Can You Make A Fist With Long Nails?

There are many reasons why people keep nails; some for the sake of fashion, others for the sake of whatever it is that runs through their minds. However, there are so many things you can’t do with long nails. But does making a fist happen to be one of them?

Can You Make A Fist With Long Nails?

It depends on how long the nails are, but it’s almost impractical to make a fist with very long nails. This is because making a fist means your nails will have to dig deep into your palm, and the longer the nails, the more painful a fist becomes.

How Do You Make a Fist With Long Nails?

I will only recommend you follow this step if you only intend to make a fist to rub on a surface – not to take a swipe at someone.

  • Open your hand and ensure your fingers are fully stretched or extended depending on the language that suits you.
  • Roll your finger and try to ensure your long fingernails are properly at the top of your palm.
  • Continue this process until your nails are sufficiently dug into your palm – kindly be aware that you are likely to feel some sort of discomfort in the process.
  • To ensure your fist is tight enough, cross your thumb across the finger joints and press on them till you feel the pain is sufficient enough for you to bear.

Things You Can’t Do With Long Nails

Aside from making a decent fist, there are certain things you can’t do with your nails and some of them include the following;

1. Fixing your necklace

Try not to try and make a fuss over fastening your necklace with your long nails since it’s more troublesome than you think, and you could even end up destroying your nails and injuring yourself in the process. The only choice accessible to you is to look for the help of a companion or neighbor.

2. Try typing on a keyboard

Having long nails implies you need to get used to using the pads of your finger instead of the tip when composing an email on a PC console.

This change will likewise influence how you type on your tablet or phone, and I also propose you use a light pen or get to know the Google voice can assist you since I am extremely sure you will commit bunches of errors when typing.

3. You can say farewell to silence while typing

Simply prepare to accept a couple of gazes when composing in front of people because your long nails will bang so hard on your tablet or phone while upsetting the harmony and calm of the presence around you, and because you type with the pad of your finger on a PC console, you may likewise encounter a similar stair – just thicken your skin for whatever follows.

4. Wearing a small piece of the stud may demonstrate an extravagance

Anybody with long nails will have the most entrusting position of wearing a little piece of the hoop. To settle this issue over the long haul, wear a bigger part of the hoop since they are simpler to get a handle on, put on the little stud in your ear and disregard truly eliminating them while your acrylic nails are not fixed, and ultimately, look for the help of your companion or companion whenever you need to roll out an improvement to your stud.

5. Recovering your card from different space outlets

One of the overwhelming things you can do as a person with long nails is to try picking up an ATM card from the space of an ATM machine, or some other similar outlet. To save yourself the difficulty, ask a bystander or a cashier to assist you with recovering your card so you don’t wind up on YouTube for some funny reasons.

6. You can’t button your shirt as you would

Long nails are a hindrance for people who work in an office setting. Since you would be needed to dress mostly in button shirts, you will always find it a problem to button your shirt quickly which might make you run late for work.

A way to bridge this gap would be to look for help from around or probably try not to wear a button shirt during busy days as you might end up going late at certain points, especially if there’s no one around to help.

7. Wearing contact

I’m practically sure your optician probably cautioned you against fixing acrylic nails or long nails as it can disrupt you from fixing your contact focal point when you need to – a slight error and you are left with a sore eye, and since it’s not something you would want or anyone would want, it would be advisable to leave your finger short until the eye defect in question is correct.

8. Cleaning your bum in the wake of utilizing the latrine

You will presumably require all the insight and abilities on the planet assuming you need to try not to have s*ht in the middle of your long nails when attempting to wipe your butt in the latrine.

You stand the chance of housing an entire heap of germs in the middle of your fingernails, and you need to completely wash your hand after each dump so you don’t continue to pass your sh*t around after each handshake you have – that is unquestionably not a cool thing to do.


Do what you have to do, but ensure your fingernails do not come in the way of whatever you do. Long or short, keep them clean and free from germs. Kindly drop your comments and observation in the comment section. Cheers!!!