Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth?

If you’re a fan of typing, you might be surprised to learn that what you’re doing has some unexpected benefits. And if you’re not a fan of typing, I bet you’ll be surprised to find out how good it can make your nails look. Typing is one of the most common activities that we do every day. It has been proven that typing can stimulate nail growth. However, why does typing stimulate nail growth?

The reason why typing stimulates nail growth is that it increases blood flow to your hands and feet. This will help deliver oxygen and nutrients to your nails, which helps them grow faster than usual. Also, typing encourages blood flow to that region of your finger, known as the matrix where growth occurs.

Furthermore, many other factors might contribute to why typing stimulates nail growth. One of these factors is that typing requires you to use both hands at once, which causes more pressure on your fingers, which helps stimulate blood flow and improve circulation in those areas.

Well, When it comes to nail growth, a lot of stuff we do that involves using our finger more often can, to some extent, promotes the way our nail grows.

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

Pro TIPS: Lightly Tapping a desk for an hour can as well hastens the rate at which your nail grows.

How Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

1. Typing is a repetitive motion that causes your arms to move back and forth, stimulating blood flow to your hands.

2. When you type, you’re engaging in a repetitive activity involving fine motor skills, which can help strengthen your nails and encourage growth.

3. Typing uses muscles in your hands and arms, which helps them stay strong and healthy, making it easier for them to fight off infections that could harm your nails.

4. Typing can help boost circulation throughout the body, promoting faster nail growth by bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your fingers.

Why Do Fingernails Need Blood to Grow?

Fingernails are made of keratin, a protein in hair and skin. Keratin is made from the amino acid building blocks called amino acids. Keratin is one of the most abundant proteins in our bodies, making up about 12% of our total body weight.

To make keratin, your fingernails need a lot of oxygen. Oxygen is carried by red blood cells through your bloodstream to nourish the cells that make up your fingernails. This process is called “transport.”

Transport happens because of cell respiration, where cells take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide as waste. The heart pumps blood through the arteries and veins to travel throughout your body. This blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body to keep growing and working properly as a machine would run without oil or gas fuel.

How Do Nails Grow?

Why Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

The nail grows when the matrix – the region beneath the cuticle where new nail cells are produced is richly stimulated by blood flow. When cells receive lots of blood, the rate at which they replicate increases. Old dead cells are pushed out to form the nail plate as they reproduce.

The nail plates then lengthen as more cells are produced, which gives rise to a free edge. The free edge is that white portion of the plate where the nail begins to look all white.

However, the rate at which nails grow varies and depends on factors such as age and health conditions like diabetes or thyroid disease (which can cause slower-than-normal growth). The average person’s fingernails grow about 0.04 inches per month, so they’ll be about 4 inches long in one year.

Other Activities That Can Stimulate Nail Growth

Besides typing, other activities that involve using the finger more often can contribute to nail growth. Activities such as:

  • Using your hands to grasp nails
  • Nail-biting
  • Massage
  • Boxing or wrestling

1. Grasping nails

Does Typing Stimulate Nail Growth

You can relate perfectly to this if you’re into woodworking as a full-time job. Carpenters use nails, saws, screws, etc., daily to get their work done.

This constant nail picking, sawing of wood, or trying to screw a nut down a block of wood can stimulate or promotes the rate at which their nail grows.

2. Nail-biting

When you bite your nails, you indirectly stimulate the skin around the nails, which further triggers blood flow.

When this happens, there’s an adequate blood supply to the matrix, further speeding up the nail’s growth rate.

3. Massaging

Massaging the skin around the cuticle, the nails themselves, or your fingernails is another way to hasten nail growth.

For this reason, we recommend massaging your cuticle using quality moisturizers such as coconut oil or Shea butter daily.

4. Boxing/Wrestling

Boxing is another activity that involves using the hand often. During wrestling or boxing, there’s a constant flow of blood to the nails as one punches his opponent.

Although the stimulation from this exercise doesn’t last long enough, when you do it consistently, it can positively affect how your nail grows.

Does Tapping Your Nails Make Them Stronger?

Certainly not. Tapping your nails lightly only encourages blood to flow towards your matrix, which in turn helps lengthen your nails. So be mindful when tapping your nails against hard surfaces so as not to break them.


As we’ve said earlier, besides typing, other factors which involve using your hands can stimulate the rate at which your nails grow. For example, activities like striking a chord, punching your favorite piano, massage, and even hitting the keys of your smartphones. All of these little things you do can contribute to nail growth.

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