how to moisturize dry toenails

How To Moisturize Dry Toenails : The Complete Guide

How To Moisturize Dry Toenails: When it comes to the science of moisturizing nails, it is always a rule of thumb to moisturize them daily.

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While that might not be true to some persons, One thing is certain, which is, it does go a long way in protecting your nails from getting brittle.

how to moisturize dry toenails
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Pro Tips: You can only prevent your nails from peeling every now and then when you moisturize nails and cuticles daily. To moisturize means to keep them oiled and make them less dried.

It doesn’t just end there, it also helps to keep the overall look of your nails healthy and sparkly.

Now you may be thinking that you’ve been doing that for quite some time now yet, you still suffer from dry nails?

Well, if that’s what you came here for or you probably want to know the way out of the predicament, this article might just be what you need.

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How To Moisturize Dry Brittle Toenails

Learning how to moisturize toenails or fingernails so that they won’t get dried unnecessarily is something a lot of us are already familiar with.

how to moisturize dry toenails
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But the question should be

how often do we do that? Or I should probably ask.

Do you even know how to moisturize your nails?

Or maybe I should try to be more polite and ask.

What do you use to moisturize your nails?

Any answers to those questions? OK let me help you out.

Know this, what you use to moisturize matters a lot. Not all creams or essential oil works best for nails.

Even if they do work, knowing how to successfully use them to get the required result is very crucial.

Here’s a post I wrote a few weeks back on how to moisturize nails. You really should check it out.

And here’s is another on the best way to clean your nails.

Although I’ve written a post already on moisturizing your nails, in this article, I’ll be focusing more on moisturizing dry toenails.

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During moisturizing, a lot of us only pay attention to the finger thereby neglecting those of the toes.

how to moisturize dry toenails
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They do so because they’re not aware of the numerous complications that might arise as a result of not doing the right thing.

Hear this, toenails are as important as our fingernails and as such, they should be treated the same.

Over the years, research has shown that in every 10 nail enthusiast, only 3% do moisturize their toenails..

Although this has not been scientifically proven but it does make a lot of sense. Don’t you think so?

OK let me ask

When was the last time you took out time to moisturize your nails?.

Don’t lie.

You see, this alone has proven the findings to be true.

It is for this reason that I’ve taken out time to teach you how to moisturize your dry toenails and be happy again.

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Before I dive fully into the step by step procedures on how to moisturize brittle or dry toenails, here’s what you should know.

Facts About Toenails You Should Know

moisturize dry toenails
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1.  Toenails give us balance: If not for our toe, movement and balancing would have been a different story entirely. Don’t you think so?
2. They act as a breeding environment for fungal infection.
3. Toenails are the second dirtiest part of the body because they harbour microbes more than any other part.
4. They are the modernize form of claws in humans.
5. If you lost a toenail, it will take approximately 6 months for them to grow back.
6. Ingrown nails are the major cause of toenails fungus.

With that being said, lets quickly look at healing damaged nails.

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How To Heal Damaged Nails     

The first step to healing damaged nails is to identify the kind of damage done to the nails.

Knowing this will not only save you from worsening the situation, but it will also save you from spending unnecessarily.

Also, once you’ve figured out the kind of damage done, invariably,  you’ve solved half of the problem.

For example, if they’re green or yellow colouration after examining the nails, then it’s a fungal infection.

To solve fungal infection, you’ll need a lot of patience as they can be a bit stubborn. Here’s a post on how to treat nail fungus.

Then if it’s a cut probably across the nail bed, all you need are some quick DIY

Here’s what you should do.

1. Soak the affected nails in a solution containing warm water and salt.
2. This helps to soothe the pain and prevent them from getting infected.
3. Rub some anti-fungal cream on it. If after about 3 days and there is no sign of improvement, see a doctor.

What Causes Dry Toenails?

Although there are lots of reasons why your toenails which were in good health suddenly becomes dry.

The obvious reason here is as a result of fungal infection. When this happens, the toenails thicken and becomes hard and dry.

Having said that, we can now dive in and discuss our subject matter.

How To Moisturize Dry Toenails: The Ultimate Guide

The first approach to take when planning on giving your toenails some treat is to start with a soak.

how to moisturize dry toenails

Yeah, you heard me right, a soak is that which should be done first before every other thing. Soaking the toes helps to keep them soft and ready to be moisturized.

Here’s how to do it

1.  Fill a bowl that is big enough to accommodate your toes with warm water.
2. Add a few salts to it depending on the size of your bowl
3. Insert your toes on it. Let them sit comfortably for 15 minutes
4. After which, you can then trim your nails out.

Trimming your toenails properly is a basic requirement to prevent ingrown toenails. Ingrown nails when not properly trimmed can become an avenue for fungal infection.

I know you may be thinking by now what ingrown nails actually means, well here is a little information for you.

What’re Ingrown Nails?

When nails bend inwardly through the sides of either our fingernails or toenails, such nails are referred to as ingrown nails.

Does that answer your question or we should explain further? OK good.

How Painful Are They?

The pains that accompany ingrown nails is something I wouldn’t wish for anyone to have. aside from the pains, they act as breeding grounds for numerous infections to our nails

How Then Is The Best Way To Trim Them?

One of the most actionable ways to trim them is to cut them across using a pair of scissors or nail clipper. while at it, be very careful not to harm yourself in the process.

how to moisturize dry toenails

During trimming, be sure to look at for signs like colouration, nail thickening etc.

If they are any visible signs, discontinue the soaking process and see a doctor at once.

But if they’re no visible signs of any, you can then proceed to the next step.

Now that you’ve cleaned your toenails, its now time to moisturize them.

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Steps On How To Moisturize Dry Toenails

how to moisturize dry toenails
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The first step to take is to decide on the choice of moisturizer you intend using.

When choosing a moisturizer, you should always look at for moisturizers that contain at least 50 % fats or lipids. Most recommended on our list is coconut oil or Shea butter.

The reason why we’re recommending these two among many is that they are what we’ve been using.

And to think of it that they both have anti-fungal and antiviral properties is just mind-blowing.

So now that we’ve decided to go with any of the aforementioned oil, how then can we use them?

You can use them in two ways. But for the sake of time, I’ll not dwell much on them.

Here’s an article that talks about Soaking nails on essential oils (natural home remedy)

Now that you have your oil in your hand, your feet are now dried. It’s now time to moisturize your toenails.

All you need is

1. Take little quantity of the oil and then place them over your cuticles and toenails.

2. Using your finger, run the oil through starting from the cuticle and then, down to your nails.

3.  Do this for 5 minutes then finally, leave some oil on them.

Doing this regularly will not only take your annoying dry toenails to a wonderful sight of attraction, it will also keep them healthier.

Dry Nails Causes 

There are a lot of things that make one’s nails to get dry unnecessary. One of them is using acetone nail polish remover.

This polish remover has active elements capable of stripping the nails off its oils leaving them all messed up.

More so, using harsh hand sanitizers can as well lead to dry nails.

Treatment For Dry Nails                  

If your nails are dry or brittle, it’s likely that you’re suffering from a nutrient deficiency or you don’t moisturize them often.

Either way, the best way we’ve found helpful is to try as much as possible to avoid overexposure to water.

Overexposure of nails to water cause nails to go dry. The best way to remedy this is to moisturize more.

Dry Toenails Treatment

The only sure and reliable ways to treat dry toenails is to moisturize more.

Aside from that, you should also look through your diet to see what you’ve been missing.

Have you been taking too much carbohydrate or you don’t each as much biotin food as you need to? These are some of the things to consider.

Best Oil For Dry Nails

If you’re looking for the best oil for your dry toenails or essential oil for your nails, then you should consider using any of the below

Olive oil
• Jojoba oil
• Argan oil
• Vitamin E oil
• Almond oil

All of the above oils are great for your nails plus they also help to fight against fungal infection.

General Care For Toenails And Feet

how to moisturize dry toenails
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1.  Always keep in-between your toes and feet dry. Keeping them dry will prevent them from infection.

2. Avoid walking barefoot in a wet environment especially in public places.

3. Take out time to massage your feet at least once a day. This enables blood to flow to your nails.

4. Avoid wearing shoes that are way too tight. Your toe deserves to breathe.

5. The best way to trim toenails is to cut them across and be gentle.

6. Wear socks made of wool. this is the best because they can absorb sweats. aside that, avoid wearing dirty socks.

The Take-Home On How To Moisturize Dry Toenails

At this point you ought to have read that moisturizing dry toenails helps in a number of ways if done properly.

During moisturizing, be sure you’re using the right essential oil as not all oil do well for our toe.

Simply put, the choice of oil indeed matters a lot when planning on giving your dry toenails the best treat ever – to keep them healthy always.

When gunning for the right oil, you should consider things like, how easy it is to get, how expensive it is and most importantly, if it contains 50% lipids.

Most recommended within our arsenal is coconut oil. This wonder oil does not only keep the toe healthy it also prevents it from getting dry.

More also, you can as well opt-in for some quick DIY using either Jojoba, coconut or Argan oil.

These oils are an excellent choice too for extremely dry toenails. for this reason, you should make them a part of your life.

Now that you’ve learnt the right way to give your toenails the right treatment, we hope you’ll start doing that right away?

Over to you, what do you use to moisturize your dry toenails? how often do you moisturize them? Also, if you’ve learnt something new today, don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends using the buttons below.