7 Amazing Benefits Of Long Nails You Should Know Today


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Benefits Of Long Nails: OK, So here you are, seeking to know some of the benefits of keeping longer nails so that you can ditch that sermon of ” short nails are classy” or those in the health field advocating that maintaining short nails is healthier?

Long nails benefits

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Well, no matter what others are saying about your long nails, if it makes you happy, I don’t see any point listening to them. After all, your happiness is all that matters.

Benefits of long nails

With that being said, having long nails is the new trend, especially when it’s all-natural, and to think of it that it adds to one’s beauty is even more amazing.

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Don’t you love it when you spot a friend with long natural nails? Exceptionally when they’re well maintained? Don’t lie, I know you do, and you can’t help but compliment them almost instantly.

Long nails benefits

If that’s the case, growing yours to a reasonable length according to your preference wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Don’t you think so?

Plus, when you have long nails, you’ll always have something to play with when you’re bored like trying some nail art on them to see how they look.

Benefits of long nails

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This is where the benefits of having long nails come to play.

Although not everyone who can grow long nails can keep their tips for some reason, these benefits of growing long digits that would be made known to you anytime soon should give you that motivation to enjoy the praises or encomium that comes along keeping long digits. Before we go straight to some of the advantages of having long nails, let’s quickly look at some FAQs

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Are Long Nails Unhygienic?

Absolutely NO. Nails generally, can only go from clean to unclean when it is not properly taking good care of.

Just like every other part of our body, the nails should be cared for daily as well. Caring for them doesn’t take much; it only takes a little cleaning of the under nails and moisturizing the nail plate.

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Why Long Nails?

Keeping long tips saves you from a lot of stress that comes with shorter nails. People with long nails don’t have to bother much about trimming their nails every now and then.

Aside from that, when dirt’s hide under long nails, it’s quite easier to spot and take them out compared to when they are short.

Long Nails Health Risks

You only stand to face health challenges when your digits are unhygienic. So keeping them clean, neat, and well-trimmed should be your thing to avoid any form of health complications.

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Are Long Natural Nails Attractive?

OH yes, if they aren’t attractive, a lot of persons wouldn’t be keeping them long. Aside from this, long nails bring in complement. Who doesn’t like being complimented? I’m sure you do.

Are Short Nails More Hygienic?

Hell NO. Like I said earlier, every nail size can go from being clean to unclean if you fail to care for them.

And getting shorter digits doesn’t automatically means they’re clean. I might decide to keep my nails short and not care for them, does that mean that since I have more pointed tips, my nails are generally more hygiene? No

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So when it comes to the science of hygiene, all nail size irrespective of their length can be made hygienic when they’re correctly cared for.

Having said that, lets now look at some of the benefits of growing longer nails, and after that, look at some more associated terms.

Benefits Of Long Nails: The Complete Guide

The benefits of growing longer digits encompass the disadvantage that comes along with it. Below are just a few of them.

longer nails benefits
nail stories, my nail stories, nail journey

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1. You Get Compliments Like It’s Your Birthright

benefits of long nails
Photo Credits: zodiacfire.com

You’ll agree with me that long natural nails aren’t only attractive; they bring in complements almost instantly. Who doesn’t like to be complimented? Well, I do.

You’ll also agree with me that the power of compliment in a man’s life cannot be overemphasized, True, or False?

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Here’s one thing you should know today when someone gives you sincere Complements.

“It has the power to change lives”

Every time you get a genuine compliment on your nails either from your friends or relatives or from a stranger, you’ll start seeing the world in a more balanced and positive way.

2. Cost Of Maintenance Is Extremely Low

benefits of long nails
Photo Credits: dreamstime.com

Getting long nails equals freedom, and the cost of maintaining them is minimal compared to shorter nails.

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For example, when you have shorter nails, you’ll notice that you cut, trim and file your nails regularly, but with longer nails, you hardly trim or file them, especially when they’re long and healthy.

3. As A Weapon Of Defense

benefits of long nails
photo credits: trendhunter.com

Hey, I know you’ll probably jump on this one like OH YES. Well, we are not in any way advising you to get all troublesome, but keeping longer nails can act as a defense mechanism in times of trouble.

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4. Ability To Try Different Nail Art

benefits of long nails
Photo Credits: coolbstshirts.com

The possibilities of having to try all nail art on your long nails are just mind-blowing. Although nail art isn’t restricted to people that have longer nails only, the aesthetic beauty it adds when your nails are long is quite incredible.

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5. As A Quick Tool In The Absence Of None

benefits of long nails
Photo Credits: yourdictionary.com

What if you want to scratch the silver panel off that tablet box to reveal its authenticity or that recharge card voucher you just bought and there isn’t any sharp object around?

What do you do? You use your long nails. Aside from that, they’re other numerous things you can do with your nails like scratching one’s self, be sure they’re well-trimmed, maintained, and without a chip.

6. For Piercing And Slicing

Longer nails are a perfect nipper for slicing off packaging tapes. They’re also a handy tool for taking off stickers and labels.

7. As An Handy Tool For Picking Toast From The Toaster

benefits of long nails
Photo Credits: diply.com

If you’re a bread lover like me, then you might have at some point got your precious hands burnt while trying to get that toast from the toaster.

True or False?

Well, worry not, because we’ve got you covered like MTN. With your long nails, getting that toast off the hot toaster is as easy as ABC.

All you need do is to stick your nails on the toast and then pull them out. Easy right?

PS: Please be sure your nails are clean before attempting to try this. You wouldn’t want to get contaminated in the process, do you? So think twice.

8. As A Means To Check One’s Health Status

Keeping or growing long nails helps a doctor to check if one is healthy or not. For example, a chip or sudden coloration on your nails could mean that you lack specific vitamins or particular nutrients in your diet.

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With that being said, lets quickly look at the pros and cons of long nails

Disadvantages Of Having Long Nails

1. They Catch On Things Easily

One of the major problems with having long nail is that when they’re chipped, they can snag on things, injure people they’re not intended to, and can even hurt the bearer.

2. Difficulty In Typing

Benefits of long nails

If you’re that type that spends a lot of time with your keypads, then you’re most likely going to find it hard when typing with your nails.

Apart from that, the clatter sounds that come out when typing on the phone with long nails can be very annoying, as well.

Pro Tips: If you are experiencing difficulty when typing with your long nails? Or you seek for a better nail friendly keyboard. What you need is typing-mate.

benefits of long nails
Photo Credits: Angel.co

Typing mate is a piece of nail cab placed at the tips of nails to make typing much more comfortable, faster and prevent your nails from getting stuck on the keypad.

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3. Handle Things With Care To Avoid A Break

Benefits of long nails
Photo Credits: Nailsmag.com

People that keep nails are naturally careful when handling things because when their hands slip off, there is every tendency that a break will occur. Broken nails can be very painful, especially when they cut across the nail beds. It hurts like hell trust me.

4. Ability To Work

Extremely long fingernails can be a pain in the butt, especially if you’re the type that does a lot of kitchen work. Although they are ways to remedy this, keeping them medium-long would save you from all of these.

How Long Should A Woman Fingernails Be?

Generally, fingernails grow up to 3 mm a month, so how much of a length you would want to keep yours is entirely up to you.

The point I’m trying to make here is, as far as you can maintain them daily, then there’s no point not growing them long.

So if she chooses to grow them incredibly long or she wants to keep them medium-long, it’s entirely up to her.

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What Do Long Nails Say About A Woman

Women who keep nails do that regardless of what people are saying about them. They do this because they want to look pretty and not to impress anyone – they weren’t born to impress anyone after all.

More also, they are aware of the beauty that accompanies nail art on nails and would do certainly everything it takes to harness that.

Aside from that, women with long nails are more likely to be sweet-tempered and more romantic compared with those that don’t according to multiple research.

Why Are Long Nails Popular?

Long nail became famous when a trend like a nail stamp and nail art of various designs became a trend among ladies. Something that they feel it’s cuter on long nails than the latter.

What Happens If You Grow Your Nails Too Long?

When your nails are too long, they tend to break at the slightest opportunity. Aside from that, there is a carrying capacity for every nail.

When your nail beds are long, there’s every tendency that you can carry a nail as long as the bed length.

However, when your beds are short, you can only grow nails as the length of the beds. Growing nails more than the maximum length of the bed can carry would only end up breaking them.

Why Do People Like Super Long Nails?

Who doesn’t love a good thing? I’m sure you do. People only love what they feel or think looks good, and our nails aren’t an exception to this.

As to super long nails, it all boils down to individual preference. Keeping them, medium-long always has and will always be our recommendation.

The Take-Home On The Benefits Of Long Nails

At this point, you would have noticed that the benefits or advantage of keeping long nails surpasses that of short nails. It is don’t argue.

No matter how they try to praise those with shorter nails, long nails will forever remain our choice – All thanks to Beyonce and the rest for keeping it real with the nail kingdom.

Here’s a quick Recap Anyways

  1. You get complimented like it’s your birthright.
  2. As defense mechanism
  3. Minimum maintenance, less stressful.
  4. As a quick tool in the absence of none
  5. To slice through a thing.
  6. As a means of checking one’s health

It is for this reason that we’ve chosen to go with long rather than opt-in for some short nails.

More also, when your nails are long, you’ll always have some cool nail arts to play with. Aside from that, they are also lots of things you can do with your long nails

Now over to you, how long are your nails? Do you prefer to grow them long or short? Or can you recommend some benefits of short nails over long nails? And which do you prefer?

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