5 Best Nail Shapes For Chubby or Fat Fingers

Nail shape is your nails’ physical structure, appearance, look, or size. It is that which determines the kind of shape you can wear irrespective of how your finger look. So having better background knowledge of its physical appearance, width, length, etc., will put you ahead towards making the right choice. There are different nail shapes, and choosing them depends on the fingernails.

Are your fingers fat or chubby? Do you seek the best nail shape to complement your chubby finger? If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

So far, oval, round, almond, squoval, and coffin nails have proven to be the best for people born with short, fat, or chubby fingers. These shapes will elongate your nails and hide your chubby finger, especially when matched with bright color nail polish like red.

When it comes to going after a nail shape that fits, many of us tend to make inevitable mistakes that may end us with shapes that don’t fit. It becomes even more challenging, especially if you’re that type with short, fat chubby fingers.

But after going through this article today, you’ll surely be a pro at selecting the best shape that will add sparkle to your fat or chubby fingers.

What Are The Different Nail Shapes?

There are several nail shapes, and they’re all pretty cool. There’s the classic oval shape, which is great for people who have long fingers or longer nail beds. You can also get square nails if you want to look like a superhero (or if your hands are wide).

Best Nail Shape For Chubby Or Fat Fingers


We have so many nail shapes, but since time means a lot to you, I’m going to list just a few to set the ball rolling. They are;

  • Squoval
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Stiletto
  •  Almond
  • Coffin nails

What are the Best Nail Shape for Chubby or Fat Fingers?

1. Oval Nail Shape

You should consider an oval nail shape if you’re looking for a nice nail shape to rock with your chubby finger.

This shape makes your chubby finger look skinny and attractive, but the cost of maintaining them is meager.

Aside from that, it creates an illusion of a more extended finger, irrespective of how extensive your nail bed is, which is why it’s best for people with fat or chubby fingers.

2. Round Nail Shape

Round nail shape is another on my list of nail shapes to go after, especially for people who barely have time for themselves.

This nail shape looks like your natural nails, with little curvature at the tips.

Aside from that, people with fat, short or chubby fingers can rock it and to think that the cost of maintenance is relatively minimal is just mind-blowing.

3. Almond Nail Shape

Next on our list of best shapes for chubby or fat fingers is an almond-shaped. Almond-shaped nails have tapered and rounded tips with slim sides. These slim sides make it a go-to nail shape for people with fat or chubby fingers.

Aside from that, it’s a nail shape that is very demanding. What I mean by this is that it requires much more maintenance compared to the other two we discussed earlier.

But it’s still a perfect choice to consider for people whose fingers are naturally chubby because it creates an illusion of a slender, more extended finger.

4. Squoval Nail Shape

If you’re that type that does not like your nails to be too pointed, then squoval nails are for you. Squoval shape combines the feature of both nail shapes – Squared and Oval to create an even more defined and classic shape for modern women.

Although anyone can rock this shape, what I like most about it is that it doesn’t chip that much compared to an almond shape, which is why it’s one of my favorites.

5. Coffin Shaped Nails

Coffin nails or Ballerina’s nails is another nail shape on my list of best nail shapes for chubby or fat fingers. This nail shape is a bit more like the stiletto shape but with little modification, which is quite apparent.

Although this may need constant care is still a perfect shape for anyone looking to step up their nail game, so that’s about all you need to know about nail shape for your fat, chubby finger.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nail Shape for Chubby or Fat Fingers?

1. Nail Shape

A square nail shape is a good choice for chubby fingers because it is one of the most flattering. The square shape will help to elongate your fingers and make them appear thinner.

2. Length

The best length for your nails is usually just past the tip of your finger, but if you have fat fingers, you may need to go a little longer. Your nails mustn’t be too long or too short, as this can worsen the problem.

3. The Shape of Your Cuticles

If your cuticles are quite large, then you might want to consider getting them trimmed before you start growing out your nails so that they do not interfere with the growth process when they start to grow out again after cutting them back down again later on the road (this will happen eventually).

How To Settle For The Best Nail Choose Or Chubby Fingers

Nails are important parts of your appearance. A good manicure can make you look elegant and classy. However, many women have problems with their nails. They are too short, too long even curved, rather than one with a sharp curve at the end so that it looks less chubby/fat than others. Read this article!

The best way to choose a nail shape for fat fingers is to go to a salon and ask for advice. If you’re unsure what shape would suit your face best, ask a nail technical you choose the best shape for your face type. You can also check out various websites that offer tips on choosing the right nail shape for your body type. Here are some other tips:

1. Choose a nail shape that is similar to your finger width. If possible, choose a slightly wider nail shape so that it will cover more of your finger surface area. This way, your nails look too long compared to your fingers and will appear shorter than they really are.

2. You choose a nail shape with an even curve rather than one with a sharp curve at the en,d so that it looks less chubby/fat than others (this is especially important if you have short fingers).

3. Choose a nail shape with rounded edges instead of pointed ones because this will make your fingers appear shorter than they really are.

Are Coffin And Ballerina Nails The Same?

Yes, the coffin and ballerina’s nails are the same. They’re both nail shapes characterized by their rounded shape and length.


Choosing a perfect nail shape that would complement your fat, chubby fingers isn’t that difficult, but that’s if you know the in and out. And one of the perfect way to know this is for you to understand the physical appearance of your nails. Knowing the physical appearance entails having a detailed understanding of your nail length, width and shape. Mastering all three will enable you to be a pro at deciding on the best nail shape to go after for your nails.