How To Grow Nails Faster In A Week Like A Pro

If you’re looking for expert ways on to grow nails faster in one week naturally without stress then this article on how to grow long nails is what you need to see because it contains proven tips I use daily to grow my nails and that of my client.

For the nail enthusiast, you’ll agree with me that at some point in your life, you’ve been to google several times to search for ways in which you can grow your nails faster in a week.

The Science Behind Growing Nails Faster In One Week

Do you know is possible to grow long, healthy natural nails in a week? In minutes and fast in 1 hour? Read on to know-how.

Over the years, there has been a lot of speculation online on How To Grow Long Nails In One Week, which obviously isn’t true entirely, but there are ways you can adopt to maximize your nail growth and get excellent results in one week. If you’re that serious type, you can even grow your nails in 2 days.

Generally, for the most part, fingernails grow up to 3 millimetres in a month and will take about six (6) to 7 months to grow to a reasonable length while toenails may take a year and a half to grow out. Also, the nails in our dominant hand are likely going to grow more than those in the other hand.

The reason is that the dominant hand gets stimulated more often than the other. Though the extent to which stimulation occurs may vary with one’s lifestyle.

For example, a carpenter may experience exponential nail growth on the hand he uses to pick nails from his pocket than the hand he uses to drive the nail into a piece of wood. The reason is that the side that he uses to pick nails gets stimulated often.

Factors That Might Hinder Your Nails From Growing Faster In A Week

For those of you who have chosen to remain an excellent ambassador to the ever-growing nail community despite the humiliations, you’ll agree with me that they are some factors that might hinder your nail growth success. This factor might be a result of your negligence or bad habit. They include nail biting, diet, old age, illness, etc.

1. Nail Biting

About 50 % of kids or teens, even adults, are guilty of this bad habit of biting their nails. If you’re an adult and still eat your nails up till this moment, Then it merely shows that you did it while you were small, and no one bothered stopping you.

Although there are no known reasons why people bite their nails, research has shown that the majority do so out of anxiety, stress, fear, hunger, or boredom. Some may be just a reflex action.

Apart from making your hands looks ugly and unsightly, Biting your nails usually creates room for infection, which might invariably stop your nails from growing correctly.

As it is with other bad habits, biting nails may be a result of reflex actions, and they happen when you least expect it. Putting an end to it might seem cumbersome, though, but there’s no way you’ll ever grow that beautiful nails if you don’t stop this bad habit today.

Well, since it’s difficult to change old ways, a little tip won’t be a bad idea. Let’s quickly look at some of the ways in which you can adopt in other to put a stop to this annoying habit.

2. Diet

It is no longer a rumour that the success of any nail growth can be traced far back to the kind of food we include in our diet. As it is with other body parts, the nails require food rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, vegetables, water, and a wide variety of fruits to grow well.

For example, Vegetables like spinach contain vitamin E, which is good for nail growth; fruits such as Oranges also contain vitamin C, which is also suitable for nail growth. Simply put, including all of the classes of food in the right quantity in your diet equals having beautiful nails you’ll be proud of.

3. Old age

Research has shown that nail growth reduces as one attains adulthood. For a teen, nail growth is about 3 mm a month while that of an adult is about 2 mm. That’s about 0.5 mm a week. As one ages, there is a drastic reduction in water retention, which then leads to dehydration. When this water finally dries out, our nails tend to split, peel, or get chipped.

PS: Other bad habits may include cutting the cuticle. When you cut your cuticle often, you don’t only stop your nails from growing; you also expose them to fungal or bacterial attacks.

These cuticles are not just there for fancy; they have a responsibility to play, one such responsibility is that they help to seal your nails to the nail matrix and prevent intruders such as specks of dirt from gaining entry into the nail matrix. The nail matrix on its own acts as the powerhouse where new nail cells are formed. Any damage to this matrix may invariably affect how your nails will grow.

Having gone through some of the myths that might hinder you from growing healthy natural beautiful nails in days or weeks, let’s quickly look at some various methods or ways we can adopt if we must grow long-looking nails in a week.

Methods You Can Adopt To Grow Nails Faster In A Week

As I earlier said, ordinarily, growing long nails in 5 days or one week might seem impossible, but they are distinct ways we can use to maximize nail growth up to 1 mm a week. Though the result you’re most likely to get at the end of one week might not meet your expectations, it will surely be far better than the way your nail was.

Having said that, below are just a few tips you can use to maximize your nail growth rate up to 1 mm a week. Growing healthy nails in one week are basically in two forms, which are

  • Moisturizing
  • DIY nail growth receipt

Whichever forms or methods you wish to adopt is entirely up to you, but they both give the same result. For effective results, a combination of both methods yields more results.

1. Moisturizing

It’s no longer a rumour that nails grow up to 50% when it’s been moisturized daily. Moisturizing can be done using moisturizers such as coconut oil, olive oil, Shea butter, vitamin E oil, petroleum jelly, etc.

All of the moisturizers, as mentioned above, help to keep the skin around the cuticle from getting hydrated and also prevent bacterial or fungal attacks due to their anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Coconut Oil

This oil works in two ways, nail growth, the secondly, as Cuticle care. Coconut oil is not just a moisturizer to think of for your nail growth, but an excellent choice to make when considering growing nails in days or weeks because of its high-fat content and its ability to treat dry cuticles.

  1. Place a reasonable amount of coconut oil on the skin around your cuticle and nails such that it’s enough to cover them up.
  2. Then gently massage the oil using your finger for about 10 minutes in an oval or circular manner. The purpose of this is to allow even distribution of blood to the appropriate quarters (Nail matrix ) responsible for nail growth.
  3. Repeat this process every day (morning, afternoon, evening) for a week, and you’ll be amazed at the result.

You can also;

  1. Place some reasonable amount of coconut oil in a bowl such that it would be enough to cover your fingernails
  2. Then dip your nails into the bowl covered with coconut oil, and allow your fingernails to sit comfortably in it for about 15 minutes
  3. Repeat this process every day (in the morning and evening) for a week, and you’ll be shocked by the result you are going to get.

PS: For an effective result, you can decide to leave the oil seated on your fingernails while wearing hand gloves at night.

Olive Oil

The vitamin E content in Olive Oil, when massaged gently around the skin surrounding our cuticle, helps improves blood circulation.

  1. Place some olive oil around your fingernails then massage the olive oil gently on your cuticle and nails for about 15 minutes using your finger.
  2. Repeat this process every day for one week, preferably in the morning and evening. The result you are going to get will surprise you.

You can also;

  1. Place a reasonable amount of olive oil in a bowl that is likely going to contain your fingernails.
  2. Dip your nails in it, and allow your nails to sit comfortably in the bowl for them to get absorbed with the oil.
  3. Repeat this process every day for a week, in the morning and evening; you’ll be amazed at the result.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter contains essential ingredients (vitamins A and E ) plus fatty acids, which help to hasten nail growth.

  1. Place some reasonable amount of Shea butter with your finger then massage them gently around the cuticle and nails for about 15 minutes
  2. Repeat this process every day for a week, and you’ll be glad you did.

2. DIY Nail Growth Receipt

After doing all of those mentioned above and you still can’t see any growth in your nails in one week, then it’s time to opt-in for some DIY nail growth receipt.

DIY nail growth receipt comes in various forms, but for the sake of this article, we are going to make use of just a single fruit that contains Vitamin C.

  1. Get a bowl; all your fingernails can comfortably sit on it.
  2. Make orange juice using a blender, then empty all of its contents into the bowl.
  3. Add finely chopped garlic to it.
  4. Mix both the juice and the garlic properly, then allow your fingernails to sit comfortably in it for about 15 minutes.
  5. Once done, rinse your hands properly using clean, flowing water.
  6. Get another bowl, large enough to contain your fingernails.
  7. Pour some reasonable amount of coconut oil on it, dip your fingernails in it for about 10 minutes, and allow the coconut oil to get absorbed.
  8. Do this four times a week, and your nails will grow very fast.

How fast do nails grow in a month?

Generally, nails grow at the rate of 3 mm in a month, that's about the size of short-grain rice and may take up to 6 months to attain full growth.

How fast do nails grow in a week?

In one week, your nails are likely going to grow at a rate of 0.75 mm. That's less than 1 millimetre. Simply put, you aren't going to see any significant growth though, in a week, you can't deny the fact that growth occurred.


That’s how I grow my nails very fast so growing long nails in one week are possible only when you do that which the nail needs, and that’s what this article has opened your eyes to. Although the growth might not be as you’ve always wanted it to be, if you can keep doing all that I’ve said in this article, you’ll surely grow long nails in days, weeks, or months.

Now that you’ve read through this article on how to grow nails fast in one week, it’s only logical for you to try the tips that have been given, and you’ll surely thank us when the growth starts coming.

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