Long Nail Beds And Its Importance To Nail Growth

Do you know what long or short beds mean? Whether you like it or not, having a vast knowledge or understanding of how this thing works is a plus mark, especially if you want to grow long, healthy natural nails. Long nail beds are important for the normal growth of nails, especially if you want your nails to grow really long, really quickly.

Nail beds are an integral part of your fingernail and toenail. The nail bed is the visible, pink structure that holds the nail in place, if you broke a nail and had a doctor remove it, the visible part of your real nail under the fake bit is your nail bed.

Learning about your long nails and their importance to your nail growth is very important. And this is what we will discuss in this article.

Long Nail Beds Meaning

A nail bed is said to be extended when the size and length of the beds are proportional to the size and length of the nails (free edge not inclusive) such nails can then be referred to as proportioned nails. What then is a proportioned nail?

A nail is said to be proportioned if the length(not width) of your bed exceeds the width of your bed in such a way that the length doubles the length of your width when stretched. That’s a proportioned nail. On the other hand, when the length of your beds is less than the width of your nail beds, that’s an in-proportioned nail.

In simple language, when the width of your bed is more than half of the length of your bed, such a person has wide nail beds.

If the length of your bed is less than twice that of your width, such a person probably has short beds. Also, when the length exceeds the width by 60%, such a person has Long Nail Beds.

Are Long Nail Beds Good?

Yes, long nail beds can be good. Classically, long nail beds have been seen as a sign of health, youth, and beauty. They’re also thought to represent power, wealth, and privilege.

That doesn’t mean that there’s no place in modern society for long nail beds. If you want or need to grow out your nails because your natural state is stubby and your cuticles are peeling back, then by all means go right ahead, long nail bed or not.

Long Vs Short Nail Beds

Nail beds come in all shapes and sizes, some of which are long and others that are extremely short. Longer nails may be a little more attractive to some people, but shorter ones might look better on your hands. The answer is for you to decide which one looks best on you.

What’s the difference between them? Long nail beds can be beautiful because they make your fingers look longer. If you have long nail beds on your hands, it will not only make your fingers look longer, but it can also make the width of your hand appear smaller.

Long nails can look nice when they’re in good shape and taken care of properly. They can make you look elegant, mature, and sophisticated.

Short nail beds also have their advantages because they help make your fingers appear shorter than they actually are. Shorter nails can fit some women’s hands better than long nails do, but you need to realize that if you have short nails, it can also make your hands look wider than they really are.

Short nail beds are a sign of good health, especially in your toenails. This comes from the way blood flows through your body—if you have good circulation, you’re going to have short nail beds. A lot of people who have problems with circulation in their fingers also tend to have longer nail beds.

How To Lengthen Short Nail Beds

Are you suffering from short beds as a result of bad habits such as nail-biting, or you were born with it? Or do you just want to see changes in your nail endeavor? Then these steps of action to take are for you.

Do you know that walking about with short beds can be both frustrating and annoying? I bet you don’t. Well, I’m glad to inform you that you can actually lengthen your beds when you push the skin of your cuticle backward a little bit.

Though this might not happen overnight, it does take time, but with consistency, you’ll achieve an excellent result in no time.

Step 1

Creates a nail bath by dropping 2-3 drops of tea tree or any essential oil within your reach in a bowl, half-filled with warm water.

Long nail beds

Step 2

Then soak all of your nails in the nail bath containing 2-3 drops of tea tree oil for about 5-10 minutes.

Long nail beds

Step 3

After soaking, rinse your hands with clean flowing water then towel dry.

Step 4

Kindly message a reasonable amount of cuticle oil around the skin of your cuticle then allow the oil to sit on your hand for another 5 minutes.

Long nail beds

Step 5

Gently, using a cuticle pusher or orange stick, push your cuticle backward. Be sure not to apply too much force to this to prevent damaging your cuticle. When you do this at least once a week, your beds will surely lengthen. Now that you know just the right way to go about extending your short nail beds, how about if i leave you with some tips, wouldn’t that be nice? OK, let’s go.

Long nail beds


Whether you’re born with long or short beds, one thing you must know is that it’s impossible to control the width of your beds. Also, Nails shouldn’t be grown more than the length of the beds can carry.

What this implies is, if, for example, I am to re-position the length of my beds to start precisely from the point where the free edge is, you’ll be able to see the maximum extent my bed can support.

In the same vein, if I try to grow nails passed the maximum length, which my bed can accommodate, I bet you already know what will be the outcome. Well, in case you don’t know, my nails will become weaker and eventually break sooner than I expected.

This alone goes a long way to prove that we all have different nail bed structures, those with long beds can grow nails as long as their beds, while those with short beds can’t but in most cases, the reverse might be the case and the reason for this is not far fetched.

So, despite the shortcomings, short beds can be increased to some reasonable length, and this can be achieved by pushing your cuticle backwards after you must have applied LONDONTOWN kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil. Also, note that when trying to push them back, care must be taken not to hurt your cuticle in the process.

Now that you know the category in which you belong, it’s only wise to follow all that we’ve stated here to have a long-lasting nail growth journey. Also, if you’ve learned something new today from this article, kindly help us get to a broader audience by clicking on the SHARE buttons located underneath. See you at the top. Cheers.

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