8 Amazing Benefits Of Cuticle Cream You Should Know Today

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Benefits Of Cuticle Cream: If you’re a nail enthusiast like us, then you should have heard about the benefits that come from applying cuticle cream to your cuticle and nails.

In fact, to us, no nail care is incomplete without cuticle cream or oil if you ask me.


Because these two, when combined, is capable of opening doors, for a healthy cuticle and nail growth.

To us, Cuticle cream is that cream that should come to your mind when you’re planning on caring for your cuticle.

Aside from that, it’s moisturizing effects coupled with its anti-fungal properties is such that cannot be compared to others.

Are you feeling confused already? Don’t be, Let me explain.

Let’s think of our cuticle as tiny soldiers that help protect our nails from intruders. These tiny soldiers (cuticle) at some point, need to be fed so that they can fight and defend our nails better.

And once they’re well-fed, you’ll be amazed just how well your cuticles will start looking really good and at the same time, can help your nails to grow out as well.

Simply put, cuticle cream or oil is the food our cuticles need to protect our nails so that they can grow out well.

I know you may be thinking by now that what’s so special about this cream that ordinary cream can not do. Well, you’re quite right since they both contain the same active ingredients.

But what you should know is this.

Cuticle cream is specifically meant to handle torn and broken cuticle and keep them in the right shape.


Ordinary body cream or lotion helps to smoothen skin and gives them a glowing look.

Before we proceed further on the benefits of cuticle cream, lets quickly look at what cuticle means.

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Cuticle Meaning.

Benefits Of Cuticle Cream
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Cuticle which has its pronunciation as /  ˈkjuːtɪkəl/ are a tiny slice of dead skin which helps to seal the nail plate and prevents an attack of any kind.

They play a very crucial role in the general well being of our nails. Without them, the growth of nails will not be made possible.

It is for this reason that any slight wear or tear to them usually comes with a lot of downsides…

How To Apply Cuticle Cream

Benefits Of Cuticle Cream
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The best way to apply cuticle balm is to apply them through gentle massage. To apply, dab a few drops on your cuticle/nails followed by a gentle massage.

Pro Tips: It is not the cream that keeps the cuticle and nails healthy; it is in the massage. Applying little massage helps the blood to flow and keep the living cells inside the nail matrix excited. The more excited they are, the more dead cells are pushed out over to form hard keratinous material know as nail plates.

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What’s In Cuticle Cream

There’s no point going after a cream when you don’t know exactly what it is made up of. Below are the active ingredients you’ll find in any cuticle cream.

• Essential oils
• Waxes (beeswax, cetyl alcohol)
• Carrier oils (Almond, jojoba, sunflower, coconut)
• Fatty alcohol (stearyl, oleyl alcohols)

All of those things when mixed appropriately in the right proportion is what makes up the cream.

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Having listed them out, Let’s now take out time to get to know them.

Essential Oil

These are oil extracted or obtained from the plant the oil is named after. For example, the coconut tree, which belongs to the palm tree family is not just a fruit but rather, a nut and a seed.

When this nut is well blended and allowed to settle down, the oil that comes out from it is what is termed coconut oil. In other word, essentials oils contain a higher concentration of the flavour (odour) of the plant.

Benefits Of Essential Oil In Cuticle Cream

  1. To contribute immensely to the fragrance coupled with other benefits such as its anti-fungal and healing properties to cuticle cream.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils also know as base oil, when combined with essential oils, helps to dilute and reduce the potency or effectiveness of essential oils. The reason is to keep the oil mild so that it does not irritate the body of whosoever that is using it, especially those with sensitive skin.

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Diluting Essential Oil With Carrier Oil

When diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil, care should be taken to avoid complication.

Here’s a how-to, for both adult and children.


Use 1.3% solution for adults, then 1-2 drops of essential oil per one  (1) tablespoon of carrier oil.

For children between a month to six months, use .25% solution then dilute 1 drop of essential oil per 1½ tablespoon of CO.

Children between 6 months to 2 years, use .25-.5% solution then dilute 1 drop of EO per 1 tablespoon of CO

What about children between 2 – 6 years? Use .5% solution then dilute One (1) drop of EO per 2 Tablespoon of CO.

Lastly, for children of 12 years and above, use 1% solution with a dilution of 1 drop of a tablespoon per 1 tablespoon of CO

(Key: EO connotes Essential oil, CO connotes Carrier oil)

Benefits Of Carrier Oil In Cuticle Cream

Carrier oil, when combined with essential oils helps to soften the skin around the cuticle and further allows vitamins and nutrient from other oil, find their way into the skin.

Fatty Alcohol

Fatty alcohol, otherwise known as long-chain alcohol, has a high molecular weight that is usually non-irritating and good for our skin.

This long-chain alcohol is a product from natural fats and oil with oleyl alcohols, stearyl, boasting of having commercial value.

Benefits Of Fatty Alcohol In Cuticle Cream

  1. They are significant components of cosmetics because of their amphipathic nature.


Aside from carrier oils, the second most essential ingredients in cuticle creams are the bees and plant waxes. These waxes have a variety of numerous compounds in them such as ketones, fatty acids, esters, etc.

Benefits Of Waxes In Cuticle Balm

When they’re present in cuticle balm, upon application to the cuticle, they softened and then penetrated deep into the skin.

In other words, they contain an active ingredient such as fatty alcohol that helps to keep the cuticle soft all day.

Aside from that, this fatty alcohol is what gives the balm its vicious look. That is to say; fatty alcohol is what determines whether the cream it’s going to be thick or thin.

Having known what makes up a cuticle balm, we can now look into the benefits of cuticle cream.

Benefits Of Using Cuticle Cream

Benefits Of Cuticle Cream
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As you may have already guessed, using cuticle cream or balm is the only surest way to keep your cuticle in good health. Below are some of the benefits that come along, when you apply them on your cuticles and nails.

1. Cuticle cream keeps new cells in shape

When new cells are made at the base of the nail, the cuticle has to protect them from intruders.

Somewhere along the line, this cuticle might undergo stressful conditions and might fail in their duty. When this happens, applying cuticle cream can help revamp and keeps the cuticle in shape once again.

2. Cuticle cream helps repairs broken cuticle

During dehydrated weather condition or cold or overexposure of the cuticle to salty water, the cuticle is bound to go dry, crack or tear at some point.

When you are faced with this kind of scenery, cuticle balms is all you need to repair, give life, and get your cuticle back in shape.

3. They help to moisturize and soothe skin

Of all the numerous benefits of cuticle cream, its ability to moisturize not just the cuticle but surrounding skin around the nails is what distinguishes it from other creams.

4. They help increase circulation

Cuticle cream, when applied alongside with gentle massage, can help improve blood circulation and also helps stimulate or promote healthy nail growth.

 5. They protect nails from trauma

Using cuticle balm every day on your cuticle and nails can help protect your nails and cuticle from injury.

6. They help improve the health and appearance of nails

When you apply a few drops of cuticle balm on your nails, they can help to improve the general look and health of your nails

7. They help to keep hangnails at arm’s length

Are you suffering from hangnails? Or is hang nails an issue of concern in your life?

Here’s some good news for you.

Cuticle balms are a perfect emollient for keeping annoying hangnails in check.

Best Cuticle Cream

UPDATES: Hey guys, here’s a cream I came across while updating this post that you might want to try. This cream is perfect for both for dry hands and cuticle.


Are you looking for some of the best cuticle creams for nails or best cuticle cream for hangnails?

Keep Reading…

When it comes to selecting the best cuticle cream to use, you should be aware that each of them is made for different purposes.

For example, if you are suffering from hangnails, Flexitol hand & nail cuticle cream is what you need.

Below are some cuticle balm to go after with their area of specification

1. Burt’s bees cuticle cream

Benefits Of Cuticle Cream
Photo Credits: Dermstore.com

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream  [ Click the link to view price on Amazon] is an all-round solution to cuticle problems. (Read Nail Cuticle Problems)

This cream contains a mixture of almond oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E oil which, together with other active ingredients, helps brittle nails.

2. Eve Lom cuticle cream

Benefits Of Cuticle Cream
Photo Credits: Skinstore.com

This is a plant-based cream loaded with protective oil and waxes to keep cuticle in good shape.

What’s inside? It contains almond oil, Chamomile, beeswax, and yarrow oil. All of these helps to heal and strengthen the cuticle.

3. Yes to coconut cream

Click Image To View Price On Amazon

As the name implies – Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturizing Hand & Cuticle Cream [Click link to view price on Amazon] is gotten from coconut – A nut fruit with lots of health benefits loaded in it.

Yes to coconut cream contains useful vitamins and helps to restore damaged skin hence the name – Hydrate & restore.

4. Hands of hope cuticle cream

Benefits Of Cuticle Cream
Photo Credits: philosophy.com

Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand And Cuticle Cream [Aff. Link] is the perfect choice when it comes to healing dry cuticle.

In it is sunflower oil, Shea butter plus other natural oil. All of these combined is what makes it different from other balms.

5. Sally Hansen cuticle balm

Benefits Of Cuticle Cream
Photo Credits: Amazon

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly cuticle cream with strong moisturizing effect, you should consider buying this –Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream [Aff. Link]

The presence of apricot oil in Sally Hansen’s balm makes it possible to soothe hangnails and gives life to tough skin.

 6. Julep cuticle balm

Benefits Of Cuticle Cream
Photo Credits: Amazon

Julep cuticle balm is another cuticle cream to look out for because it is formulated to take care of or treat peeling cuticles. It can do so because of the presence of Shea butter, vitamin B-5, honey and salicylic in it.

What is cuticle cream good for?

If any nail products can help keep your cuticle in the best shape ever, then it should be cuticle cream. This cream is what your cuticle need daily. So if you’re suffering from either torn or dry cuticles, Cuticle cream is what you need. Also, it’s not enough to use it on your skin, applying it with light massage makes the difference.

How often should I use cuticle cream?

There is no universal agreed time for anyone to use this cream, but if you intend to keep your cuticle and nails in the right shape, then you should probably use it 2-3 times daily. If you’re that type whose nature of work revolves around moisture, then you need to apply it each time your hands are off the water.

Does cuticle cream help nails grow?

Yes and that’s because it’s a moisturizer. The work of a moisturizer is to add moisture to a dry surface, and that’s precisely what cuticle cream does. So applying it on your cuticle and nails with a little massage will trigger the cells down your matrix to produce more new nail cell, which in turn promotes nail growth.

Is Vaseline good for cuticles?

Vaseline, being an efficient moisturizer with lots of fats content can be used in the absence of cuticle cream so Yes, it’s a better alternative to C. cream and can be used on your cuticles.

Is cuticle oil good for skin?

Cuticle oil is another alternative you can use for your cuticle, and it’s super-efficient because it contains a small percentage of other fat and also promotes nail growth.

When should I use cuticle oil?

Just after washing your hands to keep your skin from hydration. Also, applying this oil on your cuticle and nails can help keep them from future dryness.

Can you use coconut oil as cuticle oil?

Capital YES. Coconut oil has the same lipids content as a cuticle oil, so using it on your cuticles and nails isn’t a bad idea. Aside from that, if you want to lengthen your nails overnight without stress, you should consider using it today.

What is the best oil to use on cuticles?

Any essential oil can be used on your cuticle, but if you want fast results, then you should consider using cuticle oil or coconut oil.

Conclusion On The Usefulness Of Cuticle Cream

Are you still in doubt as to making cuticle cream part of your daily life after reading all the fantastic benefits contained in this article?

Well, you shouldn’t as this article on the benefits of cuticle cream has exposed all that is needed to know.

More also, Dry peeling cuticle looks unsightly and can be very annoying. Don’t you think so?

And if you ever care to remedy all of these, the way out is to moisturize more.

Why should you even care to moisturize more?

Because the only way out to this is by applying cuticle balm on your cuticle and nails daily.

So the next time you’re planning to go out, don’t forget to take along with you cuticle cream or oil. Also, if this article has been helpful to you, please kindly SHARE it with your friends using any of the buttons below.

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