Why Do We Grow Nails? Number #2 Reasons Will Shock You

Have you ever pondered on why we grow nails and their usefulness to us as humans or you seek to know why do nails grow so fast or keep growing even after trimming them to a certain level?

Well, If this sounds like you, then this article on why do we grow nails or why do nails grow faster will do justice to that lingering question. But before I do so, here’s a quick question for you. What is the purpose of your nails? Or what is the use of fingernails? Can you try? OK, let me help you out.

It is a known fact that fingernails and toenails serve a unique purpose. They were not created for fancy but were designed to aid and to protect. Simply put, the primary reason or use of your nails is to protect the fingertip and keep the internal component of your nails from injuries.

Also, they contribute significantly to people’s impression of us as they define who we are to the world. So here comes the big question.

Why Do We Grow Nails? Or What Is The Purpose Of Your Nails?

Firstly, one of the primary reason why we grow nails is that our nails act as a defense for your fingertip.

Why Do We Grow Nails

When you look at your nails, evident in them are nerves underneath them with each, performing a unique function which helps in keeping your nails healthy.

Moreover, fingernails and toenails contain keratin made up of protein which helps in strengthening and shielding nails. To further understand why do nails grow downward or bent lets quickly take a look at the parts that make up your nails.

Below, are the different parts of nerves that make up our nails which would be well elaborated on.

Why Do We Grow Nails

1. The Nail Bed

The nail bed is the part of the skin where the nail plate can be found. In other words, on the nail bed lies the nail plate.

Also, they make available enough blood and lymph vessels to keep nails in perfect shape, as they shield our nails from dirt and injuries.

2. Nail Plate

Under the nail plate is a keratinous stratum of skin cells containing quite some fat and water.

Apparently, the size and length of the matrix ascertain the width and thickness of our nail plate.

The color of the nail is gotten from the blood that passes underneath it from the nail bed. Its primary function is to protect the nail bed of the fingers and toes.

3. The Free Edge

Ever wondered what part of the nail we sharpen and file to that perfect length we desire?

That is the free edge. The free edge is that part of the nail that is attached to the nail bed growing continuously in a bid to shield our fingertip. They are usually white.

4. The Hyponychium

This is the epithelium beneath the free edge, protecting our nail bed from all sorts of microorganisms disease, and infection.

5. The Nail Grooves

The nail groove is situated side by side with the edge of the nail plate, ensuring the smooth growth of nails. With the help of the nail groove, our nails tend to grow in a straight line without curvature.

6. The Matrix

The matrix is known to be the area where cells of the new plate are formed. It is also in the matrix that keratin procedures take place, which all form the thickness of the nail plate.

8. The Nail Mantle

The nail mantle is located before the cuticle. Their main aim is to guide the matrix against any visible damages.

9. The Lunula

It lies over the matrix at the base of the fingernail-shaped like a crescent.

10. The Cuticle

The cuticle is a hardened strip at the bottom of the finger or toenails, shielding the matrix from infection.

11. The Nail Walls

The nail walls can be found by the sides of our nails, acting as little coverage for our nail plate edges.

13. The Eponychium

The eponychium lies just after the cuticle where the nail plate emerges covering the matrix area.

All these help in guiding our fingertip from external damages.

Second Thought On Why Do We Grow Nails

Secondly, our fingernails are susceptible to stimulus. That is, fingernails tend to be sensitive. Our fingers are useful in feeling the temperamental nature of objects which indicates to us the current state of that object is it hot, cold, e.t.c.

Why Do We Grow Fingernails

This is propelled by the nerves in our fingers which are used to detect temperature( cold, hot, lukewarm), texture( smoothness, softness, roughness, and hardness) and sharpness.

Hence, when our fingernails come in contact with a hot object, it triggers quite a number of occurrences in the body leading to an instant reply. With this, one tends to understand the purpose of the skin beneath the fingernails as it becomes more evident.

The nerves under the nails are seldom exposed to the outer environment. They are being shielded from injuries, diseases, and so on as a result of our fingernails serving as protection.

Therefore, when something comes in physical contact with the nerves with the skin of our nails being exposed, our body receives the unimaginable pain. As such, the sensitivity of our nails helps to some extent in protecting the skin beneath our fingernails.

Third Thought On Why We Grow Nails

Thirdly, in answering the question ‘why do we grow nails,’ we should understand that our nails perform a variety of tasks.

When it comes to multitasking, trust our nails to carry out a superb job. Nails permit us to peel, scratch, tear, cut, scrap, to dig around nostrils, to pick, e.t.c.

Why Do We Grow Nails

They are so handy. But then, let’s imagine we didn’t have nails to do all these. Terrible right? Thus some times, let’s learn to appreciate our nails.

Lastly, our nails say a lot about the state of our health. Each time we start having abnormalities and discoloration in our finger and toenails and not the normal nail color, then there is a cause for alarm.

Why Do We Grow Nails

This is where doctors come in. The nails are being checked for proper examination to ascertain the cause and administer medications if need be.

These abnormalities may include thinning or thickening of nails, color changes, fragility, inflexible nails, pitted nails, curbing, breaking nails, red discoloration around nails, enlargement or swelling around nails, extreme pain around nails, excessive or minor bleeding around nails, and so on. For this reason, we should be grateful for our nails.

Conclusion On Why Do We Have Toenails Or Fingernails

As you may already know, one of the apparent reason why we have nails as humans is for protection.

Nails helps to protect the delicate parts of our fingertip. Also, they help us to feel things around us and make us aware of what’s going on in our environment.

Another reason worthy of mention is that we have nails as humans because we are primates and it is that which distinguishes us from other animals.

In all, growing nails is essential to the human world. Their form and sizes are perfect for the purpose they were designed to execute, making things a lot easier than we can imagine.

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