Do Cuticles Grow Back?

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People do not only bite their nails alone, but some also bite their cuticles as well. If you’re someone who has been chewing your cuticle for as long as you can remember then you must have thought about whether or not bitten cuticles can actually grow back which brings us to the obvious question.

Do Cuticles Grow Back? Yes, they do grow back but not as good looking as you would expect them to be but rather, they’ll grow out looking weird.

So the next time you want to pick at your cuticle or probably want to cut them off simply because they’ve overgrown, you should think twice so as not to put yourself in more danger.

If you are wondering what danger you might land yourself in as a result of picking your cuticle, then continue reading.

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Why You Should Never Bite Or Trim Your Cuticles

There’s a big WHY to everything pertaining to trimming and biting cuticles. Some of which are listed below.

1. It makes them look ugly
2. It can lead to infection.

1. It Makes Them To Look Ugly

If you’re fond of cutting your cuticle every time, you must have noticed that they grow out pretty fast but not as good looking as they were before you trimmed them.

Why is it like that in the first place? The reason is simple and that’s because you’ve altered the correct functioning of these vital parts which makes them grow out weird.

2. It Can Lead To Infection

Cuticles, as you may have already guessed, helps protect your nails so each time you trim or bite them, the open cuts makes you susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections.

That being said, let’s quickly look at how much of a time it would take for your cuticle which has been badly bitten or wrongly trimmed to grow back.

How Long Does It Take For Cuticles To Grow Back?

There isn’t a universal answer to this question as it depends on the individual and also, the number of damages done but for the most part, it will take a few weeks or months for a cuticle to fully grow back.

What Is The Cause Of Damaged Cuticle?

Cuticle usually don’t get damaged on their own, something or someone must be responsible. Below are a few of what might cause your cuticle to be damaged.

1. Dry skin
2. Trimming
3. Nail-biting.

1. Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common causes of cuticle damage and this happens only when your cuticle dries out. Here’s what happens when the skin around your cuticle doesn’t get enough moisture.

When your skin dries out, your cuticle usually loses a considerable amount of fats needed to keep them healthy and soft and as such, any slight trauma may cause them to get torn easily.

In other to avoid such, all you need to do is to constantly ensure that your cuticles are well moisturized.

Do Cuticles Grow Back

Applying moisturizers helps restore and keep your cuticle soft and healthy. If you’re looking for a perfect moisturizer with lots of fat content then you should try this ( Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream ) from Amazon.

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That being said, below is what causes dry skin.

1. Excessive washing of hands with hash soap
2. Overexposure of hand to water
3. Excessive use of hand sanitizers
4. Use of nail polish removers
5. Cold temperature.

2. Trimming

Cutting or trimming your nails during manicures can add cosmetic beauty to your nails but do you know that this single act can damage your cuticle? Well, now you know.

When you trim your cuticles, you’re indirectly exposing them to all sort of infections which may ultimately damage your nails and cuticle in the long run.

So instead of trimming, it’s advisable to push them back with a cuticle pusher or orange sticks no matter how much they’ve overgrown. (Here’s an article on what causes overgrown cuticles and how to tame them)

3. Nail Biting

Your cuticle can become damaged if you consistently bite your nails and cuticle. Biting your cuticle doesn’t only damage them but it can as well make you fall sick.

If you’re a habitual nail biter then you really have to stop right away so as to keep the health of your nails and that of your cuticle in shape. If you’re still struggling to nail this habit, here’s an article to some of the best products to stop nail biting that might be helpful.

Can Damaged Cuticles Be Healed?

Yes, damaged cuticles can be healed but before you proceed with the whole thing, you should be aware that it is the gravity of the damage that would determine what treatment to be applied.

If it’s something minor as a result of cuticle biting or you accidentally pushed your cuticles back too hard, then there are various ways you can adopt to heal them. Some of which is listed below.

1. Using Neosporin

Yes, Neosporin is a perfect antibiotic ointment for treating minor skin infection which is usually caused by small cuts, burns etc.

Here’s how to heal damaged cuticle with Neosporin

  1. Apply a reasonable amount of Neosporin to the affected parts. Let it sit on your damaged cuticle for a few minutes (this allows it to get fully soaked in)
  2. Once it is fully soaked, cover the affected area up with a Band-aids
  3. Do this (for at least a week ) and you’ll be surprised at the result you’ll get.

Note: For optimal results, I’ll suggest that you first take a warm bath before application. Also, the best time I’ve found to be pretty effective for this treatment is just before you go to bed.

Do not forget to repeat these steps even after you might have seen improvement the next day. Keep at it for at least a week for your damaged cuticle to be fully healed.

2. By Applying Olive Oil

Yes, you heard me right, the oil from the olive tree is another easy and inexpensive way you can use to heal a damaged cuticle at home.

Do Cuticles Grow Back

Here’s how to use olive oil to heal damaged cuticle

  1. Take a bowl then pour some considerable amount of the oil in it.
  2. Let your hands (particularly the one whose cuticle is damaged) sit on it for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Then place cotton wool over the damaged cuticle or soak the wool with oil and place it over your cuticle and let them sit overnight.
  4. Repeat this process every other night until you begin to see evident results.

Note: You can bandage the soaked wool to the affected cuticle to prevent them from falling off at night.

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3. By Using Moisturizing Cream

Applying moisturizing cream is another way to treat damaged cuticles. Be sure to apply it several times in a day until the health of your cuticles is fully restored. If you’re looking for a cream to use then you should try Nivea Hand Cream. It works like magic.

Note: You can as well quicken the healing process by abstaining from bitting them completely. If you can do this then they’ll surely heal and grow out within a month.

How Long Do Cuticles Take To Heal?

The time it will take a cuticle to heal depends on the kind of treatment they receive but usually, it will take 4-6 weeks for cuticles to completely heal.

To hasten the healing process, ensure to apply the right treatment. If it’s something minor, then an antibacterial ointment will work well.

If it’s something serious and you think applying antibacterial cream won’t work then I’ll advise that you visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Will Damaged Cuticle Grow Back?

Well, it all depends on the degree of damage done. If it’s something serious (more like an injury whereby there’s a deep cut through your nails/cuticle ) then it will take a longer time for it to regrow back completely.

If it’s something minor, then it may take 4-6 weeks to grow back but in all, it’s advisable that you treat infected or damaged cuticle until they completely grow out.

Is There A Way To Heal Cuticle Overnight?

Yes, there are quite a number of ways to heal cuticle that is cracked, dried or damaged overnight by applying the right treatment at the right time.

But how do you know that which is best and that which can deliver speedy results? Well, you don’t have to crack your head because I’ve got you covered (just like MTN)

Here’s how to heal cuticles overnight

  1. First and foremost, you’ll be needing an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin.
  2. Lay some reasonable amount on the affected part, allow it to get soaked then cover up with Band-aids.
  3. Do this every other night and ensure to take a warm bath before application. If you prefer to go the natural way then applying Coconut Oil can as well help to heal your cuticle, faster overnight.

Note: Applying Neosporin to the damaged part will help relieve pains and prevent your cuticles from being infected.

Conclusion – Do Cuticles Grow Back

Cuticles, as you may have already learned, grow back when trimmed or cut but then, usually takes a long time for them to regrow.

Though they may regrow, do not expect to have a nice looking cuticles and that’s because trimming them causes them to grow out faster and really weird.

So the next time you are tempted to go after your cuticles for some reason or the other, always consider the aftermath of your actions and what you stand to face as a result of having a damaged cuticle.

I hope I’ve been able to provide answers to your questions – Do cuticle grows back when injured, cut or trimmed? If I have please kindly click on the SHARE buttons located underneath to enlighten others. Thanks and God bless you as you do so. Cheers.

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