Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers In 2020


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Best Nail Shape For Short Fingers: Nothing beats having a beautiful manicure with the right colour, but then again, you shouldn’t just give yourself that aesthetic beauty without considering the best nail shape for your short or long fingers.

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

And that’s precisely what this guide is all about. I’m going to expose you to a whole lot of nail shapes to flatter your hands with, for your long and short fingers.

How to choose the best nail shape for your fingers Also, how to find your best nail shape. At the end of everything, you can’t just help but appreciate how perfect those shapes will look on your hands.

In this article, I’m going to take you through all you need to know about;

1. Selecting the best nail shape for your short or long fingers
2. What to consider before running after a nail shape that will best complement your hands.
3. And then, give you varieties of different best nail shape for your hand.

So sit back, relax as I take you through an exciting ride on how to find your most flattery nail shape

Selecting The Best Nail Shape For Your Hands

When gunning after nail shape that will complement your beautiful hands, they’re a whole lot of varieties out there in the market for you to try.

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

These varieties were specifically created for different people. So how do you know which is best for you? I’ll tell you in the next heading. Keep reading.

Things You Should Consider Before Going After A Nail Shape

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

In as much as you would love to treat yourself to some beautiful manicure section which will invariably end up with some set of colours, you must know that which fits.

Knowing the best shape for your hand and fingers will not only give you endless joy, but it will also save you from walking around with nails that don’t fit.

So how do you know the exact nail shape for your fingers? Below are the three key things to consider when going after nail shape that fits.

1. Width of your nails
2. The length of your nails
3. The shape of your finger.

These three (Width, length and the shape of your finger) to me are the basis unto which beautiful nails are hung on.

So with these, selecting the best nail shape for your hand won’t be an arduous task afterwards. That said, let me break it down a bit for your understanding.

1. The Length

The length of your nails should be the first thing on your to-do list when considering making the right choices of nail shape to go after

A thorough cross-examination of your hands is very crucial towards knowing the length of your finger at this point.

So how do you know the length of your nails? Here’s a quick tip for you.

Below is a photo of my nails with a line which runs across my nails.

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

The thick vertical black lines running across my nails are the length.

So now you know what I mean by length. Good.

2. The width

The width of the nails is another thing to look out for to ascertain the perfect shape for your nails.

So how do you determine the width of your nails?

I guess you should know by now following the previous explanation. But if you don’t know, let me explain.

Here’s another photo I took while writing this article, best nail shoes for shorter or long fingers.

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

The thick horizontal lines you’re seeing is the width of my nails. I guess you know the difference between the length and width now right? OK bravo.

3. The Shape

The shape of your finger is everything put together. It comprises of your length, width, and everything a nail should look like.

So with the right knowledge of these things we’ve mentioned, getting that million-dollar shape is just a stone throw.

Now that we are familiar with selecting the best shape, things to look at for during selection lets now look at the different shapes available for your nails.

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Nails

Going after a shape that compliments one’s hands is something a lot of persons still find pretty tricky, but after going through this article on nail shapes for short fingers, you’ll surely be a pro at it.

Below are the different shapes to adorn your hands with like the princess you are.

Oval-Shaped Nails

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

If you’re thinking of a nail shape to match your feminine look, then you should consider going after oval nails.

This nail shape has a flat, slightly curved blunt tips and looks precisely like almond.

This shape is a perfect choice for people with wider and short nail beds.

For wider beds, it makes the nails to look slimmer, while for shorter beds, the nails appear longer.

Aside from his feminine look, this nail shape speaks class and matches almost everything that comes is ways.


Best For: People with long and small hand
Eligibility: Anyone can rock this. Wide or short fingers

Almond-Shaped Nails

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

Are your nails thin and thicker, or do you seek for a nail shape that will complete your thick or thin fingers, then look no further. Almond nails are what you need.

This nail shape – Almond has a base that is wider, with slender sides and pointed tips.

Almond, as the name implies, is a perfect choice to consider to treat your thick nails to a set of long thinner nails.


Best For: People whose nail beds are long and thin

Eligibility: People with wide nail beds or short nails. Almond shape makes their nails longer but generally for people with thick-thin short nails.

Square Shaped Nails

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

If you’re new to nail shapes and you have narrow, short fingers, thin or long fingers, then you should consider going after this nail shape.

This shape has blunt tips, and it is the perfect shape to go after due to his low maintenance.

That means, going after them won’t cost you much. And to think of it that it blends well with a thin finger is just so amazing.

Also, rocking this kind of nail shape help to save your nails from breaking now and then.


Best For: People with a long thin finger or short narrow fingers

Eligibility: Anyone whose finger is tiny, long, narrow, or have slim hands can rock it.

Squoval Shaped Nails

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

This nail shape is a combination of both squared and oval nails which make it a perfect shape to behold.

In facts, it’s the nail shape that goes along with all shapes, which makes it the most popular nail shape. It has blunt tips which make it perfect for everyone.

Aside from that, the cost of maintenance is relatively low and the likely-hood of you going after your nails is minimal with this kind of shape.

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Best For: People with short or thin fingers
Eligibility: Perfect for everyone since it follows the outline of your cuticle.

Round Shaped Nails

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

If your hands are naturally chubby, then you should consider going after this rounded nail shape.

It’s one of the most common nail shapes you’ll ever see, the reason being that it’s quite easy to create and cost of maintenance is relatively low.

Besides that, it favours those whose nail beds are extremely wide and with shorter nails.


Best For: People with wider nail beds and those with short nails

Eligibility: Everyone can wear this, and the cost of maintaining them is low.

Ballerina/Coffin Shaped Nails

Here’s an in-depth guide on ballerina’s nails

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

This nail shape is an ideal shape for long, strong nails. The ends are narrow at a point and look just like coffin shape or more like the famous ballerina slipper hence the name.


Best For: Nails that are long and extremely strong

Eligibility: For people whose nails are long and strong. If your nails are short and you want to go after this, then you should consider fixing acrylics.

Stiletto Shaped Nails

Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

Stiletto is the perfect pointed shape nails for those who are in the entertainment industry because of the attention that accompanies it.

This nails – lipstick shaped nails have a slightly curved base with pointed tips which makes it very attractive and perfect nails for the fashion police.

Why this shape may look so pleasing to your eyes, caring for them can be quite difficult because it requires you to visit the salon more often.

Besides that, if you’re to go with this nail shape, you have to be extremely careful while doing things with your hands.

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Best For: Those with short or small fingers

Eligibility: People with a smaller finger can go with this because it helps to strengthen or elongates their nails

That said, lets quickly look at the various nail shapes and their corresponding hands.

Best Nail Shapes For Short Fingers Or Nails

First, I want you to understand that no matter the shape of your hand, you can still slay with them.

Whether your hands are small, tiny like that of my index finger or probably thin as the case may be, I’ve got you covered. This brings us to the obvious question.

What Nail Shape Makes Fingers Thinner?

Well, if your hands are short or you’ve got thin fingers, squared, stiletto, round or squoval shaped nails will look just fine on your hands.

Simply put, short & thin fingers should go for any of those mentioned above.

Best Nail Shapes For Thick And Short Fingers

If you’re that type that has short and thick fingers, oval or almond is what you need. Although you can as well try squoval shape, oval or almond would undoubtedly look good on you.

Best Nail Shapes For Long Fingers

Having longer fingers gives you the ability to try other shapes, but then, not all shape will fit.

So what do you do?

The ability for you to know that which fits or matches your hand will give you an added advantage over those with shorthands.

So for your long fingers, ballerina/Coffin or Squared shaped nails will add that magic look to your nails.

What Nail Shape Is Best For Your Hands?

For long and wide finger, almond or oval should do the justice. Going after any of this two will make your finger appear slimmer.

What about those with a long and slim finger? The squared and squoval shape will be perfect for them.

Reason being that it will create an illusion that your hands are wider, which will add more elegant and sparkly look to your hands.

What Nail Shape Is Easiest To Type With?

Out of all the available nail shapes out there, only a few can actually give you the kind of freedom you need to type. For example, round, squoval and square shape are perfect for typing only if you don’t grow them way too long.

Also, irrespective of your nail shape and length, there are some keyboards specially designed for people with long nails to enable them to type faster and with fewer typos. You can check them out so you don’t have to worry too much about getting things done.

How To Decide What Nails Shape To Get

The first approach towards getting the right nails for your hand is for you to know the length, width, and shape of your finger.

A better understanding of these three key elements will enable you to make the right choices for your nails.

Best Nail Shape For Chubby Fingers

For those of you whose hands are naturally fat, short or chubby, the best nail shape you should consider should be round shaped nails.

Aside from the fact that it looks good on people with wider nail beds, the cost of maintenance is minimal.

Which Nail Shape Is The Strongest/Strongest Nail Shape

Although they’re nail shapes for all individuals irrespective of their hands, it’s imperative to note that not all nail shapes are strong enough to be worn.

For example, if you’re looking for the strongest nail shape to go after for your long finger, you should consider ballerina/coffin or squoval shaped nails.

How To Shape Nails With Nail Cutter

It’s that simple to create the nail shape of your choice with a nail clipper. But then, you should know how a nail clipper works.

To shape your nails with clipper, Firstly, you should ensure that your under-nails are clean.

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If they’re dirty, you can use the curved side of your clipper – the side meant for filing to remove that dirt from your nails.

After which you can now begin the trimming process properly. The below steps will guide towards doing that yourself.


Start trimming your nails from both sides symmetrically in such a way that the middle of your nails is left untouched.


Once both sides have been trimmed, its now time to decide on which nail shape to have.


If it is stiletto nail you want, before cutting the middle of your nails, you can angle both sides for it to look pointy.


If an oval shape is your thing, you can decide to adjust the clipper a little bit to create the nail shape you desire.


When trimming your nails to your desired shapes, you should be very careful at it. Also, getting that perfect shape for your nails while trimming them takes time, persistence, and constant practice.

It doesn’t happen overnight. So even if you didn’t get it right at your first shot, don’t get disgruntled, they’ll certainly grow back, and you can then try them again.


1. Be sure the nail clipper you’re using to create shapes is of high quality.
2. To avoid making mistakes, it’s advisable first to use polish to stencil or mark your nails with the shape you intend to create.
3. After scoring, don’t trim them too close. You can always use the filer to sharpen your nails to meet with the stencil made.

Conclusion On Best Nail Shape For Short Or Long Fingers

No matter the shape, size, or length or width of your nail beds, there is certainly nail shape for everyone. That is what we’ve mentioned in this article.

So if you’re looking for best nail shape for your short or long finger, you should consider these key elements – length, wide, and shape.

First, you should know by now that for you to make a perfect choice for your nails, you need to have background knowledge on the length, width, and shape of your hands.

Knowing this will not only put you ahead of your peers but will also help you decide on which nail shape to complement your hands with.

So if you’re like me whose nails are naturally short and thin, you should consider going after squoval or squared nail shaped.

Also, if your hands are short and thick, going after almond or oval-shaped nails should be your thing.

That said, those with longer fingers can decide to try other nail shapes since they have what it takes to rock them.

However, ballerina/Coffin or Squared shaped nails are my favourites for those with longer fingers.

Now that you know just the best nail shapes to adore your nails with, which of the nail shapes do you find most interesting? Or which do you wish to try right now?

Please leave your comment below as I would be so eager to know what’s on your mind. Also, don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends using any of the buttons below..

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