What Is The Average Growth Rate Of Nails In Adults ?

Nail growth is a natural process that takes place as we age. The nail plate begins to grow from the basal layer of the epidermis and pushes toward the free edge of the nail bed. This growth cycle can be affected by many factors, including genetics, environmental conditions, and medical conditions.  However, what is the average growth rate of nails in adults?

The average growth rate of nails in adults between the age of 35 is 0.123 mm a day, 3.50 mm per month. Also, for adults between the age of 65, the rate at which their nails grow is between 0.095 mm a day and 2.27 – 3mm per month.

As one ages, the growth rate of nails slows down a bit to about 2.27 mm a month in adults. Besides this, other factors such as diet, location, health challenges, and biting one’s nails can also contribute to why the growth rate of nails in adults is drastically reduced.

In addition, nails, which form a very integral part of a man’s life, grow at a different pace and vary with the individual. To some, theirs grows rapidly at 3.47 mm a month, while others are somewhat between 2.8 – 3 mm. Regarding the differences in growth rate, one thing is sure: adult nails do not experience a rapid growth rate like youth nails.

Factors Responsible for Nail Growth in Adults

Nail growth is a normal, natural process that occurs in everyone. The nail plate is made of keratin and grows from the nail bed at the base of the nail. It is common for your nails to grow faster during warm weather. However, it is important to note that they can also grow faster in the winter due to dry air and less moisture in your skin.

The growth rate of nails depends on the length of the fingers, age, and other factors such as vitamins and minerals in the diet. Some other factors that play a role in nail growth include:

1. Blood Circulation

The blood circulation of your body is one of the main factors that influence the growth of your nails. If you have good blood circulation, it will be easier for the nutrients to reach your nails and give them enough strength to grow. In addition, if you have good blood circulation, it will also help remove all the waste materials from your body, which can lead to infections or other problems with your nails.

2. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the production of new cells and helps strengthen them. It also helps keep your skin healthy and improve your hair and nail growth.

3. Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient our body needs to perform all its functions properly. It helps build new cells, repair damaged cells, and make hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and other chemicals our body needs to function properly. If you do not get enough protein in your diet, this can lead to a deficiency that can cause problems with your hair and nails.

What Is The Average Growth Rate Of Nails In Adults
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Factors That Hinders The Growth Rate Of Nails In Adults

Several factors can hinder the growth rate of nails in adults. Factors such as age, disease, and injury can affect the growth rate of nails. It is important to know the effects of these factors on nail growth so that you can prevent them whenever possible. Some of the factors are the following:

1. Ageing

It is no longer new that age is one, if not the most contributing factor responsible for adult slow growth rate.

Usually, one’s nails tend to grow very fast during adolescent age. The reason is that the rate at which blood circulates during this stage of their life is much more improved. Kids get to jump here and there; they get to do a lot of rigorous activities that helps keeps the blood flowing.

Also, as one approaches 65, there is said to be a reduction at which blood flows to the nail matrix, which then slows down nail growth in adults.

2. Location

This is another factor to consider as far as nail growth is concerned. For example, countless research has shown that nails on dominant hands tend to grow way faster than on the other hand.

This is because your dominant hand gets much stimulation compared to your other hand (Less dominant). During stimulation, there is a lot that goes on. For example, there is a rapid release of blood to the area being stimulated, further speeding how the nails grow.

3. Weather condition

This is another keen factor worth looking out for. During the hot season (summer), when they are lots of suns, the body’s metabolism is at its peak.

During this period, one tends to involve him or herself in activities that help keep the blood flowing. Also, we tend to consume more water than usual which invariably helps the nail to grow out faster. During the colder season (winter), the rate at which nails grow is reduced to the minimum. One can’t do much exercise or activities in the cold season.

4. Health challenges or diseases

Another factor that can as well hinder nail growth is the underlying health challenge. Adults, by default, tend to have more health issues, such as kidney or liver problems. When this happens, such may halt or hinder their nail growth rate.

Also, diseases such as diabetes or thyroid problems can cause a decline in nail growth rates due to hormonal changes within your body. These diseases often result in slower blood circulation, which may cause slower nail growth rates.

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What Is the Nail Growth Rate for Humans per Day?

Every second, nail grow to a rate of 0.92 – 1 nano-meter. In hours, the growth rate is about 0.0036 mm. In a day, the growth rate is between 0.1 – 0.2 mm, while in Week, the rate is at 0.7 mm.

If you lose a fingernail, it will take approximately six (6) months for it to grow back. That of the toenails usually take a longer time to grow out. Usually, a lost toenail takes close to 16 – 18 months.

How Do You Make Your Nails Grow Faster?

There are various ways you can adopt to enhance or quicken how your nail grows but what I have found out to work fast is by eating lots of healthy diets coupled with constant moisturizing. Moisturizing your nails will always prevent them from breaking and keep them in the right shape to grow strong and healthy. Another thing I would like to point out if you're serious about growing your nails is to practice good nail hygiene constantly. Avoid biting your nails, and sparingly use nail polishes.

Which Nail Grows Fastest?

Your middle fingernails tend to grow way faster than your other fingers, while that of the thumb grows slowest. It also depends on many factors. Your dominant hand may also grow faster than your less dominant hand. Also, the length of the bones contributes to why your middle fingernails grow the fastest.


The growth rate of nails is dependent and varies from one individual to another. Children between the ages of 10-17 tend to experience a faster growth rate compared to adults. This is due to the constant flow of blood to the nail matrix – the centre where new nail cells are made. For children, the growth rate is between 3 – 3.47 mm a month, adults; theirs is somewhat between  2.27 – 3 mm.

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