Best Nail Clippers For Weak Hands In 2020 (Buyers Guide)

Having weak hands comes with its own challenge and its something a lot of us must have faced in one way or the other or currently facing.

Having weaker hands limit you to so many things you ordinarily would have done. For example, If your hands are shaking, you’ll notice that cutting your own nails will suddenly become a nightmare for you as you wouldn’t want to try and then end up inflicting injuries on your self. So why do hands shake in the first place? Read on to know why.

What Makes Hand Weak And Shaky?

There may be other diseases that might render one’s hand to get weaker but what we’ve found out is that arthritis is the leading cause of weak hands. So what’s arthritis? Arthritis is a joint disease accompanied by swelling of one or more joints.

Having arthritis comes with pains laced with stiffness and swells of the hands and other parts of the human body which worsen as one age.

Once you notice any of such pains, its advisable that you seek the consent of your doctor as failure to do so on time might lead to the severe damage of joints which often than not can cause knobby finger joints.

Arthritis That Affects The Nails

Now you may be wondering what type of arthritis affects the nails. Well, the type of arthritis associated with our nails is psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis is the type of arthritis that usually affects the nail beds causing more than enough damage to the nails.

Early examination with a doctor, once you notice any strange looks, colouration or pains around your nail beds will prevent you from being diagnosed of having this psoriatic arthritis and other diseases associated with the human body. Now that you know the type of arthritis which affects the nails let’s now look at the signs.

Signs Of Psoriatic Arthritis

The most likely signs you’ll likely see with people with psoriatic arthritis are Onycholysis, pitting, oil spots etc. Onycholysis occurs when your nails are distant apart from your nail beds.

Pitting usually surfaced as small dots with spaces allover your nails while the small spots which are usually brownish or yellowish are called oil spots. Treating this psoriatic arthritis can be in the form of medication or the most part, through radiations.

How We Came Up With The Best Nail Friendly Arthritic Clipper

Getting the best nail clippers for weak hands comes with series of trial and errors but we don’t want you to pass through that route, for this reasons, we’ve gone through the Internet, sourced for the best and affordable arthritic friendly clippers and what we found will be made known to you in the next heading.

We didn’t just stop at that, we also went as far as asking real people that have actually suffered from arthritis to seek for their opinions in forums, chats, social media and personal interview on the best nail clippers for arthritic hands and below is what they suggested.

We are aware also that cutting your nails when you have arthritis is hard but once you have the right tool in your hand, you won’t find it that difficult to achieve a well-cut, trimmed and groomed nails. Read on as we bring to you the best and most friendly arthritis nail clippers no one has ever recommended or talked about.

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Best Nail Clippers For Weak/Arthritis Hands In 2020

While we’ve written a lot of reviews on everything nails including – Best nail files for weak nails, Best nail strengthen cream, best manicure bowl, best toe separator for pedicures, best travel manicure sets, best keyboard for long nails and a host of others, here we are going to provide you with only that which we know will be useful to you and of course, the best.

1. EasyComforts EZ Grip Nail Clippers

Trimming your nails with unsteady shaky hands can be tiring at the same time, time-consuming, we know, it hurts but here’s what we found.

Easy Grip Nail Clipper [Aff. Link] is a life-saver of a clipper because it’s designed with the user in mind. They knew it would be difficult for those with weak hands to trim their nails so they teamed up and came with a masterpiece just so you could go on with your life without worrying of how to cut your nails.

Using this clipper gives you that complete freedom as there’s a grip in place to hold your hands in position to prevent them from gliding away as ordinary clippers do.

Users who have actually used this clipper says that although the clipper is a bit long (4 inches to be precise), but they added that it makes a lot of difference and cuts through their nails swiftly without much hassle.

Others added that even though they’ve used several clippers in the past, this very one was the only one they found easy to operate and does exactly what it says.

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• Easy to use
• Great for unsteady hands
• Durable
• Comfortable


• It’s available in large size only

What We Think About It

This clipper is of good quality and very affordable with a perfect grip system in place so its a great buy for anyone with weak hands or painful joints.

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2. Happy Healthy Smart Long Handle Toenail Scissor

As the name implies, this Smart Long Handle Toenail Scissors [Aff. Link] is a perfect piece for cutting toenails. With its 8 ¼ lengths long, and angled towards the end to aid for precision cutting, it’s one among the best toenail scissors you can ever think of for those suffering from arthritis.

This awesome, tiny long-handed scissors comes in two unique colours ( turquoise and pink) which is beautifully made to serve both genders irrespective of their shapes or sizes.

Using this toenail scissors will give you the maximum comfort your deserves and cutting toenails just got even better as using it will eliminate the uneasiness that comes with using other toenail scissors made with inferior materials.

One user with first-hand experience went further to say that despite having rheumatoid arthritis, hip and knee replacement, she was able to cut her toenails after several years of trying to, by herself.


• Tight grip handle
• Less stress
• Durable
• Maximum control


• You may find it a bit hard cutting through thicker toenails.

What We Think About This

For someone with aged long arthritis, this scissors will certainly give you the reach you need with a little bending for precision cutting.

3. Easy Hold Toenail Clipper

One of the biggest challenge arthritic patient suffers with is the inability to move their hands. They find it extremely hard to grip things tight but with this clipper, your days of sorrow are long gone.

Easy Hold Toenail Clipper [Aff. Link] is fully padded with a unique design texture made of rubber that can hold your shaky hands in position for precision cutting.

Using a clipper with a feature as such gives you comfort while cutting your nails and prevents your hands from slipping off the clipper in the process unlike the ones with silver.

I have been looking for a nail clipper for my nails after I had injuries with my wrist but thankfully, I found this clipper. It’s so sharp, only needs just a single hand to press and it cuts nails perfectly clean by a happy user from Amazon.


• Rubber grip
• Precision cutting
• Very sharp
• Durable


• Much easier on finger than toes

What We Think About It

This is one of the few clippers that can cut clean, very easy to use and extremely sharp for both finger and toenails.

4. Keiby Citom Nail Clippers with 360-Degree Rotating Head

Having a clipper that rotates around in 360s without you having to twist, bend or do so much movement while cutting your nails is indeed a blessing in disguise and that’s exactly the quality of this Nail Clipper With 360-Degree Rotating Head [Aff. Link]

Purchasing a clipper like this really save you from a lot of stress as you practically won’t be changing positions to have a well-cleaned cut of either of your nails.

That’s not all, here’s another amazing quality of the clipper. It also came with long extended handles made of quality steel and extremely sharp. All of these and more is what makes it a perfect clipper for anyone with weak hands.

Here’s what a satisfied customer has to say about this clipper. For someone who has gone through major surgeries which then restricted me from bending and trimming my nails, this clipper helped me achieve that without much stress.


• It’s durable
• It doesn’t rust
• Extremely sharp blades
• Comfortable grip


• Small finger holds especially for those with fat fingers

What We Think About It

For someone with a mobility issue, using this clipper gives you the comfort you need without having to move around. All thanks to the 360 rotating head.

5. Three Seven (777) Extra Large Toenail Clipper

This Extra Large Toenail Clipper By 777 [Aff. Link] is a topnotch, award-winning clipper made with quality materials, 5.5″ long, 4mm with a handle that is big and wide enough to accommodate almost all hand sizes.

We’ve heard people complain about not getting the best from a clipper, some have even pointed out that most clippers don’t have good grip but with this, you’re assured of greater grips.

This clipper comes with beautiful rubber casing hands. Having a hand made with rubber gives room for greater grips. So with this clipper with you, you won’t have to bother about your hands slipping off each time you want to cut your nails.

Bending and cutting my toenails has never been easy for me and to think that I have arthritis in my hand makes it really difficult but with this clipper, I was able to do so without seeking assistance from anyone. A happy customer commented.


• Easy to hold (rubber grip)
• Lifetime Warranty
• Long extended handle
• Durable
• Extremely Sharp


• Clipper may slips out of the holder after several uses

What We Think About It

This clipper is easy to use and hold with good grip to prevent slipping hands. It’s also sharp enough to cut through no matter how thick your nails are so its a good buy.

6. Easi-Grip PNC-3 Peta Table Nail Clipper

This Easi-Grip Table Nail Clipper [Aff. Link] is another great option for those with limited mobility. It looks just like your ordinary clipper but with mount which makes it different.

This table nail clipper is mounted on a none slip synthetic foot which provides for a greater base with enough balance and a large lever that requires little force.

After undergoing two hand surgeries, bending my right finger to cut my left nails became a challenge but with the help of this table nail clipper, I can now cut all of my nails myself. Thanks to the team behind this clipper, a satisfied customer commented.


• Easy to use
• Little force required
• Sharp
• Lightweight


• Requires little adjustment of hands

What We Think About This

It’s well mounted and balanced for nails to be trimmed easily.  This makes it a great clipper for those with limited mobility or unsteady hands.

Best Nail Clippers For Weak/Arthritis – Buyers Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying A Nail Clipper For Your Arthritic Hands

We know sometimes it can be overwhelming to see different clippers that actually do what you want them to do but before making a purchase, here’s what we think you need to consider.

1. Easy To Use

Know that its easier to trim nails with a clipper than with a scissors but if you can function with scissors perfectly, then there isn’t any course to worry.

2. The Padding

It is a well-known fact that having arthritis comes with excruciating pains and swelling so going after cutters with no padding will worsen your condition the more.

For this reason, it’s best that you carefully select your cutter, ensuring that they have a wider and broader range of motion plus a well-defined padding and extra support system in place.

3. Stretch Limit.

This is another thing to note as well before making a decision on which cutter to go with. Always consider how best you can stretch your hands.

By stretch limits, I mean how far can you stretch your hands. If you can lengthen your hands quite alright then there isn’t anything bad with buying a cutter with short hands but if not, then you should go for those with long hands.

Now that you have gone through the list of things to consider before buying a nail cutter, let’s look at how to use them.

Steps To Follow For Effective Clipping

Ok, let’s assume you’ve gotten one of our recommended clippers for your weak hands how do you now go about using them to clip better? Well, the below steps will guide you through.

1. Start With A Clean Nails

The first step to clipping your nails involves starting with clean nails. Now, I know you may be wondering what I mean by starting with a cleaner nail, well, the truth is this. If your nails are dirty, there’s the possibility of introducing bacterial in case there’s an accidental cut.

In the case of dirt underneath your nails, you can use the curved end of the nail file to take them out also, don’t soak your nails in water for too long. It’s easier to trim hard nails than when they’re wet.

Here’s something about wet nails. They tend to split way too much so the best way we’ve found to be effective as far as cleaning your nails is concerned is to wash them very quick. A 15-20 seconds wash should be fine.

2. Clip Nails Straight Across

We know we shouldn’t say this but often times, we usually see people making the mistakes of cutting their nails in a manner we deemed not fit.

Cutting your nails straight across will prevent you from worsening your situation, not just that, it will save you the pain that comes with ingrown nails.

So as a rule of thumb, cut them across, starting from one and then rounding it up on the other ends. While at it, ensure not too cut your nails too short.

3. End It Up With A File

While you may be tempted to file your nails back and forth, the truth is, nails are to be filed only in one direction. Sawing your nails can render them weak.

Before you file your nails, ensure that you must have trimmed them to the least minimum as filling nails without trimming them down a bit will render them weak and once your nails are weak, they may begin to break or tear at any slightest opportunity.

Now that you’re done with trimming down to the filing, what you need do now is to give your hands or toe a good rinse thereafter, laced them up with your favourite moisturisers to keep them strong and healthy.

How To Care For Your Nail Clippers

Now that you’ve gotten a nail cutter, it would be best that we give you a few ways to care for them to increase its durability and maintain its sharpness.

Below are expert ways you can adopt to care for your nail cutters

1. Clean Clipper After Every Use

Cleaning your nail clipper after every use will prevent bacterial build up, rust, dirt’s etc and will enable them to last longer.

So what should I use to clean them? A piece of clean absorbent cloth will be just fine. You can also clean them with an antiseptic like Dettol to keep them safe from contamination.

2. Don’t Share Your Clippers

We know this might not sound well to you but here’s the truth. sharing nail cutters gives room for the spread of disease. So to be on a safer side, its best not to share sensitive materials like your nail cutter with friends.

Even if you must share, ensure to disinfect them first with disinfectant before using them again for your nails.

3. Keep Away From Liquids

One of the fastest ways to get your clipper to rust is by exposing them to moisture. When irons are exposed to air and moisture, they tend to rust pretty fast so do well to keep your nail cutter in a cool and dry environment, save and free from any moisture.

When Should I Trim My Nails?

Nails, depending on so many factors usually grows to the length of 3mm a month so if you found out that your nails are growing more than ever, trimming them down once in a week or two isn’t a bad idea. So to answer this question, only trim your nails when you feel like they’ve grown too long.

Can I Sharpen My Nail Clipper When They Are Dull?

Yes, nail clippers over time may become dull after several uses and may no longer cut through those nails perfectly well, so you’re to buy another or sharpen your existing cutter. If you happen to go with the second option, then here’s how to go about it.

The first thing you need to do for you to successfully sharpen your clipper is to take them apart which is pretty easy to do.

In case you don’t know how to dismantle your cutter, here’s how to. Raise the lever of your clipper up without twisting, then apply little pressure to the middle of your clipper then gently, move the lever forward to successfully dismantled it. Ensure to keep the loose pieces safe. Here’s a well-detailed article Here on How you can sharpen your clipper

What Makes A Good Nail Clippers For Weak Hands?

Clipping nails is one of the issues faced by people with shaky hands so a clipper designed with good grips for their weak hands to avoid their hands from slipping away is sure a good sign of a good clipper.

Also, since majority finds it extremely difficult to bend, going after clippers with long handles like the ones we reviewed above is also a good sign that you’re buying a clipper that you can actually use.

Wrapping Up On Best Nail Clippers For Weak/Arthritis Hands

Trimming nails for those with weak hands just got better and that’s because we’ve opened your eyes to the best clipper that have been tested and confirmed working by real people.

So all you have to do is to go over our recommendations and pick that which you think its best for you.

Now over to you, which of these nail clippers have you tried? And wish do you want to try right away? Let’s hear from you.

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