How Long Should A Woman Fingernails Be?

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The question “How Long Should A Woman Fingernails Be?” Doesn’t have a universal answer as it is more of an individual thing but here’s what I think.

How long should a woman’s fingernails be is solely depended on how short or how long she prefers or desires them to be.

If she’s ok with growing long asf nails so be it, if going short is her thing then it’s fine but then again, the nature of her job might as well dictate how long her fingernails should be.

Several jobs have their own requirements. If you’re familiar with the corporate world then you should understand this better.

Every job has their do’s and don’t. Why some may allow their staffs to grow nails past their fingertips, others may want their staff to keep it short.

Aside from the nail length, some corporate offices may have rules guiding the kind of nail shape and colour to wear to work. Others might not be to keen about colour choices but that’s by the wayside.

Another thing worthy of mention here that might dictate a woman’s fingernail length is her hobby.

For example, if you’re a violinist, keyboardist, guitarist and what have you, you’ll agree with me that you can’t really function well with long asf nails unless you keep them relatively short.

How long should a woman fingernails be

How short should they be will depend on how you want them to be. Usually, if you keep them past the length of your fingertips then you won’t find a hard time functioning with them.

Should A Woman Keep Long Nails In The First Place?

Well, like as I’ve stated earlier, it all boils down to individual preference and the nature of your work but then again, keeping your digits too long may hinder you from a lot of things you would normally do when your nails are short.

For example,

If your nails are extremely long as a woman, you’ll find a hard time typing with them. Aside from that, doing house chores may pose a problem for you.

But if you still want to go ahead to keep them long then there are ways you can adopt to protect them so they don’t get in your way.

For example, if your nails are long, you can use the pad of your finger to type. You can as well wear a tab over your nails (typing mate) to enable you to type better.

Is It Better To Have Long Or Short Nails?

Well, I personally like to keep mine medium-long due to the nature of my work. As a nail blogger that I am, I need to constantly type just as I’m doing right now so keeping them too long will in a way come in between my job and I don’t want that to happen.

Keeping my nails a little long prevents them from breaking too often. I’ve seen people with extremely long nails whose nails tend to break every now and then.

Also, from what I’ve seen and experienced, keeping my nails medium-long enables me to care for them very well with little maintenance.

So if you’re asking whether or not to have long nails then you need to put several things into considerations. The below comparison will help you decide whether or not to go with long or short nails

Long Nails (Pros)

  • With long nails, the possibility of trying different nail arts/designs is endless
  • You get compliments from people especially when they’re well-shaped, painted and cared for.

Long Nails (Cons)

  • Typing with them is a real war
  • Snagging a nail feels like a hell

Short Nails (Pros)

  • Less expensive to maintain
  • You can text better without having to worry about inconveniences or whatsoever.

Short Nails (Cons)

  • Manicure possibilities are limited

If you’re unsure whether or not short nails will look good for your hand, check out my collections of some cool nail arts/designs for medium length nails.

Also, for those that would want to make a shift to long nails, here are some awesome nail designs for long nails you might want to try.

How Long Should Your Nails Be?

Your nails shouldn’t be too long that they start getting in your way and they shouldn’t be that short either. Even if you prefer to trim them short, you should leave a tiny piece of your free edge (your free edge is the part where your nails begin to look white)

How Long Should A Woman Fingernails Be

What Do Long Nails Says About A Woman?

In this part of the world where I come from, we are quick to condemn women with longer nails without considering why they choose to keep them that long.

Well, here’s what I found about women who keep longer digits.

  • Women who wear long nails do so to look good and not to impress. They know what they want and they go after it
  • They’re always up for an adventure and like to experiment with different nail arts/designs
  • Women who wear long nails are risk-takers. They know that a break feels like a hell yet they choose to go with it.

Do Men Really Notice/Love Women With Long Painted Nails?

Men don’t notice and hardly really care about their women keeping long, polished nails. The only time you’ll see them complaining about your long nails is when they ask you to do something for them and then you start saying how you can’t do things with your long nails.

Should A Guy Keep Nails At All?

Yes, a guy can keep his nails but it shouldn’t be that long. It should be as short as possible. Also, Short nails are just more practical in everyday life for men than long nails.

How Long Should A Guy’s Fingernails Be?

As I’ve said earlier, a guy’s fingernails shouldn’t be that long. As for the length, it should be no white to very little white (free edge). Below are my reasons.

Keeping long nails for men comes with too many problems. They can get dirty easily (if you’re the type whose work requires manual labour), they can as well come in your way of doing things (especially if you’re trying to be intimate) and they are quite difficult to maintain.

Wrapping Up On How Long Should A Woman Fingernails Be

There isn’t a universal agreed length as to how long a woman’s fingernails should be and that’s because everyone has their preference when it comes to nail length.

So if you want to keep yours long, then go ahead, if you prefer them short then it’s fine. The only thing that I’ll need to stress here is for you to take good care of them at all times so that they don’t look gross.

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