Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers To Try In 2019

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Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers: The best nail shape for those with longer fingers are the ones that are not too curved, simple, and looks great on every long finger.

So how do I know the best shape for my long finger?

That is what will be made known to you somewhere in this article. Keep reading…

Making or deciding on the right nail shape to wear is something a lot of persons still find pretty hard to choose.

Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers

Especially when you have ample, long or slim fingers, if you belong to any of this category then worry not because I’ve done all the hard work just for you.

Here’s What You Stand To Learn

In this article, I’m going to take you through;

1. The different nail shapes
2. How to decide what nail shape to get
3. Best nail shape for slim, long fingers
4. Best nail shape for wide, long fingers
5. And lastly, how to care for them.

So let’s begin.

What’s A Nail Shape?

According to advanced learners dictionary, to shape means to ascertain the condition or appearance of something.

Simply put, a nail shape is the condition or appearance of your nails. It is the physical structure, presentations, or looks of your nails.

With that being said, lets now look at the different types of nail shape will have.

Different Nail Shapes

Our nails come in different shapes and sizes. Some may be wide, short, slim, chubby, or long.

Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers You Should Know

No matter the sizes, one thing is sure. Which is, each individual is blessed or has a perfect shape for his or her nails.

So what are the different types of nails we are talking about? Can you try? OK, here you go.

1. Round Shape Nails

This shape is best for those who want to create the illusion of longer fingers but prefer to keep their nails short.

Round shape nails are best for people with thick, short fingers and they’re usually curved at their tip.

2. Coffin Shape Nails

This is another nail shape to consider for those with smaller or tiny nail beds. This shape has a broader base and a slightly curved tip.

3. Squared Nail Shape

This nail shape looks very much like the rounded nail shape. It’s best for people with short, slim long fingers.

4. Almond Nail Shape

This nail shape has a rounded tip with narrower sides and its best for people with long slender fingers.

5. Oval Shaped Nails

This nail shape has almost the same characteristics with almond nails except for its oval shape. They’re best for people with either wide or shorter beds.

6. Stiletto Shaped Nails

Are you a drama queen? If yes, you should consider going after this nail shape. The stiletto shape looks very much like almond but with a pointed tip.

How To Decide What Nails Shape To Get

The first thing you must consider before getting a nail shape is to know what fits and what doesn’t.

Aside from that, the sizes, shape, and width of your beds should also be considered.

Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers You Should Try

Having a vast knowledge of your nail size, shape, and width will help you come out with the right decision as to which shape to go after.

For example, if your beds are wide with a short finger, you should consider going after round nails, which will give you the impression of a more extended finger.

How about if I choose to fix acrylics, how do I decide which nail shape to go after?

How To Decide Nail Shape: Acrylics

If your nails take almost forever to grow or you’re a fan of acrylics, this article will guide you on how to make the right decision for your finger.

The best way to do this is to have a mental picture of how your cuticle looks. For example, if you have curved cuticles, you can go for oval or round shaped nails

For those with straight cuticles, you can toggle between squoval or square shape.

Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers


Best Nail Shape For Long Fingers In 2019

Short answer: The best nail shape for your long fingers are those that are a bit round, squared, or oval. Going after other’s may not be a bad idea, but they certainly can’t be compared to the above.

Best Nail Shape For Slim, Long Fingers

If your fingers are long and slim, the nail shape that is likely going to complements your hands are round, squared or squoval shaped nails.

Best Nail Shape For Slim, Long Fingers

For those with a slim, long finger, almond, oval or squoval shaped nails will look good on them.

What Nail Shape Looks Best On Short Chubby Fingers?

Are your fingers fat or chubby? Worry not. There is a nail shape that will look good on you. Shape like almond, oval, and coffin will look just fine on your nails.

What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape?

The most popular nail shape are those that are easy to maintain, they don’t break easily, and almost everyone can wear them. And so far, Squoval has proven to exhibit the characteristics mentioned above.

Best Nail Shape For Short Fingers

Having shorter nails isn’t the end of the world; they’re still several nail shape you can rock. For example, oval, almond, or round nail shape will look good on your short finger.

Best Nail Shape For Fat Fingers

For those whose fingers are naturally fat, the best nail shape that will complete your fingers should be either rounded or oval nail shape

Best Nail Shape For Chubby Fingers

If your fingers are a bit chubby, then going after this nail shapes – Almond, round or oval nail would undoubtedly look great on you.

Best Nail Shape For Me

The best shape for you is those that look perfectly cute on your fingers. But then, to come up with a perfect shape for your fingers irrespective of how your finger looks, you should consider these three things – Width, length, and overall shape of your fingers.

So if you’re still curious as to What nail shape is best for you. then Having a broader understanding of the aforementioned key elements will enable you to come up with a nail shape everyone will love.

Best Nail Shape For Wide Nails

Having wide nails shouldn’t be a barrier to go after nail shapes you love but finding that which will fit perfectly fine is the problem, but you know what, I’ve got you covered.

So if your nails are short or wide, oval, almond or round nail shape will look good on you. Going after this nail shapes helps to make short fingers seem longer and wide fingers to assume a slimmer look.

Best Nail Shape For Big Hands

For those whose hands are big, this nail shape – Oval or flared shape should look good on your fingers.

Best Nail Shapes For Short Fat Fingers

If you are looking for nail inspiration to try for your short fingers, then squoval, almond or oval will look great on your short fat fingers.

Best Nail Shape To Avoid Breakage

Are you looking for the best nail shape to wear that won’t break at the slightest opportunity? Then you should consider going after these nail shape – Oval, squoval and round.

What Nail Shape Is Best?

All nail shapes look great on anyone. You have to know which matches or complements your fingers, and that is what this article has done justice to.

Which Nail Shape Makes Your Fingers Look Longer?

The squoval shape will make your fingers kooks a bit longer compared to other nail shapes. Also, rounded nail shape can as well create an illusion for your nails and make your finger appear longer.

Now that you know the various nail shape for your fingers lets now lookout for ways you can care for them.

How To Care For The Various Nail Shape

1. If your nails are a bit brittle and you would love to go after any of the shapes, its best to go for acrylics.
2. Avoid using them as tools. Especially those with pointed tips either to pierce through package tapes or for slicing.
3. Keep them moisturized always to keep them in shape.
4. Be kind to them; don’t bite them.

The Take Home 

One of the hardest thing as far as growing nails is concern is deciding on the nail shape to go after.

But when one is equipped with the right knowledge, going after nail shape that fits becomes a lot easier.

And that’s what this article has done justice to. So whether your nails are short, slim, wide, chubby, or fat, these guidelines on the best nail for short or long fingers should walk you truly.

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