at the same study for my exams into college was tiring.

At some point, I had to quit, not because of the stress, although it was among the reason but because the situation at home has gotten a lot better financially.

While I was at it – the job, there was something I noticed. The rate at which I trim my nails was way beyond my comprehension. Same goes for my other colleagues. Imagine trimming your nails twice in a week.?

I’m saying this because I’m that kind of a person whose nails takes almost forever to grow, so I was a little bit skeptical about the whole growth thing.

In my quest for knowledge, I googled and stumbled upon many articles online that talks about how typing a lot can stimulate nail growth.

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

To my biggest disappointment, None of those articles was able to convince me enough to believe that typing does contribute to nail growth.

This got me thinking hard, really hard that I began to ask myself questions like how does typing stimulate nail growth for Christ sake? Does playing the piano also do the same? What about the guitarist?

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

All of my thought is what I’ll provide answers to in this article. So if you’re still wondering how the act of typing on a keyboard or lightly touching the piano actually stimulate nail growth, then Keep reading.

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth?

To proffer an answer to this question, I want you to understand something. After which, we will dive straight into giving you an answer to your question but before that, let me ask.

What do you understand by, to Stimulate?

Any answer? I’ll wait. You say? Well, let me answer that for you.

“To stimulate is to encourage or arouse something into action or to function well”

So when we say typing stimulate nail growth, what we mean to say is that typing encourages nail growth.

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Simply put, when you punch those keyboards, strike those chords or touches those keys of that piano, what you’re doing is, you’re encouraging the flow of blood to that region of your finger known as the matrix.

And when this happens, the growth of nails is bound to happen. This brings us to how nail grows.

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How Do Nails Grow?

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Nail grows when the matrix – the region beneath the cuticle where new nail cells are produced are richly stimulated by the flow of blood.

When cells receive lots of blood, the rate in which they replicate increases. As they reproduce, old dead cells are pushed out to form the nail plate.

The nail plates then lengthen as more cells are produced, which further gives rise to free edge – The free edge is that white portion of the plate where the nail begins to look all white.

Why Do Fingernails Need Blood To Grow?

You may be thinking that since fingernails are made up of dead cells, then, they invariably don’t need blood to function.

Well, for your information, they do need nutrient and oxygen which the blood carries for them to grow.

This is why when there is trauma to your nails, especially the ones that cut across the nail beds, the rate at which they grow slows down a bit.

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Why is it so?

This is because they are not receiving as much blood as they ought to, due to the disrupted connection.

Other Activities That Can Stimulate Nail Growth

Besides typing, other activities that involve using the finger more often can contribute to nail growth. Activities such as

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1. Using your hands to grasp nails
2. Nail-biting
3. Massage
4. Boxing or wrestling

1. Grasping nails

Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

If you’re into woodworking as a full-time job, then you can relate perfectly to this. Carpenters daily make use of nails, saws, screws, etc. to get their work done.

This constant nail picking, sawing of woods or trying to screw a nut down a block of wood can actually stimulate or promotes the rate at which their nail grows.

2. Nail-biting

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

When you bite your nails, what happens is, you’re indirectly stimulating the skin around the nails, which further triggers blood to flow.

When this happens, there’s an adequate supply of blood to the matrix which further speeds the rate at which nail grows.

3. Massaging

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Massaging the skin around the cuticle, the nails itself or your fingernails, in general, is another way to hasten nail growth.

It is for this reason we recommend massaging your cuticle using quality moisturizers such as coconut oil or Shea butter daily.

4. Boxing/Wrestling

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Boxing is another activity that involves using the hand often. During wrestling or boxing, there’s a constant flow of blood to the nails as one punches his opponents.

Although the stimulation that comes out from this exercise doesn’t last long enough, when you do it consistently, it can have positive effects on the way your nail grows.

Conclusion On Why Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Like we’ve said earlier, besides typing, other factors which involve using your hands can actually stimulate the rate at which your nails grows.

For example, activities like striking a chord, punching your favorite piano, massage, and even hitting the keys of your smartphones.

All of these little things you do can contribute to nail growth. I hope this article has answered your question, how does typing stimulate nail growth?

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