How to Do Anything With Long Nails

Long nails are a great addition to any look. They make you look more elegant and give you more confidence in your appearance. They’re great for many things: scratching an itch, playing guitar, or pushing a button on your phone without getting your fingers dirty. But they can also be a nuisance.

However, have you, for once, wondered how people with extremely long nails do things or function with them without hurting themselves in the process? If you’re that type that has long nails measuring up to 10-15 mm or more, you probably might have been asked or heard statements like;

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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How do you type with those long nails? Who washes your clothes? Who does your kitchen work for you, or How do you even do things with long nails? This blog post will give you practical tips on how to do anything with long nails.

How To Do Anything With Long Nails

Are you finding it challenging to accomplish a primary task at home or in your various places of work with long nails? Or are you probably looking for an in-depth hack to function with long acrylics or natural nails?

Then this guide should walk you through and gives you all the steps you need to do almost everything with long nails.

1. Reaching out to your ATM or credit cards from your wallet with long nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails

If you’re the type that keeps exceptionally long nails, then it will be a bit difficult to get those stuff out from your wallet.

What do you do then? Quick hacks using a tweezer, nail cutter, or cuticle nipper could do the magic.

But the catch is that you’ll have to continually go out with this stuff so that you can easily use them to get things done without stress.

You can also use your hand with your nails clenched inward like this.

How To Do Things With Long Nails

You are then using the space between your thumb and index finger to pick up your ATM or credit card from the machine.

How To Do Things With Long Nails

2.  Threading needles

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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As an embroiderer, you must have noticed that threading needles with long nails are challenging.

But worry not; with tweezers, you can thread any needle, irrespective of its size.

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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All you need do is hold the thread using the tweezers, and boom, you’re on it.

3.  Typing with long nails: Laptop

How To Do Things With Long Nails

As an alternative to tapping the keys with the tips of your nails, consider flattening your fingers. Think of it as if the exact fingerprint of your finger were imprinted in the middle of every key you pressed. Also, you can type with the distal phalanx of any of your fingers.

How To Do Things With Long Nails

On the other hand, you can use your hand to grip a pencil and then use it in place of your nails while typing.

4. Tucking your sheet

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Are you finding it hard to get those sheets under your bed? Worry not.

You can always use a wooden kitchen spoon or fork to get that done without breaking or damaging your nails.

5. Putting on a necklace with fake or longer nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Putting on a chain with long nails has never been easy, but worry not. You can use the side of your thumb to get that done ASAP.

How To Do Things With Long Nails

You can also use it to put on your favorite sandal without hassle.

6. Chopping things with longer digits

How To Do Things With Long Nails

It’s never easy to get stuff done in the kitchen with longer nails, and to think that they get in your way is saddling.

But with these kitchen hacks, getting those stuff done becomes very easy.

While chopping, be sure your hands are placed sideways and not the other way around.

7. Opening soda cans

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Don’t let your long digits stop you from sipping your favorite soda. Trust me; It’s easy to open those tabs with this simple hack. All you need do is to go through sideways with either of your fingers (I prefer using my index finger) And another (the thumb preferably), pressing the tab gently towards the opening. Then you pull.

8. Buttoning shirts

How to do things with long nails
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Are you finding it hard to pass those buttons through your shirt holes? Worry not. Because you can get that done with both hands using the side of your fingers.

8. Doing dishes with long acrylic or natural nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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This is the easiest long nail hack you can ever imagine. It’s pretty easy, and everyone can do it without much stress. It involves doing dishes with gloves on.

9. Fixing lashes

How To Do Things With Long Nails

If you’re a fashion freak like my girlfriend, you’ll always need to fix your lashes now and then. But with longer nails, you’ll find it a bit hard to get those lashes on. What do you do then? A tweezer is all you need to get it done without stress. So that’s that on how to put on lashes with long nails.

10. Putting on leggings

How to do things with longer nails
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To wear leggings, insert your foot while holding the ends in your hands. Instead of holding your tights with your fingers, try using the palms of your hands. To put on tights, slide one foot through the opening at the bottom and then pull them up to the knee with your hands.

12. Doing the laundry

To do the laundry, you need to tuck your nails into your cloth like you’re making a fist, with the thumb finger facing upward.

13. Washing your hair with fake or real nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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Washing your hair using your nails can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you’re the type that keeps long nails. But with a comb, you won’t have to bother any longer. Be sure the comb has wide teeth, and be gentle while doing so. So that’s how to wash your hair with fake nails.

14. Picking things up

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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When t to pick up a coin with your fingers, you might try using all five fingers or just your thumb and forefinger. But that won’t work because it’s too hard easily get a good grip on the coin if you use so many fingers. You can pick that coin up using the side of your finger. It’s quite simple and doesn’t cost anything.

15. Type on the phone with long nails

Well, you can do that without causing unnecessary noise to people around you by using the pad of your finger like this. (Keep them straight) so that is how to type with long nails.

How to do things with longer nails

NOTE: Know this; you need to start slowly and be gentle while at it. As time goes by, you’ll learn how to use them well pretty fast and soon become that typing guru you were before.

Things You Should Know If You Must Keep Long Nail

1. Every long nail can break

It’s no longer a myth that every good thing must inevitably come to an end. The same goes for long nails.

If you’ve had long nails on for some time, you’ll agree that no matter how careful you can get with them, your nails are bound to snag.

2. Coffin shapes nails are not the best to keep

Over the years, I’ve understood that the narrower your nails are, the more likely models are bound to break.

PS: Below are some nail shapes to look out for

how to do things with long nails

Although this might not be true for all, I’ve succeeded keeping them round than coffin shape.

3. Lon,g nails model are always careful

How to do things with long nails

If you’re planning to become the next hand model like me or you’re already one, you ought to have known this by now. Hand models are always careful, especially when they’re around people. They try to avoid playing rough so that they won’t inflict injuries on others while at it or themselves.

How do you get contacts out with long nails?

If this is your first time growing long nails, you may be wondering how to fix and take out contacts with them successfully, but after watching this video, you'll surely be a pro.

Can you type with long nails?

Sure, you can easily type on your computer keyboard, but it will take some time to get used to it. At first, you'll be slow, but don't worry, with time, you'll get used to it. To type effectively, you must first learn how to position your finger over the keyboard while carefully punching each key. As time goes on, you'll be fast as it is, but remember to punch each key with the pad of your finger.

Do pointy nails break easily?

Yes, having pointed nails like a stiletto will break when subjected to too much pressure, and it isn't the best for anyone who wishes to type with their long nails. So if you have long nails and your job requires that you type often, then you should opt for a rounded or squoval nail shape. These nail shapes are stronger and unlikely to break easily.


There are other many things you can do with your long nails. Long nails cannot deny some activities, you just need to master the tips behind using them. In addition, there are some places you can’t go with some of the tools mentioned above, like tweezers. For example, in terminals, you won’t be allowed to go in with any tool whatsoever, so be careful so that you won’t land yourself into trouble.

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