Is Nail Glue Waterproof?

When doing a manicure at a nail salon or even at home, you’ll need good nail glue. However, getting a nail popping off just a few days after the application isn’t very reassuring.

None of us can’t avoid coming in contact with water, this blog post explains all you need to know about nail glue and its waterproofing nature, and answer the question: “is nail glue waterproof?“.

Yes, good nail glues containing cyanoacrylate are waterproof and safe to use; however, nail glue that lacks cyanoacrylate, such as epoxy glues, are messy to use and are not considered waterproof.

Nail glue is one essential item that helps keep artificial nails in check. Good nail glue mainly contains citric acid, BHA, hydroxypropyl methacrylate, and cyanoacrylate. For this, it adheres to the artificial nails finely on the original nails.

Well, just like super glue, most good nail glue contains a certain chemical known as cyanoacrylate, added to make the nail glue waterproof, dry quickly, turn clear when applied, and adhere firmly on the fingernails.

Best Water Resistant Nail Glue You Can Use

1. NAILENE; Ultra-quick nail glue

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue, 0.10 oz – Durable, Easy to Apply False Nail Glue – Repairs Natural Nails – Quick-Drying Nail Adhesive Lasts Up to 7 Days – Nail Care Essential (Pack of 4)


Nailene’s nail glue is a tried and tested glue that is waterproofed and takes less than five seconds to get dried, and it presses your nails in place for weeks. Put a little bit of the glue on the artificial Nail and place it onto your original fingernail and press on for about 10 seconds. A thin layer will go a long way; it’s durable and drys fast. It’s a very quick setting and durable nail glue. This nail glue has a record of instantly bonding the artificial Nail to the natural nails. We recommend this Nail if you want a durable and fast nail finish.


You can apply it easily, even at home! amazing, right? Well, with Nailene, you can easily apply it. Just spread the glue onto the artificial Nail, press on the natural nails, and hold for about 10 seconds. That’s it, easy! right?. However, when you want to repair a damaged nail, simply spread a layer of the nail glue over the tear or damaged area, press, and hold for about 5 seconds.

Nailene nail glue comes with a sharp tip applicator that disperses the nail glue consistently. It takes seconds to set and is durable; these features and more make it an essential item in your nail care collections. Nailene produces quality and user-friendly artificial products that are affordable and easy to use for the customers.

2. INFILILA; Professional Brush On Nail Glue

Nail Glue,Nail Glue for Acylic Nails,Professional Brush On Nail Glue,INFILILA Nail Tip Glue,Nail Glue for Press On Nails Fasle Nails Fake Nails Tips Glue Adhesive Long Lasting 7ML/0.23OZ


Infilila glue can cater to all that’s needed to give you a polished nail finish, from acrylics to a smooth and durable press-on. The Infill nail glue is perfect for nail art and can last for up to a month! Amazing, right? It adheres quickly and results in a perfect finish with no texture.

It is easy to apply and can perform different nail applications such as nail repair, sticking artificial nails onto natural nails, nail arts such as gemstone, beads, and rhinestone decorations.

INFILILA Acrylic nail glue bonds the artificial Nail onto the natural nails quickly set perfectly and is durable. It can even last longer, for up to 25 to 30 days. However, you should ensure that there isn’t water on your nails before applying the Infilila nail glue.

3. Polyfix nail glue

Polyfix nail glue is another waterproof glue meant for a decent manicure finish. It contains cyanoacrylate, giving a natural appearance to your nails, and it’s essential for applying any artificial accessories to your natural nails.

Polyfix nail glue provides you with a firm finish that prevents popping off of the nails after just a few days of being applied; hence loosening of the artificial nails can be prevented.

This glue is easy to apply and is suitable for use at both salons and homes. Polyfix nail glue is the best for repairing broken and cracked nails. It also works perfectly for fixing artificial nails. It is ideal for a professional nail salon; it’s acid-free, odorless, and non-toxic and takes little time to set.

NYK1 nail bond Acrylic Nail Glue

Super Strong Nail Glue For Acrylic Nails, Nail Tips and Press On Nails (8ml) NYK1 Nail Bond Brush On Nail Glue For Press On Nails Long Lasting Acrylic Nail Glue For Nail Tips Fake Nails Nail Glue Gel


This nail glue takes up just a few seconds to adhere the artificial Nail to your natural nails. It also contains anti-fungal properties that can help prevent bacteria from having a breeding space between the artificial Nail and your natural Nail. NYKI is a long-lasting, reliable, and strong salon bail glue.

The NYKI cones with a protective hold, which is perfect for the firm bonding of the natural nail to the artificial nail. Dry off quickly, taking less than 5 minutes.

It’s also compatible with different types of nails. NYKI has a perfect brush applicator, and it is an EXTRA-FILL Superstrong Nail Tip Adhesive.

What Do You Need When Removing Nail Glue From Your Fingers?

Getting nail glue off your skin can be sensitive; hence you’ll require some specific items not to injure yourself. These items include;

  • Acetone  (any nail polish remover that contains it).
  • Nail filer, toothbrush, or nail buffer.
  • Warm or lukewarm Soapy water.
  • Any oil, baby oil, petroleum jelly, or even olive oil.
  • Cotton balls.

Note; we advise that you use a recommended nail polish remover; otherwise, the wrong one might weaken your natural nails.

How Do You Get Nail Glue off Your Skin?

To get nail glue off your skin, they are different procedures you could consider; however, you should note that they all require Acetone.

Nail polish removers vary; hence not all of them contain Acetone. So keep an eye out for the right kind before using.

Below is an effective process that I used that you can try;

1. Dip your fingernails into lukewarm soapy water, and allow your nails to soak for about 15 minutes or more. That way, the nail glue around the skin will loosen a bit.

2. Next, gently and in a circular motion, scrub the nail glue area with a nail file, toothbrush, or nail buffer. That’ll raise some part of the glue off your skin.

3. Soak the affected area in a nail polish remover that contains Acetone. Or, you can dip a cotton ball into the acetone nail polish for about 5 minutes, then place it directly onto the area, and leave for about 10 minutes.

That will significantly reduce the nail glue bond because of the combination of Acetone and heat. However, avoid using it on areas of the skin with cuts, like hangnails, because Acetone contains chemicals that can sting.

4. Brush the skin again to remove the nail glue residual; however, do it delicately to avoid ripping off the skin.

5. Acetone, when applied onto the skin, tends to dry up; hence, you’ll need to apply the area with a considerable amount of olive oil or any other available oil.

That’ll go a long way in moisturizing the skin and can also help you get rid of the nail glue residue on your skin.

Can Nail Glue Ruin Your Natural Nails?

Nail glue wouldn’t cause any damage to your natural nails if you are careful; however, when used constantly can cause harm to your natural nails.

Just like the founder and CEO of prose, a nail boutique Dave Crisalli said, “Repeated use of press-on nails may be damaging depending on the type of glue or adhesive used and the chemical composition of the glue,”

Remember, Acetone causes drying to the nails and the skin around the area. Hence, co-start use of it can ruin your natural nails.

Is Kiss Nail Glue Waterproof?

Kiss Nail Glue is a water-based nail glue that dries as clear as glass. The main ingredient in this product is water, which makes it waterproof and it can even be used for swimming or underwater adhesion.

Does Nail Glue Ruin Your Nails?

Yes, the glue itself can damage your nails. Nail glue is a cyanoacrylate, which is basically a fancy way of saying that it's a plastic-based adhesive that dries out over time and becomes brittle. Over time, this can cause the outer layer of your natural nail to dry out and become brittle, so you'll want to avoid using a cyanoacrylate glue for too long or too often.


Yes, some nail glue is waterproof; however, not all nail glue has the waterproofing feature. Hence, when purchasing your manicure items, you should watch for a good nail glue that’ll prevent your Nail from popping out, which can be annoying.

That’s why In this blog post, we have included our collection of recommended nail glues just for you and how to remove nail glue from your natural nails. Amazing, right? Enjoy.

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