How Long Does Skin Around Nails Take To Heal?

The skin around the nails is known as the cuticle. The cuticle seems useless, but it is actually a vital part of the nails. It is actually the layer of the skin known as the epidermis that shields and protects the nail plates. For this reason, it is very unnecessary to remove the cuticle from the nails or to let anything affect it.

If a person’s cuticle is affected for whatever reason, then it will surely slow down the growth of the nails. The cuticles protect the nail bed against some sorts of bacteria and other infections, so tampering with them will undoubtedly lead to infections in the affected area.

In case of home accidents and other unintentional acts that might affect the cuticle, questions might be running through your mind, this can bring you to ask, How long does the skin around nails take to heal?

There is no definite time frame, it depends on the person, but in 3 to 4 weeks of not picking and biting, the cuticle would have completed perfect healing.

How Can I Heal My Cuticles Fast?

There are so many people that are often wondering about ideal home remedies for healing their affected cuticles and nails. This same piece will indeed put you through how to go about curing your affected cuticles very fast. You may be familiar with several kinds of cold and hot remedies that you can use to treat your cuticles, but these tips are a must for you to use if you want to cure your dry, cracked, bleeding, and painful cuticles fast.

1. Discover the cause of the injury

Before healing your cuticle, first of all, try to detect the leading cause of the injury. You have to look closely at your nails and the skin surrounding them to understand the exact problem.

In some cases, the nails would have already contracted an infection due to the affected skin, so if you can detect a strange color, usually yellowish, then you should know aside from the cuticles, you will also have to treat the infections immediately. But if there are instances of no infection, discovering the cause of the injury is the best step to take at first.

2. Understand the type of the injury

If your cuticles are affected by being cracked or probably damaged, you might start to feel some pains, and even in some other cases, you might experience bleeding from the nails. It is best for you to understand that if you have a damaged cuticle, you are already dealing with an acute injury.

3. Use cuticle oil

The work these oils do can never be overemphasized, it moisturizes all the affected parts because of their contents which include vegetable oil and sometimes, citric and vitamin acid.

The oil will help in improving the health and also the appearance of the nail especially If you are the type of person that paints your nails, cuticle oil will also protect your polish for a lasting shine. For the best way to keep using the oil every day, put it somewhere visible that you will always see whenever you walk by. It might be beside your TV or other better places you might think of.

And also, the best time to apply them should be at night, when you are about to sleep so the cuticle will heal through the night when you are not using your hand for anything.

However, you must be watchful of the type of oil to use as there are some that are not good enough or manufactured by nonprofessionals, this would prevent you from encountering another problem that was not there in the first place.

For the best cuticle oil, you can try Cuccio Naturale Cuticle Oil, it is efficient to repair your cuticles very fast:

4. Clean the cuticle lines

Make sure you are calm while doing this, this is what should be in your head before you move to a dip powder manicure. If you fail to go gentle while cleaning your cuticle lines, you might experience a painful session that will hurt you so much.

Do not forget to also push back the cuticles, there are many cuticle pushers to use, you can use your favorite cuticle pusher in a circulating motion until you are able to remove all the dead skin from the nail bed.

In case you do not have a favorite cuticle pusher, and you are wondering which one to use without having any side effects on your nails, trust me to bring forth to you one that is tested and trusted by thousands of people around the world.

You should try Easkep cuticle pusher, it can also be used as a cuticle remover for both fingernails and toenails.

5. Keep the nails clean and healthy

This is not even something you need to be told before taking action, there must be an advantage to keeping your nails in a nice shape and an affected cuticle will heal faster when the nail is clean and fresh at all times.

4 Ways to Heal Cuticle Infection

How to heal cuticle infection is known to be of vital concern to many who have it. Nail infection can be due to poor hygienic practices and unhealthy ways of living. Cuticle infected should stop all barefoot activities, and avoid open swimming pools and nail products that have been unhygienic. He should also consult with professional doctors to treat the infected nails immediately.

If you are looking for steps to cure cuticle infection you have come to the right place, follow me:

1. Wash your hands

First of all, you need to know your hands must be kept clean at all times. This will remove all dirt, dead cells, and some sorts of unwanted substances that can further cause harm to your cuticle.

2. Moisturize your hands

It is already public knowledge that moisturized cuticles will heal faster than dry ones. The most productive way to do this is by applying hydrating cuticle oil before you sleep at night and you can as well cover them with cotton gloves while you are fast asleep.

3. Soak the infected area

Get warm water for about 10 minutes like 4-5 times in a day. Make sure you dry the affected area thoroughly. By soaking the cuticle and nail bed, it helps to pus drain from under the skin which is a great way to heal faster.

4. Cut the cuticle off

If your cuticle is seriously damaged and you know it is beyond normal control, then you might think the next necessary thing to do is to remove the infected portion of your nail.

This can be done by either cutting it off or filing it down as far back as possible you can but certainly under sterile conditions. Naturally, fungi cannot enter beyond 7 millimeters which are about (1/4 inch) into healthy tissue, so the remaining portion will surely grow normally once the infection is eliminated finally from the cuticle.

How Long Does It Take Cuticles to Grow Back?

If you have already cut down your cuticle, The next question that will pop up in your head is how long does it take cuticles to grow back?

There is an extra precaution that aids in the fast re-growing of your cuticle which takes four to six weeks, and in most cases, depending on your personal hygiene, it might take faster or later.

To grow your cuticles back as soon as you want, you should try these measures:

  1. Stop biting or picking at the cuticles and nails
  2. Use a moisturizer that has urea in it
  3. Use a cuticle remover
  4. Apply cuticle oil regularly

List of Nail Tools to Use to Avoid Cuticle Issues

There are a lot of tools you can use to make manicures and pedicures easier and quicker, even without being a professional in the field, you are good to go with the right tools, but if you are not careful, your nail care tools can actually cause unwanted issues for your cuticles and nails.

Most at-home manicurists don’t think about the risks associated with some of these items or how to properly use them. The wrong tool can wreak havoc on your nails and skin, causing splitting, tears, hangnails, inflammation, irritation, and more. These are a few of the best tools to use:

  1. Acetone/polish remover – To remove debris and polish from the nails
  2. Nail brush tool mainly for nails hygiene
  3. Cuticle pusher to outback the skin around your nail
  4. Paintbrush to create beautiful nail art
  5. Nail polish to add color and beauty to the nail

Does Skin Around the Nail Grow Back?

Yes, it does. It is rare for a fingernail to become deformed from ingrown skin, as it grows out from underneath the cuticle and around the nail, so even if there is ingrown hair in the fold of the skin near the nail, it will most likely not affect the growth or shape of your nail.

The only thing that can cause a problem with your nails is an injury or infection to your cuticles, if you cannot see any signs of infection (swelling, redness, warmth), you should be fine. If you do have an infected cuticle, you should treat it with topical antiseptic lotion and watch how your nails grow over time to see if they are affected by the infection.


It is very important to be watchful and careful about the nails and everything that surrounds it. You will surely enjoy yourself if you take the necessary precautions about your nails. Having no issues with your nails is a big flex and you will be more proud and confident to show your nails around everywhere, anywhere you find yourself.

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