Can I Go Swimming With Fake Nails? Find Out Now

Can I Go Swimming With Fake Nails?

Swimming is such an exciting exercise I must say because it helps to keep the blood flowing to every part of the body but if you are someone who just had your nails done (either Acrylics, gel, shellac etc) you probably will be wondering if it’s safe to go under the water with them.

You may be forced to ask questions especially if it’s your first time swimming with Acrylics nails. You may begin to ask questions like, Can I Go Swimming With Fake Nails? Well, the answer is Yes, but it depends on a lot of factors which I’ll make known to you in this article.

Factors To Consider Before You Go Swimming With Your Fake Nails

1. Application
2. Types of water


The first and most crucial thing I’ll like you to consider before you dive deep into that water is to be sure that your nail tech did absolutely well why applying those sets of nails on your fingers.

Can I Go Swimming With Fake Nails

The reason why I’m pointing this out for you to know is that a nail set that is badly done may not be too convenient for you while doing those water aerobics.

Here’s what you stand to get if your nails are badly done.

1. Infection
2. Lifting of nails due to improper bonding.


Having spaces between your nails may create an enabling environment for fungus to dwell in. This is made possible as water enters beneath, causing atmosphere that encourages the activities of viruses and bacteria’s to drive in.

Lifting Of Nails Due To Improper Bonding

Your Acrylics or fake nails might begin to lift as water goes beneath the spaces. As more water enters, the glue used in binding the fake nails to your natural nails may weaken and as this happens, your nails may begin to lift gradually until they’re no glue left.

Can I Go Swimming With Fake Nails

Here’s how to check if your nails are properly bonded

One of the easiest ways to check for a properly bonded nail is to see if there are gaps in-between the fake nails and your natural nails. Ensures that the tip of your natural nails is well sealed with that of the fake nails. That way, there won’t be any room for water to go in.

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2. Types Of Water

The type of water you swim in is another thing to consider. Although it’s understandable that majority of the water bodies, safe for swimming contains chlorine because they help to checkmate the activities of harmful bacterias in pools but the truth is, spending time on such water can have an adverse effect on your nails but then again, that’s if they’re not properly done well.

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Things To Note Before You Go Swimming With Fake Nails

1. The water in which you are about to swim might dent the look of your polish. What this means is that your nails might not look gorgeous as it were before you went swimming with them.

2. No matter how hard you try, swimming regularly with fake acrylic nails on can cause cracks or gaps and eventually make your nails to lift.

PS: Applying moisturizers on your fake nails before swimming can help repel the amount of water that goes into your nails (causing them to swell) to some extent.

Things To Do After You Go Swimming With Fake Nails

1. Wash your hands properly
2. Keep your hands moisturized

Expert Nail Care Tips For Swimmers

Summer is indeed an exciting moment where there are lots outdoor activities to keep you entertained. For the beach goer’s, it’s a time to play around with friends on the water.

So if you’re planning on enjoying every bit of your vacation with your friends this summer either on the beach or pool, here are some few expert nail care tips for swimmers you should know.

1. Apply Thin Layers Of Polish

I know you might be thinking why I’m bringing this up but the truth is one or two coats will prevent chipping than adding multiple coats of polish to your acrylic nails.

2. Get Gel Manicure

Gel mani is the ultimate water repellant and as such, can resists chips for a considerable amount of time. The only time you’re likely going to get a chip is if it wasn’t done properly.

3. Apply A Topcoat

Applying layers of topcoats to your manicure is another way to prevent them from lifting.

4. Apply moisturizers

Applying moisturizers before and after swimming can also help prevent your nails from chipping and lifting during swimming.

Can I Go Swimming With Fake Nails – FAQ

Can I Swim With Gel Nails?

Yes, if you’re not a regular swimmer. Swimming regularly with gel nails on will cause them to lift especially if they’re not properly done.

It’s true that gel manicure is excellent water repellant but then, you still have to give them that extra protection to prevent them from falling off.

Generally, water and manicures in general (weather gel, Acrylics etc) do not seem to agree. They can damage your manicures and render your nails soft in the process.

So what I’ve found out to work pretty well for swimmers with gel mani on is a topcoat. Adding a top coat will do a lot of good for your manicure than you least imagine.

Does Swimming Affect Gel Nails?

No. The only time you’re likely going to face some challenges swimming with your gel nails is when the method of application is not properly done and there isn’t that extra protection from your ends.

Does Chlorine Ruin Fake Nails?

If you’re someone who swims a lot, you must have heard that chlorine isn’t good for your nails, well, you heard right but then, the only way chlorine can ruin your gel or fake nails are when they’re gaps in-between your nails.

Can I Shower With Fake Nails?

There are few things you can’t do with fake nails but bathing with them isn’t among. So here’s an answer to your question, Yes, but not to the extent of spending hours on the shower.

Does Water Weaken Acrylic Nails?

Water and nails, in general, are sworn, enemies. They hardly go along. Excess of it will not only make your nails weaker and cause them to lift. It can also lead to multiple infections if they (water) finds its way underneath your Acrylics.

Can I Go Swimming With Fake Nails – Wrapping Up

Having fake nails on shouldn’t scare you from going to that beach or pool to swim simply because you heard that they may fall off.

Just be sure that they’re well glued to your natural nails in such a way that they’re no gaps in-between because if they’re not properly bonded, water might sip beneath and cause your nails to lift.

Also, if you’re that type that loves spending time on the beach, I’ll suggest that you go through my tips on this post on nail care for swimmers to guide you through and keep your manicure safe.

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