How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes In 2020

How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes: Are you fed up of biting your nails at any slightest minute? Do you feel embarrassed each time you awkwardly bite a nail? Or Are you seeking for measures to curb nail bite? Then search no more. Here, I’m stretching a helping hand to help you overcome excessive nail biting for good.

But before I do so, Let me put you on the right track with the definition of nail-biting for explicit understanding so that I can appropriately convey the message of how to stop biting your nails to you.

What Is Nail-Biting?

Defining nail-biting from a layman’s definition means the habit of consciously or unconsciously biting one’s fingernails.  According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, nail-biting is undoubtedly viewed as habitual biting at the nails usually being symptomatic of emotional tensions and frustrations.

How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes

In medical terms, nail-biting is called onychophagia which is an uncontrollable or irritable habit of munching one’s delicate nails. Nonetheless, it is also seen as an abnormal activity where the mouth is engaged in another demeaning task aside eating or speaking.

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In recent times, studies have revealed that several teens and unarguable adults bite their nails. For most, it often begins at an early age which continued for quite an extended period. That is, from childhood to adulthood.

What Are The Causes Of Nail Biting?

Researches have numerously shown that being a victim of this predicament is as a result of so many unplanned and unpleasant circumstances which in one way or the other, has contributed to endless nail-biting.

These are factored by a whole lot of things or situations which evidently cannot be swept under the carpet but can enormously and unbeatably be avoided in just 9 minutes. However, these causes of constant nail-biting include;

1. Anxiety

Anxiety occurs at a time when an individual feels the undue amount of perturbation, panic or trepidation over something one may or may not have control over as a result of a temperamental trigger.

At such, anxiety builds in us tensions that have the capabilities of leading one to bite his or her nails due to the inbuilt emotions that are being released from situations surrounding us. Moreover, there are some underlying causes of anxiety which are;


Often, factors in one’s immediate environment or surroundings can lead to a higher level of stress in them. Distress or tension from close association with friends or loved ones, our work, and even our financial difficulties can add significantly to anxiety.


Anxiety can, in a way, be trace down to our love ones. Fear embedded in our loved ones is more likely to be inherited from them.

Medical state

It is a known fact that some medical conditions in some ways contribute to anxiety which can include the aftermath of a drug, the manifestation or traits of an illness, or trauma from a not too serious or a severe fundamental medical state that at some point, purposely trigger a transformation and outburst seen with those having anxieties. As a result, it will lead to unrestricted pain or adjustment in our way of life.

Past experiences

Our childhood or pains experienced from the past, which in a way traumatised us will lead to the alteration of our brain either mentally, physically, socially or psychologically. Also, our past experiences can cause one to respond forcefully to triggers that could not have brought about anxiety. However, seen as an intrusion to our hormones.

Illegal substances

Consuming a gruesome amount of illegal or illicit substances lead to effects in humans triggering anxiety in one. Be it a short term thing or a long-time thing; it throws one into bouts of pain which can charge one to act all differently.


“You’ve got to do this. Do it. Don’t stop. Don’t disappoint us. Show us what substance you are made of” and so on. The truth is, pressuring one into doing something not suitable for them, can generate unexpected anxiety. Nonetheless, it mustn’t be pressure from external forces, but it could be pressure from within.


Lastly, another cause of anxiety is fear. Fear can continuously bring about stress if not adequately curtailed.

2. Mental disorder or mental illness

One other primary reason for excessive nail-biting is a mental disorder or mental illness. In the current statistical guide of mental disorders, nail-biting has been classified as a recurrence sign of the compulsive disorder.

This compulsive disorder includes unpalatable reasoning, pictures that interfere with one’s mind regardless of the age group, which, in the long run, causes a significant amount of anxiety. The person involved on their part resorts to nail-biting from this misery.

For individuals with the compulsive disorder, thoughts are unavoidable coming at a faster pace, and unwelcome procedures are strict and not participating in them brings unending distress. An instance is when an individual’s brain get plunged on an existing thought that seems to not go away for an extended period.

Let’s quickly draw an illustration. If a said individual frequents a room more than ten times to ensure that he did turn off the light in the room because he’s scared of the bulb not exploding thereby putting everyone around at risk, such individual is noted to have a compulsive disorder.

Nevertheless, a compulsive disorder leading one to partake in biting of the nail is termed as a self-harming behaviour. This is because the nails can be truncated by a way or manner of removing the nail from the bed, which may probably lead to bleeding.

For some nail bitters also, they get triggered by a whole lot of emotions that drive them into engaging in unreasonable things. The behaviours become unbearable and push one into going in a haywire state. Sadly, the fingernails are at the receiving end.

The mouth readily welcomes the nails at all times like an animal ready to devour its prey hungrily. They are being munched like sweet sugarcoated cookies. All these, push one into excessive biting of the nail vigorously which must be stopped.

3. Loneliness

As humans, we’ve got an innate and in-depth need to socialise and connect with people and our environment. But at times, we tend to feel lonely due to quite a several circumstances. It should be noted that loneliness is a prevailing factor in our society.

Ranging from adolescent to adulthood. No one is exempted. It is a familiar feeling that must be experienced by every individual at a point in their lives. Although, adolescents are most likely to encounter this than the aged.

It could be in our marriages, immediate families, relationships and some times, our place of work. The list is endless cause it goes on and on. Life events contribute to loneliness as well, which arises from lack of bonding at an early age which sometimes, maybe challenging to overcome. It could be the absence of significant persons around us.

Ironically, while some see it as being in a complicated situation, others view it as a unique thing. Research has, in a way shown that there is no specific cause of loneliness mainly because it doesn’t occur from time to time. It is desirable also to note that loneliness is prompted by a severe lack of communication or connection with individuals.

The fact that we are consumed by loneliness pushes us as individuals to go into chewing our nails as cartilage.

So, loneliness causes frequent nail-biting because the absence of friends or loved ones can affect us immensely making us go to our fingernails as a sort of relief or comfort. Surprisedly, this loneliness in some ways could be as a result of psychological problem such as chronic depression which should be tackled amicably. This may stem from losing an admirable figure which drives one into a frenzied state of loneliness.

4. Hunger

The more the work, fatigue or exercise, the hungrier one would be. First, starvation occurs as a result of massive contractions of our stomach when there is no food left in it to hold it together.

Each time the body neutralises our first intake of food, the stomach craves for more food to keep our body going in the right manner being that it gets a certain amount of food at a particular time is a routine for the body.

This is powered by factors known in the medical term as Leptin and polyphagia. This Leptin is a hormone that is regulated by our appetites which is made up of fat cells in the human body. The centre of the brain of our hunger is what it acts on called the hypothalamus.

Such that the amount of fat produced by our cells, the higher level of Leptin is created and the more one’s appetite is shrunken. And for that, the body relies on the intake of food for strength, vitality, and energy.

So it’s necessary to get hunger pains if we don’t grab something sumptuous to take into our body while the polyphagia on the other stands for intense hunger.

In all, hunger leads to chewing of fingernails. There is a saying that says when the needed is not available, the available becomes required. This is what happens to us. Our nails tend to act as our food. Rather than eating to soothe the hunger pains, we turn to nail-biting as a solution. Not minding the consequences it poses to our body, our health and everything about us.

Having listed and elaborated on the four major causes of nail-biting, I’m going to provide adequate solutions now to help stop nail biting in 9 minutes. Before then, I know you must be wondering and perplexed on how one intends to curb nail-biting in just 9 minutes.

Sounds ridiculous and unbelievable? Yes, I know. But the truth is, it is indeed possible. But never forget that you would have to put a lot of effort so you could pull this off. As the famous saying goes, “if you truly want something, then make strenuous effort to get it”. Now let’s set the ball rolling with the best way to stop biting nails.

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How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes: Solutions

Below is a 3 minutes Video on how to stop biting the skin around your nails just in case you are too busy to go through the entire post. But if you have the time, keep reading to see how to stop biting nails and skin.

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 1. Trimming them to a shorter length

If you want to do away with nail-biting for good? Then be prepared to cut your nails short. But why should I trim my nail? Heres the reason. When your nails are properly trimmed, your teeth won’t be able to munch on your nails.

2. Coat your nails with a sour-tasting nail polish

When your nails are coated with sour or unsweetened tasting nail polish, it becomes challenging for you to chew your nails. Its disgusting taste will deter you from even thinking of putting your nails in your mouth.

How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes

3. Constant Manicuring of nails

Giving your nails the best treatment will make it tedious to devour them. Looking at the glossy nature of the nails, you won’t want to ruin them with your teeth.

4. Wear mittens when alone

Crazy right? Yeah. It does sound like a silly thing, but wearing gloves can highly prevent your nails from getting into the claws of your teeth. Wear them daily, and you will be amazed at how fast you would flush away the habit of nail-biting thoroughly.

5. Figure out the problem

One way to get rid of nail-biting in 9 minutes is to discover the root cause of the problem triggering your emotions which, in a way, stimulate the need for nail-biting. Once you can put the puzzle together, you then look for measures to combat it.

6. Engage in activities

When you are often busy with tons of things to do, you find out that there isn’t enough time to engage in nail-biting, because your hands are extremely busy. Also, in as much as your hands would be busy with things, don’t hesitate to keep your mouth busy as well. You could chew gum or get some mentos so that you won’t end up going after your nails.

That said, let now look at the reason you shouldn’t be biting your nails.

Reason Why It’s Essential To Stick To This Nail Biting Solutions

Below are some reasons why you need to stop this bad habit of biting nails once and for all. Although the damages won’t be permanent, it could, however, lead to one inflicting pains on their nails.

1. It leads to uneven nails

Your nails may end up growing awkwardly if they are often chopped with your teeth. Aside from that, once the tissues in our nails are damaged, the nails may have stunted growth, thereby giving us a funny or weird looking nails.

2. Damaged teeth

Excessive nail biting could lead to damaged teeth. One may get broken or cracked teeth when the nails are bitten frequently.

3. Possibility of falling ill

Studies show that our nails contain germs underneath them. When put in the mouth often, we could take in some bacteria into our system. And this can be disastrous for our health.

Conclusion On How To Stop Biting Nails In 9 Minutes

Putting an end to nail bite habit is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself. At first, it may seem so impossible as you may not see a drastic change instantly, but with much effort, your nail bite habit would be dealt with less sooner than you think.

So I’m urging you to follow this how-to stop nail biting in 9 minutes steps by step procedures which I have taken out time to write just for you. If you can do all that I have said, you’ll overcome it for good. Please also note that if it persists, then its time to see your doctor as soon as possible.

I hope you’ve learnt something new today. If so, kindly take a minute of your time to spread the gospel by clicking on any of the SHARE buttons located below.

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