How To Apply Cuticle Cream/Oil The Right Way

Have you been curious lately to know the best way to use cuticle cream or apply cuticle cream on your nails for maximum results? Or you’re probably looking for best nail cuticle cream or oil. Or the most obvious, how to use cuticle remover cream? Well, if this sounds like you, then you’re the reason why I’m writing this article.

Do you know that applying cuticle cream or oil on your nails, the right way opens doors to healthy natural nail growth and also qualifies you into the Nail Gang community? Well, read on to know more about cuticles and the right way to go about using them to grow your nails and keep your cuticle healthy.

Duty Of Cuticle In Your Nails

Apart from the binding capability, the cuticle prevents the entry of unwanted dirt or harmful materials which might invariably lead to fungal or bacterial disease in your nails.

The fungal or bacterial disease can be excruciating and can cause nails to look unsightly. Early signs of a bacterial or fungal infection include redness, irritation, and swelling around the cuticle.

When these early signs are left unattended, they may result in secondary swelling such as milky substances around your cuticle known as Pus. Pus is that whitish-yellow piece of dead cells that are typically found where they are bacterial infections.

How You Can Maintain And Care For The Cuticle

One of the easiest ways of getting healthy-looking nails you will be so proud of is to care for and maintain your cuticle regularly. Maintaining and caring for the cuticle involves paying attention to every detail from what you eat down to how well you moisturize the cuticle.

In fact, research has shown that getting healthy-looking nails lies on how well you moisturize the cuticle. To Moisturize means to apply creams and oils to the cuticle to prevent them from getting dried up unnecessarily.

What Causes Cuticle To Dry Up?

The dry cuticle can be caused by using harsh sanitizers or shampoo, regular hand washing using harsh soap or detergent, nail hardener, or the most obvious, malnutrition. Since there is hardly a second chance to correct the first impression of someone has about you, don’t give them this ugly impression about your nails, be kind to your cuticle and they will never disappoint you.

Walking with a dry cuticle can be pretty annoying, and I know you wouldn’t want that to happen to you, right? Well, no one actually wants to look bad about his or her nails. The dry cuticle is one major issue of concern faced by many during the winter season. A dry cuticle can lead to severe nail infection if not treated on time.

Why You Should Moisturize Your Cuticle

The reason why moisturizing your cuticle with cuticle cream is so essential is to ensure the continuous flow of blood from other parts of the body to the nail region notably the matrix which is the center where the growth of nails takes place.

How Long Should Cuticle Be Moisturized?

There is obviously no universal time to moisturize your cuticle. Moisturizing should be done daily to keep the skin around the cuticle smooth, which then allows blood to flow all over the matrix.

Furthermore, moisturizing your cuticle helps to protect infection from getting the better part of your nails because this cream or oil contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help you to fight against fungal or bacterial infection.

How To Apply Cuticle Cream And Oil On Your Nails

Applying cuticle massage cream or oil on your nails and around the skin surrounding the cuticle the right way helps your nails to grow healthier without many struggles. Apart from that, it also helps to prevent your cuticle from getting dried up all the time. Remember, a dried cuticle opens rooms for other possible infections.

To learn how to moisturize your cuticle the right way and save yourself the stress of walking around in shame, do the following

How To Apply Cuticle Cream And Oil On Nails

1. Let your hands sit in warm water for about 15 minutes

The reason for this is to soften the skin around your cuticle so that it can absorb the cream better.

2. Clean with a dry towel

After your hands have been completely seated in the warm water for 15 minutes,  remove your hands gently from the warm water after which you towel dry with a clean cloth.

3. Massage your nails with cuticle oil

After cleaning your hands, massage them with cuticle oil. Squeezed or drop a reasonable amount of cuticle cream around the skin of the cuticle in such a way that it shouldn’t be too much. Remember it’s the skin around the cuticle that needs them not your entire hand. After the cream has been applied around the skin of the cuticle, the next step to take is to gently massage using the tip of any of your fingers in an oval manner so that the skin can absorb the cream better.

Lastly, take a little quantity and let them sit on your cuticle for as long as possible. If you can do this 3-4 times every day, your cuticle and nails will look a lot healthier.

Does Cuticle Cream Help Nails Grow?

Yes, they can help your nails to grow only when you apply them to your nails daily. I know by now you may be wondering how they help nails to grow. Well, they do so by increasing the rate at which blood flows to the matrix - the region where new nail cells are produced. But that's when you apply them with a little massage.

Can I Make My DIY Cuticle Cream?

Yes, you can make your cuticle cream at home. In fact, you can make your cream out of any essential oil. For example, if you're a fan of Coconut and Lavender oil, then you can make something out of these two oils. Below is how to make cuticle cream at home. It's quite easy to make your cream. Here's what you should do. Just add a drop of Lavender oil to 2 table spoon full of Coconut oil, shake properly, and then stored it inside a bottle.


The importance of moisturizing and caring for our cuticle using cuticle oil or cream (such as L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream ) can not be overemphasized. This cuticle which plays a significant role in our nails should be taken care of all the time if we must see changes in our nails.

It is also important to state here that caring for the cuticle doesn’t happen overnight, it may take months for you to see the changes you’re looking for, but when it finally comes, it does last long. Also, cutting the cuticle isn’t an excellent idea as this opens up the cuticle to numerous bacteria or fungal infections.

If your cuticle has overgrown to the extent that it seriously needs to be cut, it is always wise to push them back using a cuticle pusher, orange sticks, fingernails, or a medicine leaf. That way, you won’t leave them looking unsightly. Now that you have read through this article on how to moisturize your cuticle using cuticle cream or oil, it is now left for you to take action or let your cuticle decides your lifestyle. The choice is entirely yours.

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