Can I Paint My Nails Around My Baby? (Safe Tips for Baby)

The joy of having a beautiful baby in your arms as a mother makes you want to look all sweet and cute with the baby. This makes you desire to keep up with your routine for beautification. You never want to lose your flair, classic look, and attractive appearance which is proper.

As much as you want to maintain your looks, you’re also concerned about how your baby might be affected in the process of maintenance. The beautification routine of makeup, manicure, pedicure, and others is not just about you but also about the safety of your baby which makes you ask if you “can paint your nails around your baby“.

No, it is not safe to paint your nails around your baby.

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Your Nails Around Your Baby

Your baby’s internal and external body systems are just developing and getting strong which means that care should be taken as to what happens to or around the baby. Nail salons have been proven to be dangerous to even adults because of the chemicals that are used during the manicure and pedicure process which means that it can cause worse harm to a baby or infants of any age.

Dangerous fumes that are released from the nail product when inhaled can cause headaches, and dizziness and in some cases, asthma-like signs can begin to show up. There are more than ten unhealthy and risky chemicals floating around in the air in a nail salon that can cause life-threatening reactions in a baby’s lungs.

Harmful Components of Nail Products That Will Affect A Baby

1. Camphor – when ingested through inhalation or swallowing even in small quantities causes risks of disorientation and seizures among babies.

2. Methacrylic Acid – it is contained in nail primer. When in contact with the skin causes skin burns. The fumes caused irritation of the skin, nose, throat, and mouth. A higher concentration causes breathing difficulty.

3. Formaldehyde – it is a major component of nail polish and nail hardener. The fumes of this chemical cause difficulty in breathing, coughing, allergy, irritated eyes, skin, and throat. It causes asthma-like attacks, wheezing, and cancer.

4. Ethyl Acetate – it is a component of nail polish, nail glue, and nail polish remover. The fumes cause irritation of the eyes, stomach, skin, nose, mouth, and throat. High levels of inhalation of fumes can cause fainting.

5. Acetonitrile – it is a component of artificial nail remover. Its fumes cause irritation of the nose and throat, breathing problems, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and exhaustion.

6. Ethyl MethaCrylate – it is a component of artificial nail liquid products. Fumes of this chemical cause irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, and mouth, asthma, and concentration difficulty.

7. Quaternary Ammonium – it is a component of disinfectants used in nail salons or spas. Fumes of this chemical cause irritation of the nose and skin. It can cause asthma.

8. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) – is one of the major components of nail polish. Its fumes cause irritation of the eyes, skin, nose, mouth, and throat. It causes nausea and higher concentrations may cause other serious effects.

9. Toluene – this chemical is a major component of traditional nail polish. Inhalation of the fumes causes headaches and dizziness, and more serious effects occur in higher concentration.

What Is The Best Way To Paint Your Nails Around A Baby

Getting to know that painting your nails around your baby is risky, because of the chemicals that will cause harm to the baby here is the best way to paint your nails around your baby:

1. Let someone hold your baby for you in the room while you use the bathroom as a space to carry out your manicure and pedicure procedures.

2. When you don’t have someone to hold your baby or even a convenient bathroom to use, you will have to; put on the fan in the room, open the windows and doors, stay close to the door and far away from your baby and do you manicure or pedicure.

Taking your baby along with you to a nail salon is not good, do not do it no matter how good you think the salon is at controlling toxicity. Your manicure and pedicure should be done at home by yourself or with the help of a nail technician.

What Are Some Other Considerations For Painting Your Nails Around A Baby

Other things you can do to make sure that your baby is not affected by the chemicals in nail products is to:

1. Avoid using nail polish containers with toxic ingredients.

2. Make sure your fingers and toenails are completely dry before your baby gets hold of your fingers.

3. Do not allow your baby to suck or bite your fingers, as the baby might get bits of the product into his or her system.

Can I Wear Nail Polish Around My Baby

It depends. If you are very careful then you might be able to but it is advisable not to until they are quite older. Although it’s super tempting to get dolled up after you’ve given birth and you feel like yourself again, it may not be the best decision to wear nail polish around your baby.

Can I Paint My Nails in the Same Room as My Baby?

The answer to this question is no.

The reason why is that babies’ brains haven’t developed enough to deal with the fumes from nail polish. The fumes get into their lungs and bloodstream and make them sick, possibly even causing lifelong asthma.

Is Nail Polish Safe For Babies and Toddlers?

It is best for you to let your baby stay on natural nails for the first few years before considering nail polish to avoid the incidence of nail polish poisoning.

Nail polish poisoning is caused by swallowing polish bits or by inhaling a large number of its fumes. It is something natural for a baby to suck or bite the nails and fingers, it cannot be stopped because it is part of development. Chewing, biting, or sucking their fingers and sometimes toe, will definitely lead to swallowing fragments or bits of nail polish into their system which can disrupt their endocrine system.

Exposing babies or infants and toddlers to chemicals in nail polish which are proven to be toxic can damage the nervous system and hinder proper development in their internals. Painting the nails of a baby or a toddler can be done at the age of either 2 or 3.

You must use toxic-free nail polish even at 2 or 3 years of age. To avoid inhaling the toxic chemicals, make sure the nail polish is at least 7 free of toxic chemicals and at best all free of toxic chemicals.

Kids-Friendly Nail Polish That You Can Use For Your Baby or Toddler

1. Karma Organic Natural Nail Polish

It is made of purely natural and organic ingredients. It is 7-free, which means that it is free of 7 dangerous toxic chemicals found in normal nail polish. It is safe for children and is beautifully strong with a variety of colors. It is rated 4.9 stars on Amazon.

Karma Organic Natural Nail Polish-Non-Toxic Nail Art, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Nail Paint (Wine O'clock)


2. Piggy Paint 100% Non-Toxic Girls Nail Polish

It is a water-based nail polish specifically made for kids of all ages. It is all free, which means that it is free from all the toxic chemicals found in traditional nail polish. It is odorless and has a star rating of 4.9 on Amazon.

Piggy Paint Scented 100% Non-toxic Girls Nail Polish - Safe, Chemical Free Low Odor for Kids, 4 Pack Kit (Scented Fruit Fairy)


3. Suncoat Girls Nail Polish Set For Kids

It is void of toxic chemicals and is water-based. It is safe for children who are 3 years of age and upwards. It is odorless and is rated 4.9 on Amazon.

Suncoat Girls Nail Polish Sets for kids - Water Based Children's Nail Polish Set - Party Palette - Safe and Fun Nail Polish for Finger Nails and Toe Nails (Non-Toxic)



It is better for you to let your baby grow to a level where the body systems can handle the burden of doing a manicure and pedicure. In a case where you cannot wait because of reasons, you consider it important to make sure you take the necessary precautions as discussed in this article.

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