Is Castor Oil Good For Nails? Find Out Now

Is Castor Oil Good For Nails?

The idea of cleaning and manicuring our nails wasn’t seen as a thing to be worried about. Our nails were less of an importance to us all because we were engrossed and preoccupied with other tasks, thereby paying less attention to them.

But fortunately, as we became more and more developed and exposed, we began to see numerous and undeniable reasons to care for our God-given nails. At such, different methods and measures were being thought of to help give our nails the beautiful looks it desires.

Consequently, the idea of using oil for our nails was generated in a bid to help grow and give that glossy look to our nails. To answer the question which says “Is Castor Oil Good For Nails”? Let’s find out what castor oil is, and it’s functionality.

What Is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that has a transparent liquid with a yellowish colour which often than not can be found among household products. It is seen among products for cleaning and painting. Castor oil is a peculiar type of triglyceride fatty acid, with a large per cent of fatty acidic properties known as ricinoleic acid, which is an undiluted omega-9 fatty acid.

Is Castor Oil Good For Nails
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Castor oil is derived from a plant called Ricinus Communis, also known as the castor oil plant. This is achieved through processing the seeds of the castor plant and pressed into a multi-purpose blushed vegetable oil, accompanied by an easily Distinguishable taste and smell. With modern medicines acclamation of providing solutions to all illnesses, castor oil has become famous for its vague uses in our body.

Just like the beneficial elements embedded in Coconut oil, so is the castor oil. They make moisturised nails to be smoother, more elegant and stronger. Since castor oil is such an astounding lubricant for nails, it doesn’t only make nails to be in good health, but help them stay healthy. And when they are properly moisturised, they end up not having broken edges since they will be soft and less brittle. Since this fantastic oil does wonders on our nails as they rid them of fungus, no doubt castor oil is the best alternative to use on nails.

Is Castor Oil Good For Nail Growth?

Quite a number of oil are substantial for building up and nourishing nails and alleviating split cuticles. Oils like Vitamin E, which is known for strengthening nails, tea tree oil and olive seed oil which are used for treating nails. However, for today, we would be considering castor oil as an agent for nail growth.

Is Castor Oil Good For Nails

With every oil, it is suitable to know that which would not only cleanse our nails but makes it shiny and give it that satisfying look. Castor oil has a way of treating, enhancing and beautifying our nails. It is a well-known nail agent that promotes and fasten nail growth.

Castor oil also is conventionally used as an antidote for curing all sorts of skin problems and diseases, soothing constipation, and increasing the growth of nails. Nonetheless, a research carried out has revealed that castor oil can often than not be used to balance the immune system, and it’s an anti-inflammatory agent, antimicrobial agent, and lymphatic stimulant.

However, the most prominent function of this castor oil is to humidify hardened and damaged nails, to repair the health of the nails and to fight fungal infections on our nails.

Is Castor Oil Good For Brittle Nails?

Let’s quickly give an introduction to brittle nails. Nails have a persistent cycle of growing and splitting day in, day out due to the vigorous menial works we engage in or even the chores we do. Notwithstanding, our surroundings can also lead to our nails getting weaker and less susceptible, making them slightly crispy. Likewise, brittle nails occur for diverse reasons.

Reasons Why We Suffer From Brittle Nails

1. Ageing: Nails have this tendency of changing as we grow older and older with the nails having a dull look and getting thinner. For the toenails, we see them getting more harder and thicker.

2. Excessive use of nail polish: When we use nail polish regularly, they grow into brittle nails, thereby becoming inflexible.

3. Cold weather can result in dryness of our nails: This is so because, during winter, the cold temperature reduces the softness of the nails, causing dehydration. With this, they began to split quicker than usual.

4. Health-related issues can cause brittle nails: It is said that the state of our nails says quite a lot about us. Whatever affects the growth or outward look of the nails may indicate health challenges.

Causes Of Dry Brittle Nails

For those with extremely dry, brittle nails, continuous washing and cleaning of nails after washing is the major causes. While on other occasions, soft, brittle nails are a result of excessive wetness caused by exposure to washing powder, and nail dissolver. So if we are to answer the question above us, the answer would be Yes.

Verdict: Castor oil is one of the best treatments for brittle nails. Using castor oil for the nails would contribute immensely to our nails to make them healthier, softer and beautiful. Also, castor oil performs two essential functions. Firstly, when used, it acts actively on the nail, including the cuticle while secondly, using castor oil will soothe the pain coming from the cuticles, repairs and treat your nails for better growth.

What’s In Castor Oil?

Castor oil has a high percentage of Ricinoleic acid. It contains Omega nine, which is present in castor oil. This ricinoleic acid is the main integral part of castor oil and the triglyceride of the ricinoleic. Being gotten from the castor fatty oilseed of the family of the Ricinus Communis, it contains a gruesome amount of glycerides of ricinoleic acids, having the little origin of dihydroxy stearic acid.

This ricinoleic acid repairs dry and damaged nails after the application of the castor oil. After this application, the nails and cuticles appear less sensitive and stronger.

Moreover, castor oil contains some antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal elements that aid in removing the dirt on the nails that are slowing its proper growth.

Furthermore, it has a high concentration in protein and some omega fatty acids. The combination of both saturate our nails and support the speedy growth of nails. Plus, it’s highly concentrated in Vitamin E, which boosts the health of nails.

Below are a few of what is in this wonder oil – castor

1. Protein

Facts have shown that 75 per cent of our body is made up of protein, including the cells that formed them. Hence, the lack of adequate protein in the body can lead to split nails. So take in more of proteinous food while moisturising your nails with castor oil.

2. Fatty acid

A fatty acid is a sub lubricant and moisturising agent for nails, giving them an attractive look. These fatty acids remove redness and swellness of the nail bed, which maintains and fosters the healthy growth of the cells that give rise to the nail plate. But then, dry and split nails could occur by a lack of fatty acid.

3. Vitamin E

It has been discovered that castor oil carries some elements of Vitamin E supplements that can stop yellowish nails which results in stripped and broken nails. Castor oil’s application benefits include healthier and beautiful nails preventing slit and damaged cuticles surrounding the nail bed.

Reasons Why Vitamin E Is Present In Castor Oil For Healthy Nails

There is no worst feeling than having brittle nails and not wanting to grow long nails for fear of them splitting every minute. You also have this feeling of using nail polish on them because of their yellowish colour which in the long run, would lead to the nails getting weaker and weaker. Nevertheless, one of the best solutions to this is castor oil.

Applying castor oil straight onto your nail bed and cuticles can improve your nail growth within a short time. Noteworthy is that the virtue patience and sustainability should be subscribed because using natural products may take a little while to meet your desires but have a unique effect on your nails in a couple of weeks. So below are ways castor oil can act as one of the best natural methods for your healthy nails.

1. Vitamin E oil carries antioxidants that guide the nails from withering and changing its yellowish colour to normal colour as they become fit.

2. Vitamin E repairs nails and cuticles that have been damaged by excessive nail polish and the use of acetone.

3. Vitamin E oil restores to health dry nails.

4. When castor oil that contains Vitamin E is applied to the nails, it helps to build up brittle nails.

5. When also used, blood circulation is hastened, which boosts nail growth.

Benefits Of Castrol Oil

Castor oil has three enormous benefits to the nails because of its richness in, Ricinoleic acid, Protein, Fatty acid, and Vitamin E. Below are some of the few things you stand to gain.

Is Castor Oil Good For Nails

1. Moisturiser

A fascinating fact about castor oil is that they do perform magic on the nails, making them pulpy or flexible and fully hydrated. The oil moisturises the cuticles as well to ensure the smoothness of nails.

2. Boost

Castor oil boosts nails and keep them whippy and thus making the nails more comfortable to be manicured irrespective of the length you want. Rub the castor oil and watch your nails changing in weeks to come. For your nails would look strengthened and the tips a bit strong and whitish.

3. Nail Maintenance

Daily application of castor oil on the brittle nails and dried cuticles, gives a long-lasting treatment on the nails and cuticles because it is one of the best oil there ever is. For some, the texture may want to restrain them from using the oil. However, it is a great protective agent for fragile nails that need proper maintenance and shielding. It is an excellent moisturising agent that can help revive the flow of blood to nails.

Where To Buy Quality Castor Oil For Nails

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How To Apply Castor Oil To Your Nails

Applying castor oil to your nails is a simple procedure that requires a little amount of time.

One, rub castor oil on the cuticles and nails and allow it to soak in after some hours. During this time, you could decide to watch TV or even sleep off but ensure that the oil doesn’t wipe off. But if you are in haste, you can choose to leave the castor oil on the nails for a short time and remove once you feel it’s adequately soaked. Otherwise, it will stick to the nail and peel off once it is dried.

In ridding the nails of infection, damaged cuticles on your nail bed and dry nails, pour a quarter amount of castor oil into a bowl and mix with some spoons of water. Dip your nails in it and soak for 15 – 20 minutes and keep repeating this procedure daily when you are less busy. As long as you keep following this, the antifungal, protein, Vitamin E and ricinoleic acid present would help to renew and strengthen your nails.

Also, Castor oil can be used to massage the nails. You can begin to massage your nails once they are well cleaned by pouring a few drops of the oil into a cotton pad and then, using it to massage the nails gently.

Is Castor Oil Good For Nails And Cuticle?

If you’re looking for an oil that is efficient enough for your nails and cuticle, then Castor oil is your best bet. This oil from castor seeds contains fatty acids, protein and vitamins. The vitamins in castor oil contain antioxidants which can help to fight or prevents yellowing of nails. Another great thing about this vitamin is that it can as well helps to repair worn-out cuticles and nails that have been damaged as a result of excessive usage of nail polish.

Is Castor Oil Good For Nails Fungus?

Well, it has not been scientifically proven that the oil from Castor seeds can cure nail fungus but what we do know is that the leaves of the plant, contains a bit of antibacterial and antifungal properties which when applied on bare nails is capable of curing nail fungus in no distance time.

How To Whiten Your Nails With Castor Oil

The first step involves getting castor oil with lemon juice. And in preparing the paste to be applied on the nails, pour castor oil into a glass(1/2 of the glass), and add a little drop of the lemon juice.
The second step is soaking the nails in the paste for 10-12 minutes and drying with a clean cloth or towel.

Conclusion On Is Castor Oil Good For Your Nails

It is ideal to note that our nails are our pride. If you want to have the best natural nails, there is, then you must be willing to make lots of sacrifices. Getting beautiful and glowing natural nails means giving your nails the treatment it deserves, which is why I strongly recommend that you should apply castor oil on them to make them healthier, more elegant and firmer. Why not give this a try today? You would thank us later.

I hope this article, Is Castor Oil Good For Nails has provided answers to your question. So if you’ve learned a thing or two from it, kindly help us by clicking on the SHARE buttons located underneath this post.

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