When To Use Nail Oil In Manicure? Find Out Now

The best treatment you can ever give to your fingernails is to pamper them to a manicure section. During this period, your fingers which look bare is automatically transformed to suit your personality.

As exciting as this section is, they are still a few questions that a beginner who is just getting their fingernail manicured will want to ask or know.

They may want to know, for example, things like when to use nail oil in manicure, is it after or before? And the obvious, when to use a base coat and a top coat and the list goes on and on.

So if you’re among those asking questions like When is the right time to use nail oil in manicure, here’s an answer for you. The best time to use a nail oil in manicure is right after your fingernails has been manicured. Here are my reasons.

Oily nails won’t get nail polishes to adhere or stick properly. In most extreme cases, it may cause or lead to chipping. So what’s now the best way to go about this? Applying it after a manicure is the best.

Still curious as to what a nail oil is, let’s go straight over it right away.

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What Is Nail oil?

In a layman’s language, a nail oil is an oil that is designed explicitly for nails and cuticle. In other words, any fat that can help moisturise your nails and cuticle can be said to be a nail oil.

When To Use Nail Oil In Manicure

A typical example is Cuticle Oil By Bee Natural (Click link to view price on Amazon). Cuticle oil helps keep your nails, cuticle and skin hydrated. Cuticle oil as you already know is a product from vegetable oil with a few vitamins plus citric acid.

Other forms of nail oil include Argan, Jojoba, Coconut, Olive, Vitamin E and Tea tree oil. These oils, when applied to nails, can help revamp dry skin, peeling cuticle and improve the overall health of your nails.

For example, if you just got your nails done, applying any of the above oil on your manicured nails can help nail polish last longer.

Benefits Of Using Nail Oil

If you’ve not been using nail oil on your nails, then you should consider doing so today because of the benefits loaded in them. Below are just a few of what you stand to gain.

When To Use Nail Oil In Manicure

1. Applying nail oil on your nails can add a day or two to your already manicured finger.

2. They can treat and restore dry peeling cuticle to normal.

3. They can also help to protect your nails and cuticle against infection because they contain antimicrobial properties.

4. Applying these oil on your nails with little massage can increase the rate of circulation(More circulation equates more nail growth)

5. They can as well be used to strengthen extremely brittle nails.

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How To Apply Nail Oil To Your Nails

They are various ways in which you can apply this oil to your nails depending on what you want the oil to do for you. If you’re after growing your nails out, then you should apply it 3-4 times a day.

Here’s how to effectively apply them to grow your nails

1. First, you should start by taking nail polishes off your hands; that’s if you have any. If they’re none, then you can proceed to the next step.

2. Wash your hands properly, ensure that they are no visible stains on your nails after which, dry them with a towel.

3. Lay your hands with your nails facing upward, then gently apply the oil over your nails.

4. Upon application, gently walk the oil through with a little massage using your fingertip. Ensure that you massage the skin around your cuticles too because beneath it is where the whole growth thing starts.

5. Repeat by applying the oil one more time then leave the oil on your nails. For effective results, allow the oil to stay on your nails. (You can put on gloves to avoid staining your bedsheets)

Another way you can apply this oil is just after doing the dishes or laundries. The reason why I recommend doing this is that overexposure of nails causes them to split, break or brittle.

Where To Buy Quality Nail Oil

They may be lots of online stores that sell nail oil, but only a few sell oils made up of high quality so if you’re looking for high-quality Coconut, Argan or Olive oil, Amazon.com should be your best bet. But if you want us to recommend for you, then this Nail Oil By Bees Natural has it all (Aff. Link)

What Is Nail Oil Used For?

Nail oil as you may already guess is a special kind of oil used to moisturise your nails and skin surrounding your cuticle. This oil can as well shield and protect your nails from infections because of its antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Does Nail Oil Work?

Absolutely YES. Applying nail oil to your nails can help lengthen your nails, hydrate and keep your nails and cuticle in shape and helps prevents them from infection.

Which Oil Is Best For Nails?

Any oil can do wonders to your nails but what I’ve found over the years testing various oil is that Coconut oil has done more good to my nails than any other oil you can think.

For example, Coconut oil has helped me grow my nails out to an insane length, restore peeling or dry cuticles and keep the overall health of my nails intact.

What Oil Is Best For Dry Nails?

If your nails are dehydrated, I recommend that you should go after oils with lots of fats. Oils like Coconut (Aff. Link) and Olive oil can help revamp and restore your dry nails to its original state.

How Long Does Cuticle Oil Take To Dry?

The time it takes for cuticle oil to get fully absorbed by your nails is somewhat between 2-3 hours.

Can I Use Argan Oil As Cuticle Oil?

Sure. Both oils help protect your cuticles and make your nails grow out healthier, shinier and stronger.

The Take-Home On When To Use Nail Oil In Manicure

As you already know, applying nail oil to your manicured finger indeed does a lot of good to your nails. For example, it can add 1-2 extra days to your manicure.

Aside manicure, It can also help you to grow long nails in no time, especially when done with a light massage and left to stay on your nails overnight.

So if you haven’t been doing that, you should consider doing so as from today. Not only will it make your manicure last longer but will also keep your nails hydrated and prevent infection from coming anywhere close to your nails.

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