Does Cuticle Oil Help Your Nails Grow?

Cuticle oil isn’t only meant for moisturizing our cuticles alone but also helps your nails in a way you least imagine. So if you’re still in doubt as to the effectiveness of cuticle oil for nail growth, then read on…

So, does cuticle oil help nails grow? Yes, cuticle oils can be applied every night for a week or two to make your nails grow. It is also vital that the fingernails not be chewed after applying cuticle oils.

Does Oil Make Your Nails Grow Faster?

Yes, because it is an excellent moisturizer for cuticles and nails. When you apply oils to your cuticle with a little massage, a lot is going on beneath your cuticle. The cells get bathed with blood which further triggers the production of more new nail cells in the matrix. As new nail cells are produced, old cells are pushed out through the cuticle to form a hardened keratin material known as a nail plate.

How Often Should You Put Cuticle Oil On?

There are a lot of articles online that suggest applying it every 2-3 hours, which I consider as bullshit. There is no universally agreed time to put cuticle oil on, so for this reason, I suggest that you should apply it as much as you can.

The Effects of Cuticle Oils on the Nails

1. Combats Dehydration

As a result of the various activities we engage our hands in daily, the nails are subject to stringent and harsh conditions that make them dry and lose moisture content.

Cuticle oils are a remedy to prevent dryness, making the nails look aged. Cracking of the nails can also be prevented by the regular application of cuticle oils.

2. Protection against fungi and bacteria

Paronychia, beau lines, and other infection that result from fungi and bacteria or the effect of dehydration on the nail beds can be prevented by employing cuticle oils. It also keeps the nails in the best condition.

3. Improve nail growth

Cuticle oils help blood flow to the nail bed and aid blood circulation around the nails. As a result of blood-rich oxygen available to the nail bed, the growth of the nails is achieved. Cuticle oils also prevent the nails from breaking and the strenuous effect of harsh conditions such as soapy water.

4. Glamorous look

Aside from the therapeutic impact Cuticle oils have on the nails, one benefit it’s known for is its effect on the looks of the nails.

Cuticle oils make the nails look shiny even without the use of nail polish. Cuticle oils make the nails look attractive.

How to Use Cuticle Oils for Nails

To enable Cuticle oils to bring the best out of the nails, it has to be applied effectively to prevent certain damages. Before cuticle oils are applied to the nails, nail polishes must be removed. This is necessary to enable the cuticle oil to work on the nails rather than remain on the nail polish without affecting the nails. You can follow these steps on how to use cuticle oils on nails:

  • To begin the process of using cuticle oils, it is advisable to wash your hands to remove dirt as well as open up the pores of the nail beds for easy penetration.
  • After washing, your hands should be dried with a towel, then place your hands with your nails facing upward on the towel.
  • The oil should be shaken so that settled constituents can be mixed with the oil, then begin applying the cuticle oil with a brush on your nails.
  • Repeat the process for every 2-3 fingernails; only insert the brush to the cuticle oil when it’s drying.

After applying the oil on every fingernail, apply the oil to the skin surrounding the nails and cuticles. Cuticle oil gets absorbed quickly, but gloves are recommended to enable the process to last long. The longer the oil stays on the nail, the more effective it becomes.

What Is The Best Oil For Cuticles?

No oil in the entire universe can be as good as cuticle oil for the cuticle, and this is because it was made or designed specifically for it. Although in the absence of it, other oils like Jojoba, Coconut, Argan, and Castor can be used, the truth is, those oils won’t give you your desired results.

does cuticle oil grow nails?

Yes, using cuticle oil can help your nails grow. Yes, cuticle oil can help your nails grow. Cuticle oil is great for stimulating blood flow to the nail bed, which can help with nail growth. It's also a great way to keep your cuticles healthy and hydrated!

does sunflower oil help nails grow?

Yes, sunflower oil can help your nails grow. It can also strengthen and make them more flexible by using it as an emollient to prevent them from drying out.


As nails and cuticles have become a means of expressing one’s self and a focal point of beauty and adornment, all nails must be kept in the best looks. Aside from that, they should be free from the harsh effects of weather conditions and other activities ranging from fungal or bacterial infection to dehydration, drying, and cracking.

Cuticle oils serve as a means of protecting and safeguarding the beauty of this little but ingenious part of our body. The various conditions listed also threaten the growth of the nails. Cuticle oils protect the nails and ensure they thrive and grow steadily despite these threats. Keeping it moisturized, fighting fungi and bacteria from invading the beauty of the nails, while ensuring that the nails, though not immune to breakage, certainly will not be prone to such.

While cuticle oils protect the nails, the nails should be treated with caution. Activities that subjected the nails to cracking and drying are discouraged. Though certain activities cannot be avoided entirely, it is practical and reasonable to exercise caution while engaging in such.

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