How To Push Back Cuticles The Right Way 2020 (Pics + Vids )

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How To Push Back Cuticles: It’s never a good idea to cut your cuticle instead, push them back. So how do novice like me go about pushing them back?

If this is the kind of questions going through your mind, then you don’t have to worry because I’m going to work you through a step by step procedure on how to push back your cuticles.

Getting regular manicure is something a lot of us love, I do that a lot, but then, nothing is as worst as you getting nail polish on only to find out that one tiny skin – your cuticle has messed the whole thing up.

How To Push Back Cuticles easily

It’s excruciating and may seem like a waste of your time and money, but you know what? I’ve got you covered.

By the time I’m done showing you how to push back those cuticles of yours successfully, you can’t help but appreciate how lovely your nail polish will start looking good on your nails henceforth.

Here’s What You’re Going To Learn

  • What is cuticle
  • Why push back cuticles
  • Cuticle pusher – Steel and wooden
  • How to soften cuticles to push them back
  • And lastly, how to care for your cuticle

So let’s get to know what cuticle means first before we proceed with the others.

What Is Cuticle?

Cuticles are those tiny dead skin that lay on your nail plate, which helps to seal and protect your nail matrix from intruding bacteria’s.

In other words, They’re like soldiers whose primary goal is to protect, fight and to ensure that our cuticle is well protected.

Cutting or trimming them may weakens their defensive power and render them helpless and caring for them should be your utmost concern.

So how do you care for them? I’ll tell you somewhere in this article.

Also, there’s this misconception about cuticle and the proximal fold. A lot of persons can’t tell the differences between the two.

How To Push Back Cuticles

To be sure you’re not one of them. Let me ask. What’s the difference between the cuticle and the proximal fold?

Well, the difference is in their job. While cuticle protects and ensures that no bacterial get into the matrix, the proximal fold is a thin band constituting live skin that gets dried.

Although both helps to protect our nails, the proximal fold should never be trimmed; rather, it can be slightly pushed.

In summary, the cuticle is a layer of dead skin, while the proximal fold is a band of live skin. Both help to protect our nails.

That said, lets now look at the reason why pushing cuticle is necessary

Why Push Back Cuticle?

When it comes to pushing back the cuticle, a lot of persons have their reasons. But the most obvious of them all is for your nails to appear longer and also, for the polish to look great on your nails.

How To Push Back Cuticles

Aside these two reasons, what do you think makes people want to push their cuticle back? If you have any, kindly drop it as a comment below.

Cuticle Pusher

One great handy tool for nicely pushing back your cuticle is cuticle pusher. This tool had been super helpful, and it’s one of the essential tools in manicure or pedicure.

How To Push Back Cuticles with cuticle pusher

Aside from his helpfulness, they’re techniques or ways to go about using it which I’m going to reveal to you somewhere in this article.

Why Use Cuticle Pusher?

There is so much you stand to gain from using a cuticle pusher, but then again, you have to be careful while at it.

Because if you push your cuticle with it way too much, it can irritate your cuticles and cause them to redden or get torn.

Below are just a few of the many reasons for using a cuticle pusher.

  • It Keeps Nails Healthier: There’s no better way to make your nails healthy than nicely pushing your cuticle back, but that’s when it is correctly done.
  • It Adds Beauty To Our Nails: One of the reasons why I recommend pushing back your cuticle is that it adds this aesthetic beauty to your nails, especially if you love wearing nail polish like me.
  • For Prevention: Pushing back your cuticle at least once in a month helps prevent torn cuticle and also, from infection but then again, it should be appropriately done.

How To Use Them

It’s not that hard to use a cuticle pusher. First, you should know that they’re of two types – wooden and metal.

Secondly, you should also know that the former – wooden is best for soft cuticles, while the latter – steel is best for tougher skins.

So to push, ensure that you’re not using the pointed ends instead, use the flattened end. We shall look at how to use them effectively in our next heading.

How To Soften Cuticles To Push Them Back

For you to effectively push your cuticle, it’s imperative to get them on their right track which means, to soften them.

So how do you soften your cuticle for a painless manicure treat?

It’s simple. You can soften them in various ways. Such as

  • During bathing
  • By rubbing the oil directly on them
  • By soaking your nails

During Bathing

This is one of the easiest ways to soften your cuticle for easy pushing. The reason is that during bathing, your cuticle gets a reasonable amount of water for them to soften.

What if I’ve taken my bath long before now? Then the next method should work just fine for you.

By Rubbing Oil Directly On Them

If you’ve had your bath long before now and you want to soften your cuticle so that you can push them back, then applying little quantity of oil on them isn’t a bad idea.

How To Push Back Cuticles

When gunning after the right oil for your cuticle, I recommend going after cuticle oil, coconut oil or any other essential oils reason being that they contain as many lipids/fats needed to soothe your cuticle.

To apply, rub some reasonable amount on your cuticle and leave it for a few minutes (5-10 minutes preferably) before you push them back.

Through Soaking

Soaking your nails in warm water is another quick way to soften your cuticle. Here’s how to do it.

How To Push Back Cuticles
  1. Get a medium-size bowl. It should be big enough to accommodate all your nails.
  2. Empty a reasonable amount of warm water unto the bowl.
  3. Then let your hands sit comfortably for like 10-15 minutes
  4. Towel dry after which you can now push back your cuticle.

PS: To get the best out of this, I recommend that you do this. First, soak your nails in warm water, towel dry then oiled them properly before pushing them back.

Now let’s go straight to the pushing process. Aren’t you excited to know how to? OK good. Come with me.

How To Push Back Cuticles At Home – Complete Guide

There are various methods you can use to push back your cuticle, and the good news is, the end product is the same. So you can go after any that you feel it’s best for you. They are

  1. Using cuticle pusher
  2. Orange stick
  3. Medicine leaf
  4. Your fingernails

Best Way To Push Back Cuticles Using Cuticle Pusher


Soften your cuticle by following any of the methods above


Now that your cuticles are softened, towel dry then use the curved flatten edge of the cuticle pusher to push.

How To Push Back Cuticles


Allow the pusher to glide over your nails as you push them back gently.


After pushing, apply another coat of oil on them to keep them healthy all day. If you don’t have cuticle pusher within your arsenal, then you can consider using orange wood.

Push Cuticle Back With Orange Stick

An orange stick is a pair of a tiny stick with two different ends and its gotten from orange wood.

The pointed end can be used to take away debris or grime underneath your nails, while the slant ends can be used to pushing back your cuticle.

How To Push Back Cuticles with orange stick

To use, be sure that your nails are well moisturised also, try not to push too hard, especially if you have tough cuticles.

How To Push Back Cuticle Without Tools: Medicine Leaf

Medicine leaf is another great way to push back your cuticle especially if you’re on a low budget or you’re far from the reach of the above tools – Orange sticks or pusher or you don’t want to use tools on your delicate cuticle.

To use, be sure your cuticle are in their best shape. Then slide the leaf over your nails gently to push back your cuticle.

How To Push Back Your Cuticle Using Your Fingernails

This is another cuticle hack you can apply to push those stubborn cuticles a step backwards.

You can decide to do this just after taking your shower or after applying essential oils on your nails.

To push, gently slide any of your fingers over your nails, push them until they’re no more sight of any visible cuticle.

For example, you can use a single finger lets say the index finger of your right hand to push that of your left hand and that of your left hand to push those of your right.

Here’s a video for you in case you don’t know what medicine leaf is.

Sounds easy right? Good.

Now that you know just how well you can push your cuticles, lets quickly look at how to care for them.

How To Care For Your Cuticle

By now, you should know that caring for your cuticle shouldn’t be something to debate on rather a necessity.

How To Push Back Cuticles
Before Meets After

Well, in case you’re still finding it hard to care for them properly, these few tips might help.

1. Be Nice To Them

One of the best ways to be kind to your cuticle is, never cut them. When you trim or cut your cuticles, you’re indirectly inviting bacteria’s which is not suitable for the health of your nails.

So the bottom line is, don’t cut or trim, slightly push them back.

2. Moisturise More

If you want to prevent your cuticle from getting dry, cracked or from peeling, then it’s best to keep them moisturised always.

Moisturising them doesn’t take much only that you’ll be needing an excellent moisturiser for this purpose.

For example, AAD recommends using original petroleum jelly, but I won’t recommend that for these reasons.

  • They don’t penetrate more
  • They look to glossy for my liking
  • They tend to magnet dirt’s or sand

Although this is my thought, you can use them for your cuticle if you feel it’s best for you.

So what do I recommend?

Coconut oil, jojoba oil, cuticle oil or any other essential oil should work best for your cuticle.

The aforementioned oils give greater penetration, heals dry cuticle quickly and lastly, they don’t attract as much dirt compared to petroleum jelly.

3. Avoid Drying Agents

I know you may be wondering what I mean by drying agents. OK, let me explain. Anything capable of taking moisture out of your nails can be termed, drying agents.

These agents are not far from you. They include your favourite hand sanitizers, nail polish removers, detergents etc.

Here’s my recommendation.

For dishes, always wear rubber gloves on while for nail polish remover, go for those that are free from acetone.

4. Be Clear With Your Decision

We often go to nail salons to get our nails done without paying close attention to the damage been done to our cuticles.

Be clear with your decision, if your manicurist is pushing your cuticle way too hard, tell them to stop at once.

Secondly, don’t allow them to trim or cut your cuticles; instead, it should be pushed backwards.

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5. Don’t Bite The Skin Around Your Cuticle

Stay clear from going after the skin of your cuticle or your cuticle itself. Biting your skin may lead to multiple infections to your nails.

So if you’re guilty of this, this article on nail-biting might be what you need to see.

6. Don’t Push Them Too Often

Let me ask how much do you push back your cuticle? Do you say? OK good.

Pushing them back now and then isn’t a good practice. So what’s the best time to push them back?

You can push your cuticle back at least once in a week. Also, if you’re making use of an orange stick, it’s wise never to repeat them.

Can Lollipop Stick Push Back Cuticle?

NO, and the reason is this. Both ends of the sticks-Lollipop have same sides (that are rounded) and for anything can be used to push overgrown cuticles back, one or both ends must have a flat edge which lollipop lacks and that alone justifies our point.

What Does Pushing Back Your Cuticles Do?

When you push your cuticle back, you’re indirectly lengthening your nails. In other words, Pushing them back reveals more of your natural nails.

Conclusion On How To Push Back Cuticles On Toes Or Fingernails

Pushing back your cuticle indeed is a requisite for a perfect manicure, and that is what this article is all about.

Before you push, care should be taken not to push too much. Also, the best time to push them can be after taking your bath, or by merely applying oil on them.

Besides this, cutting or trimming them isn’t the best approach to overgrown cuticle; instead, I advise that you push them back using a cuticle pusher, orange sticks or medicine leaf.

Now over to you, which method do you find interesting? Or how do you push back your cuticles? Kindly drop a comment below and don’t forget to hit on the SHARE buttons.

5 Replies to “How To Push Back Cuticles The Right Way 2020 (Pics + Vids )”

  1. hi im a teenager
    iv never ever pushed back my cuticles but iv always been fine
    in fact, iv actually been complimented for my nails and never been told i should do something to make them better
    i wanted to try this once to see any improvement but the whole idea made me shiver
    but if its good for the health i want more insight
    could you elaborate further on how?
    thanks x

    1. Well, the idea behind pushing your cuticle back is to help elongate your nail plate. Since you stated clearly that you’ve never received a negative statement about your nails then I’ll suggest you leave it that way. But if you insist, then don’t forget to keep them moisturized before pushing. Also, be gentle while at it. Cheers.

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