Does Toothpaste Help Your Nails Grow? Find Out Now

Over the last couple of years, there have been pretty much some argument whether or not toothpaste can grow one’s nails which has led many searching things like toothpaste nail growth, does toothpaste make your nails grow faster, how to grow nails quickly with toothpaste with other search variations. Well, all of those searches was what prompted me to write this article just for you.

So does toothpaste help your nails grow?

It has not been scientifically proven that toothpaste can grow nails although research has shown that it does help to whiten yellow nails.

To further prove that using toothpaste on your nails won’t grow your nails, let’s look at a few stuff about Toothpaste.


The term toothpaste is derived from two words, tooth and paste. In other words, toothpaste is a paste or gel-like substance specifically designed to clean a tooth with the help of a brush otherwise known as a toothbrush.

Toothpaste is one of the few ways one can use to promote oral hygiene because it is made up of one or few active ingredients (fluorine) that helps take away dirt’s plus fight against tooth decay.

What’s in Toothpaste

The usefulness of this cleaning agent – toothpaste is such that can’t be overemphasised and should become a part of your everyday oral hygiene.

Although that may be lots of varieties out there, one thing that is common with all toothpaste is that they all have the same components, which are listed below.

1. Abrasive

One of the principal ingredients in a typical paste is abrasive. This mild abrasive gives the dough the ability to remove plaque or dirt when rubbed over the tooth with the help of a toothbrush.

2. Detergents

The foaming action you experience while brushing your tooth with a paste is made possible with the help of detergents.

Detergents help to circulate the paste all over your mouth in the form of foam to further bring about a shiny, white tooth.

3. Sweetening Agents

That little bit of flavour plus sweetness you get while brushing your tooth is made manifest with the help of flavouring agents.

4. Fluoride

This is one of the most active ingredients in toothpaste, and It’s usually present as sodium fluoride and helps prevent cavities.

5. Binders

This act as a thickening agent that helps to bind and keep your paste in a uniform shape.

6. Humectants

The work of humectants in a paste is to help minimise the rate at which water goes out from the paste.

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Reason Why Toothpaste Won’t Grow Your Nails

Toothpaste is a whitening agent, and as all cleaning agent does, they help to remove stains from surfaces.

Also, Applying it on your nails and leaving it there for a long time hoping to grow your nails will only take out the moisture out of your cuticle and nails which may cause them to crack or break.

For these reasons, toothpaste being a whitening agent can not in any way help your nails grow out but can help clean or restore yellow nails to white.

How You Can Use Toothpaste To Whiten Yellow Nails

Apply little quantity or smear some paste over your fingertips and underneath your nails while brushing them over with a toothbrush.

For more effective result, leave the paste on your nails for like 3-4 minutes before taking them off with water.

That said, lets now look at how nails grow.

How Do Nails Grow

Like I would always say, The science behind nail growth is such a complicated one, but for the most part, the whole growth thing starts and ends with the Nail matrix.

The matrix is that region underneath your cuticle where new nail cells are produced. Upon production, these cells are further pushed out to form what you see as nails.

To further protect this new nail cells, the fingernail has what is called cuticle. The cuticle is that tiny band that helps to seal the nails, and more also prevents it against germs and intruder.

So that’s that about how nails grow. Let’s now look at what makes nails grow.

What’s Responsible For Nail Growth

There are a lot of things that can bring about speedy production of cells in the matrix. Below are some proven ways to speed up the rate at which your nails grow.

1. Moisturise More

Moisturising your cuticle and skin around your nails is undoubtedly the fastest way to get your matrix to produce more nail cells. You can do this with any essential oil.

Here’s how to do it for an effective result.

Does Toothpaste Help Your Nails Grow

1. Apply little quantity of any of the essential oil within your reach on your nails preferably three times in a day ( morning, afternoon then, at night)

2. Make sure you do this with a little massage. Massaging the oil unto your cuticle and nails helps trigger the release of blood to the matrix. (The more blood gets to the matrix, the more new nail cells are produced) Here’s an article in case you want to learn more about moisturising nails.

2. Eat a Balanced Diet

What you eat is what you become. Eating a balanced diet does not only help you your overall health but does help your nails too to grow faster.

Does Toothpaste Help Your Nails Grow

Eating food rich in protein, vitamins and minerals does a lot of good to your nails. For example, an egg which is a rich source of biotin gives strength to your nails and prevent them from breaking. Here’s an article on some of the best food for nail growth.

3. Pamper Your Cuticle

The success of any nail growth depends on how much pampering you give to your cuticle and that involves keeping them healthy.

Cutting or trimming your cuticle in a bid to make the manicure look great on your nails will only create more problem for yourself.

If you feel they’re overgrown and seriously need a treat, the best thing to do rather than have them cut off is to push them back. Here’s an article on how to push back your cuticle.

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercising a lot is another way you can use to speed up the rate at which your nail grows. During exercise, there is rapid blood flow to every part of your body, which in turn can help your nail matrix produce more cells.

5. Avoid Biting

You don’t need a prophet to tell you that biting your nails can hinder how your fingernails grow. In fact, how do you expect to improve your nails when you keep chewing them up the moment they spring up?

Does Toothpaste Help Your Nails Grow

Well, as bad as this habit may seem, there is always a way out. I’ve taken out time to write this article on How to stop nail biting in 9 minutes for you.

Having gone through a few of what’s written up there, Does Toothpaste Help Nails Grow? I doubt.


There may be lots of things which you can use to grow your nails, but toothpaste is certainly not part of it, and that’s what I’ve been able to prove in this article.

So if you’re still wondering what actually speed nail growth, then you need to consider first, what you eat, how often you moisturise and most importantly, exercise more.

I hope I’ve been able to answer your question whether or not if toothpaste indeed help nails grow. If so, please don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends using the buttons below.

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