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Hello, my name is James Okes. A creative, who is so passionate about growing nails as a lifestyle. The whole Nail thingy started while i was still in high school – That’s about some decades ago.

I started grooming my nails in 2003 to be precised after realizing that they look good on me. Although at some point i was made to cut them off, but because of my undying love for nails, I couldn’t and ever since then, it has become part of me.

About GetLongNails

GetlongNails was birthed after realizing that they are little to no information online as to how to successfully groom or grow nails the natural way. Mind you, It’s not just about keeping nails, but grooming nails everyone would love or be proud to have.

I believe with our nail tips, nail care and nail stories from hand models, you’ll be left with no choice but to follow our leads which will further give you a ticket towards becoming a bonafide member of MyNailGang.

Once again, You’re most welcome and we hope you’ll find our brand conducive enough to want to visit us on a daily basis.

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