How to Organize Nail Polish at Home

It isn’t very pleasant when you have a lot of nail polishes, and it takes you forever to find the right colour because you always have to get everything out first to see the bottle you just picked. This, and many more pressing issues is what anyone can face when you have collections of nail polish.

I know this is one of the many issues bothering you and you are so hungry to know, How to organize nail polish at home. There are a few ways you can organize your nail polish at home and add some personal touch to it, and I’ll also recommend some products you can use to do this without a fuss.

How to Organize Your Nail Polish at Home

The type of storage to be used is the first decision, which includes a spice rack or a jewellery box. Then you’ll have to find a way of organizing your nail polish which might consist of the type, colour or brand.

Then, you need to decide on the type of container holder you prefer to use before moving to the next step, which is arranging the bottles.

1. Organize by Colours

This is the most obvious and probably the easiest way to store your nail polish. If you have a large lady Suzan to keep your polish, it will look lovely if you can organize the colours according to the colour wheel. If you’re storing your polish on a shelf or in a spice rack, you can start with black polish on one side and continue until you have your lighter colours on the opposite side. They can be grouped in clusters If you’re storing them in drawers. You could have pinks and reds in one drawer, blacks and whites in another, and so on.

2. Organize by Brand

Most people use numerous nail polish brands, so they buy more than one brand. One brand of pink nail polish may look very different from another brand of pink polish. You can even organize them by brand and colour if you’re showy and ambitious.

3. Organize by Type

If you’re a specialist or familiar with all the different types of nail polish, you might want to organize your collection by type. A few of the different kinds of polish include the following;

Creme – The most basic type of nail polish.

Matte nail polish – It has a similar look to matte lipstick. This is a type that provides colour without all the shine.

Metallic – A metal-looking type of polish.

Gel Polish: The gel is similar to the cream, but it’s more expensive and usually long-lasting than regular nail polish.

Pearl polish– It provides a radiant glow. This type of polish usually comes in pale shades such as pink, ivory, and white.

Glitter nail polish– as implied in the name, it has sparkly bits of glitter in the polish.

4. Organize by Use

You can organize your polish by which you use the most. So if you’re storing your polish in a drawer, you can place those you use the most at the front of the drawer. If you’re using a lazy Susan or another type of circular storage, you can put the polish you use the most often on the outside ring.

5. Organize by Outfits

Some people may prefer to wear certain types or colours of nail polish with specific outfits. This may be an excellent way to organize your polish if you already know what polish you want to use with each company.

Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Your Nail Polish

1. Make sure you store your nail polish in a cool, dark place with a consistent temperature.

2. Don’t store your polishes near any sources of heat.

3. Nail polish should be stored away from direct sunlight. Discolouration or fading of the pigment can be promoted with light exposure.

4. Don’t store your nail polish in the bathroom. The shower gives room for the temperature to change constantly, and your polishes will be exposed to humidity.

5. Ensure that all of your polishes are in an upright position when stored.

6. Don’t store nail polish in the fridge. Some may argue that storing polish in the refrigerator slows down the discolouration that happens as the polish gets older and reduces the evaporation of the solvent. Still, it also causes the formula to thicken.

What to Use to Organize Your Nail Polish

The first thing to note is to decide on the type of container or holder you’ll use. And whether you’re keeping your nail polish supply in the bathroom or bedroom. Nevertheless, these suggestions will work very well for you, follow this post with full concentration.

1. Spice Rack

A spice rack is a cabinet or shelf used to hold small containers of spices. It is usually available in a variety of materials, sizes and styles. Normally, spices bottles are larger than nail polish bottles, so some racks may not work or may need some adjustments before they can be used to store nail polish. This is a good storage choice because you can keep all your stock at eye level and see everything you have easily.

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2. Makartt Nail Polish Organizer

If you’re just starting out your own collection of nail polishes, this is awesome for you to use. It holds 48 polishes on either side (24 each), and it is pretty heavy-duty with a handle. It is useful again when you need to take with you your nail polish collection on trips. It can also be swept under your bed so that your polishes can be put away from daylight so that they don’t fade.

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3. Sterilite Stackable Container

The cool thing about this is the fact that it’s indeed stackable. It’s got two layers, so as your nail polish collection grows, you can be assured of extra room to keep them.

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4. Hanging Shoe Rack

This is a conventional way to organize your nail polish at home, especially if you are low on space. It works best if you have a medium-sized collection. However, it may not be as classy as a spice rack but will definitely protect each bottle. You can put two or three bottles in each shoe holder and hang them on the door or one side of your cabinet. You can get a shoe rack with clear plastic holders to easily see what colours are inside each pocket.

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5. Jewelry Box

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This is a very graceful way to organize your nail polish. There are large jewellery boxes that usually look like elegant dressers that you can choose from. These types of boxes have distinct drawers that can be used for storage. There are other types of jewellery boxes that are entirely made with glass, in such a way that you can see the exact places that has the colours you’re looking for.

6. Lipstick Tray (drawer)

Apart from holding your numerous lipstick collection, a lipstick tray works just fine to store your nail polishes. They hold a lot of nail polish and don’t take up much space.

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7. Mason Jars

If you fancy the idea of glass containers and you don’t want to invest in jewellery boxes or fancy organizers, mason jars can work. Alternatively, if you have any jars or glass containers lying around the house, they can be used for your nail polish collection. You can put the same colours in each jar. You may also want to be creative and give codes using colours to each jar to add to the decor in your closet.

You can also tie ribbons that match the colours of the nail polish in each container. Mason jars are usually in a 4-ounce jelly jar size and can be as large as 64ounce. The jars come with lids to protect the polish, but you may do away with the lids for easy access.

8. Lazy Susan turntables

Turntables used for passing food quickly on a dining room table can store nail polish. This storage type comes in endless options: metal, wood, plastic and some fancy stone. Some lazy Susans are large with over a foot in diameter, and some have ornate designs and intricate carvings. The one that has several tiers is best for storing nail polish, preferably ones with three individual rotating levels.


Nail polish is one of the essential beauty products that many people use. However, organizing it in a way that makes it easy to find precisely what you want when you need it can be not easy. This post talks about several ways to organize your nail polish so you always know everything you have and it’s easily accessible whenever you want to use it.

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