10 Easy Work Appropriate Nail Designs For Short Or Active Length Nails

Nail Designs For Active Length Nails: They are lots of ways you can make a statement in this Twenty-first century, with your nails, but that’s dependent on your nature of work.

For example, if you’re a corporate worker whose work involves punching keys, keeping active length nails with not too dramatic nail shapes and designs will enable you to do your job effectively.

Before I go straight to show you some cool nail designs for active length nails, let’s first familiarise ourselves with what active length nail entails, best nail shapes for active nail lengths, and some excellent manicure possibilities for your active length nails.

What’s An Active Length Nails?

An active length nail is an appropriate nail length for work. In other words, any nail length that exceeds 5mm will begins to create some inconveniences for you, especially if your work is centred around using your nails often like typing.

Below is how an active nail length should look like

Nail Designs For Active Length Nails

Other Activities That Requires Active Nail Length Includes

1. Playing the guitar

2. Construction work.

3. Typing

1. Playing the Guitar

If playing the guitar is your hobby, then you obviously can’t function well with long-ass nails, and that’s because they’ll undoubtedly come in your way. So you should keep them relatively short and well-trimmed.

2. Construction Work

Are you into construction? Or you work at a place that involves using your hand often? No matter how careful you can be, if your nails are way too long, you may continuously hit them against a hard object which may cause them to break or split. So the shorter you keep them (your nails), the less likely they’re going to cut or tear.

3. Typing

Typing is another reason you should keep an active nail length. The longer your nails, the more stressful it will be to type fast. So if you don’t want anything to come between your typing speed, keep your nails relatively short.

Best Nail Shapes For Active Length Nails

Your nail length may be relatively short, but often, you still find it extremely hard to do things with them. Why is it so?

The reason is because of the nail shape you went after. Surprisedly, nail shapes is that which dictates what and how you can use your nails.

So if you’re looking for the best shapes to go after for your actual nail length, you should consider these nail shapes below.

1. Oval

2. Squoval

3. Square

4. Round

5. Almond

Any nail shapes aside the ones listed above will create some difficulties and functioning with them will be somewhat hard. Here’s an article on the Different Nail Shapes to guide you.

Nail Designs For Active Length Nails

You’ve got an actual nail length, and you’re here probably because you want to try out some cool designs on your nails. If this sounds like you, then congratulations.

I’m congratulating you because I’ve got some awesome nail art ideas you can try right away for your active length nails.

So without further ado, I present to you my all-time nail designs for those with appropriate nail length.

1. Glossy White Nails

For those that love all things bright, this nail designs is undoubtedly for you as it doesn’t cost much and to think that anyone (you don’t have to be a Pro) can do it is mind-blowing.

Nail Designs For Active Length Nails

2. Nude With Floral Arts

If keeping it simple yet stylish is your thing, then this awesome fresh floral prints is definitely for you. With a piece of nude polish on your nails and with the right nail art tools, you’re on your way to getting some cool nail designs; everyone would forever cherish.

Nail Designs For Active Length Nails

3. Deep Green Nail Design

Here’s another mind-blowing nail art for the millennial mum. This nail art might look simple, but it does take some efforts to get it done. With some Nude polish plus a few glitters or rhinestones, you’re unto creating something beautiful.

Nail Designs For Active Length Nails

4. Deep Blue Nail Arts

Here is another easy nail art you can do at home, but then, you have to be creative while at it. With the right tools and a little bit of time, I’m pretty sure you’ll get it right.

Nail Designs For Active Length Nails

5. Black N White Inspired Nail Designs

You can never go wrong with the endless nail art possibilities you can create just with black and white nail polish and the below picture says it all.

Nail Designs For Active Length Nails

6. Dark Navy Blue Designs With Gold

Here are another mind-blowing nail designs you can try with two colours, a dark navy blue polish and gold polish.

Nail Designs For Short Nails

7. Lavender With Royal Purple

Here’s another way you can beautify your hands. If you aren’t a fan of lavender, you can decide to be creative with another colour plus a few drops of colours here and there. ( For example, a white base coat and some black dots will make do for cool nail designs)

Nail Designs For Short Nails

8. Cat Inspired Designs

And these are for the Cat lovers. With a nail arts like this, you Cat can’t help but have mad love for you. So if you love your cat as much as I loved mine, then this is the right time to prove that love.

Nail Designs For Short Nails

9. Panda Nail Art

For the Panda freak, here’s a little something for you to try on your nails. Isn’t it cute? I bet you’re already in the mood so while not go straight to give this cute nail art a try today.

Nail Designs For Short Nails

10. Dots Nail Arts

Here is another easy nail art that will blow you off. Looks charming right? Why not go ahead and give it a try?

Nail Designs For Short Nails


Who says you can’t slay just because what you have is an active nail length? Well, you really can, and that is exactly what this article has opened your eyes to.

So no matter the nail length you think you have, they are some fresh excellent manicure possibilities you can try almost immediately to add that aesthetic beauty to your bare nails.

So the next time you’re looking for some nail art inspiration or ideas, don’t forget to refer to this post or this blog because I’ll be updating this article daily with fresh nail arts ideals as they come.

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