35 Must Have Manicure and Pedicure Tools Name and Their Uses

The secret of growing long, beautiful, healthy nails you’ll be proud of all boils down to how well you care for your nails, and this won’t be possible without using the right nail care implements or tools. Even with the right nail care implements, one thing is certain; one still needs to learn how to use them to get the very best from them.

No matter how busy you are or how tasking your work can be, if you do not pay special attention to your nails by caring for them, your nails might end up becoming a breeding ground for a disease that might invariably affect your overall health.

As it is with every other part of your body, the nails deserve proper manicures and pedicures to give them that healthy look. Manicures and pedicures, on the other hand, shouldn’t be for women alone, rather it should be for all even if you don’t like visiting a nail salon that often, getting a set of nail care implements at home shouldn’t be a bad idea.

These nail care materials with names or tools I’m talking about are a set of tools or implements which are durable or permanent and are usually hand-held,  used extensively by manicurists or pedicurists to care for your nails. These materials can be in the form of plastic, wood, or metal.

Without these tools, caring for your nails will be impossible. To have a better understanding of the whole concept, let’s quickly look at what manicures and pedicures are and also the job description of a manicurist and a pedicurist.

What Is Mani-Pedicure?

Manicure and pedicure are two well known words in the English language. But what is a manicure-pedicure?

To describe it in simple words, manicures-pedicures refer to the process of beautifying hands and feet by applying various treatments such as nail polishing, nail cutting, nail shaping, and nail cleaning. Though there are many variants of manicures-pedicures they all have certain things in common.

What Is Nail Care Tools?

Nail care tools are the instruments and equipment used for manicures, pedicures, and nail art. These tools include nail files, clippers, cuticle cutters, and emery boards. Nail scissors and buffers are also considered tools for nail care.

35 Must Have Nail Care Tools

Nail care tools and equipment modules are the key implements used by manicurists or pedicurists to give that artistic touch to your nails. As a rule of thumb, all-metal nail implements should be thoroughly sterilized before and after use.

Below are some nail care materials and their uses.

1. Nail cutter

firiKer Nail Clipper Set,Premium Stainless Steel Fingernail and Toenail Clipper Cutters, Fingernail Clipper Cutters Sets with Nail File Sharp,Effortless Stainless Steel Nail Clippers for Men & Women


The first tool that usually comes to mind when carrying out a manicure or pedicure exercise is the nail cutter or clipper.

The nails, which happen to be one of the dirtiest parts of our body and capable of causing harm to the entire body, need to be trimmed regularly. These nails can be cut either with a nail cutter or nail scissors.

How To Use Nail Cutter

Using a nail cutter is as simple as ABC. But as simple as it may seem, care should be taken as well. To use, the nail cutter should be sterilized first either with alcohol or antiseptic, such as Dettol. After sterilization, nails should be placed gently over the nail cutter such that they can be easily clipped when little force is applied to the nail cutter.

Be sure not to cut too deep as underlying skin might get punctured when the nail cutter goes too deep, which invariably might lead to infection.

Where To Buy Quality Nail Clippers

We understand that there are a lot of online stores that sell Nail clippers but none of them can be compared to the quality you’re likely to get at Amazon also if you’re confused about the one to go for, BESTOPE Nail Clippers Set Fingernail & Toenail Clipper is what we recommend.

2. Nail filer

Sephanna Glass Nail File for Unisex Ultra Quality, Portable Crystal Nail File with Case for Mani & Pedicure- Smooth Finish for Natural & Acrylic Nails (Pack of 3)


Nail filer helps to smoothen rough edges in our nails. They file rough edges and prevent nails from chipping.

Although they are many nail filers in trend it Is always best to go for those that are milder on our nails. The most recommended on our list is  ClassyLady Professional Glass Nail File. This crystal nail file has been proven over the years to be of good quality.

How To Use Nail Filer

To use, hold the nail filer at 45 degrees facing your nails, then file gently from any corner then walk your way through to the other end.

Ensure you’re filing only in one direction. Filing back and front tend to render your nails weak, and they might easily break.

Also, nails shouldn’t be filed when wet, which ensures that your nails are appropriately dried before filing. Wet nails split very quickly.

3. Nail brush

fingernail Scrub Brush Toe Cleaning Brush Handle Grip Nail Brush Home Laundry Cleaning Clothes Shoes Foot Scrubber


As the name implies, using a nail brush helps to remove stubborn dirt or stains underneath or from the surface of our nails. One brush we’ve found very effective for this purpose is the Haosda Hand and Nail Brush – Two-sided Cleaning Brushes with Handle Bar Grip

How To Use Haosda Hand and Nail Brush 

Hold your brush in one hand, then add little antibacterial soap or detergent to it and brush gently from side to side. This should be done with warm water.

Warm water softens nails and makes specks of dirt that are on the surface or underneath go out smoothly. Rinse properly then add moisturizer.

4. Cuticle pusher

2PCS Cuticle Pusher and Cutter Set, Triangle Cuticle Nail Pusher Peeler Scraper, Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cuticle Remover, Durable Pedicure Manicure Tools for Fingernails Toenails by NANTuYo


The work of a cuticle pusher is to push skin around your nails back to their original position when they’ve grown more than they ought to. This can be accomplished using NanTuYo 2PCS Cuticle Pusher and Cutter Set for tough hard skin or a wooden cuticle pusher for soft skin.

How To Use Cuticle Pusher

Before attempting to do this, it is always recommended that you first take a shower or soak your nails in water for about 15 minutes because that’s when your cuticle, which is now soft, can be pushed back.

To push, kindly use the end of the cuticle pusher that looks like a spoon to push the excess skin back against the cuticle; never attempt to cut them off as this might create room for bacterial or fungal infection as a result of torn skin.

5. Cuticle nipper

Revlon Men's Series Cuticle Nipper, Non-Corrosion Stainless Steel Toe and Fingernail Tool


The work description of this tool is to go deep into areas that can’t be easily accessed in our nails and then nips out ingrown nails, hangnails, and dry skin around our cuticle.

How To Use Cuticle Nipper

After the nails have been pushed using a cuticle pusher, the next thing that should follow is to use the cuticle nipper to remove those dead hangnails. By using an upward motion, trim those tiny skin lying on the nail plate gently; don’t rush it unless you want to harm yourself. Do it gently. After successfully taking the skin around the nail plate, moisturize using a moisturizer or cuticle cream.

6. Nail buffer

Tweezerman Neon 4-in- File, Smooth & Shine Block Hot


Are you having issues with dull nails? Do you seek shiny-looking nails? Then this little tool –Tweezerman Neon Hot 4-In-1 File, Buff, Smooth & Shine was made just for you.

A nail buffer was built to give those dull nails a polished look and make them look shiny again.

How To Use Nail Buffer

To have a successful buffering experience, make sure your nails are appropriately cleaned and dry then buff gently. Don’t be too aggressive as excessive buffering can cause thinning of nails. In fact buffering should be done once a month to give your nails a healthy shiny look. Secondly, for a radiant and smoother look, use the finer side of the tool.

7. Foot file/pumice stone

The Original Pumice Stone for Feet and Foot File Set – Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Foot Scrubber, Scraper, or Callus Remover and Stone Help Smooth Rough, Dry Heels and Feet – Spa and Pedicure Items


This is a tool more like sandpaper with two sides. The rough side is to take away calluses while the fine side is used to smoothen the feet. There’s no better way of getting smoother skin underneath your feet than to opt-in for this tool.

How To Use Pumice Stone/Foot file

Pumice stone works the same way a filer would work because of its rough surfaces. First, your feet and hands should be soaked in warm soapy water for at least 15 minutes, after which water should besprinkle on your pumice stone to get them wet and rub gently over the surface of your feet or hands.

PS: Exfoliate your feet daily if you wear something that exposes your feet always.

8. Callous remover

Foot File Callus Remover - G.Liane Professional Portable Foot Care Tool Stainless Steel Colossal Pedicure Foot Rasp Callus Removal Double Sided Pedicure Rasp File for Extra Smooth (Black)


A callous remover helps to take away excess calluses and corn

9. Cuticle scissors

ROUSE cuticle nail scissors curved blades-Eyebrow scissors-Professional Beauty trimming scissors for nose hairs Mustache and Beard-Manicure/Pedicure scissors (Cuticle Scissors)


Cuticle scissors works almost the same way as cuticle nipper. Both are fashioned to take away or cut stubborn cuticles.

10. Manicure bowl

2pcs Manicure Bowl Nail Soak Tray Bowl for Art Polishing Remover Treatment Manicure Spa Tool


A small bowl large enough to contain the fingernails and used to soften the cuticle before trimming or pushing them back.

11. Manicure tray

2pcs Soaking Soak Bowl Nail Art Polish Remove Wash Soaker Tray Manicure Spa Tool


This is a special type of tray where all necessary nail care materials are placed for use by the manicurist.

Pro tips: Before placing the implements on the manicure tray, be sure that they have been adequately sanitized.

12. Foot spa basin

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa, Toe Touch Controlled Foot Bath with Invigorating Bubbles and Splash Proof, Raised Massage nodes and Removable Pumice Stone


Foot spa basin is a large basin usually big enough to accommodate our feet and for soaking the feet during a pedicure.

13. Orangewood stick

Fiezkaa 200Pcs Orange Sticks for Nails, Wooden Cuticle Sticks for Nail Cleaning, Double Sided Disposable Cuticle Pusher Bulk, Orangewood Nail Sticks for Nail Polish, Manicure Supplies Pedicure Tool


An orangewood stick is a tool used to remove excess polish from our nails. The device is made up of a pointed and rounded end.

14. Supply tray

Makartt Nail Stand Hand Rest for Nails, Nail Hand Rest Manicure Supplies, Nail Station Foot Rest for Pedicure with Multi Angle & Polish Trays, Nail Polish Stand Nail supplies for Salon Home DIY


A supply tray houses the necessary implements or cosmetics needed for a manicure or pedicure section.

15. Trolley

Amazon Basics 3-Tier Rolling Utility or Kitchen Cart - Charcoal


Wheeled implements are used basically for transporting tools used for Mani-pedicure.

16. Pedicure brush

CAREHOOD Foot File Callus Remover - Multi Purpose 4 in 1 Feet Pedicure Tools with Foot Scrubber, Pumice Stone, Foot Rasp and Sand Paper for Home Foot Care (Grey Pedicure Foot File)


A pedicure brush is a tool that is used to clean nails and also take away cosmetics from our feet.

17. Container for cotton

4 Pack Qtip Holder Dispenser for Cotton Ball, Cotton Swab, Cotton Round Pads, Floss - 10 oz Clear Plastic Apothecary Jar Set for Bathroom Canister Storage Organization, Vanity Makeup Organizer


A plastic container usually with covers where cotton balls are kept for future purposes.

18. Alcohol

Amazon Brand - Solimo Hand Sanitizer, Original Scent, 67.6 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)


An organic compound such as ethanol containing a hydroxyl functional group (-OH) is widely used as a sanitizer in nail care salons.

19. Base Coat

Matte Top Coat High Gloss Top Coat Base Coat Top Coat Gel Set,No Wipe Top Coat Resin Gel Nail Polish Glue Soak Off UV/LED Lamp Long Lasting And Shine For Nail Art(3Pcs,10ml/Bottle)


A transparent layer of polish is applied on the nail plate to keep the nail plate smooth before colored polish is added.

20. Apron

NLUS 2 Pack Kitchen Cooking Aprons, Adjustable Bib Soft Chef Apron with 2 Pockets for Men Women (Black/Brown Stripes)


Protective outfits were worn by manicurists or pedicurists to prevent stains and dirt.

21. Antiseptic

Betadine First Aid Solution 8 Fl Oz Povidone Iodine Antiseptic with No-Sting Promise (Packaging May Vary)


A cleaning agent that prevents or reduces the multiplication of microbes drastically during the Mani-pedicure section.

22. Cuticle oil

Cuccio Naturale Revitalizing Cuticle Oil - Hydrating Oil For Repaired Cuticles Overnight - Remedy For Damaged Skin And Thin Nails - Paraben Free, Cruelty-Free Formula - Milk And Honey - 2.5 Oz


A mixture containing petroleum base and fats which helps to soften the skin around the nails.

23. Cling wrap

RW Base 12 Inch x 2000 Feet Cling Wrap, 1 Roll Microwave-Safe Cling Film - With Removable Slide-Cutter, BPA-Free, Clear Plastic Food Wrapping Film, Securely Seal And Keep Food Fresh - Restaurantware


An extremely tiny plastic film is used majorly to seal paraffin when carrying out hand spa.

24. Cuticle remover

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, 1 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 1)


A liquid that helps to keep the cuticle soft before they are cut using a cuticle nipper or scissors.

25. Emery board

Multi-Pack Nail File Emery Boards Buffering Files Professional Manicure Pedicure Beauty Tools 10Pcs/Pack Nail Files Set for Home and Salon Use by DreamCut


A wooden board has two sides, one side looking more like sandpaper and the other having a fine texture used to grind or smoothen edges of nails.

26. Feet scrub

OKAY Himalayan Pink Salt with Seaweed Foot Scrub, 6 Ounce


A feet scrub is a natural ingredient that has been carefully formulated to keep feet soft, smooth, and moisturized.

27. Hand towel

SEMAXE Hand Towel Set for Bathroom , Soft and Highly Absorbent Towel , 100% Cotton Yellow Towel , Hotel & Spa Quality , 16”x 27”, 4 Pack


Absorbent material for holding our hands and feet dried during manicure or pedicure.

28. Manicure pillow

Nail Pillow Hand Rest for Nails, Washable PU Leather Nail Armrest Detachable Manicure Hand Pillow Cushion Nail Art Accessories Tool for Nails Tech (Pink)


A soft cushion specially designed to help keep hands steady and well-relaxed during a manicure.

29. Nail polish remover

Cutex Ultra-Powerful Nail Polish Remover for Gel, Glitter, and Dark Colored Paints, Paraben Free, 6.76 Fl Oz


The work of an acetone solvent is to dissolve old polish on our nails.

30. Quick dry

essie expressie Quick-Dry Vegan Nail Polish, Crop Top and Roll, 0.33 Ounce


A quick-dry is a liquid that is applied to colored polish on our nails to enable them to dry faster.

31. Toenail separator

ZenToes Gel Toe Separators for Pedicure, Nail Polish, Toenail Trimming - Set of 2 Toe Spacers (Pink)


A Toe separator is a soft material where nails are placed or inserted to keep them apart and to prevent toenails that have been painted from staining or getting in contact with other nails.

32. Foot spa machine

Sunbeam Deep Reservoir Aqua Therapy Foot Spa Foot Bath with Heat, Bubbles, Massage Rollers with Exfoliating Brush and Pumice Stone Pedicure Attachments, Extra Long Basin


A foot spa machine is an electronic machine designed for soaking, bathing, and massaging the feet during a foot spa.

33. Foot spa stool

B FSOBEIIALEO Folding Storage Ottoman, Faux Leather Footrest Seat Coffee Table Toy Chest Kids, Blue 11.8"x11.8"x11.8"


A simple tool with three or four legs designed to provide comfort during foot spa.

34. Manicure table

Manicure Nail Table, Kalolary Portable Folding Station Desk Movable Manicure Tech Table for Home Spa Beauty Salon with Sponge Wrist Cushion, Storge Drawer, Carry bag(White)


A piece of furniture usually with ball casters specially designed for giving a manicure.

35. Sterilizer

UV Light Sanitizer Box for Disinfection - Ultraviolet LED Sterilizer and Dryer Device for Baby Bottles, Cell Phone, Toothbrush and Personal Items


A piece of equipment in a nail salon that is used to sterilize metal implements to kill microorganisms.

Storing Nail Care Materials Or Implements

Just as you would keep your toothbrush in a safe environment after brushing your teeth with them, Nail care materials should as well be cleaned and then kept in a clean environment free from moisture.

1. Tools that are made up of plastics or metals should be cleaned and well-sanitized before and after each use.

2. Empty bottles or containers should be discarded in covered trash cans or bins after use.

3. All nail care chemicals should be appropriately arranged and stored in cabinets with labels to avoid making mistakes.

4. Foot and hand spa machines must be sterilized after use and kept dry before another client uses them.

5. Flammable chemicals should be stored away from all potential sources of ignition, such as an open flame.

6. All chemicals should be stored in a closed container or glass bottle and tightly sealed.

PS: Since wooden implements such as orangewood sticks or nail files are capable of harboring bacteria quickly, and cannot be sterilized, these tools should not be reused.


Caring for our nails might seem like a tasking job, but if you do not care for them using the right nail care implements or tools, you’re deliberately giving yourself out to a disease attack. You can either care for your nails yourself at home or visit the nail salon for manicurists and pedicurists to do it for you for a few bucks.

Whichever way you want to care for your nails is entirely up to you. One thing that you must consider is to ensure that those nail implements are well-cleaned and sanitized to prevent getting infected.

You can achieve this by sterilizing them either with a sterilizer or simply cleaning them with an antiseptic like Dettol. More also, wooden instruments like orange sticks shouldn’t be reused; they should be discarded since they can’t be sterilized.

Now that you know just the right tools to use to give your nails a perfect treat, we hope you’ll make it at the time to keep those nails of yours clean and free from dirt at all times.

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