Best food for nail growth

25+ Best Food For Nail Growth And Nail Strength

Best Food For Nail Growth : Are you tired of getting chipped nails? Do you get disgruntled for having jagged and uneven nails leading to stunted growth? Do you envisage having beautiful and natural long nails?

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Then, this article is definitely for you. For we care about your nails. Hence, we are willing to help you grow those perfect and delicate nails you’ve always dreamt of.

Nothing beats having a clean and healthy nails that would grow to that desirable length you’ve always wanted.

Over time, I’ve come to realize that there are so many processes and ways that enhances the smooth growth of nails. But our focus for today would only be on best food for nail growth.

Invariably, some food do not only help in keeping us alive and healthy but, they also help in giving us those long, elegant and gorgeous nails that we can flaunt at all times.

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These Best Food For Nail Growth Includes;

Proteinous Food

Best Food For Nail Growth And Nail Strength
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Proteinous food are undoubtedly one of the best food for nail growth.  Protein contains essential nutrients that helps in building and repairing worn out tissues in our body. In the same manner, intake of proteinous food do not only repair and strengthen our nails, but helps in curbing craggy and crooked nails thereby, giving us long, sharp and glossy nails. They are;

  1. Eggs

    Eggs contain a higher percentage of protein promoting healthy nail growth.This is as a result of the presence of amino acids, minerals and vitamins encapsulated in them which enhances the growth of nails. Also, eating eggs helps in making our natural nails neat and shiny thus, pleasing to the eyes.

  2. Milk

    It is a known fact that milk are a good source of protein that boosts our immune system making one healthy.  Embedded in them are calcium, potassium and vitamin D facilitating the growth of nails. Hence, when we take in milk on a daily basis, our body, absorbs these nutrients in producing finer and longer nails.

  3. Peanuts/nuts

    As soft and tiny as they are, peanuts contributes greatly to nail growth. They provide essential nutrients necessary for nails to grow on a rapid rate.

  4. Beans

    Beans are a good source of nutriment that helps in building nails.  They are known to be versatile and can be eaten with rice, yam, bread and plantain.
    Nonetheless, beans, are a great source of vitamins and fiber improving our nail growth. The different varieties of beans we have include;
    a. Black beans
    b. Soy beans
    c. Kidney beans
    d. Red beans
    e. Pinto beans E. T. C

  5. Cheese

    Cheese is one of the proteinous food that contributes to that perfectly shaped and slender long nails we have been craving for.

  6. Fish

    Hmm… Don’t you just love seeing some delicious chunks of fish in your meal? Yummy right?  As delicious and spicy as they are, fish contain vital nutrients that promotes nail growth causing them to grow longer and beautifully.

Food Containing Biotin Supplement

Best Food For Nail Growth And Nail Strength
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Biotin is a B-vitamin that promotes nail growth. They aid in removing short and brittle nails hindering our nail growth. Food containing biotin supplement also provides strong, fuller and thicker nails growing at a faster rate. They are;

  1. Liver

    One of the most essential function of the liver, is that it purifies the heart. Similarly, just as the liver purifies the heart, so does it purifies our nails.
    By so doing, our nails, tend to grow quicker than ever.

  2. Yeast

    As crazy as it sound, yeast contain some biotin supplement that causes our nails to grow speedily.  Also, yeast are mainly known for production of carbon dioxide and dough maturation which when consumed, helps in retaining longer nails.

  3. Sunflower seeds

    Sunflower are bright decorative plant which are a rich source of protein containing phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and vitamin E which contributes greatly to our nail growth.  They are either boiled or roasted. And when eaten, helps in building the perfect nails for us.

  4. Potatoes

    Potatoes are commonly known food that is widely eaten around the world.
    They break down protein and carbohydrates, converting them into glucose and amino acids. Potatoes improve the growth of nails when properly cooked and digested. They do away with pale and hard nails thereby, promoting longer nails.

Apparently, the different types of potatoes are;

Best Food For Nail Growth And Nail Strength


Russet are a variety of potatoes with dark gray-brown color with a rough skin. They are mainly fried and mashed to a pulpy consistency. They are also use in baking.


Fingerling potatoes are naturally narrow and small found mainly in North America. These potatoes are usually roasted with seasoning until they’re golden brown and fully ready to be consumed.


They have a waxy texture making their flesh to stay firm throughout the entire cooking process and are mainly used in salad and soup/stew. They can be roasted as well.


White potatoes are usually dense and creamy. They make a great addition to salads as their delicate and thin skins add the right amount of texture.


They are subtly sweet and buttery which can be roasted, mashed or grilled.


They contain a high degree of oxidants making them to be more effective than the rest potatoes. They also have soft texture adding vibrant color to salads.

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Other Food For Nail Growth

  1.  Broccoli

    Green leafy food are known as nutritious food that helps in nourishing our skin resulting in faster growth in nails.  However, eating a well cooked broccoli do not only strengthen nails to ultimately retain length, but, they makes nails perfect and neat.

  2. Avocados

    No doubt avocados are one of the healthiest food on the planet. They are great for our body and at the same time, helps in improving the appearances of our nails.
    Avocados contains some necessary nail growing nutrients which are vitamins B6 and C, fiber and potassium causing nails to grow faster than usual.

  3. Spinach

    A well prepared spinach contains some vital vitamins and minerals improving nail growth.

  4. Banana

    Surprisingly, banana has been proven to be a great source of biotin spurring some necessary nutrients which include vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber and manganese.
    Nonetheless, they can be eaten raw, fried or mashed depending on how you desire it but either way, they provide for us a range of nail benefits.

  5. Cereal

    Cereal are edible grains highly rich in minerals, vitamins and phytochemical. The different varieties of cereal we have are millet, oat, wheat, rice and corn.
    Often times, they are eaten for breakfast either with milk and sugar or just plain yogurt enhancing smooth nails.

Food Containing Omega-3 Fatty Acids

best food for nail growth

Omega 3 fatty acids food are nutritious food that keeps our body healthy so we can grow strong and healthy long nails. These food containing omega 3 fatty acids include;

Fish sources of omega-3 fatty acids

best food for nail growth

Fish comprising of fat and oil are a great source of decosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA), which are the two types of omega-3 fatty acid.

  1. Mackerel

    Mackerel fish is usually consumed world wide. It is a small, fatty fish of the scombridae family that is mainly fried or smoked. Including them in our diets helps in building the perfect long nails.  Also, mackerel is rich in selenium and vitamin B-12.

  2. Salmon

    Salmon is one of the best source of protein which are essential for our cells, tissues, hormones and every other body part. We have two kinds of salmon which are wild and farmed salmon.Protein, magnesium , potassium , selenium, and B vitamins can be found in a whole salmon fish.

  3. Shrimp

    Don’t you just love eating a well prepared spicy shrimp whether fried, baked, boiled or steamed? Yummy right? As proteinous as they are, shrimps greatly helps in promoting the ideal nail for us.

  4. Sardines

    Sardines are small, oily proteinous fish usually canned which can be eaten either grilled or smoked. They comprises of vitamins B-12, vitamin D and selenium.
    One serving of canned sardines contains: 0.74 g of DHA and 0.45 g of EPA

  5. Trout

    The trout is a vital source of protein high in omega 3 fatty acid highly rich in potassium, B-vitamin complex and phosphorus. One serving of trout contains:
    0.44 g of DHA and 0.40 g of EPA

Vegetarian Sources Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

best food for nail growth
  1. Seaweed and algae

    Seaweed is a highly nutritious dense food. It is a good supply of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and mineral. They contain vitamins (vitamin A, B, C and E) as well.
    Furthermore, we have different types of seaweed which are nori, kelp, wakame, kombu and dulse. Beyond their delicious taste, seaweed and algae contains alot of healthful benefits which all contribute to our nail growth.

  2. Flaxseeds

    Flaxseeds are usually included in most varieties of food offering a handful of health benefits. They are rich in many nutrients such as fiber, minerals, magnesium, vitamins and fat. One way we can add them to our diet is by incorporating them to salad, cereal, or oatmeal.

  3. Walnuts

    Severally, researches has shown that walnuts are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids providing the essential nutrients necessary for the body to function properly. Incorporated into them, are vitamins ( vitamins C, B and E) and minerals.  People can enjoy walnuts on their own, in granola, or in a

  4. Chia seeds

    Chia seeds contains essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that helps in nourishing our body. These chia seeds can be used by People as ingredient in granola, salads, or smoothies, or they can mix them with milk or yogurt to make chia pudding. Mixing chia seeds with water also creates an egg substitute that vegans can use.

  5. Seabass

    Seabass is one of the most flavorful fish around the world. They are filled with omega 3 fatty acids that will help you stay healthy and avoid health complications.  Seabass also provides protein and selenium.

  6. Hemp seeds

    Hemp seeds are super nutritious seeds that render quite a number of benefits.
    When added to our diet, they generate a lot of nutrients that keeps our body and nails in a perfect condition causing them to grow.  They are also rich in protein, magnesium, iron, fiber, mineral and fiber.

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Omega-3 supplements

best food for nail growth

Studies have shown that not every one is able to meet their dietary omega 3 requirement hence, supplements were produced to aid such persons.  The different types of omega 3 supplement are;

  1. Fish oil

    Fish oil is one of the most common omega-3 supplement which have awesome benefits for healthy people and are also important for preventing heart disease.
    Omega fish oil both contains docosahexaenoic (DHA)
    and eicosapentaenoic ( EPA).

  2. Cod liver oil

    Extracted from the livers of Atlantic cod, cod liver oil is used as a nutritional supplement as a result of the presence of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, EPA and DHA.

  3. Krill oil

    Krill oil is essential for your daily dose of omega 3 acid as they are made from crustacean which are highly rich in EPA and DPA

  4. Algae oil

    Algae oil are high in omega 3 acid which are perfect for people on a vegetarian diet. However, fish oil contain a higher dose than most algae oil supplement hence, the need to take more of them may be necessary.

  5. Alpha Linolenic Acid

    ALA is found mainly in flaxseed, canola and soy bean. They are use by the body for energy.  Moreover, they can be an excellent additional supplement to include in our diet.

Conclusion On Best Food For Nail Strength And Growth

Dieting is the key to getting the ideal nails and nail length we strongly desire. These best food for nail growth would not only give you these ideal nails, but will boost Your nail growth within a short period of time.

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So, do you want your nails to experience a magical change?

If yes, then start by including all these best food for nail growth in your diet and watch your nails become longer, shiner and prettier. If this article has helped you, kindly SHARE it with your friends using any of the buttons below.