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It is no longer a secret anymore that your middle fingernail grows the fastest right?. What should bother your heart the most is the reason behind that growth.

Though, it is quite understandable that nail growth varies with individuals, but why do some nails grows faster in ones hand that the others?

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest

Well, if this is what troubles you and you want to know why, then you’re at the right place. Keep reading.

The whole growth processes of the human fingernail is such a complex one to understand, what’s more challenging is the fact that not all of them grow at the same pace.


This is because, the rate at which your nail grows depends on the length of your bones. Interesting to know right? But that’s not all. Keep reading.

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest


Over the last few years, I’ve been wondering about the whole growth thing. At First, I was curious to know which of our nails grows the fastest not until I found an answer to my curiosity which prompted me to further carry out a little experiment on my nails and this was my findings.

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest

My Nails

Pinky finger : 0.7cm
Ring Finger : 0.8cm
Middle finger : 1 cm
Index finger : 0.8cm
Thumb finger : 0.5cm

I took out time to measure the growth of my nails with a plastic ruler calibrated in centimeters and those where the result i got.

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Secondly, I wanted to know why does the middle finger nail grows the fastest. Sadly, they where little to no information online so I had to continue my quest for knowledge.

Luckily for me, I did found what seem like a perfect answer to my second thought. All of which I’ve documented in this article. Read on.

Reason Why The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest

On average, fingernail grow to the length of 3 – 3.5 mm a month. If you happen to lost a nail due to trauma, it will take like 4 – 6 months for them to grow out.

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest

Also, finger nail grows way faster than toe nails. A lost toe nail usually takes up to 1 – 1.5 years for them to grow out.

The middle finger on the other hand, is the fastest growing nails due to the length of the bone.

This is so because, the length of the bone in your finger tip is what determines how your nails grows.

So the smaller the terminal phalanges, the slower the growth. This best explain why your pinky finger and the thumb nails grows the slowest.

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest

Beside the length thing, your middle finger receives more of blood flows compare to the rest.

Reason being that it is the finger that is used to grip or flip things the most. Thus, they get stimulated a lot.

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Science Behind Stimulation Of Fingernails

When fingernails are stimulated, what happens is, the nail matrix gets a message that such finger is probably being used or worn out the most.

When this happens, there is sudden release of blood by the nail matrix which further stimulates nail growth.

Do Fingernails Grow Faster As You Age?

Sadly, as one ages, a lot of changes is bound to take place. One among such change is the decrease in nail growth.

Simply put, growth of nails slows down as one age.

Why ?

This is because, as one age, there is decrease in the rate at which blood flows in the entire body. Same goes for the nails.

Nevertheless, there are still some hack to this though. A little massage on a daily basis with good moisturizer can do the magic.

Why Do Nails Grow?

Nails grow so that they can cover the delicate area of our tips – nail beds. The nail bed is that part which the nail plate sit upon.

For nails to grow, blood must be supplied to the appropriate region – matrix. The matrix is the sight where new nail cells are formed.

Why Do We Have Fingernails?

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest

As humans, we have fingernails because we are primates. Simply put, finger nails are modernized form of claws.

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Which Nail Grow Faster Fingernail or Toenail?

Fingernails on average grows up to a length of 3 mm a month, toe nails is somewhat between 2 mm.

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest


Taking a closer look at the rate in which they grow, one can easily tell which is faster and that which grows the slowest.  So which of them grow faster? Fingernail or Toenails? You say? OK good.

Why Do Fingernails Grow Faster Than Toenails?

Nail growth is dependent on a number of factors such as age, climate, location etc. Fingernail may grow faster in terms of length due to;

1. The amount of blood they receive
2. Terminal trauma

Nail grows when they receive constant blood flows. And being that your hands are way closer to your heart than your toes, they tend to receive more of blood than your toes.

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest


Also, the ideal or claim that fingernails grow much slower during the cold season season (winter) further confirms this theories to be true.

Secondly, the rate at which you uses your hand is more, compare to your feet. As such, there’s bound to be faster nail growth on those digits.

What Makes Fingernails Grow Fast?

There are lots of things you can do to fasten your nail growth. For example, taking lots of vegetables like spinach, broccoli and eating more of proteins can contribute to nail growth.

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest

Besides food, massaging skin around your nails with good moisturizers such as coconut oil can as well help to lengthen your nails.

Also, regular exercise, practicing good nail hygiene like filing your nails the right way and limiting the way you expose your hands to moisture. All of these is what you need for a faster nail growth

Why Do My Nails Hurt When They Grow?

Why Does The Middle Finger Nail Grow The Fastest

Ingrown nails are the major reason why you’re experiencing pains as your nails are growing out.

Ingrown nails can be very painful and it’s caused by improper trimming, putting on tight fitted shoes and sometimes, hereditary.

To cut, simply lift them up with toothpick then gently slide your clipper to clip them off.

After cutting, The best way to treat them is by antibacterial or anti-fungal cream on it to prevent infection.

The Take Home

Growth rate of nails depends on the amount of blood it receives and also the length of the bone present in them.

This alone best explain why the middle finger nails grows the fastest compared to the others.

That of the pinky and thumb is said to grow at a millipede speed because of how small the length of the bones are. Simply put, the smaller the bone on the fingertip, the slowest they grow.

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