How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow ?

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How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow?

Toenails are one of the most admirable gifts given to us by mankind. They are a little sphere of our beautiful lives. Not only that, our toenails complement our physical attributes, walking us through our world and helping us to stand up to every one of our days, which in the long run can result in falling broken or worn-out nails.

Furthermore, our toenails which are embedded in our feet go through a lot of hustle and tussle every day with the bustle and duress of modern-day life. With the latest trend of wearing footwear that brings discomfort all in the name of fashion and getting into little accidents with our toes, they can often time lead to damaged nails. At such, leading to a disfigured toenails taking another period of time for regrowth.

So if you’re among those asking How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow, then here’s a quick answer for you. Toenails take quite a long while to grow back to a full nail length. When fallen off entirely, they take nothing less than 18 months for them to regrow completely.

Other times, it takes way longer than that if the nail bed has permanently being damaged. Please note that this does not apply to our fingernails, because our nails tend to grow an inch each month requiring from three to five or six months to grow back.

Also, it is studied that another reason for the slow rate of toenail growth is the lack of full circulation. Since our fingernails are closer to our hearts than our toenails, they receive a preferable circulation and more entry to nutrients and oxygen, unlike our toenails.

Lastly, toenails take more months to grow being that they are not open to constant trauma, unlike our fingernails that come in daily contact with different activities like typing, tapping on objects and so forth. Here, they’re not covered in shoes and socks but exposed all day long.

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How Long Does It Take For Toenails To Grow Back After Fungus?

The instant a toenail is ridden of fungus, new nails start off around the cuticle. The cells of the new nails would grow to a point where old worn-out cells are pushed out.

How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow

At this stage, the nails grow in one-tenth of an inch each month. However, the intensity of the infection matters here. Normally, it takes about three to six months for nails to regrow while changing old cells. For the case of infection, changes may occur in a few weeks for minor fungus, while for strong fungus which could require a complete regrowth, usually take months.

How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow

Nonetheless, the outcome can only be determined by the consistent treatment rendered against the fungus. If the toenails ain’t properly trimmed, catered for and moisturized during regrowth, it may slow down the fast growth of the toenails.

How Long Does It Take A Toenail To Grow Back After Being Ripped Off?

Having a toenail ripped off could be one of the most painful feeling ever. It naturally brings discomfort by means of the pain felt. And then, the need for the toenail to grow out becomes our first priority so one would get rid of its painfulness.

Notably, toenails do not instantly grow out after being ripped off. This is because the moment a nail is torn off from the nail bed be it injury or any sort, a complete nail sprouts out. That is, a new nail is birthed in replacement of the former.

And as such, it takes nothing less than eighteen months(18) to the toenails to grow back for they ain’t as exposed as our fingernails nor getting enough blood circulation. Hence, they grow at a slow rate taking longer than expected.

What Leads To Ripped Nails And How They Can Be Treated?

1. Injury

A slight or serious injury on our foot can instantly lead to toenails being ripped off. This accident could come in the form of a car accident, sports or any form of outdoor activity. Also, one may drop a dangerous substance on their foot which can cause damage.

When the toenail is injured, underneath of your nails abruptly changes to either a purplish or blackish colour. This result in a medical condition called subungal hematoma which provides blood underneath your toenail. And as the blood gathers under it, your nail bed may be separated from it. However, it would take some time for the toenail to be ripped off.

At this juncture, you are to inform your doctor of your present predicament for quick medication. If the surrounding areas become more painful than usual, run to the doctor to provide measures that would relieve you of the extreme pain. On the other hand, you could apply some home methods in treating your toe.

How To Treat Ripped Toenails At Home – Step By Step Guide

1. Dip your toenail in a bucket of cold water for 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Cut the rest of the nails only if they have a sharp edge.

3. Cater for the nail bed that is exposed by rubbing some antibiotic cream on them.

4. Put a new bandage around the ripped toenail, do this every day for the next one or two weeks till the softness of the skin goes away.

5. Lastly, take the right drugs as prescribed by the doctor to help relieve the pain.

For safety purposes, ensure to look around and be conscious of your surroundings when walking. Let your hands be firmly gripped to whatever you’ll be holding.

2. Fungus

When a fungus comes in contact with your nails, the infection starts in between your toenails and nail bed. Below are signs of a toenail, infected by an infection.

  • The toenails become thicker
  • Colour discolouration to be either milk or brownish
  • The nails tend to be brittle
  • Unpleasant odour emanating from toenails
  • Irregular toe shape

Moreover, it should be known that diabetes makes one prone to having a fungal infection as a result of the lack of low circulation towards the feet.

And as we grow and become older, our nails tend to be dry and thicker. This may allow breakage to nails paving a way for fungus to come in.

Treating An Infected Toenail

Fungal toenails often pose to be difficult during treatment. Therefore, it is determined by the severeness of the infection. In less serious cases, the infection may go quicker than expected. But if it is a serious case, it may take a long time to totally clear up unless when properly examined and treated.

It is at this stage that you get to know if treating the infected toenail would involve antifungal or oral medication. But then, your doctor could ask you to go for both. This would come immediately after the toenails have been checked, such that you don’t ever get infected again.

So rather than going over the counter, it is more advisable to go to a hospital and seek long lasting help. But in some cases, there may be the need to discard the toenail permanently. You could as well use this few tips below in treating infected toenails.

Infected Toenail Tips

1. Keeping a clean and dry toenail by washing them always.
2. Changing of footwear and socks often to keep infection away.
3. Sterilizing your nail clippers.
4. Avoid dipping feet in polluted and unclean water.

3. Psoriasis

This is a condition where the human skin develops patches that are dried up and itchy. It is said to be a skin problem that begins in our immune system, which can stir up infections and cold.

Psoriasis does not only appear on the skin but attacks even our toenails. Although it’s cases are the mild majority of the time without giving one much of a problem. Below are a few of the signs.

Signs Of Psoriasis On The Toenail

1. Pitting

This means making a hole in the surface of the nail. For Psoriasis leads to loss of cells from the nail plate. This makes way for holes or dents forming in your toenails. This could vary, as most persons may develop just a pit while others, multiple of pits which can be either on the face or deep in the toenail.

2. Nails growing thicker and thicker

Psoriasis can cause toenails to change in thickness and texture of nails.

3. Nails having discolouration – Either brown or yellow

When you become a victim of psoriasis, one of the glaring signs you get first is the discolouration of nails which is found at the tip of the toenail. It will extend to the nail cuticle. And this can bring bacteria into the toenails which can change the colour of the nail.

4. Nails separating from the nail bed

With psoriasis, expect nails to detach from the nail bed. That is the skin that is located below the nail plate. In the medical term, this detachment is called onycholysis leaving a vacant space underneath your nail.

5. Splitting of nails

6. Whitish spots on nails

7. The irregular shape of nails

Ways To Prevent Psoriasis

Firstly, never remove excess skin below your toenail with dangerous substances or objects, which has a high tendency of breaking your nails.

Secondly, do expose yourself to little sunlight. Exposure of the toenail to sunlight will help to prevent psoriasis. Note that too much sun on it can worsen or trigger psoriasis. But first, it is necessary to consult your doctor before taking any step further.

Thirdly, limit your intake of alcohol to avoid getting psoriasis. Too much consumption of alcohol can increase your chances of developing psoriasis.

Lastly, bath daily. When you are constantly taking your baths, the scales on your skin would be flushed out. Also, use mild soap and detest from extremely hot water that can give root to psoriasis. Now that you know how long it takes for a toenail to grow, let’s quickly look at how to grow long toenail faster.

How To Make A Toenail Grow Back Faster

For quick speedy recovery of your toenails after infection, follow through the following procedures to get maximum results.

1. The use of Clippers

Following the proper hygienic method of clipping the toenails, one can help do away with the part of the nail affected by fungus. It is advisable to get clippers of great quality to access the accuracy of the process and clipping the affected part to ensure ridding off the nail of fungus infection.

2. Sterilization

For fast growth after fungus, always keep your body clean and sterilize whatever thing or object that gets in contact with the affected toenails. Make sure your hands are carefully washed and dried up before and after touching your toenails. Aside from that, wash filers and clippers as well. They should be sterilized at all times and the toenails should also be moisturized before wearing your shoes or socks.

3. Treatment

In treating the toenails, search for that which contains the right properties for healing like antibacterial and antifungal. These can be found in different varieties of oils like coconut oil, tree oil, olive oil, etc. Lubricating the surrounding areas with these oils will boost the healing procedures, giving a faster result. For dabbing, get a cotton absorber, dip it into the oil and carefully place it gently on the areas affected by fungus. You could avoid wearing anything on the legs until the area has absorbed the oil. Or better still, you can dip your toenails into the oil poured out in a bowl for about 10-15 minutes.

4. Green Tea

For soaking of your feet, you would have to add 3 green tea bags into a warm bowl of water, leaving it to settle for a few minutes. Soon after that, get a chair and dip your feet inside the bowl. What a feeling would that be, Lol? The coziness of the water would bring you comfort while relaxing your body as the green tea in the water pacify your skin and revive the growth of the toenail. After a while, take your feet out and dry with a clean towel. Repeat this process every day while the toenail begins to grow back. Orange tea could also be of help here.

5. Supplement

For faster growth of toenail, take biotin supplements. Lack of biotin is usually the cause of brittle and low speed of nails growing. Do you want to see some changes in your nails? Take enough biotin supplements. Biotin is a vitamin B that fosters the speedy growth of nails and hair, by improving the keratin. It can be found in diverse foods.

6. Dieting

To regrow ripped or fallen nails faster, our diet would have to be tempered with. Hence for consumption, it is expedient to eat meals well prepared in a balanced diet, for perfect health. So we require enough protein to keep the whole body healthy. Like our fingernails and toenails are made of keratin which is highly proteinous, so also do we need to eat meals in the right proportion of the balanced diet.

They should include nutritious food like fruits, vegetables et cetera because a healthy balanced meal is a great way of treating your toenails. While treating nails affected by fungus, it is expected that you maintain a stable diet containing the six tables of food. These foods would facilitate toenail regrowth. They include protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and so on.

7. Cleaning of toenail

If you want to hasten the regrowth of ripped or fallen nails, be ready to engage your hands in a thorough cleansing of your body. Cleaning the feet with lukewarm water can boost a fast circulation to your toes. The essence of proper cleaning is for toenails to grow stronger. And, the foot should be carefully scrubbed when bathing and dried up. Clean around the skin and in between the toes.

8. Moisturize

The fastest and easiest way to help your toenails regrow quicker is to apply the principle of moisturizing nails on a day to day basis. If one can continuously use great feet lotion for our toenails, our nails would become healthy. You should use oils that support the fast growth of nails in moisturizing your toes as well to stop them from growing to a stage where they become dry and breakable. Here’s a link for you on How to moisturize your nails and here is another on How to moisturize dry toenails. 

Tips For Growing Healthy Toenails

The need to grow healthy strong nails has always been a food for thought for most persons. For that purpose, we’ve put together some tips on how to grow healthy nails free from nail infections.

Note: These tips apply to all irrespective of gender and the rest. Having strong, beautiful and healthy natural nails is a big deal in everyone’s life. All that would be required from you is patience and dedication to get that perfect nails you desire.

1. Trimming of nails on a frequent basis

How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow

Watch out for your toenails frequently and trim them with nail clippers at least once or twice in a month. The simple reason for this trimming is to stop bacteria and fungus from infecting nails and to also stop the ingrowth of nails. The nails should be trimmed straight and not curved and should not be too short, as leaving a few nails at the edge can help stop our toes from getting trauma.

2. Nail filer

Filling nails is one way of keeping nails healthy. Get a nail file to file out any strong toenail which can put a stop to hang, ripped off or fallen nails. However, take precautions at the time of filing. The podiatrist advised that the cuticle shouldn’t be removed to avoid complications.

3. Putting on the right sizes of footwear and socks

Wearing the right pair of shoes and fitted socks will help you in keeping your toes from feet injuries and infections. When you put on socks that are tighter than the way they ought to be, the blood going towards your feet becomes retrained, such that, your nails would be short of blood. While for shoes that don’t fit in well can cause damage toenails, blisters at the back of the feet, ingrown toenails and the rest that can prevent you from walking properly or make you feel uncomfortable.

How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow

This can lead to pressure on your toenails. But when you wear the appropriate shoe sizes and socks, you tend to stop your toenails from any sort of foot condition. In the comfort of your home, buy shoes that are made of cushion to make your toenails comfy and protected.

4. Getting a foot massage

There are three great benefits of getting a foot massage.

How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow

1. Boost blood circulation

By means of the nonmigratory lifestyle we have adopted in engaging our muscles and body to work, the feet muscles get less blood circulation through wearing of uncomfortable footwear. But 15 or 20 minutes of foot massage daily can lead to the improvement of circulation which gives a better supply of blood to the toenails to keep them healthy.

2. Prevention of Injuries

Getting our foot massaged can help rid ankle injuries, joint pain while promoting a faster recovery for injuries. At such, one should set aside a little period of time before bedtime, to massage and strengthen our ankles. If we could continue with this, then more occurrences of having foot injuries in the future can be avoided.

3. To relive the spinal cord with reflexology

The bones in our feet are connected to the spine of the body with our vertebra just under the first toe(the biggest toe). It is, however, possible to stop the pain from the spine by massaging that region for about a minute.

5. Get a foot soak

Once a while, it is necessary to go for a foot soak because they help reduce stress and can help relax the tensions in your feet as they are seen as a way of relaxing our nerves. To add to it, foot soaks remove dirt that could be hiding between the nail and the nail bed. It can also reduce the tendency of having feet that smell and foot infection.

6. Toenail Inspection

Inspection of both our fingernails and toenails should be included in our agenda. In our leisure time, one should check for changes in our nails for our nails to say a lot about our health. Any slight changes can save one’s life from getting a nail disease.

The Take-Home On How Long Does It Take For A Toenail To Grow

The regrowth of our toenails does vary according to the level of damage which may be a mild or a serious injury or infection. However if only one is faithfully willing to adhere to the following remedies and tips highlighted above, then your nails would grow faster, better and healthier than ever before.

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