Is Essie Nail Polish Safe for Toddlers?

If you have a thing for nail polish and you are up-to-date with trends about nail polish, you will agree that Essie nail polish is a brand that rings a bell in the industry for some good reasons.

Well, while trying to give your nails a new and elegant look using Essie nail polish, doing the same for your toddlers may sometimes seem irresistible, and you may be tempted to ask, “is Essie nail polish safe for toddlers?

Yes, Essie nail polish is safe for toddlers. However, just like every other thing we do, moderation is essential, especially as the health of your little ones is concerned.

No doubt, decorating the nails of your toddlers is a perfect way to make them feel super happy and loved, but while doing so, you need to understand that their body is more sensitive to some things than yours.

For this reason, when obliging to your toddlers’ cries and demands for some nail treatment, always consider their safety first before trying to please them.

Why Use Essie Nail Polish for Toddlers?

The truth be told; no nail polish is entirely safe, and the fact remains that most traditional nail polish, even those labeled toxin-free, can still pose some health risks, especially to toddlers.

However, despite this fearsome reputation and notion about nail polish, there are still a few brands out there that have distinguished themselves from the rest by cutting down on the number of toxic chemicals used in their production.

Just as you would rightly guess, Essie nail polish is one of those nail polish with a good reputation for some good reasons that may interest you to know. Here are some excellent reasons you should use Essie nail polish on your toddlers moderately;

1. No chemical removers are needed

Removing or cleaning off some nail polish is usually another route of exposing oneself to toxic and harmful chemicals. This is because the chemical composition of most nail polish is very difficult or almost impossible to clean off by merely washing with soap and water.

However, this is not the case with Essie nail polish for toddlers because they can easily be washed off by just using soap and water.

2. Essie nail polish doesn’t contain toxic chemicals

While other nail polish brands are notable for using some “toxic or harmful” chemicals such as toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, and even camphor, Essie nail polish stands out to be different.

Like other reputable and high-standard nail polish brands, Essie nail polish is manufactured with just a few chemicals, which may not pose a health risk to either yourself or toddlers, mainly when used in moderation.

Just in case you may be wondering and possibly asking, “what then are the major constituents or Essie nail polish?” the answer is very simple. Essie nail polish is a unique brand with a clever mix of water, harmless colorants, and acrylic polymer without toxic chemicals.

Materials You’ll Need When Using Essie Nail Polish on Toddlers

Sure, you’ll want to give your toddlers the best nail treatment whenever you oblige to their request to have nail polish over their tender nails.

So, just like you would do for yourself, here are some handy materials you will need to do a great job and be happy with the result afterward;

1. Essie nail polish

2. Fingernail clippers

3. A file

4 Cotton swabs or balls

5. Nail polish remover

Well, in case you have a toddler who is ready to behave in the best way and has all the juicy perks that come with a manicure treatment, you may also need additional materials such as;

1. A base coat, especially when the color of the nail polish is very dark, will prevent the nails of your toddler from dying out.

2. Clear topcoat

3. Cuticle stick/trimmers

Important Tips to Note When Using Essie Nail Polish on Toddlers

Just like it is the case with any nail polish, when painting your toddlers’ nails, it is most likely the whole scene will look somewhat like a scene in a slasher movie. So, keeping the following tips at heart will save you a whole lot of stress before, during, and after the entire nail painting process.

1. Always apply nail polish outside, or else the room floor might be messed up at the end of the activity.

2. Keep necessary clothing materials away from the painting scene to avoid staining them with nail polish.

3. Apply the nail polish on their toenails instead of the fingernails since the toes are difficult to reach by the children, and it is a nibble.

4. Always keep a nail remover solvent and cotton ball within arm’s reach.

5. Never try to ensure that your toddlers stay still during a nail painting exercise. You may never win in this case.

6. Always ensure you apply the nail polish in an open place so that the fumes from the solvents are dispersed easily, and your toddlers won’t have to inhale so much. This is very important irrespective of whether the nail polish is highly toxic or toxic-free.

7. Always keep nail polish away from the reach of toddlers.

Paint With Caution

If you choose to paint their nails to put a smile on the face of your young ones, you should do this with utmost moderation and not allow that to become a daily routine or a regular treat simply because you want to make them happy.

Is Essie Nail Polish Non-Toxic

Essie’s nail polish is non-toxic because it does not contain lead or formaldehyde. It also does not contain camphor or phthalates. Instead of using these dangerous chemicals that are harmful to humans and animals, Essie uses ethyl acetate as the main ingredient in their nail polish remover solution.

Does Essie Have Formaldehyde?

Essie products are free from formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), and camphor.

Is Essie Nail Polish Toxic?

No, they are not. There's a misconception that Essie nail polishes are toxic. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Essie is one of the most eco-friendly nail polish brands around.


Considering the fact that a toddler’s body isn’t the same as that of an adult, you must cut down on the number of times you expose a toddler to nail polish.

Nevertheless, if you can resist the pressure to use nail polish on your toddler, kindly consider a mild or non-toxic nail polish such as Essie nail polish as this is the best way of satisfying their youthful and naïve cravings as maintaining your reputation of being a good parent.

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