Best Toe Separator For Pedicure You Need In 2020

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When it comes to caring for your nails, every tiny little nail tools does make a difference. Sometimes, you might think that there’s no point owning a tool such as a pedicure toe generator but the truth is that it does a lot for you when painting your toenails.

So whether you’re a nail salon owner or you just want to do your manicure and pedicure yourself at home, investing in a good toe separator will set you apart and make your paintings neat, cool and a centre of attraction for your friends.

Before I proceed further, I would like to start by defining what a toe spacer is, even if it’s your first time hearing about it, you’ll have at least a basic knowledge of what it is and be able to utilise it the next time you plan on doing your pedicure yourself. That being said, let’s proceed.

What’s a toe separator or spacer? As you might already guess by now, a toe separator or spreader is a tool made with soft spongy material for separating toes while painting them.

The essence of using these toe spacer is to prevent neighbouring toes from colliding with each other after they must have been painted, allowing ample time for each toenail to dry without staining one another in the process.

Are Toe Spacer A Must Have For Pedicure?

Well, It’s a Yes and a No but if you’re keen on getting a professionally done pedicure, it’s wise that you use this tiny yet useful nail tool.

On the other hand, if you can manage to do yours without smudging wet polish over your toes, then you are indeed a superhuman.

For the most part, using a toe spacer helps keep your toes apart and prevent you from messing your pedicure up.

Before I go over to list our top 6 pedicure toe separators, here’s something you should know.

Many people like to think of toe spreaders when they need to do their pedicure alone without considering the numerous use one is likely to get from a single purchase.

Purchasing a toe spacer does not only help in your pedicure but also, help you to correct any toe issues as a result of wearing tight-fitting shoes or heels all day.

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How We Came About Our Picks

Sourcing the internet these days to find the best for something sometimes can be tiring, even if you’ve found that which you’re looking for, making decisions is another hard thing for some.

For these reasons, we’ve taken the pain to source and here’s what we found. We went through forums, online stores and social media and below is what we came up with.

Feel free to go over our recommendations and choose the one that best suits your need. In case you don’t find anyone you like on our list, this guide might be helpful to you on your next purchase.

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Our Top 6 Best Pedicure Toe Separator For You In 2020

1. ZenToes Pack of 4 Toe Separators and Spreaders for Bunion, Overlapping Toes and Drift Pain Pads (White)

Best Toe Separator For Pedicure

This silicon loop separator comes with 4 Toe Spreader or separator to aid for effective correction of nails and as well prevent neighbouring toes from overlapping during a pedicure.

ZenToes Pack of 4 Toe Separators [Aff. Link] is soft, flexible, easy to use and comfortable enough to be worn all day long by almost anyone while keeping your toe in shape and happy for the next wear.

Another great thing about this spreader is the fact that it’s washable and reusable. All thanks to the high-end silicon material its made of.


• It’s soft and flexible
• Can be washed and reused
• Comfortable
• Durable


• Few colour options available

What We Think About This

This toe spacer has dual functionality which makes it perfect for a pedicure and also for correcting overlapping toes.

2. YOGABODY Naturals Toe Spreaders & Separators

Best Pedicure Toe Separator

This awesome YOGABODY Naturals Toe Spreaders & Separators [Click to view price on Amazon] is crafted with the end-user in mind. It comes in 2 pairs (a larger and a relatively smaller pair) to fit just about toes.

Wearing a pair for your pedicure does not only stop overlapping toes but also helps fight against painful feet and stretching out deformed toes. In other words, it is a correcting tool for anyone with bunion or hammertoe.


• It’s durable
• Doesn’t break
• Comes in 2 pairs
• Well packaged (comes in-box)


• They come in small and medium sizes and not the standard & larger sizes.

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What We Think About This

Great buy for a pedicure and also, for anyone who wishes to correct his or her toe issues. Secondly, if they can work on the sizes, then it will be perfect for everyone.

3. DR JK Original ToePal, Toe Separators and Toe Straightener

Best Toe Separator

Toepal Toe Separator By Dr JK [Click to view price] is another high-grade gel spacer crafted from soft stretchable material with one size that can fit almost all feet.

This separator comes in two pairs to meet everyone’s need. There’s a pair of the separator and also, another pair for stretching.

If there’s one Toe Spacer we can vouch for then it will be Toepal toe separator because it feels comfortable when worn, can be washed and to think that it’s highly durable and can last for several months is just mind-blowing.


• Fits perfectly
• Stretchable
• Highly durable
• Reusable
• Can be washed


• Only one colour options available

What We Think About This

Fair price considering the amount of work put into it so it is a great buy for anyone on a tight budget.

4. ZenToes Hammer Toe Straightener and Corrector 4 Pack Soft Gel Crests

Best Toe Separator

Unlike the previous Zentoes we looked at at the beginning of this review post, this ZenToes Hammer Toe Straightener [Aff. Link]is surely an upgrade to the latter and the good news is that it can be worn on three toes at a time.

It’s light enough and can stretch to fit your toes, very soft, flexible and durable to keep your toes in the right shape while also acting as a strengthener/corrector for those with hammertoe.


• Stretchy
• Soft
• Durable
• Can fit all toe sizes


• Continuous wear might overstretch them and they may no longer fit perfectly.

What We Think About It

It’s a perfect option for everyone considering the fact that it’s stretchy and can fit anyone.

5. Timoo 100 PCS Pedicure Toe Separators

Best Toe Separator For Pedicure

Here’s another awesome Toe/Finger separator we found to be useful for you. Truth is, you don’t have to spend much sometimes to get a perfect toe spacer for your next pedicure.

A single purchase automatically gives you access to 100 pieces Pedicure Toe Separators [Click to view price on Amazon]. Isn’t that lovely? If you think it isn’t then you should think about the numbers of days, weeks and even months it will last you?

Plus the fact that it can serve for a large group of people while spending less makes it perfect.

That’s not all, this cute spacer can be washed, reused, very soft and very gentle on all skin. You can wear it for long without experiencing any sort of pain.

What We Think About It

The only demerit we found is the fact that it comes in just a single colour. If they were to be other colour variations for those who don’t actually like pink then it will be great.

6. Toe Separators Set – Premium Pedicure Tool Kit 24 Pack Super Soft & Durable

Best Toe Separator For Pedicure

If you are not comfortable with the previous toe spacers, then this would certainly interest you. This awesome Toe Separator Set BY ZMOI [Aff. Link] comes in 12 pairs with various colour combo just for you.

As usual, its made from premium materials, very soft and won’t hurt your skin unlike many and it can be washed and reuse as well.

What We Like About This

The colour combo plus the fact that its gentle on skin makes it a perfect choice for anyone who’s interested in not just any toe spacer but that which won’t hurt you in the process.

Now that we’ve listed out some few toe spacers we can vouch for let’s quickly look at how to care for them.

How To Take Care For Your Toe Separator

Caring for your toe Separator literally doesn’t cost much as the majority of them are made from rubber materials (silicon, gel etc) which can be easily washed and hung to dry.

However, when washing them, care should be taken to avoid rupturing parts of the tool in the process because of their delicate nature.

Also, before you go ahead washing them, ensure to look through the packs in which your toe spacers came with to see if its stated there that its washable and other specifics like the kind of detergent to use.

Doing this will not only help keep your separator clean and ready for the next use but will also help make them last longer.

Related Questions

What Can I Use To Separate My Toes During Pedicure?

If you don’t want wet polish all over your toenails during a pedicure, what you need is a Toe Separator. Toe separator or spacer will prevent overlapping toes keeping them straight.

What Are The Other Names For Toe Separator?

Toe separator is also called toes spacer or spreaders because they help space overlapping toes.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Toe Nail Separator?

There are lots of benefits embedded in using toe separator aside pedicure. For example, they can help put toes in the right position. Often times, they can be employed to prevent or correct hammer toe, crooked toes and bunions.

Does Toe Separator Really Work?

Yes, and that can be seen in pedicures to prevent wet polish from staining neighbouring toes and also to strengthen overlapping toes.

Can I Make My Own Toe Separator?

Sure, it’s easy to make your own toe spacer if you’re good at DIY. Here’s a step by step procedures to making one for yourself.

Things you’ll need

•  A pair of craft scissors
• Half an inch (1/2) of foam for craft
• A pen
• Measuring Tape

Steps Required

1. Go to any of those stores they normally sell craft materials then buy 1/2 inch thick of spongy craft foam.

2. Then gently place your foot on the spongy craft foam, using the pen, Mark your width out but don’t cut yet.

3. Gently, draw a 5 peg marking between the markings of your pen on the craft foam. Draw another peg and then a dip until you end up with 5 legs and 4 dips.

4. Then gently cut out using your craft scissors. Start by cutting out the grooves.

5. Thereafter, try inserting the pegs in-between your toes. Ensure that the outer pegs go with the outside of your bigger toes with the spacer or pegs in between your other toes.

Also, place your foot down flat to see if it fits and look if there’s need to cut the other side to make it flat. You can repeat the same procedure for your other foot.

Note: Just in case you’re finding the above steps to making your own spacer hard to get, below is an easy way out to make your very own toe spacer using soft landing towel.

(Video: Soft landings towels as toe separators)

The Take-Home On The Best Pedicure Toe Separator

Toe spacers are a great piece of tool everyone should have especially now that you’ve learnt how useful they are and how helpful they are to your toes as well.

Using toe spacer also helps give you some level of professionalism when doing pedicure at home for, without it, your Pedi-experience is most likely going to end in tears.

So feel free to go over those we’ve recommended in this article and pick that which you think is best for you and don’t forget to tell us your experience afterwards.

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