Best Nail Growth Oil In 2020 And Beyond (Buyers Guide)


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Nail Growth Oil – The Perfect Way To Grow Healthy, Looking Nails.

There may be lots of stuff out there that promises to grow one’s nails in no distance time, but what I’ve found out over the years to be true is that the best way to grow your nails out is by using nail growth oil.

These oils are otherwise called essential oil. Essential in the sense that they are what your nails need for them to grow out healthy, strong, and beautiful.

So if you’re still wondering or thinking of a nail growth product that actually works, this guide on some of the best nail growth oil is what you need to see. Read on.

Best Nail Growth Oil In 2020 And Beyond

There’s absolutely no need to go over to Google and be searching for the best oil for nail growth because this article has done justice to that for you.

All you need do is, go over these wonder oil that has been carefully handpicked by us and confirmed to deliver great results in weeks. Below are our all-time nail growth oil that is sure to help you get that dream nails effortlessly.

1. Coconut Oil – Best Oil For Nail Growth [Recommended]

Nail Growth Oil

I was quite doubtful at first when my friend introduced me to this wonder oil for my nail growth, but after using it to grow my nails, i now know why it’s everyone’s favorite.

In fact, Coconut oil over the years has indeed wreck wonders in the life of those that are privileged to savor the benefits loaded in it.

This oil can be used as part of a beauty regime, for cooking and the most obvious, to grow and hydrate your nails and cuticle.

Main Feature

Its saturated fatty acids, coupled with vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals embedded in it, make it a perfect booster for your body.

The hydrating and penetrating power of this oil cannot, in any way, be compared to other oil. It is so light that it can penetrate your skin and keep your nails and cuticle hydrated all day.

Also, it’s moisturizing power can help fight against brittle nails, which usually result in broken nails. By so doing, your nails will not only grow out but will keep them in the best shape ever.


√ It helps to strengthen and keep your nails hydrated all-day
√ Helps to fight against any fungus attack
√ It helps fight dry cuticles and speeds how your fingernails grow.
√ It’s loaded with lots of ingredients needed for nail growth.


√ It can clog skin when used excessively so it should be used sparingly

Where To Buy Quality Coconut Oil/Our Recommendation

There may be lots of coconut oil out there, but not all of them can grow your nails.
For these reasons, We recommend that you should use this Fractionated Coconut Oil [You can check the price out on Amazon]. This one is designed explicitly for nails and as such, should do the magic.

2. Cuticle Oil – Best Alternative For Nail Growth And To Heal Dry Cuticle [Viewers Pick]

Nail Growth Oil

We did a survey some time ago on what our visitors think about using Cuticle oil, the result we got was mind-blowing.

80 % reported that by just applying this oil on their nails, they were able to grow their nails to some reasonable length.

Others reported that with the oil at hand, they were able to heal their dry cuticle. After so much testing and all that, we were forced to add this magic oil, as an alternative to nail growth.

For an oil to be used to grow nails, such oil must be able to penetrate your cuticle. And that’s precisely what this oil is made for.

Main Features

As the name implies, cuticle oil is a fat-based oil, made from a vegetable with a blend of vitamins and other ingredients in it.

Its primary function is to restore cuticles that have undergone some sort of harsh condition, be it dry or cracked, to normal.

Its moisturizing effect is strong enough to penetrate and hydrate your cuticles and nails, which in turn can trigger how your fingernails grow.

Aside from that, in it is a special ingredient capable of promoting the health of your overall nails and also, a perfect oil that can help you fight against any traumas.


√ It can help restore and give life to your cuticle
√ It’s moisturizing and hydrating effect is second to none
√ A perfect remedy to strengthen and heal cracked and rigid cuticle
√ It can also help protect your cuticle and nails from any fungus attack.


√ If you’re that type that doesn’t like seeing oil all over your nails, then it can be somewhat messy

Where To Buy Cuticle Oil Of High Quality/What We Sworn By/Recommends

Quality is everything when it comes to nail growth oil. That’s why we always recommend our users to go after nail products such as Bee Natural Cuticle Oil [You can check the prise out on Amazon]. This oil has proven to do all that he says and to think that it contains if not all essential oil is just mind-blowing.

3. Olive Oil – Best Nail And Cuticle Softener

Best Nail Growth Oil

If you’re looking for an oil that is efficient for softening and growing your nails, then you should consider investing in quality olive oil.

This oil – from olive is not just for cooking alone but also a perfect go-to oil for your everyday nail care routine.

In fact, a drop of this oil can do more good for your nails health than you least imagine. For example, it can help penetrate and soften skins around your cuticle, which in turn can contribute to nail growth.

Main Features

Olive oil is a growth enhancer because it contains Vitamin E, which can speed how your nails grow. It’s able to do this due to its moisturizing ability.

Aside from using it as a nail growth oil, olive oil can as well keep your cuticle healthy always when little quantity is applied to your nails.

Another great feature of this oil is that it can as well be used to curb and prevent hangnails. Isn’t that wonderful? If it is, why not give this oil a try?


√ It can help revitalize dry cuticles or skin
√ its a perfect oil for growing out your nails
√ It’s light enough to penetrate and hydrate your nails and cuticle
√ The presence of Vitamin E in it makes it an excellent moisturizer.


√ It can be messy

Where To Buy Quality Olive Oil/Our Recommendation

Amazon is the only place these days to get quality olive oil that actually does all that it says. And this is what we recommend, USDA Certified Organic Olive Oil [You check the price out on Amazon]. This oil will surely deliver all that it says.

4. Almond Oil – Best Oil For Nail Growth And Strength

Nail Growth Oil For Fingernails

Sweet Almond Oil is another wonder oil that you can get over the counter, primarily if you aim to grow nails that won’t break.

It is one oil that is highly rich in Vitamin A, B, and E. These vitamins plus other fats embedded in it makes the oil a perfect remedy for treating peeling nails and cuticles.

Another exciting thing about this oil is that it doesn’t only help you to grow your nails very fast, but it also does help to prevent aging skin.

Main Features

Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer for all skin types because it contains lots of fats, and it’s incredibly light.

Its lightness enables the oil to penetrate deep down into our skin, which further triggers the production of new nail cells in the matrix region.

Besides its moisturizer nature, Almond oil can add strength to your hair, make your skin glow, and softens or hydrate dry cuticles.


√ It nourishes nails and makes them grow longer and stronger
√ It’s suitable for all skin types
√ It can give strength and durability to your hair
√ It can soften and hydrate dry cuticles.


√ May cause irritation when it comes in contact with your eyes.

Where To Purchase Quality Almond Oil

The only place we can vouch for when it comes to quality is Amazon. Secondly, when it comes to the best, we recommend Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil [you can check the prise out on Amazon]. It’s among the best that promises to deliver what it says.

5. Castor Oil – Best For Strengthening Brittle Or Peeling Nails

Nail Growth Oil

Castor oil is among the few oils loaded with lots of health benefits. It is one oil that has been extensively used as lubricants to heal pains around the joint and also as a powerful remedy for arthritis.

Besides its numerous health benefits, applying it on nails over the years has proven to help strengthen brittle and gives strength to nails.

Another interesting thing to note about using this oil on your nails is that it is dual oriented.
What this means is that it doesn’t only penetrate your nails; it also protects your cuticle against, worst environmental conditions that may cause them to peel.

Main Feature

One outstanding feature that differentiates this oil from other oils is that it’s fully loaded with omega 9 acids. This acid enables the oil to repair any damaged parts of the nails or cuticle.

Do you also know that this oil also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties? Oh, now you know — this property help fight against impurities that may want to slow down the growth rate of your nails.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this oil is also loaded with lots of proteins and fatty acids, which can help hydrate your skin and cuticles.


√ A perfect remedy to fight nail fungus in nail beds
√ It strengthens brittle nails
√ Presence of antifungal and antibacterial properties
√ The fatty acids help hydrate the skin and fight against dry cuticles.


√ It smells like grease.

Where To Buy Castor Oil

Handcraft Pure Castor Oil [Check price out on Amazon] is what we recommend, and the best place to get one of high quality is only on Amazon.

6. Jojoba Oil – Best Nail Growth Oil Of All Time (Nail Expert’s Choice)

Nail Growth Oil

I use to think that coconut oil is the only oil you need to grow long nails, not until I start using this oil – Jojoba oil. In fact, this is one oil many nail experts recommend, and the reason for this is not far-fetched.

So if you’re considering growing long nails that won’t break or you’re probably looking for an oil that can take care of every of your nail care routine, then your best bet should be this.

Main Features

Due to its smaller molecules, this oil can penetrate deep down into your skin for your cuticles and nails to stay hydrated all day.

It can as well act as a nail strengthener because it helps to protect and strengthens nails, thereby preventing them from breaking, which in turn leads to nail growth.

The wax ester nature of this oil helps the oil to stay longer when applied on nails; its antifungal properties also help prevent a fungal infection from coming anywhere close to the nails.


√ A great nail growth oil and strengthener
√ Fights against fungal infection
√ Penetrates deeply and keep cuticles and nails hydrated all-day
√ Helps Prevents or soothe dry cuticles.


√ It can be a bit messy because of its waxy nature.

Where To Buy Jojoba Oil/What We Recommend

Is quality your thing? If Yes, then you should consider buying this Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose [Check the prise out on Amazon]. It’s one of the best you can find online.

7. Argan Oil – Best Nail Growth Oil For Rough Cuticles

Nail Growth Oil

You can’t deny the fact that having a set of beautiful nails is everyone woman’s dream. Even if they don’t admit it, deep down within them is something they want.

And how can they get their nails to grow when they break even before it reaches any reasonable length? This is where this oil – Argan comes in.

This oil is a perfect revitalizer of weak nails. It acts on the already soft keratin found in fingernails and adds strength to them.

Main Features

One striking feature of this magical oil is the presence of fatty acids, Vitamin A, E, coupled with Omega 3 acids embedded in it.

All of these help the oil to unleash its moisturizing effects on dry cuticles and nails by undoing all of the numerous damages caused as a result of using bad polishes or nail hardeners.


√ Keeps nails moisturized and protected
√ Heal and repair extremely dry or rough cuticles
√ A perfect remedy for nail fungus
√ A healing agent.


√ It can lead to allergies if not correctly used.

Where To Buy Argan Oil/What We Recommend

There may be lots of brands that claim to sell quality, but PURA D’OR Moroccan Argan Oil happens to be the best [You can check the prise out on Amazon].

How To Apply The Above Nail Growth Oils

Applying any of the above oils on your cuticle and nails is the easiest thing to do. All you need is to take a portion then place it over your nails, followed with a little massage.

How To Make Nail Growth Oil

Any oil can be used as nail growth products, but if you’re serious with growing your nails, then it’s wise that you mix a blend of oils.

Mixing 3-4 of these oils and using it as a growth oil will produce better results than using just a single oil. Here’s why.

Different oil has different properties, so mixing them means getting a full dose of all the benefits embedded in those oils.

It is for this reason that we recommend making your nail growth oil using at least 3-4 oils, and here’s how you can make one for yourself.

What You’ll Need

1. Almond oil (59ml or 2 ounces)
2. Olive oil ( 4 ounces or 118ml)
3. Coconut oil (4 ounces/118ml)
4. Vitamin E oil (118ml or 4 ounces )
5. Lemon juice (Optional)

Steps Required

1. Get a medium-sized bowl then mix all of the oil in the bowl
2. Add a reasonable amount of the juice – lemon unto the bowl containing the oils
3. Stir them until its well mixed then pour the mixture into an empty bottle.
4. Apply the mixture daily on your nails for 2-3 weeks to grow them out.

What Are Nail Growth Products?

Nail growth products as you may have already guessed are products specifically designed in such a way to enhance or hasten your nail growth. These products, when applied to your nails can either help restore damaged nails by giving your nails all the nutrients it needs. Most notable on this list is a product from Nail Tek called Nail Recovery Kit.

This product from Nail Tek helps repair damages caused by acrylics or gel by adding strength to your natural nails thereby aiding them to grow out strong and healthy. Another great thing about this nail growth product is that it can be used to moisturize your cuticle and keep them in good shape.  Another nail growth products you can try as well on your nails is Hard as hoof, a product from Oxyx professional.

Which Oil Is Best For Nail Growth?

Not every oil you see online, with lots of fat content can grow your nails and this is because they are created differently to meet different needs.  What we’ve found out to work pretty well are the ones we’ve mentioned in this article. So if your goal is to grow long nails in months, then you can try any of the above recommendations.

Does Olive Oil Help Nails Grow?

Yes, and that’s exactly what we’ve opened your eyes to In this article. Olive oil is among the best oil anyone can use to successfully grow his or her nails. Its something we personally have tested and that is why we’ve deemed it fit worthy to be mentioned in this article.

What Oil Makes Nails Grow Faster?

Any oil mentioned in this article can help your nails to grow out faster but if you’re confused as to which to go after, we suggest that you should go after the one you can easily lay your hands on. The one you know you won’t have a hard time to find.

Conclusion On Best Nail Growth Oil

Growing healthy nails may seem hard at first, but the truth is, its really that easy if you know the right products to use, and the right product is a nail growth oil.

With these oil at your disposal, your ticket to growing that beautiful, healthy-looking nails is guaranteed.

So there’s no room for you to overthink as to which oil that is suitable for your nails because we’ve done the hard work for you already. If this post has been super helpful to you, kindly click on the Share buttons located underneath.

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