Cuticle Problems : Smartest Way To Tackle It And Be Happy Again

Nail Cuticle Problems: Do you have bleeding cuticles, fingernail cuticle problem, or probably looking for smartest ways on how to deal with the problem associated with nail cuticle in general?

Then search no further because this article on cuticle problem contains everything you need to heal that annoying looking cuticles overnight. Keep reading.

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Over the years, with my little experiences about growing or grooming healthy natural looking nails, I’ve come to understand that the success of keeping that dream nail of yours is dependent on how well you take care of your nail cuticle.

Nail Cuticle Problems

In fact, cuticles to me are like tiny soldiers guiding the nails against intruders (Bacterial) from entering the Commander’s house, which is the nail root. The nail root or matrix is that region underneath the cuticle. It is that region where new nail cells are produced.

When you do not take care of these (the cuticle) as you’re supposed to, you will end up facing series of infections such as cracked or peeling skin around the cuticle, which we eventually lead to nail cuticle problems.

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Before we proceed further to look at some of the nail cuticle infection, their causes, prevention, and general care let quickly look at a basic understanding of the term Cuticle.

The term cuticle simply refers to a very soft, thin layer of the skin found around the uppermost part of the fingertips, which helps to bind the nail plate and act as a seal to prevent bacteria, dirt, or unwanted materials from getting in contact with the nail matrix.

The cuticle can also be defined as a dead layer of skin covering the nail plate to form a seal, thereby preventing harmful bacterial from harming the matrix.

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Now that you know what cuticle entails, lets now look at the work of a cuticle.

Work Of Cuticle In Your Nails

The work of a nail cuticle is to prevent the entry of unwanted materials, bacterial, or debris from finding their ways into the delicate part of Your nails known as the Matrix.

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The matrix is a layer of soft tissues containing blood vessels which the nail plate rests upon. Also, the size of the nail plate is dependent on how big the matrix is.

Without the matrix, the growth of nails will not take place. This goes a long way to show or prove how vital the matrix is in Nail growth

Now that you know what cuticle and matrix are, lets quickly look at the misconception between Cuticle and proximal nail fold.

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Nail Cuticle Problems: Cuticle Vs. Proximal Nail fold

Nail Cuticle Problems
Cuticle and proximal nail fold

There’s obviously no way you’ll start discussing cuticle problems, causes, prevention, and care without having to look at these two confusing terms among individuals.

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A Lot of persons including you might have heard or probably read somewhere else that the nail cuticle and Proximal nail fold are the same, well I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been lied to all this while.

Let me help you out with it so you won’t mess yourself up ever again

Cuticle and proximal nail fold can never be the same. WHY? Because Cuticle consists of thin skin, which helps to bind the nail plate to the matrix while the Proximal nail fold acts as a guard to prevent the entry of bacteria, particularly in the Matrix area where new cells are made or produced.

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Nail Cuticle Problems, Causes, Prevention And Care In Human

Nail Cuticle Problems
Dry, cracked peely nail cuticle

Nail Cuticle problems may arise as a result of so many factors which can be intentional or deliberate actions or by coincidence.

Deliberate actions like pushing long or overgrown cuticle backwards in a forceful manner or consistent cuticle biting can cause serious health challenges, and you won’t be happy with the result you’re most likely to get.

Apart from the deliberate act, other factors can as well lead to complications of your nail cuticle.

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One of such activity includes using nail hardening cream. When you do this often, you’re posing a severe health challenge for your cuticle, and the result after that can be devastating.

Having said that, lets quickly look at some of the nail cuticle problems we experience daily.

  1.  Cuticle peeling or partly cracked cuticles problem
  2. Dry cuticle problem

Peeling Or Partly Cracked Cuticles: Causes

No matter how regular you can get to get your nails done, if you’re that type that still has peelings or bleeding cuticles, Then you obviously won’t be that excited because no one actually deserves a feel of having to walk around with damaged cuticles as far as I’m concerned.

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Peeling cuticles can be very annoying and would leave the bearer with some level of insecurity. Imagine having to walk around the street of London carrying a peeled cuticle?

Isn’t that much of an embarrassing situation? Well, to me, nothing on this earth can be compared to a peeled and partly cracked cuticle.

Cuticle peeling or partly cracked Cuticles occurs when the layers surrounding the cuticle start peeling or having some crack as a result of excessive use of hand sanitizers, cuticle/nail-biting, malnutrition, and some chemotherapeutic agents, etc.

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In fact, hand sanitizers have been linked as the major causes of brittle nails because the sanitizers strip the cuticle off moisture needed for active nail growth.

When this happens, it makes the cuticle surrounding the nail plate looks ugly and unfit for public viewing.

Pro Tips: Apart from the usual causes of peeling cuticle, which of cause can be easily linked to using harsh hand sanitizers, peeling cuticles can as well be as a result of vitamin deficiency

Now that you know some of the causes of peeling cuticle, what measures can you then take to prevent this?

Expert Ways To Prevent Cracked Or Peeling Cuticle

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As there’s no problem on this earth without a solution, below is a quick runway on some of the possible ways to prevent peeling or partly cracked cuticle.

  1. Avoid the use of hand sanitizers as this contains a very active element capable of causing irritation to your cuticle.
  2.  Apply lotion-like baby oil on the affected parts regularly, most preferably in the morning and in the night.
  3. Take more of water as this will help keep your cuticle from getting cracked up
  4. And most importantly, eat healthily. try to incorporate more proteins or leafy vegetables to your diet.

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Now that you are familiar with some of the causes and possible solution to cuticle problems, lets quickly look at Dry cuticle

Dry Cuticle: Causes

One major issue faced by many, including myself during the Winter season, is having to deal with Dry cuticle.

This issue is so rampant that the majority of us walk in shame, and if not attended to on time, it can lead to a severe Nail disease, and you wouldn’t want that, do you?

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A cuticle can be termed dry when it’s crackly and looking peeling in nature. So many reasons can cause this. It can occur as a result of exposing the cuticle to harsh hand sanitizers, constant handwashing with harsh soap, malnutrition, nail hardener, etc.

When cuticle becomes dry and cracky, bacterial, debris and other harmful organisms can easily make their way to the Matrix, thereby causing more harm than you can imagine.

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Now that you know the major catalyst or causes of the dry cuticle, what then can be done to combat this ugly looking scene around your precious nails?

Regular moisturizing. When you notice you’re having a cracky peeling and dry cuticle problem, the first plan of action is to moisturize your cuticle with either of the following

  1. Cuticle cream
  2. Cuticle oil
  3. Olive oil
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Lip balm

Nail Cuticle Cream

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Cuticle cream acts as a lubricant that protects and safeguards the layers around the cuticle from getting dried up when applied.

If you must buy cuticle cream to moisturize your Dry cuticle, look at for ingredients such as Vitamin A, E and be sure it contains natural oil such as sunflower in it.

To apply, simply take a little quantity of the cream then massage gently around your cuticle for about 2-3 minutes.

The reason for this is to ensure blood flows through your cuticle. Don’t just rub, massage gently.

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Nail Cuticle oil

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Cuticle oil works almost the same way with cuticle cream. The only difference is that cuticle oil prevents future dryness of the cuticle.

Please, if you must get one for your cracky, peely dry cuticle, be sure to look at for ingredients such as vitamin E, Aloe Vera oil, or sunflower oil.

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To apply, massage the oil around the cuticle using your hand, then allow the cuticle to absorb the oil for about 2-3 minutes. For an effective result, leave the oil on the cuticle all through the night.

PS: The best time to apply your cuticle oil is at night or after taking your shower.

Olive oil

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Olive oil can as well be used to cure dry cuticle in place of cuticle oil. This oil contains an essential ingredient that moisturizes patch and dry cuticle when applied the right way.

For an effective application, warm a small amount of olive oil using a microwave. Then soak your finger in it for about 3-5 minutes.

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While at it, massage the olive oil around your cuticle.  Massaging the oil on your nails and cuticle helps to moisturize the skin and stops them from getting dried.

Coconut oil

nail cuticle problems, why push back cuticle, how to push back cuticles without cuticle pusher, long cuticles, overgrown cuticle, cuticle care, cuticle problems, cuticle peeling, cracked cuticle, damage cuticle, peeling cuticle
coconut-oil for dry nail cuticle

If you’re on a low budget or probably looking for natural ways of keeping your cuticle moisturize,

Then this little homemade oil is for you. Coconut oil contains unique ingredients that help heal dry cuticle in no time.

To apply, a warm small quantity of coconut should be used with a light massage gently around the affected areas. Leave the oil overnight by wearing hand gloves for effective results.

Possible Health Complications As A Result Of Having Dry Cuticle?

Personally, there are no known health implications associated with having a cracky peeling dry cuticle.

The only issues that demand to see a dermatologist are when you have swellings or pains around your cuticle.

How Can I Take Takes Of My Cuticle To Avoid Having Peeling, Cracky Looking Cuticle?

Regular moisturizing with cuticle oil, cream, or olive oil is what you need. Be sure to apply them at night for effective results.

Is It Right To Trim Or Cut My Cuticle?

NO. It’s wrong to trim or cut your cuticle. Cuticles shouldn’t be cut or trim; rather, they can be pushed backwards using cuticle pusher, Orange sticks, medicine leave, or your fingernail itself. See what WebMD is saying about how to care for your cuticle.

So if you’re fond of trimming your cuticle, just know that you’re creating rooms for bacterial infection.

Why Push Back Cuticles?

It is essential for you to push cuticle backward towards the skin to ensure that they do not interfere with the healthy growth of your nails. Aside from that, an overgrown cuticle makes your nails look ugly.

General Care For Your Cuticle

As it is with your hair, your cuticle should be cared for as well. When you do not take good care of your cuticle, you’ll end up having issues with them.

So how then do you care for your cuticle to avoid getting cracky, peeling unsightly looking cuticle?

  1. Dip cracked peely dry cuticle in warm water always. This helps to soften the skin around the cuticle and helps the blood to flow well.
  2. When the cuticle has absorbed moisture, use either a wooden cuticle pusher to push the ingrown cuticle back to their original position. If you must use metal cuticle pusher, be sure to sterilize before use.
  3. Never you cut or trim your cuticle as this might cause injury to your cuticle, thereby acting as a breeding ground for bacteria infection.
  4. Be sure to moisturize your cuticle either with olive oil, cuticle cream or cuticle oil every day at least 3 times a day.
  5. If you notice any strange pain, swelling, or redness around the cuticle, please contact your dermatologist immediately.

Conclusion On Nail Cuticle Problems

Having to take care of problems associated with cuticle can be so tiring, especially the ones caused by using harsh chemicals such as detergents, or hardeners.

No matter how difficult it can get, taking good care of our cuticle should be everyone’s top priority.

If you do not take care of them, you’ll be fighting a lost battle as this cuticle serves as the bedrock towards getting that beautiful nails of your dream.

Now that I’ve covered a little about some major Nail Cuticle Problems, it is now left for you to decide which part of the court to stay. Are you going to do all that I’ve stated or not?

Whichever your decision is, don’t forget that if you must live healthily, you should also learn to start taking action today.

Do you have any contributions, questions, or you are not clear about something, please don’t hesitate to leave them behind using the comment box. Also, don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends.

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