Do Nails Change Colour During Pregnancy?

Your body goes through a whole lot of adjustments and changes when you’re expectant. Ranging from changes in your weight, complexion, mood, likes, and dislikes. Some changes are equally noticed in the state of your hair, nails, and skin too. These changes are just for the period of being double-bodied, after which everything gradually gets restored to normal.

These changes that happen to your body especially your nails births curiosity which brings you to the question, do nails change color during pregnancy?

Yes, your nails change color during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Not only do a color change, but your nails might also begin to thicken, split, become brittle, grow longer and faster or develop white spots on it. It is part of the journey of having a baby and is nothing to worry about since it is a temporary change.

What Causes Nail Changes During Pregnancy

One of the causes of nail changes during pregnancy is a swell in the number of reproductive hormones. These hormones sometimes pump up bringing about various nail changes.

A decrease in the amount of estrogen hormone can cause your nails to look dull or yellowish in color.

Your nails might begin to get darker or gets leukonychia (whitish discoloration of the nail) due to hormonal changes.

An increase in the amount of progesterone and estrogen causes your nails to grow faster and longer than normal. This might result in thin and weak nails that will break.

Another cause is a deficiency in vitamins as your baby basically shares them with you. Your nails might become coarse and brittle or change in texture for lack of enough vitamins.

How to Look After Your Nails During Pregnancy

Your nails should not stay neglected during your pregnancy. It is advised that you stay natural during this period but in a case where you need to go beyond basic manicures, here are some ways to care for your nails. Whether you are keeping it natural or using nail polishes, you should care for your nails in these ways:

1. Use water-based and non-toxic products

Nail treatments that are toxic to you have been listed in this article. Do well to avoid them, especially during your pregnancy period to avoid complications and problems. If you wish to wear nail polish during your pregnancy period. Get water-based nail polish because it is non-toxic and does not contain any overwhelming chemical smell or fumes.

2. Consume a good amount of vitamins

During pregnancy, it is not just about you but about you and your baby. Since your baby takes nutrients from you, you will have to have enough in your body to stay healthy. Gelatin capsules and prenatal vitamins containing biotin as prescribed by your doctor are good for you, as they will improve your nail strength and keep it healthy. These vitamins will keep your nails from the case of breakage and brittleness.

3. Keep your nails short

Keeping long nails will make you sick. This is because dirt can get locked under your nails, which might not get washed off when you wash your hands. Keeping short nails will make it easier for you to stay healthy.

4. Get your own manicure and pedicure kit

Owning your own nail tools will keep you away from infection and diseases. You won’t be at risk of getting contaminated through the use of unkempt tools on your nails/skin.

5. Keep your nails neat and dry

Always endeavor to wash your hands and nails after carrying out any activity. This will make your nails stay neat and beautiful. After washing your hands, use a towel to clean off the water. Your nails do not make a good companion with water, so keep them dry.

6. Use moisturizer or lotions

Your nails do not need to be wet but need to be moisturized. Water will make your nails wet and soft but moisturizers will make your nails strong and healthy. There are good hand lotions and moisturizers with nail-friendly ingredients to use. Vaseline can serve as a substitute since it also moisturizes.

7. Keep your nails far from your teeth

Do not bite your nails to avoid breakage. It is a bad habit that will affect your nails badly. When you feel hungry, go and get something to eat rather than suppressing hunger with nail biting. When you feel anxious, talk to someone or a friend then bite your nails to feel better.

8. Be alert

Watch your nails at intervals, to know when something unusual is beginning to happen to your nails. You might notice discoloration or build-up on your nails. To be on the safe side you should visit your doctor to check and know if it’s just a temporary nail change due to pregnancy or nail disease.

9. Gloves

Put on gloves when doing domestic chores. This will shield your nails from harmful chemicals used in the production of detergents and bleach.

Types of Nail Treatment to Avoid During Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is a delicate one since the lives of two persons will be at risk, should anything go wrong. It is necessary that you check and balance everything you do and make use of it during the period to avoid problems.

Below is a list of some nail treatments to avoid for your safety:

1. Toluene-based nail treatment

Any nail treatment that has to do with or contains Toluene is not good for you during the pregnancy period. This kind of treatment will cause dizziness, nausea, and headache for you. It can also lead to reproductive issues when absorbed into your body.

2. Formaldehyde nail treatment

If the treatment has to do with this or contains this in any amount then avoid it. Formaldehyde has been discovered to cause miscarriage and cancer. Inhaling it or having skin contact with it is very dangerous. Your nails are attached to your skin, so anything that comes in contact with your nails will eventually get to your skin. Apart from skin contact, inhalation is also harmful.

3. Dibutyl Phthalates(DBP) nail treatment

Using this treatment or a product that contains this is harmful. It affects and harms the endocrine system. The endocrine system has to do with hormones and the production of secretions that are distributed in the body by the way of the bloodstream. So, if it gets into your system it won’t only affect your internals but can affect the baby.

4. Acrylic nail treatment

The process of this nail treatment is harmful. There’s an extreme emission of strong smell during this treatment which risks you of getting infections. It can weaken some parts of your body, making you prone to infections.

5. Avoid fumes

If you wish to carry out your manicure and pedicure in a spar or salon, make sure that you don’t inhale the fumes that come with various nail treatment processes. Stay close to the window or door to receive as much fresh air as you can get. Stay in a well-ventilated place.

List of Water-Based Nail Products to Make Use Of

If you wish to keep your nails during pregnancy, these nail polishes are the best option. Since they have been checked to be safe for not just adults but even kids. This means that it is safe for you as a pregnant woman too.

1. Bontime Non-toxic nail Polish

It is composed of 66% water. Easy peel off from the edge, does not need any nail polish remover, and dries quickly. It is made of mineral pigments and a low-odor formula. It is free from all known toxic and harmful chemicals found in traditional nail polish. It has a 4-star rating on Amazon. It is available in a six (6) color set.

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2. Cocoheali Cube Nail Polish

It is a water-based nail polish made with gentle and safe ingredients, safely formulated for kids and mothers-to-be. It peels off like stickers and does not need any nail polish remover. The ingredients used in making it are natural plant seed oils that nourish the nail beds. It doesn’t possess any toxic smell. Moringa seeds, Avocado, Chia seeds, Basil leaf extracts, and Trehalose are its composition. It’s available in three (3) color sets.

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3. Zoha Non-toxic Nail Polish

It is a water-based peel-off nail polish. It is 100% organic and 65% water-based. This polish is safe for teens, girls, and pregnant women. It does not possess strong-smelling chemical vapors. There is no need for a nail polish remover since it peels off when fingers are soaked in lukewarm water. When applied, it dries within sixty (60) seconds.

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Can You Wear Nail Polish During Pregnancy?

A lot of women wonder if they can wear nail polish while they are pregnant. The answer is yes, you can. Nail polish is safe to wear during pregnancy, as long as you follow some simple precautions.

Do Nails Turn White During Pregnancy?

Scientific studies have not been able to confirm whether or not nails turn white during pregnancy. This is partial because white lines in the nails are more common among women who take calcium supplements, so it's difficult to separate out the variables.

Why Do Nails Turn Black During Pregnancy?

There are some nasty myths out there about how pregnancy affects your body, and a lot of people don't know that fingernails growing black is a totally normal part of the process. Fingernails can turn darker, grow faster, and appear stronger or more brittle during pregnancy. It's generally believed that these changes occur because the extra hormones in your body affect the way your skin produces melanin (the stuff that gives skin and hair their color). A lot of people assume that this change is permanent (it's not), or a sign that something is wrong with you. But it's completely normal.


It is better to stay natural during the pregnancy period but if you wish to keep slaying on your nails then take the necessary precautions. You will be more comfortable and stay stress-free with fewer health risks when you stay natural. All you will have to do is basic manicures which have to do with just moisturizing, cutting, and filing your nails. You can wear nail strengtheners which will give your nails a nice look plus health benefits.

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