5 Best Nail Clippers For Ingrown Toenails

In a world filled with glamour and beauty, our outer appearance has been singled out as a thing to be sort after. Back in the day, we humans couldn’t care less about what the world would think of us. Walking around with our dull, brittle, and ingrown toenails was seen as something not to be freaked about. However, not anymore for the world has suddenly gone passed that era.

As someone who has struggled with ingrown toenails for years, I can attest to the importance of using the right nail clippers to prevent and treat them. From sharp blades to ergonomic handles, certain features can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining healthy nails.

In this review, I will be sharing and highlighting the key criteria to look for when choosing the best nail clippers for ingrown toenails. Whether you’re dealing with chronic ingrown toenails or simply want to avoid them altogether, this guide will provide valuable insights and top product recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

Best Toenail Clippers For Ingrown Toenails

There are several nail clippers that can be used to drive away ingrown toenails, but not all of them can carry out an excellent job. For that purpose, we went for the top best to be used in treating your toenails.

1. Harperton Nippet – Precision Tool Nail Clipper Tool For Thick Or Ingrown Toenails

Harperton Podiatrist Toenail Clippers, Heavy-Duty Grooming Tool, Precision Nail Clipper for Thick or Ingrown Toenails…

From our experiences with different nail clippers, we can at least agree on the fact that the majority of the nail clippers we’ve got today don’t work effectively. We all can attest to that. The problem is that they do not cut due to the dull blades and this is where Harperton Nippet – Precision Tool Nail Clipper Tool comes into place.

Features Of The Harperton Nippet Clipper

  • One of the important features of the toenail clipper is its functionality. No doubt the Harperton is constructed to cut ingrown nails of various sizes which has turned out to be one of the very best in the world.
  • Another feature is its all-purposeful nature. It has been crafted to serve as a multi-task by means of which you could use the nippet clipper for both your finger and toenail in the aspect of trimming. I can tell you’re getting wowed by this already. Am I right? Well, it can as well serve as a short scissor for nails, a clipper for extremely sturdy nails, and assist in ridding the nails of infection when ingrown toenails are removed and properly trimmed.
  • For the third feature, we have gotten a limited guarantee period. Just like a few other stuff we get to buy online with a guarantee, Amazon has a protective cover over this nippet clipper and it’s backed by the manufacturers of the toenail ingrown clipper.
  • The last feature of the toenail clipper is that the clipper is designed for comfort. It is produced from polymers and covered with a quality material that can offer better services


  • Aside from using it for ingrown toenails, it can as well be used for treating fungus.
  • The harperton nippet clipper is sharp, and sturdy and delivers a great job
  • It’s simpler, quicker, and less painful at the time of usage.
  • There’s a warranty covering the product. It has a lifetime exchange warranty.
  • It is usually less weighty compared to some.


  • The space for cutting isn’t wide enough to fit into the nails of those with very large or big toes. Another nail clipper for ingrown toenails is.

2. Kohm KP-700 Toenail Clipper For Thick/Ingrown Nails

KOHM Ingrown Toenail Clippers for Thick Nails - 5" Long KP-700 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Toe Nail Nippers Tool for Men, Women, Seniors & Adults - Professional Podiatrist Tool


With the invention of new technologies, one has gotten to the stage where we are no longer short of expectation. One ingrown nail clipper that didn’t fail to disappoint us either is the Kohm k700 Toenail Clipper.

Features Of The Kohm K700 Toenail Clipper For Thick Ingrown Nails

  • As stated in the heading, the Kohm clipper can be used for thick nails and more importantly, ingrown toenails. So if your nails have taken a different look and shape, then hastily purchase this product to rid your toenails of any thick or ingrown nails.
  • The clipper jaws can be opened wide when tightly pressed together from the handle. Its width is calculated to be 3cm wide while the blades are designed to be sharp on both ends. The essence is to cut off ingrown toenails without much force carefully.
  • One of the best features of the Kohm k700 toenail clipper is the ability to be fully in control when in use. Its stainless grip when handling it is something worth looking forward to. With its length, it becomes easy to wrap your hands around it firmly with the requirement of little effort in controlling the clipper. Shockingly, the manufacturers designed it to allow swift traction. Also, this clipper isn’t restricted to a set of people but all adults who use either their right or left hands in working.
  • As mentioned earlier, the clipper is built to have a steel body without rubber handles like the former. With such a body, cleaning and sanitization aren’t much of a problem. And this cleaning could either be done with alcohol or a disinfectant like a spirit.


  • This product has truly lived up to its description. They cut nails that are extra thick which oftentimes can be difficult to cut.
  • It is well built to use and trim easily.


  • The blades are sharper than most toenails clippers. So much pressure isn’t exerted when cutting to avoid inflicting injuries on your nails.

3.Bcabo Upgraded 8Pcs/set Ingrown Toenail Tools Kit

Bcabo Upgraded 8Pcs/set Ingrown Toenail Tools Kit, Premium Nail Treatment Foot Tool, Ingrown Toenail Removal Correction Clippers, Surgery Grade Ingrown Toe Nail File Lifter, Professional Pedicure Tool


Another toenail clipper for an ingrown toenail is the Bcabo Upgraded 8pcs/Sets Ingrown Toenail Kit. We’ve got clippers and we’ve got mere low-grade clippers. But this right here goes beyond the specification of an ingrown nail clipper. It is one toenail clipper that does wonders for our nails.

Furthermore, it is sometimes called the “solution provider” because it carries out a low-key surgery on the toenails through DIY- Do It Yourself.

Features Of The Bcabo Upgraded Ingrown Toenail Clipper Set

  • It is seen as a home remedy for ingrown toenails going through its attached manual. You don’t necessarily have to pay for surgery to be done on your toenails, with this newest technology, you could stop the outgrown nails all by yourself.
  • The second feature is attributed to the high-grade material used to make this clipper set a success. The tools were made from quality steels of surgical materials with a finishing polish that can be used over a long period of time. These steels were made to be corrosive amidst rust and water collision.
  • If there’s one thing I so much love about this clipper is the fact that it prevents the occurrences of another infection from becoming ingrown thereby leading to fungal infection. It is done when underneath the toenails are properly cleaned with the clipper’s nail lifter in a bid to keep toenails healthy.
  • The clipper’s toenail ingrown corrector is another magnificent feature of this clipper. To achieve this, the lever mechanism of the corrector is used to divert the method of nail growth such that the nails get flattened to the extent that it becomes wide enough not to grow under the toenail.
  • The clipper correcter doesn’t apply to just a specific angle but takes different nail shapes when adjusted.
  • The last awesome feature is the additional nail filer. Looking at the displayed image, the curved long blade as seen does the job of cleaning wounded toenails, files out an ingrown toenail, or neatly cuts the ingrown toenails.

Items In The Tool Set

  • Nail Nipper
  • Nail Lifter
  • Nail File
  • Nail Pusher
  • Tweezers
  • Acne needle
  • Toenail Corrector
  • Nail Cover
  • User Manual

For the purpose of these multiple nail clippers, we’re going to simply explain to you how it should be used at your own convenience.

  1. The feet should be soaked in lukewarm water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Bring out the tools you want to use and disinfect
  3. After following the first three (3) processes, get the tool and hook the sides of the ingrown nails with the hooks (2) attached to the tool as shown in the picture.
  4. Here, you’ll implore your other hand to hold the tool, which is the middle part. After that, you twist the nut on it to fix the tool on the nail still with the help of the other hand. Also, note that you can switch directions depending on the toenail you’re operating on.
  5. You then gently deepen to the point where you no longer feel pain and there’s a sense of expansion that would continue every 10 minutes.
  6. Lastly, you take your feet from the water and dry them with a cloth or you wait for some minutes for them to be dried, to which the tool is removed.


  • With the corrector, it isn’t difficult removing the ingrown toenail over the skin instead of into it
  • It contains a shield that prevents spatters from nails once they’ve been cut or removed.


  • The nail corrector may be tedious during usage
  • The corrector doesn’t have long-lasting durability like the rest tools found in the set

4. Blue Orchid Professional Nail Nipper For Thick And Ingrown Toenails

Bcabo Upgraded 8Pcs/set Ingrown Toenail Tools Kit, Premium Nail Treatment Foot Tool, Ingrown Toenail Removal Correction Clippers, Surgery Grade Ingrown Toe Nail File Lifter, Professional Pedicure Tool

Just as the name implies, Blue Orchid Professional Toenail Clipper is one ideal clipper that gives the utmost satisfaction to any nail challenges we might be faced with.

With its Stainless Steel body, it works like a bulldozer machine in cutting off thick toenails with its 1-inch blade size. And the aftermath result exceeds that of lower grades clippers.

Feature Of Blue Orchid Professional Nail Nipper For Thick And Ingrown Toenails

  • Blue orchard professional clipper has always been known for its speed and sharpness in ridding off thick and ingrown toenails. It’s pretty much easier to handle the blades a bit curved to achieve its sole aim.
  • The toenail clipper has been designed in such a way that when held, the handles (5cm long) increase grip or adhesion to avoid slipping off your hand. The purpose is to permit control of the product.
  • One other feature of the clipper is the premium quality. Just like the former, it is rust and waterproof with its extremely sharp blades made of Stainless Steel. After use, gently wipe clean the clippers with alcohol.
  • The blue orchid clipper has in it packs a coverage made specifically for the tip of the clipper so the blades can remain intact without losing their sharpness.
  • The last feature of this clipper is the guarantee attached to it. The manufacturers have granted everyone an esteemed customer care service to all buyers to ensure maximum enjoyment for all.


  • Its sturdy dual spring action is capable of cutting through all manner of thick toenails.


  • Little precision of product

5. Modacraft Toenail Clipper For Thick/Ingrown Nails

8 PCS Toenail Clippers Kit for Thick or Ingrown Nails, Professional Heavy Duty Ingrown and Thick Toenail Clippers, Sharp Stainless Steel Nail Cutter Set Toenail Pedicure Treatment Tool for Elderly

The last best-ingrown toenail clipper is the Modacraft Toenail Clipper For Ingrown Nails. Over the years, the Modacraft toenail clipper has continuously been known to be one of the few best clippers ever manufactured. With its precision, it can accurately deliver well than average clippers.

Features Of Modacraft Toenail Clipper For Thick And Ingrown Toenails

  • The blades are made from quality steel usually found in German. The toenail clipper is accurately formed from a high carbon Stainless Steel which has the capability of resisting rust and anything irresistible.
  • Having a multi-functional clipper saves one a lot of stress. This toenail clipper wasn’t just built for one purpose but a variety of purposes. It can serve as a cuticle trimmer, as scissors for toenails, and as a toenail trimmer that trims off ingrown toenails and in a way, removes fungus from our toenails.
  • The edges of the toenail clipper are equivalent to that of a sharp knife with a 15-degree angle. This has made it easier to cut ingrown nails without getting blunt for a long duration of time.
  • Another great advantage of getting this product is that you feel relaxed and comfortable using it because it is user-friendly. The handle is constructed in such a way that you don’t have difficulty using it for it provides a firm and secure grip to allow cutting your toenails less stressful.
  • It has a warranty covering the product if not entirely satisfied with it and your money would be refunded back to you. This warranty is against defects.


  • It is a great tool that removes odor alongside the ingrown toenail
  • Less expensive


  • Little difficulty in maneuvering

Criteria for Choosing the Best Nail Clippers for Ingrown Toenails

1. Type of clipper

Look for clippers that are specifically designed for ingrown toenails or that have features that make them suitable for cutting thick or hard nails. Guillotine clippers or scissor clippers are often recommended for ingrown toenails.

2. Sharp blades

Choose clippers with sharp blades that can make clean cuts without tearing or crushing the nails. This is especially important when dealing with ingrown nails, as a sharp blade will make it easier to cut the nails without causing pain or further irritation.

3. Ergonomic handles

Look for clippers with handles that are easy to grip and that provide a comfortable and secure hold. This allows for more control and precision when cutting the nails, which is crucial when dealing with ingrown nails.

4. Precision

Look for clippers that have a precision cutting edge, as this will allow you to cut nails more effectively and avoid causing any damage to the surrounding skin.

5. Sterilization and hygiene

Ingrown toenails can be caused by infection, and using dirty or unsterilized clippers can further spread bacteria and increase the risk of infection. Look for clippers that can be easily cleaned and disinfected or those that come with their own protective case to keep them clean between uses.

6. Price

Compare prices of different brands and models, and choose a clipper that fits your budget but also meets your needs and preferences.

7. Warranty and customer reviews

Make sure to read customer reviews and check if the clipper has a warranty. A product with good customer reviews and a warranty is a good indication of its quality and reliability.

How to Use Nail Clippers for Ingrown Toenails

To properly use nail clippers for ingrown toenails, follow these steps:

  1. Clean and disinfect the clippers: Before using the clippers, make sure to clean and disinfect them to prevent the spread of bacteria. Use an antiseptic solution or rubbing alcohol to clean the blades and handles.
  2. Soak your feet: Soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes to soften the nails and make them easier to cut. This will also help to reduce pain and discomfort.
  3. Position the clippers correctly: Hold the clippers with your fingers wrapped around the handle and your thumb on the top of the clipper. Position the clipper as close to the base of the nail as possible, and at a slight angle towards the outside edge of the nail.
  4. Cut the nails: Gently squeeze the clippers to cut the nails, taking care to avoid cutting them too short or too close to the skin. Cut the nails straight across and avoid rounding the edges.
  5. Disinfect the clippers again: After use, make sure to clean and disinfect the clippers again, and store them in a clean and dry place.

Wrapping Up

In drawing the final curtain, getting the best and most suitable ingrown toenail clipper should be a key factor. For if we don’t delicately and deliberately take great care of our nails, then our appearances would suffer the brute.

So rather than watching your ingrown toenails putting a stop to your great looks thereby making you the odd one among others, why not permanently put an end to it with these best-ingrown toenail clippers?  and trust me, you would return back with greater testimonies for a trial, would convince you.