5 Best Keyboard For Long Nails In 2023 [Reviews]

Having long natural nails can be all rosy and fun till you’ve got to use a keyboard, and you can’t because of the uneasiness that comes with extremely long nails. I can tell this is one hell of a thing to do using the hectic stress we go through just to get our typing works done.

Aside from the uneasiness comes challenges that we face when typing. Ranging from straining of our fingernails during typing to slow rate of typing, with errors composing the majority of the work. Also, typing with longer nails extends the muscles found in our fingernails due to using the pads of our nails to type. Our hands and wrists get strained due to efforts exacted on them.

For that, it would be more appropriate and reasonable to get a more convenient nail-friendly keyboard with adequate spacing for your long nails, where you don’t have to get all worked up about not typing rightly.

Product NameRemarkPrice
Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless IlluminatedBest keyboard crafted for comfort, stability, and precision when typing with long nails. [Our #1 Pick]Check Price
Ralon Mechanical Gaming KeyboardBest nail friendly keyboard for games [Our Pick For Gamers]Check Price
Havit Mechanical Backlit Wired KeyboardBest long nail keyboard for typing at nightCheck Price
JoyAccess Wireless Desktop KeyboardMost pocket-friendly keyboard for long nails.Check Price

Buying Guide for Best Keyboard For Long Nails

1. Key size and spacing

Look for a keyboard with larger keys and more space between them when you have long nails. This will make it easier to type and reduce the chances of accidentally pressing multiple keys at once. This is especially important if you have long nails as it will give you more room to type without hitting the wrong keys.

2. Key travel

Key travel is the distance the key needs to be pressed before it registers. A keyboard with a short key travel will make it easier to type with long nails as you won’t need to press the keys as hard. This will reduce the chance of your nails getting caught in the keys and also reduce the strain on your fingers.

3. Ergonomic design

An ergonomic design will reduce the strain on your fingers and wrists, which is especially important if you type for long periods. Look for a keyboard designed to provide comfort and reduce the chances of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

4. Durability

Consider the keyboard’s durability, especially if you plan on using it frequently. Look for a keyboard built to last and withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This is important for people who have long nails, as they are more likely to hit the keys hard and cause damage accidentally.

5. Compatibility

Ensure the keyboard is compatible with your device and operating system before buying. This will ensure that the keyboard works properly and that you can use all the features.

6. Price

Look for a keyboard that fits your budget and meets your needs. The keyboard can vary in price, so it’s important to find one that fits your budget but also meets your needs.

7. Reviews

Look for reviews from other customers who have used the keyboard before buying. This will give you a good idea of how well the keyboard works and how durable it is. It will also give you an idea of the experiences of other people who have used the keyboard and can help you make a more informed decision.

Best Keyboard For Long Nails To Buy In 2023

1. Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



Best Keyboard For Long Nails - Nail Friendly Keyboard


Out of the numerous numbers of keyboards out there. Ralon Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best keyboards for those with long nails. The keyboard brings relief when typing.

The reason is that the keyboard is usually spaced to ensure no difficulty in typing. You place your finger pad on a particular key, and it doesn’t affect another.


  • The Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is no different from the normal looks of a modern keyboard. It is the best for gaming and, at the same time, one of the best keyboards for typing with long nails. From the picture, its keycap took the look of an ancient typewriter, making one feel so relaxed when getting work done. The Ralon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard makes available to all medium residents, with a loud sound click and quick response. The keyboard also is susceptive and receptive to touch and, lastly, less difficult to use.
  • The second feature of the Ralon Keyboard is that it has a whopping number of 13 LED-backlit keyboards that can be adjusted. They also can be called backlit modes. This implies that both the keyboard speed and its brightness can be adjusted.
  • The third feature of this Ralon Mechanical Keyboard is only peculiar to a few numbers of keyboards. The keyboard has 104 keys, which are referred to as an anti-ghosting or non-conflict keyboard. This is an indication that several different keys can work at the same time with the same accuracy. It has great multimedia keys that are reachable as well.
  • The fourth feature is the Ralon panel and keycaps. They have got a very strong panel with keycaps that can be detachable. This removable keyboard is composed of the highest-grade metal panel with a good plastic body. The body has a fine matte finish built strongly to protect it from any damage like scratches.
  • The wrist of the keyboard (ABS) can be dismantled or removed. Also on the keyboard is a switch of color to blue which does withstand strong hardcore gaming. Another interesting part is that the detachable keycaps make typing much easier because the switches can be changed momentarily from either Red, brown, or black switches.
  • The last feature of this Ralon Mechanical Keyboard is the compatibility it possesses. The keyboard support some different computer programs and systems, which include Windows 10 / 8 / 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, etc.


  • The spacing of the keys gives individuals with longer nails the satisfaction of getting work typed easily and quickly.
  • The Led light, which powers the keys, is used to aid typing in the dark.
  • The keys can be pushed so easily without much force when typing.


  • When typing, the keyboard makes a sound like that of an old typewriter. Though others may find it cool, others may not.

2. Havit Mechanical Backlit Wired Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Long Nails - Nail Friendly Keyboard


With the invention of keyboards, one could hardly tell what the next outstanding feature would be. In as much as it performs its specific function and is easier to use, there’s nothing much to worry about. This is because Havit Mechanical Backlit Wired Keyboard offers so much more than most keyboards.

If you are searching for something that would grant you access to typing swiftly and comfortably with your nails, then the Havit keyboard is one of the best.


The Havit mechanical backlit wired keyboard is bombarded with features that not only answer most people’s needs but also have specialized keys that permit users with longer nails.

As I just stated earlier, one of the best features this keyboard promises to offer is a standard set of keys that is properly designed and customized to help those battling with long nails to be able to type accurately. These keyboard keys are 104 in number which is the same as the Ralon keyboard.

2. Havit mechanical keyboard is constructed with ABS keycaps. These keycaps are one of the most standard and strong keycaps we’ve ever seen in a while. They are usually not big but give room for spacing among keys.

These keys are found to have a 3mm travel which is capable of boasting a 1.4mm response gotten from the distance due to the Kailh blue switches that are often used. Another interesting part of using the Softkey is that when pressed, it bounces back in a nice manner such that one doesn’t have to press it harder to receive feedback from the keyboard.

3. Another feature of the Havit mechanical keyboard is its Design. No doubt the design is top-notch. Though a bit heavy it is slimy and stronger than most new-generation keyboards.

Its sleekness is a fine beauty to behold. It is calculated to be 0.89 inches, making it portable and less cumbersome to carry around.

Another thing about this unique keyboard design is the use of pads at the back. These rubber pads put into place the usage of the keyboard.

4. The last feature of the Havit Mechanical Keyboard is its performance. When it comes to delivering well and having less difficulty typing with nails, the Havit keyboard got you covered. It has a high level of actuation that deals with the act of putting work in a swift motion. This is most evident when one is gaming. You won’t find the keyboard showing signs of it lagging during usage with no signs of something missing, which can be called keystrokes even at the period of pressing or mashing the button. Aside from this feature, the Havit keyboard responds faster and easily notices excessive pressing that is intentional.

Since the keyboard is a mechanical one, it will have long-lasting durability and become more reliable.


  • It is a great product that would give you exceptional value for your money.
  • The features found in the keyboard are remarkable and dope
  • The keyboard is made up of great switches.
  • The RGB lighting gives a unique look to the keyboard and also enhances typing.


  • The keyboard is big due to the high-end features on it
  • The Outemu switch isn’t as smooth as other switches.

3. Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Long Nails - Nail Friendly Keyboard


Another great keyboard that can be used for easy typing for those with long nails is the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard [ Click to view price on Amazon] This keyboard is jam-packed with incredible features especially the spacing of its keys that give more room for typing. Its compatibility is second to none. The likes of Windows, Android, iOS, and the rest are part of its compatibility.

The Logitech keyboard is built nicely to make it portable and accessible. It’s very easy to configure and set up, very simple to use and gives you this cozy feeling when typing on the keyboard.

Moreover, it allows one to switch between the computer and our phone. The Logitech keyboard works well and is worth every penny attached to it. This is the best for those that enjoy using different devices.


1. One peculiar feature of this Logitech keyboard is the keys assigned to the keyboard. Rather than the usual old method and designs of keys, Logitech uses a different pattern that takes an oval shape. This design gave the keyboard a beautiful look like the olden days typewriter. The keys of the Logitech wireless keyboard are cased in a plastic grey dark leather.

2. The Logitech keyboard is highly comfortable. With long nails, one wouldn’t struggle to get the right keys while typing. It is slightly inclined from the front to the back, making it comfortable when typing.

3. The attractive feature that captivates the heart of many is the devices that can be juggled. This K780 device can be paired with several other devices. This is done by simply pressing one of the keys among the three functioning keys for the K780 to be seen, and after that, you enter the provided password from the device you’re pairing with. And once you’ve successfully paired with the available devices, you can only switch by using the main functional key to control them.

System Requirements

The system requirement includes,

  • Computers
  • Phones

These are the few systems that can be used with the external keyboard

Software Support

  • The Logitech software support Options to be used for Mac are OS X 10.8 and above
  • The Logitech software support Options for Windows are Windows 7, Windows 8, and the rest.
  • Apps available (at release): Logitech Options 2.1


  • It can be paired with three different devices.
  • It is a device with a stand that supports several devices upright.
  • It has an attractive look or appearance.
  • It is made with a USB dongle that can be connected to a computer that’s without Bluetooth.
  • The keys when pressed, do not produce any sound and send responses swiftly.


  • Lacks NUM lock and caps lock status indicators
  • One challenge of this keyboard is that the keys do not have backlit, unlike some.
  • It isn’t as portable as the rest keyboards that can be carried about.

4. Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Long Nails - Nail Friendly Keyboard


Another powerful tool with awesome features is the new Logitech keyboard that has been labeled a Logitech Master Series (MX). Unlike the normal keyboard we’ve seen, Logitech MX has devices that those with long nails would love such that they don’t miss out on the rest with good features as a result of their long nails.

The Logitech MX Advanced Wireless Keyboard has wonderful tools with designs and feat that would make one go awe-stricken. With its premium features, one doesn’t have to think twice before getting one. Because aside from getting the right computer keyboard for long nails, one needs a keyboard with less stress and better devices.

Key Features

1. The MX keyboard is designed and constructed on just one plate that provides long-lasting durability that makes it no less than a phone accessory with its features. Also, the keyboard size has been calculated to be 16 x 5.18 x 0.8 inches which is a replica of the map out of the costly Logitech craft containing numeric keys, a pad, and a whole lot of function keys that are tagged as a controller of the multimedia.

2. For the MX keyboard, there is connectivity between the MX keys and MX Master 3 mouse. This is done when they are connected to the system through what is called the unifying receiver of the Logitech. Once it’s plugged in, the keyboard is recognized instantly.

Note: The connectivity is not restricted to just one device. It can connect even three devices through the same method which is the unifying receiver. And after the devices have been properly connected to the MX keyboard, switching between them becomes easy by finding the button for the switch that links it to the right channel.

3. One other feature of the MX keyboard is its Customizability. There is a place for customizing with Logitech software just like its counterpart (MX Master 3). To achieve this, you download the software and then map the function keys and any other important key which can be gotten from the shortcut options. From this, you can tell the devices that have been paired.


  • It has a nice glossy look with lighting
  • It has a perfectly built body
  • Just like the Logitech K780 keyboard, this keyboard can also be connected to three devices.


  • The key travel is minimal
  • The contouring of the keyboard is flat
  • It can’t be moved around easily due to its weight.

5. JoyAccess Wireless Desktop Keyboard

Best Keyboard For Long Nails - Nail Friendly Keyboard


The last keyboard that is best for long nails is the Joyaccess Wireless Desktop Keyboard with a sleek appearance that has features peculiar to a few keyboards, most especially the keyboard’s switching mechanism. You type on it with your long nails without feeling your nails or wrist getting strained.

Key Features

1. The joyaccess wireless desktop keyboard is slim in nature with its keys like in scissor cross form which is why the keyboard is tiny or slim. The keys when pressed can travel 2mm in a very fast way without making a sound. The keyboard is well crafted to enable it to be pronounced and easily differentiated from other keyboards.

2. The keyboard has a more accurate and firmer keystroke. This magnificent new-era keyboard has the features of the X mechanism which is held firmly by the strong metal hook that gives a more stable sensor and durability with great relief and acceptance.

3. The third feature of the Joyaccess keyboard is its speed and delivery. This keyboard enables you to type fast with its alphanumeric keys so you can quickly access the internet, music, and the rest. The hotkeys of the keyboard do not fully support the Mac System. It will surprise you to know that both the mouse and the keyboard use just a nano receiver to save the port of the USB inserted into the computer.

4. The last feature of the Joyaccess keyboard is that it does not lag as others do. They are lag-free because they use a new chipset that is wireless called PAW 3212 which grants stability in transmitting data.


  • One of the advantages of this is the compact keyboard with its alphanumeric keypads.
  • There is no clicking sound when typing on the keyboard
  • The batteries are rechargeable which makes them convenient
  • It has a switch mechanism known as scissors that promotes a responsive typing


  • It lacks a volume control
  • It lacks the control key on the right side of the keyboard.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, these five (5) keyboards are simply the very best for your long nails. They make room for spacing such that our fingers won’t have to clash with the keys thereby causing injuries of any sort.

Now if I may ask, would you prefer your nails to get broken or chipped while making use of the keyboard or you would rather go through these keyboard reviews for long nails to pick which will be more affordable and convenient for you? The decision is yours to make.

Remember, your nails, are your pride. If you want to command authority and ooze confidence to the world at large, then let nothing put an end to those nails you adore and cherish so much, cause your nails would bring out your carriage.