Do Toenails and Fingernails Have to Match?

Fashion, by nature, is always evolving. If you don’t keep yourself up-to-date on the latest trends, you will get left behind in the dust.  It will interest you that you’re not the only one searching the internet to ensure that you are on the right fashion track. Many people are confused about whether to match the color of their toenails to that of their fingernails.  However, do toenails and fingernails have to match?

No, toenails and fingernails do not have to match. You can have long, short, or curved fingernails without matching your toenails in length or shape. You don’t need to worry about your nails matching.

Should Nails and Toes Match?


No, fingernails and toenails don’t need to match. The most important thing is to keep them clean and trimmed. If you prefer the length or shape of your nails, go for it! But that’s not necessary if you’re trying to match them up with your toes.

Toenail and Fingernail Color Combinations

Now that you know that your pedicure and manicure can differ, it can still be quite a challenge to decide what colors you want to combine.  Below are some of the most trendy manicure-pedicure color combinations that you want to try out:

1. Sky blue and pale pink

Try sky blue and pale pink if you want a unique, eye-catching color combination. These colors are so soft and delicate that they can look great on any nail type. The pale pink is a perfect complement to the sky blue, which is just enough of a pop of color to keep things interesting.

2. Bubblegum pink and mint green

Bubblegum pink and mint green are the perfect combination to wear this spring. The bright pink from bubblegum pink will make your fingernails pop, while the mint green freshen up your toenails. This nail color combination is perfect for anyone who wants to add some fun to their nails without going overboard on color.

3. Grey and lilac

Grey and lilac are two colors that perfectly match each other. Grey is a neutral color that can be worn with almost any other color, so it’s perfect for pairing with the boldness of lilac.

4. Sage green and beige

Sage green and beige are a great color combination to try if you want to spice up your nails. Sage green is a great neutral tone that goes well with many different colors, so it’s perfect for pairing with beige. The contrast between the two tones will give your nails a pop of color without being too intense or bright.

Some of the other colors you can combine include:

  • Apple green fingernails plus red toenails
  • Mint blue fingernails plus shimmering silver toenails
  • Light bare fingernails plus bright orange toenails
  • Red fingernails plus hot pink toenails
  • Lavender fingernails plus deep purple toenails
  • Dark grey fingernails plus navy blue toenails
  • Burnt orange fingernails plus white toenails
  • Baby blue fingernails plus lilac toenails
  • Dark grey fingernails plus black toenails
  • Light brown fingernails plus soft pink toenails

You can as well switch the colors up for a more daring look! Have fun exploring.

Classy Colors For Fingernails

Fingernails are one of the parts of our bodies that people can easily notice. Did you know that some people specifically look out for the appearance of other people’s fingernails as a means for them to make first impression judgments? As a lady, your fingernails also speak volumes about your personality.  Thus, you surely want your fingernails to tell the story you choose, not something else. Check out the classy colors below, along with the messages they pass about the wearer. Here are some elegant colors for fingernails:

1. White

A clean slate. This color speaks of purity, fresh beginnings, and peace. As a bonus, it’s also easy on the eyes

2. Black

A timeless color that depicts strength. Black says you’re bold and not someone to mess with. It could also be interpreted as you have no time to mess around with anyone.

3. Red

The famous symbol for extremes. Love, passion, danger, energy. This color is for living life on the fast track.

4. Silver

Silver is for the high-bred. It shows elegance and says you’re not ordinary in any way. It’s ultramodern and fit for a star.

5. Gold

Fortune. Luxury. Old money. Prestige. Heritage. These are the values that gold stands for.

6. Orange

This is a vibrant color that people easily relate to. It makes you appear friendly and approachable.

7. Yellow

Like orange, yellow is inviting, warm, bright, and positive.

8. Blue

Blue says, “you can trust me.” It’s loyal and steadfast.

9. Purple

Everyone knows that this is the color of royalty. The wearer appears confident as well as ambitious.

10. Green

The color of nature. This earthy color could mean various things, ranging from natural, fresh, and organic to wealth and sophistication.

11. Grey

Solid, reliable, neutral, and formal.

What Color Should Toenails Be?

Healthy toenails are clear with a hint of pink on the nail bed and white as they grow. The color should be consistent and evenly spread.

If your toenails become black, yellow, green, or purple, you should see a doctor at once because these can be symptoms of certain serious health conditions. Also, if you find stripes, spots, or shades appearing on your nails, it could signal trouble.

How Do I Choose A Toenail Color?

Unlike fingernails, toenails are not in the spotlight and can easily go unnoticed. This implies that your toenail color isn’t really for pleasing any other person’s eyesight. Rather, you can express yourself and match your pedicure to your state of mind.

Choosing a toenail color is an important decision. You want to feel confident and happy with your chosen color, so taking your time is important. You can do many different things to make sure you choose the right color. Apart from your mood and personal preferences, other factors you may want to consider when choosing a color for your pedicure are your skin tone, the color of your footwear, and the occasion at hand.

In most cases, bare colors are great for light skin, while they may appear drab and ordinary when paired with dark skin tones. On the other hand, bright colors are a delight on dark skin.

In addition, the best color for nails is white.  Other great colors for your pedicure are off-white and bare. These colors go with anything and everything. However, vibrant colors like red, neon, and pink, are also in trend and look great on toenails.

Generally, you should choose a nude color if you have a light skin tone. On the other hand, look for brighter shades of various colors if you’re dark-skinned.

Is It Ok Not To Paint Toenails?

Yes, it is okay not to paint toenails bare toenail trend. There are many reasons why people choose not to paint their toenails. Some people don’t like the smell of nail polish or think it’s too much work. Others feel like painting their nails takes away from their natural beauty, or they don’t want to bother with it because they’re busy with other things and don’t have time. And some just aren’t interested in painting their toes because they have other hobbies or interests that take up their time and attention. Many prefer to join the bare-toenails trend.

Are white nails classy?


The colors on your fingernails and toenails need not match. They can complement each other if you like, and be contrasts too.  Other factors can influence your choice of nail color, and I have detailed them above. Go through the suggested color combos and tell us which ones you can relate.