Does Cuticle Oil Help Nails Grow? Learn Now

Does Cuticle oil help nails grow: Cuticle oil isn’t only meant for moisturizing our cuticles alone but also helps your nails in a way you least imagine. So if you’re still in doubt as to the effectiveness of cuticle oil for nail growth then read on…

Brief Historical Background Of Nails

The nail, Despite not being one of the most elegant or noticeable parts of the human body, the nail is often held in high regard.

As far back as the early BC era, nails have been an integral part of the beauty and have received considerable attention in decor and adornments.

Cleopatra adorned her nails with a flush of red, while Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’s nail sparkled with the radiance of violet.

does cuticle oil help nails grow
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Aside from beauty and adornment, nails decoration were means of indicating social status in ancient Egypt. Noblemen adorned their nails with black while the common man nail’s flashed, green.

The women were not left out in the train as they used the henna colour to indicate their social status as well as means of seduction. As with any adornments, nails have been used to show class, style, and wealth.

An instance that indicates this was the royal family of the Zhou dynasty who had their nails painted with gold and silver dust. This trend has continued down to our day.

As with anything we deem necessary or of high value, the required measures taken to keep our nails in perfect conditions have been a common phenomenon among humans.

Of the various measures adopted to keep our nails in the best conditions, the use of cuticle oil has been one of the most popular and effective means.

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This can allude to the therapeutic and moisturizing effect it has. As a result of the benefit cuticle oil yields, many are puzzled as to the impact it has on nails.

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In fact, ‘does cuticle oil help nails grow’ is a very popular question manicurist and nail technicians are bemused with.

To settle any lingering doubts, that question would be brought to rest today. To understand the effect cuticle oils have on nails, it is only rational to know the fundamental element that constitutes cuticle oils.

What are cuticle oils?

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Cuticle oils are moisturizing liquids derived from various natural oils which help protect the nails from infections, swelling, drying, nail splits as well as other debilitating effects of harsh conditions on the nails.

As a result of these various rigid conditions, the nails are exposed to; cuticle oils help soften the nail while preventing it from becoming dry, cracked or severely damaged.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the various constituents of cuticle oils and after that answer the question which says, Does cuticle oil help nails grow.

Sunflower Oil

Derived from the sunflower plant, it is responsible for the soothing effect of the cuticle oil. The sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps nail growth.

Sweet Almond Oil

Made from almond seed kernels, the sweet almond oil is responsible for the smooth effect cuticle oil has on your nails. The delicious Almond oil also works as a lubricant in cuticle oils.

Olive Oil

The youthful and vibrant looks of healthy nails can allude to the emollient effect of the olive oil. Aside from making the nails look healthier,  olive oils act as an antioxidant as well as a moisturizer.

Jojoba oil

Whether synthetic or natural, Jojoba oil derived from the jojoba seed is responsible for the hydrating effect of cuticle oils. The chemical composition of the jojoba oil includes wax esters which make it perfect for the nails and cuticles.

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Vitamin E

The vitamin E nutrient in cuticle oil makes cuticles and nails resistant for a harsh condition that causes the nails to look old; it also helps fight against cuticle and nails damage.

Tea Tree Oil

Known for its antibacterial effect, the tea tree oil makes cuticle oils a perfect remedy for nails infections. It also makes the nails resistant to breakages.

Wheat Germ Oil

One of the significant constituents of cuticle oils rich in vitamin E, Wheat Germ oil helps blood flow to the nail bed as well as aid circulation of blood in the nails. It also hastens the healing of inflammation in the nails.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is one of the active constituents of cuticle oils that account for its moisturizing effect. It readily mixes with other components to bring the best impact cuticle oils are known for.

Coconut Oil

The antifungal, moisturizing effect of the coconut oil, makes its a perfect constituent of cuticle oil. It helps the nail become stronger as well as makes the nails look shiny.

Aloe Vera Gel

Inflammation can be treated with the aid of aloe Vera gels. As a result of this, aloe Vera gel is the constituent of cuticle oil responsible for its therapeutic effect.

Lemon Juice

Rich in vitamin, lemon juice hastens the healing of inflammation and breakage in the nail.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil can be credited for the fast growth of the nails. It contains antioxidants.

The above listed are the major constituents of cuticle oils which bring about the magical effect it has on the nails.

Knowing the various constituents of cuticle oil is just a stepping stone to understanding if cuticle oils indeed help nails grow. Highlighted below are few effects cuticle oils have on the nails.

Effects of cuticle oils on the nails

does cuticle oil help nails grow
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1. Combats Dehydration

As a result of the various activities, we engage our hands in daily; the nails are subject to stringent and harsh conditions that makes it dry and lose moisture contents.

Cuticle oils serve as a remedy to prevent dryness which makes the nails look aged. Cracking of the nails can also be prevented by the regular application of cuticle oils.

2. Protection against fungi and bacteria

Paronychia, beau lines, and other infection that result as a result of fungal and bacteria’s or effect of dehydration on the nail beds can be prevented from employing cuticle oils. It also keeps the nails in the best condition.

3. Improve nail growth

Cuticle oils help blood flow to the nail bed as well as aid the circulation of blood around the nails.

As a result of blood rich in oxygen available to the nail bed, the growth of the nails is achieved. Cuticle oils also prevent the nails from breaking as well as the strenuous effect of harsh conditions such as soapy water.

4. Glamorous look

Aside from the therapeutic impact Cuticle oils have on the nails, one benefit that it’s known for is the effect it has on the looks of the nails.

Cuticle oils make the nails look shiny even without the use of nail polish. Cuticle oils make the nails look attractive.

How to use cuticle oils for nails

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To enable Cuticle oils to bring the best out of the nails, it has to be applied effectively to prevent certain damages.

Before cuticle oils are applied to the nails, nail polishes must be removed. This is necessary to enable the cuticle oil work on the nails rather than remain on the nail polish without having any effect on the nails.

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Process of applying cuticle oil to nails

  • To begin the process of using cuticle oils, it is advisable to wash your hands to remove dirt as well as open up the pores of the nail beds for easy penetration.
  • After washing, your hands should be dried with a towel, then, place your hands with your nails facing upward on the towel.
  • The oil should be shaken so that settled constituents can be mixed with the oil, then begin applying the cuticle oil with a brush on your nails.
  • Repeat the process for every 2-3 fingernails, only insert the brush to the cuticle oil when it’s getting dry.

After the oil has been applied on every fingernail, apply the oil to the skin surrounding the nails and cuticles.

Cuticle oil gets absorbed quickly, but to enable the process last long, gloves are recommended. The longer the oil stays on the nail, the more effective it becomes.

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Still wondering whether it can help in nail growth? keep reading

Does Cuticle Oil Help Nails Grow?

Capital YES. Cuticle oils can be applied every night for a week or two to make your nails grow. It is also vital that the fingernails should not be chewed after application of cuticle oils.

Cuticle oils can cause skin irritation for allergic individuals. It also depends on the chemical composition of the oil used; certain oils contain powerful chemicals while some contain less reactive chemicals.

Best Cuticle Oils

If you are looking for a nail oil that can give your nails that elegant look, then you should consider any of the below cuticle oils.

1. CUCCIO NATURALÉ MILK AND HONEY MANICURE CUTICLE REVITALIZING OIL: This wonderfully scented oil is sure to moisturize those nails and cuticles.

Specially made for healing dry cuticles and nails, it also gives the nails the perfect touch to project its radiance, thus promoting the growth of your nails.

2. BLOSSOM SCENTED CUTICLE OIL: Aside from the floral scents that make this cuticle oil particularly alluring, the quick effects it has on hard, dry nails is intriguing.

This cuticle oil softens the nails as well as smoothen it. It also repairs cracked cuticles. This is an effective cuticle oil which undoubtedly will give you excellent results.

3. BEE NATURAL BEST CUTICLE OIL: Enriched with the fundamental constituents that make a quality cuticle oil, this cuticle oil penetrate the skin pores of the cuticles as well work proactively on the nails to restore its elegance.

Specially formulated to heal the nails of cracks, it also helps make the nails softer and smoother. It’s also makes it a perfect choice for dealing with nails infections.

4. CUCCIO CUTICLE OIL POMEGRANATE AND FIG: This cuticle oil is another good choice when looking for oil to tend to your dry and cracked nails.

Aside from speeding up the recuperation of your mail, this cuticle oil ensures your cuticles are hydrated to remain in the best condition.

5. SALLY HANSEN VITAMIN E NAIL AND CUTICLE OIL: Abundant in vitamin E one of the core constituents that make a quality cuticle oil, this cuticle oil is perfect for moisturizing your nails, bringing its real beauty and elegance to life.

Those are just a few of the vast array of good cuticle oils that is sure to make your nails and cuticle flash with plush elegance and in good conditions. All are suitable for home use as well as in manicures.

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What Is The Best Oil For Cuticles?

No oil in the entire universe can be as good as cuticle oil for the cuticle, and this is because it was made or designed specifically for it. Although in the absence of it, other oils like Jojoba, Coconut, Argan and Castor can be used, but the truth is, those oils won’t give you your desired results.

Is Vaseline Good For Cuticles?

Like i earlier said, you can use almost any oil even vaseline to keep your cuticle in shape, but if you’re really serious about the health of your cuticle, then you should try and make provisions to get cuticle oil.

What Is The Best Oil For Cuticles?

Aside from cuticle oil itself, other essential oils such as Jojoba, Coconut, Argan, Olive, Castor can serve as a better alternative for your cuticle. In other words, they can be regarded as the best alternative oil for cuticles.

Which Oil Is Best For Nail Growth?

There are quite a lot of essential oils that are capable of growing your nails out faster when applied systematically but what I’ve found out over the last couple of years of testing these oil is that only a few do what they say. In my part, i found Jojoba, coconut and argan most effective for nail growth. So if i were you, i would probably go after these oils for faster nail growth.

How Often Should You Put Cuticle Oil On?

There are a lot of articles online that suggests applying it every 2-3 hours which i consider as bullshit. In fact, there is no universal agreed time to put cuticle oil on so for this reason, i suggest that you should apply it as much as you can.

What Is A Good Natural Cuticle Oil?

If you’re a fan of DIY and you want to go the natural way then combining these oils (Coconut, argan, olive, vitamin E, etc.) on any empty bottle will make for an excellent natural homemade cuticle oil.

How Can I Make My Own Cuticle Oil?

Like I’ve mentioned above, it’s not that hard to make your cuticle oil. What you need is a bit of some essential oil, mixed after which you can then apply it directly unto your cuticle.

How Long Does It Take For Cuticle Oil To Work?

As soon as the oil has been absorbed into your skin, it should start working immediately, and the time it will take the oil to get absorbed into your cuticle is between an hour or two.

Does Oil Make Your Nails Grow Faster?

Yes, and this is because it is an excellent moisturizer for the cuticles and nails. When you apply oils to your cuticle with a little massage, a lot is going on beneath your cuticle. The cells get bathed with blood which further triggers the production of more new nail cells in the matrix. As new nail cells are produced, old cells are pushed out through the cuticle to form a harden keratin material known as nail plate.

Wrapping UP On Does Cuticle Oil Help Your Nails Grow

From your favourite female celebrity to the stunning lady that lives next door, all these beautiful women have adopted the trend of caring and giving their nails and cuticle the necessary treatments and attention.

Which passively speaks for their taste, preferences, and elegance. This trend rooted as far as back as the early BC has now gained remarkable attention which has expanded from just beauty into activism and fashion statements that promote social values.

This trend is not going to come to an abrupt end, not anytime soon, instead will continue to survive the test of time.

As nails and cuticles have become a means of expressing one’s self as well as a focal point of beauty and adornment, all nails must be kept in the best looks.

Aside from that, they should be free from the harsh effects of weather conditions, as well as other activities ranging from fungal or bacterial infection to dehydration, drying, and cracking.

Cuticle oils serve as a means of protecting and safeguarding the beauty of this little but ingenious part of our body. The various conditions listed also threaten the growth of the nails.

Cuticle oils steps in to protect the nails and ensures it thrives and grows steadily despite these threats.

Keeping it moisturized, fighting fungi and bacteria from invading the beauty of the nails, while ensuring that the nails though not immune to breakage certainly will not be prone to such.

Why cuticle oils protect the nails, the nails should be treated with caution. Activities that subjected the nails to cracking and drying are discouraged.

Though certain activities cannot be avoided entirely, it is practical and reasonable to exercise caution while engaging such.

Nails that are subjected to the applications of cuticle oils should not be chewed to avoid ingesting chemicals that are toxic to the human system.

Cuticle oils do help nail grows as well as radiate the beauty of the nails, to keep and maintain this, regular manicures are recommended.

The next time you step out, ensure your fingernails boldly express your beauty, radiating the colour that speaks for your style, boasts of your aura of confidence while glittering perfectly under the glamorous ray of the sun.

With this, I hope I’ve been able to answer your question. Does cuticle oil help nails grow? Thanks for reading and don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friend using any of the buttons below.

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