7 Best Nail File for Natural Nails

If you’ve ever tried to file your nails and ended up with a bunch of jagged edges, you know that the right nail file can make a huge difference. The wrong one, however, can just as easily ruin your manicure.

Luckily for us, there are hundreds of different kinds of nail files out there, and maybe plenty more on the way. With so many options to choose from and factors to consider, it’s no wonder that so many people have trouble finding the best natural nail file for their needs.

But don’t worry: We’re here to help. In this article, you will find the best nail file you need for your natural nails.

Factors to Consider When Getting Nail Files for Your Natural Nails

1. Type of nail file

When buying a nail file, the type of file is one of the most important considerations. The shape and size of the nail file you choose should be tailored to your needs. If you have small nails and only want to use your nail file on them occasionally, then you might like a smaller and more compact option. If you have larger nails that need regular filing down, however, then a larger and sturdier model would be better suited for your needs.

2. Size

Size is a very important factor to consider when choosing a nail file. The file should fit comfortably in your hand and make it easy for you to use. If the nail file doesn’t fit well, it can cause pain or injury if you try to use it.

If you have small hands, look for a smaller-sized nail filer that fits snugly within your grip. For example, if your thumb has trouble holding onto the handle of the nail filer while using it on your nails, then this might be an indication that you need a smaller size than what you currently use.

If you have larger hands, then having less surface area overall will help prevent discomfort from prolonged usage. In other words: bigger hands need larger files that allow for more control over the tools being used.

3. Shape

The shape of your nail file matters. If you have a rounded nail, you’ll want to use one that has flat sides. This will give you more control and help prevent any unintentional digging in.

The same is true for square or squarish nails; they need a file with straight edges so it won’t catch on the corners as much. If your nails are long and thin, choose one that’s soft enough to take off the tip without causing damage but still firm enough to shape them properly.

4. Texture

The texture of your nail file is the most important aspect to consider. If you have natural nails and want to keep them that way, you need a smooth file that won’t tear at the edges of your nail bed. Glass files are ideal for this purpose because they’re very hard and don’t shred at all when used on freshly polished nails.

Metal files, on the other hand, should be avoided unless you have short artificial tips or acrylics, they’re too coarse to be used safely with natural nails. Ceramic files fall somewhere in between glass and metal; they’re not quite as hard as glass but not quite as harsh on your natural ones either.

Crystals are useful for buffing out ridges between layers of polish so that it looks like one solid color from top to bottom; emery boards can achieve similar results if you don’t mind doing some extra elbow grease.

Types of Nail Files

1. Glass nail files

Glass nail files are the best choice for your natural nails. Glass is the gentlest, least abrasive material on the market, making it perfect for sensitive skin and thin, soft nails. If you’re looking for a file that will last longer than any other kind of file and one that won’t harbor bacteria like other materials, glass is also your best bet.

This makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin who want to protect their hands from irritation while smoothing out any imperfections in their cuticles or manicures. Furthermore, because glass files are made of a single material (unlike metal or plastic), they’re easy to clean and won’t leach chemicals into your body during use.

2. Metal nail files

Metal nail files are the most common and widely used nail file. They are made from metal and have a rough surface to help remove artificial nails. Metal nail files can also be used to shape natural nails, although they may be too harsh for softer fingernails. If you have acrylic or gel nails, then a metal nail file is an excellent choice because it will not bend or warp like other materials such as plastic.

3. Ceramic nail files

Ceramic nail files are made of a mixture of zirconium oxide and alumina, which is a very durable material. Ceramic files can help you achieve smooth and shiny nails in less time than glass or plastic files. However, ceramic files are more abrasive than other types of nail files, so they’re not recommended for those who have thin or soft nails.

Ceramic nail files are also less likely to break than glass or plastic ones (which makes them better for travel). However, if you drop your ceramic nail file it will shatter into tiny pieces that can be very difficult to clean up.

4. Crystal nail files

Nail files made of crystal are the best for natural nails. They are smoother and gentler on the nail than other types of nail files, making them the ideal choice for a smooth finish that’s not too rough.

Crystal files can be used on both artificial and natural nails, but their gentle nature makes them especially suited to natural nails. They won’t tear at your skin as you file down your fingernails or toenails like some rougher types of file can do. The crystal is also less likely to cause splinters in your fingers and toes when compared with other materials like metal or plastic.

5. Diamond nail files

A diamond nail file is a perfect way to prolong the life of your manicure. These files are made from specially-treated steel that contains genuine diamond dust. The dust not only prevents you from experiencing chipping or peeling but also gives your nails an extra shine after each application.

When you consider the amount of time and money that goes into a manicure, a diamond nail file is a small investment that can make all the difference.

What’s Better Crystal or Glass Nail File?

The glass nail file is better than a crystal nail file. You might wonder how you can choose between crystal or glass nail files. Both are strong, durable, and long-lasting. Glass nail files are perfect for shaping and smoothing nails, filing them down, removing hangnails, and buffing the surface of your nails to get rid of any roughness that may be present.

On the other hand, crystal nail files are ideal for cleaning up cuticles as they’re much softer than glass ones. Glass files are also great for removing any rough edges on the sides of your nails because they’re softer than crystal ones so there’s less risk of damaging your nails by using them too roughly.

If you have weak or brittle fingernails then using a glass file will prevent them from cracking while filing them down too vigorously because it won’t damage their surface layer like actual crystals could do if used too harshly.

What Is the Gentlest Nail File?

The gentlest nail file is a diamond file. The shape and texture of the diamond will allow you to file your nails in small, circular motions instead of pushing down on them with all your might. These files are perfect for people who like their nails to look natural because they won’t leave any jagged or rough edges after filing.

What Grit Is a Natural Nail File?

The grit of a nail file is the level of coarseness or fineness of its surface. The higher the number, the finer it is; lower numbers are rougher. You shouldn’t use anything but a 180- to 240-grit nail file to shape and smooth your natural nails, which are delicate and easy to break if you’re not careful.

For beginners: If you don’t know much about nail files yet and aren’t sure about what kind would be best for your needs, then we recommend starting by using one that’s between 180-240 grit because this is considered “medium” in terms of strength.

For professionals: If you’re an experienced manicurist who needs something different than what we recommend above (for example, if you want something more powerful), then feel free to go up into the higher range like 320 or 400 grit instead.

Just remember that these will take off more material so make sure not all at once, do small sections at a time instead while moving slowly around your nails, especially when filing only one side.

Are Emery Boards Better Than Nail Files?

No, nail files are better than emery boards. It’s true that emery boards (also called nail files) are more abrasive than nail files, but that doesn’t mean they’re better for your nails. Nail files are made of a softer material and provide a smoother filing experience overall.

They also work better when used in conjunction with other products like cuticle oil or hand cream because they’re not so abrasive on the skin around your nails.

While it’s true that emery boards are cheaper than nail files, you’ll be paying for them by having to replace them frequently not to mention the time involved in replacing them altogether. If you want to save money over time and have healthier-looking natural nails all around, then using a high-quality nail file will make all the difference.

Best Nail File for Natural Nails

1. Bona Fide Beauty Pastel Premium Nail Filer

Glass Nail File with Case, Czech Glass Fingernail Files, Manicure Nail File for Natural Nails, Expert Precision Filing + Smooth Finish - Bona Fide Beauty Pastel Premium Nail Filer


The Pastel Premium Nail Filer features two precise, high-quality cutters in one body, designed for a smooth finish on your nails. Our exclusive premium nail file is designed for the most comfortable & precise nail-shaping experience possible. The expertly shaped glass nail file is durable, hygienic, and long-lasting.

2. Canvalite 10 PCS Nail File Professional Nail Files Reusable Double Sided Emery Board

Canvalite 10 PCS Nail File Professional Nail Files Reusable Double Sided Emery Board(100/180 Grit) Nail Styling Tools for Home and Salon Use


This is the tool you need when shaping your nails. With its double-sided design, it allows for smooth edges, rounded edges, and rough surfaces. These nail files are made from high-quality materials and are lightweight which makes them easy to carry around in your purse or pocket.

Get perfectly groomed nails with this Canvalite Nail Files. The high-quality metal alloy is durable and long-lasting. Use it daily to keep your nails smooth and healthy.

3. Diodiva stores 3 Pack Crystal Glass Nail Files with Case, Glass Fingernail Files for Natural Nail

3 Pack Crystal Glass Nail File with Case, Glass Fingernail File for Natural Nail Professional Manicure Nail Tool Czech Glass File Double-Sided Etched Gentle Nail Care


Diodiva Nail File for Natural Nail is expertly designed to expertly shape nails and keep them sharp, smooth & healthy. Expertly shaped fingernails are important to feel confident all the time and you can achieve it easily with this glass nail file.

Its perfectly shaped ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand, while double-sided emery board files give you a choice between filing sharp edges or smoothing rough ones away. This hygienic, washable, and easy-to-use glass nail file is easy on your hands and nails making it the perfect choice for both men and women.

4. Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files

Glass Nail File - Mont Bleu Premium Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files in Pouch - Handmade Gifts - Best Glass Nail Files for Natural Nails - Washable Double Sided Nail File - Etched Nail Files


Strengthen and harden the nails with the Premium Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files. These nail files are made with quality materials that make them more effective than traditional emery boards. They provide a smooth filing surface that gently smoothes away rough edges on fingernails, leaving them clean and smooth.

Their double-sided design allows for easy filing and shaping on both sides of each nail, eliminating the need for several products. Whether washing or cleaning up after a manicure, this set will keep your nails looking perfect.

5. Mr. Green Stainless Steel Nail File with Anti-Slip Handle and Leather Case

Stainless Steel Nail File with Anti-Slip Handle and Leather Case, Double Sided and Files Nails Easily for Men and Woman


Stop filing away at your fingernails with inferior nail files. Mr. Green Stainless Steel Nail File is the ultimate in comfort, durability, and efficiency for shaping nails for people who have long nails or short nails, who clip their toenails or who have acrylic nails done professionally.

This double-sided emery board has grit on one side for regular use and the other has a smooth side which is great for giving your nails a final buff after filing them down.

6. Iridesi Nail Files and Buffers Premium Pink Light Pink 280 320 Washable Emery Boards

Nail Files and Buffers Premium Pink Light Pink 280 320 Washable Emery Boards 7 Inches Long 12 Pack


Our expertly shaped nail files are made with the highest quality materials and work hard to give you the perfectly shaped nails you desire. Each pack contains 12 emery boards with different grits to meet your specific needs. The comfortable grip allows for easy use and long-term use of our nail files and strengthens and hardens fingernails. These double-sided emery boards are hygienic, washable, and easy to clean.

7. Bleswin Professional Nail Files, Emery Board Nail File for Natural Nails

Professional Nail Files, Emery Board Nail File for Natural Nails 100/180/240 Grit Nail Files for Acrylic Nails 12pcs Fine Grit Nail File Manicure Tools Coarse Fingernail Files (100/180 Grit)


The Bleswin Professional Nail Files, Emery Board Nail File for Natural Nails is a quick and effective way to shape your nails with expert precision. This nail file can be used by both men and women. Regular, long-term use of nail files strengthens & hardens fingernails.

This board comes with double-sided emery boards for nails, making it easy to shape your nails with comfort, ease & efficiency. Hygienic washable, ideal for people with diabetes or poor circulation problems.


So, what is the best nail file for natural nails? It all depends on what you need from a nail file. If you’re looking for something gentle and non-abrasive, there are different options you can go for. If you’re looking for something more powerful with some grit behind it then there are also a lot of great choices out there. It’s important that any nail file purchased has been designed for use on natural nails only so make sure before purchasing anything else.

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