How Many Nail Polish Bottles Can An Ikea Helmer Drawer Fit?

If you’re a nail polish enthusiast, you know that finding storage solutions for your ever-growing collection can be a bit of a challenge. One popular option among nail polish enthusiasts is the Ikea Helmer drawer. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for a variety of storage needs. But one question many people have is: just how many nail polish bottles can an Ikea Helmer drawer actually hold?

How Many Nail Polish Bottles Can An Ikea Helmer Drawer Fit

The exact number of bottles that can fit in one drawer will depend on the size of the bottles and how they are arranged in the drawer. However, a rough estimate for a standard Helmer drawer with dimensions of 13 3/4″ x 27 1/2″ x 15″ is that it can fit around 30 to 50 standard nail polish bottles, depending on how they are stored.

What Are Ikea Helmer Drawers?

IKEA Helmer Drawer Unit on Casters Black 203.419.70 Size 11x27 1/8 "VIEW ON AMAZON

Ikea Helmer Drawers are a little pieces of storage equipment made up of steel and usually with drawers and a caster (or without) for anyone who wishes to keep things organized for easy access.

As a manicurist, having an organizer where you can safely and conveniently store your different nail polish collections from different brands is paramount.

So investing in a few to keep things organized and to prevent nail polish from lying just anywhere within your closet is very important.

Even if you’re not a fan of giant storage cupboards or drawers, there are tons of other storage bins, cases, and holders you’ll certainly need to keep things in order at home or in your salon.

The Numbers Of Nail Polish That Can Fit Into Ikea Helmer Drawers According To Bottle Shapes

As you may have guessed, every nail polish comes in different shapes and sizes. Even if they are from the same brand, there surely must be some little deviations in millimeters.

So to better understand how much nail polish a typical Ikea helmer drawer can hold, I did some research for you, and here’s what I found.

The below photos you’re about to see shows different shapes being fitted into one of the drawer’s compartments.

1. Square Shaped Bottles

How Many Nail Polish Bottles Can An Ikea Helmer Drawer Fit

  • The total number needed to fill a single drawer: 104
  • Number of mills it can hold: 11ml
  • Rows: 13 x 8 = 104

If all of your nail polishes have squared shape bottles, then your Ikea helmer drawer (single) can hold 104 nail polishes of 11mil.

2. Rectangle Shaped Bottles

How Many Nail Polish Bottles Can An Ikea Helmer Drawer Fit

  • Total numbers needed to fill a single drawer: 110
  • Number of mills it can hold: 10ml
  • Rows: 10 x 11 = 110

What those the above details mean to you? It means that if all of your polishes come in rectangles, your drawer will be able to accommodate 110 nail polishes of 10ml.

3. Circle Shape Bottles

How many bottles fit in a helmer

  • Total numbers needed to fill a single drawer: 77
  • Number of mills it can hold: 15ml
  • Rows: 11 x 7 = 77

It will take 77 nail polish of 15ml to fill a single drawer of Ikea’s helmer drawer. Each of these polishes must be of the same bottles (circle shape). If you decide to arrange these bottles in zigzag then it can house more bottles (85). That being said, let’s quickly look at what Ikea helmer drawers are.

Why Is The Ikea Helmer Great?

Ikea helmer drawer is great because of the following reasons

  • Their storage capacity is high
  • They are highly durable and can be used for a lifetime
  • They are easy to clean and can be used for various purposes. ( such as bathroom or closets organizer for storing/organizing bathrobes, towels etc)
  • How Can I Assemble Ikea Helmer Drawer?

    Assembling the Ikea helmer drawer can be a bit technical, and that’s because the instruction manual that came with it usually doesn’t explain many details. So if you’re struggling to assemble yours, this guide will help you do so easily.

    Step 1: Get Your Tools Ready

    1. First, you’ll need a flat head screwdriver for this. Scissors to open package and 5 to 6 glasses for easy sorting (optional). Once you’ve gotten all the items mentioned, you can proceed.
    2. Unbox your drawer and lay each part on a soft surface to prevent denting your drawers surfaces.

    Step 2: Separate The Sticks And Covers

    Separating helps give in room for you to to be organized and not to mix things up. After the sticks are separated, you can now take out the covers and the rest of the items for you to couple them all together.

    For you to better understand how to assemble this drawer with ease, below is a video for you.

Why Are Nail polish Storage Important?

The importance of investing in a good storage system (not just drawers) is such that can’t be overemphasized. Truth is, your organization skill as a manicurist tells a lot about who you are and the value your customers are likely going to get from you.

If you ain’t organized, then it will be near impossible to give your customers the best and even if you manage to, they might not like how disorganized or how messed up things are which might cause you to lose customers.

So in other not to look like a bag of shame in the eyes of your clientele and of course, your polish (because they do have eyes to see), you need to constantly look for ideas to revamp your organization skill and put them to work.

If you can do this, your client would not only love you for your organization skill, you’ll also feel proud of yourself.  If you’re looking for some ideas, below are a few organizer ideas you might want to try.

Which Category Of People Should Use Ikea Helmer Drawer

Anyone who is serious about organizing virtually anything whether his nail polish collections or not and doesn’t want them laying around should consider investing in nail polish racks, cabinets and drawers such as Ikea helmer drawer.

Can I Use Ikea Helmer Drawers To Store My Make-Up Kits?

Sure, Ikea helmer drawer isn’t specially designed for storing or organizing nail polish alone rather, it can as well be used by makeup enthusiast or artist to store and organize their make up kits and accessories for easy access.

Nail Polish Organizer Ideas You Can Try Today

In other not to make a mess of your closet by allowing nail polish overflowing and laying around just about anywhere, below are a few ways you can adopt to keep them organized and upright for easy access.

1. ALCYON Universal Nail Polish Holder & Organizer

ALCYON Universal Nail Polish Holder & Organizer Contains 54 Bottles for Gellen, for Beetles, for Sally Hansen, for OPI, for Essie and Other Fingernail Polish (ONLY A CASE)


If you aim to add elegance and style while putting all your nail polish collections out for display, then you’ll certainly find this metal carousel rack amusing.

This amazing nail polish display rack can be rotated, and has 3 tiers that can accommodate all your nail polish collections while granting you free access while working.

2. Beloving Nail Polish Organizer

Beloving Nail Polish Organizer, Transparent Nail Polish Holder for 48 Bottles, Double Side Nail Polish Organizer Case for Storage Display


This is another great option for anyone who might not find the above spinning carousel nail polish rack interesting. Unlike the carousel spinning rack, this awesome nail polish organizer can store 48 bottles of all sizes.

Another thing that would interest you is that this polish organizer comes in plastics (see-through) so there won’t be any fear of it getting rusted.

3. 72 Bottles of 5 Layers Nail Polish Rack

Cq acrylic Nail Polish Holder Organizer Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Tray Fingernail Polish Display case 5 layers 72 Bottles Essential Oils Holder Sunglasses Eyewear Organizer Display Case


Here’s something different from the first two I discussed earlier. This polish organizer would interest you if you prefer to keep things a bit balanced.

As you can see from the above photo, this nail polish rack is in the form of a step. The step-like arrangement makes it even more beautiful. Also, this 5 layers nail polish rack can accommodate 72 bottles. Isn’t that amazing? Well, I think it is.

4. Shelf Wall Mounted Salon Style Nail Polish Rack Storage Organizer

MyGift Black Premium Acrylic Wall Mounted Salon Nail Polish Rack, 6 Tier Display Shelf Storage Organizer - Holds up to 102 Nail Polish Bottles


If there’s one thing I love so much about this wall-mounted polish rack, then it will certainly be in its sleek, modern design and its ability to be mounted (which in turn can help you save tons of space)

This nail polish rack has 6 shelves capable of housing 102 nail polish bottles with clear rails to keep the nail polish from falling off.

So if you’re looking for an organizer that can house more of your nail polish collections with easy access to reach while providing you with tons of space for you to put other things, then this wall mounted nail polish rack should be your best bet.


If you’ve gone through this article from the beginning up to this point, you must have seen that there isn’t a direct answer to how much nail polish an Ikea helmer drawer can house, and that’s because each polish comes in different shapes and sizes.

However, if you plan on stocking your drawers with only nail polishes of full or bigger size, then your drawer can accommodate close to 400+ nail polish.

On the other hand, if you would like to go with the idea of stocking only small nail polish bottles, then your drawer can house nail polish of approximately 600+

So now you know just how vital nail polish organization is and the items that are easily available for you to keep them organized.