Top 6 Best Nail File For Weak Nails To Buy In 2021

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Best Nail File For Weak Nails: There may be lots of nail files out there on the market, but one thing you need to consider is your nail type. Is it strong, weak, brittle, or in-between?

Having an understanding of your nail type plus a basic knowledge that each file is not the same will enable you to make or decide on the right nail file to buy, especially if you’re that type whose nails are fragile.

Update 1: Why spend more when you can get 180/240 Grit(Pack of 50) nail file for a far lesser amount. In case you are wondering where to get such quality file, click on the pics below to view price.

Still pondering on the best nail file to buy for your weak peeling nails? Worry not because we’ve researched for you; all you need do is to go over the below nail filers that have been handpicked for you then pick the ones that suit your taste.

Best Nail File For Weak Peeling Nails

Before we go ahead to give you a list of some of the best files for your weak nails, here’s something you should know about nail filers.

The best nail files are the ones with a finer grit. Those whose grit is a bit coarse may be too harsh on your nails and may which weaken them the more.

That said, let me quickly walk you through our list of some of our all-time best nail file for your fragile nails.

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1. Professional Glass Nail File – Best Nail File For Weak Nails

Best Nail File For Weak Nails
Click Image To View On Amazon

Investing in a quality file is everything as far as manicure is concerned, and that’s precisely what this crystal file, ClassyLady Professional Glass Nail File [Amazon link], is known for.

This glass file is made of high-quality material that can stand the test of time. It’s so strong that it can withstand wears and to think that it’s easy to use, gentle on nails, and yield excellent results is just mind-blowing.

Another exciting thing you should know about this wonder file is its sleekness. It is so slim and sleek to make filing much quicker and a lot easier.

Also, the cost of maintaining this file is way cheaper than any other file you can think of. What this means is, it is reusable. All you need do after use is to wash to keep it at its best.

All of these and many more are why we recommend you use it as part of your everyday manicure because of its finer grit, which can buff and keep even weaker nails in shape.

What people are saying: After using this, I am NOT going back to the traditional gritty Emory boards or snagging metal files. It holds up well to being dropped too, so if you’re clumsy like me, that’s definitely a relief!


  • It’s durable
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Finer grit which makes it a perfect filer for weaker nails


  • It’s pricey

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2. Mont Bleu Set Of 2 Glass Nail Files Hand  Decorated With Crystal – Perfect For Weak Nails

Here’s another great filing tool for your weak brittle nails. This nail file – 2 Sets Of Hand Decorated Nail Files With Crystal By Mont Bleu [Click the link to view on Amazon] is another awesome crystal nail file you can use to prevent constant splitting and breaking of your natural nails.

Aside from the fact that it’s made from strong tempered glass material which makes it extremely durable, it has a smooth velvet-like surface that is gentle enough when rubbed across nails.

Another interesting thing I love about this nail file is that it is designed in such a way to give you that exact precision filing and with material, built to stand the test of time.

That’s not all you need to know, there’s more to these nail files and that involves taking your safety and hygiene into consideration. For this reason, your favourite glass nail file comes in a protective pouch to protect the file against bacteria, moisture, and dirt.


  •  It’s durable – Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Gentle on nails
  • Light and easy to carry


  • It easily breaks especially when it comes in contact with a hard surface.

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3. Best Crystal Glass Nail File for Women With Protective Travel Case – Best For Travellers

Click Image To View Price On Amazon

Times have changed, people no longer have time to do that which they always wanted to do for their nails due to one reason or the other. But having a nail file which you can always carry along with a protective case is such a relief since one can’t predict when a chip is likely going to occur.

Now with this stylish, Crystal Glass Nail File for Women With Protective Travel Case (Click to view price on Amazon), you won’t have to bother yourself with a chip or having to walk around in shame.  This nail file is built with quality materials that can stand the test of time.

Another great exciting features of this nail file is the fact that it comes with a mouth-watering lifetime guarantee of up to 100th use. What this means for you and I is that if this file fails to work effectively the 100th time like it did when you newly purchased it, you’re sure of getting a refund in full. Isn’t that amazing?

Another amazing thing we love about this stylish pink crystal nail file is the fact that it works great on all nail type and to think that it’s washable, inexpensive and doesn’t rust is just mind-blowing.

All of these and many more make it a  suitable and a perfect filer you need to file away Jagged edges. So the next time you are about to set out for that journey, be sure you have with you this awesome, stylish pink nail file with a protective case right with you in your bag.


  • It’s highly durable
  • Inexpensive and comes with a protective case
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Low maintenance


  • It’s breakable.

4. Quality 4 Way Nail File (100-180/240-600) – Best Alternative For Weak Peeling Nails

Best Nail File For Weak Nails
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Professional Quality Black 4 Way File With White Center [You can check the price out on Amazon] is another great option for you in case you don’t find the glass file convenient. This 4-way file is a perfect filer you can use on both natural and artificial nails.

Each pack contains 12 files with different grits for your fingernails and toenails. Each file has at least 4 sides with varying grits ranging from (100-180/240-600).

The sides with a grit of 100 are a bit coarse and can be used on artificial nails only, that with grit level 180, on the other hand, can be used on natural nails only.

Also, with a grit level of 240, your buffing game just got better. With the grit of this nature, you can sharpen the free edge of your nails with it and also take away bumps or colouration from the surface of your nails.

How about a level as high as 600? Well, grit with such level has finer grit, which is why we recommend going after it, especially for those with weak, brittle nails because of its soft nature.

What people are saying: My local beauty supply store went out of business, and the local drug stores don’t sell an excellent 4-way file. These are perfect. 4 different grits from fine to course. exactly what i wanted and at a great price


  •  It has four different grits on a single file
  • Suitable for all nail types ( natural or artificial)
  • 12 files per pack.


  • It is not washable.

5. Stainless Steel Diamond Nail File – Best For Shaping Nails And Preventing Splitting And peeling Nails

Best Nail File For Weak Nails
Click Image To View Price

Every nail file has his or her selling point but one thing we love about this Double Sided File Buffer for Gentle Precise Nail Shaping [You can check the price out on Amazon] is the ability to use it as a handy tool for taking away dirt’s from your under nails and also, for the fact that its durable.

One other striking thing that makes this file a must-have is the fact that it’s reusable. Don’t you just like the idea of having to wash your file and then reuse it later? I bet you do. At least if you don’t like the idea, we do.

Another great thing about this file is its abrasiveness. Do you know that it’s made up of permanent diamond flakes that can withstand any environmental condition and can last for a lifetime? Yes, you heard me right.

These are just a few of the numerous features of this great buffer, which is why we recommend that having at least a couple of them with you in your bag will ever be a wise decision you’ll ever make.

What people are saying: What can you say about a nail file, except that it is heavy-weight & certainly does the job. Can’t speak to longevity yet, but from appearances, it will last for years. The plastic sleeve is suitable for storage, so it doesn’t catch on anything.


  • Rust free
  • Washable
  • Last longer.


  • It’s a bit thick and long

6. Emery Board For Natural, Gel & Acrylic – Best Emery Nail File For Brittle Nails

Best Nail File For Weak Nails
Click Image To View Price

I know you must have heard so many awful things about the emery board file aside from the fact that they’re famous.

But do you know that we still have a few of them of high quality that does a pretty good job on weak peeling nails?

Well, if you’re still doubtful as to the authenticity of a file made from emery boards, then you probably haven’t tried this, Professional Emery Boards With 180/240 Grit  [You can check the link out on Amazon].

I know you may be wondering what’s so special about this file, but the truth is, we’ve used quite a number of them, and we can confidently tell you that this very one is what your weak nails need because of the high grit level.

Purchasing a file with a higher grit of about 240 equates getting smoother, finer nails that won’t chip during filing.

Unlike other nail files, this file is easy to clean, and it’s washable. To wash, you only need to rinse with antibacterial soap after that; you disinfect with alcohol.

What people are saying: I have very soft nails that break easily. These files are perfect for filing them down. Always seem to be losing my nail files but not with these..they are big enough to be seen and not so easily misplaced.


  • Easy to clean/washable
  • Double-sided grit
  • High-quality boards.


  • It’s sturdy but safe.

What’s A Nail File?

Nail files as you may already guess is a handy tool used by manicurist and pedicurist to smoothen rough edges of nails (either that of the finger or toenails) after they’ve been trimmed down by nail clippers.

What Is A Good Nail File?

A file is said to be good when it’s capable of filing one’s nails without causing them to break. A perfect example of an ideal file is the crystal/glass files. The higher the grit level of a file, the better it is.

Different Types Of Nail Files

  • Crystal/Glass: This type of file is more durable than any other brand you can think of. It’s washable, made of high quality, can be sterilised, and doesn’t cause nails to chip during usage.
  • Metal File: This file consists of stainless, and they can be used as a handy tool for removing specks of dirt from under nails.
  •  Emery Board: They are the most common file you can find around your local store with double sides bearing different grit sizes.
  • Buffing Blocks: These files have square shapes, with each side taking different grits, which can be used to accomplish a significant task in a manicure.

How To Decide On Which Nail File To Buy

The whole idea behind filing your nails is to trim or sharpen your nails to your desired shape. As a beginner who is just getting into manicure 101 ( permit me to use that for today), there are some few do’s and don’t to using nail files.

I know you’re familiar with the regular emery board file already, but when it comes to a manicure, different nail files serve different purposes.

Although you may think that since they all have the same build-up processes, they can be used extensively to achieve the same results, but the truth is, they cant.

One thing you need to know about using a nail file in your everyday manicure is that they are made up of what is called the “Grit” level.

The grit level is what determines the work description of that particular file. For example, a file with a grit value of 80 is usually coarse and can be successfully used to file down strong hard acrylic nails.

Grit value of about 240 – 500, which has a more elegant, smoother grit is used to smoothen rough edges, bumps, or colouration from the nails.

Another thing you must consider before deciding on the best nail file to use on your nails is the strength of your nails.

The weaker the nails, the more difficult it is to file. Which is while we do recommend files with higher grit to people with brittle nails.

How To Correctly File Your Weak Nails

It is not enough to own a nail file only; the real deal is learning how to correctly use it so that you won’t end up causing more harm to your nails. So how do you file them?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve learned that the right way to file your nails is to go over it in one direction and not the other way round.

When you saw your nails, what you do not know is that you’re rending them weak, which may cause them to split anytime soon.

Also, don’t overstress your nails, trim down down a little bit to your desired length before you attempt filing. Filing them when they’re long will make them weak as well.

Are Nail Files Bad For Your Nails?

The answer to this question is YES and No. Yes in the sense that they tend to cause damage to your nails, especially when you’re making use of metal files with low grit level coupled with the way and manner you go about the filing process.

And NO if you invest in quality filer like a classy lady nail file. This file is a game-changer, and that’s the exact reason we recommend that you go for it.

What Are The Two Sides Of A Nail File For?

Basically, there are two or more sides to a nail file. Each side has either a finer or a coarse surface. Both sides serve different purposes.

For example, the sides with the finer surface are often used for fingernails to smoothen rough edges while the harsher sides work great for toenails.

So the next time you want to file those rough edges off from your fingernails, always learn to use the softer, more friendly grit for your manicure.

Why Are Glass Nail Files Better Than Emery Files?

There are a lot of reasons why glass files are better than emery board. One of them is in the grit level. The higher the level, the more precise filing will be.

Secondly, glass files are easy to use and be reused without the fear of corrosion, unlike emery files that harbour bacteria’s.

Another great reason why we prefer glass file to emery file is the fact that it’s durable. They last longer because they hardly wear down, unlike emery boards.

Do Glass Nail Files Wear Down?

Unlike emery files, crystal files don’t quickly wear down, the only issue with this type of file is that it can get broken if not handled with extreme care.

What Is The Best Nail File To Use On Natural Nails?

Crystal or glass nail file. This file has higher grit which helps to seal layers of keratin together, and further help prevents nails from damage.

Do Crystal Nail Files Work?

Asking if crystal nail files work is like saying can I trust glass files, well, from its quality down to awesomeness, its evident enough that the only file you’ll ever need is a crystal file. With it, your nails which have been damaged can be restored back to its original state.

How Long Do Glass Nail Files Last?

For as long as you want it to be. Usually, glass files can last up to a year or two when adequately used because it’s made off quality material that hardly wears.

Conclusion On Best Nail File For Weak Nails

There may be lots of nail files out there on the market, but not all of them can be used to file weak nails successfully, and that’s because they are created differently.

And if you have to keep trying them all, you may find a hard time doing that, for this reason, we recommend that you should at least have a background knowledge on what each of the files are used for plus a little bit about their grit value which will enable you to decide on the best to go after.

But if you still can’t figure out the best among the rest, then you don’t have to worry because we’ve done all the testing on your behalf.

All we want you to do is quickly go over our picks and pick the right one you think it’s best for your nails. So the next time you’re looking for some cool files to use for nails, don’t forget to refer to this post. Also, remember that sharing is caring.

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