Best Fake Nails For Swimmers in 2023

Swimming happens to be one of the most exciting exercises. It facilitates the flow of blood to every part of the body. However, if you love fixing your nails, you may wonder how safe it is to swim with your nails, or you may even be afraid to dive into the water with them.

But just in case you may be thinking in this direction, “Is it safe to swim with fake nails?” Yes, it is safe to swim with fake nails. Nevertheless, different factors can affect the safety of your nails. With this article, you will get relevant knowledge to choose the best nails for swimming.

Let’s look at some features that determine the credibility of fake nails. But before then, here are the best 5 fake nails for swimmers at a glance.

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Factors That Determine the Credibility of Fake Nails

1. Nature of Water

The nature of the water you swim in can affect the credibility of the fake nails. Unarguably, we know that most of swimming pools contain chlorine to fight the growth of bacteria.

However, spending too much time in the pool can adversely affect the nails. If you use a suitable fake nail, it will not affect it. So, it is clear that a good fake nail should be chlorine-proof.

2. Mode of Application

The application of the nails on your finger has many effects when diving into the pool. A good fake nail fixes well when your nail professional attaches it to your nail. But a bad one does not.

In fact, it exposes you to infection and lifts your nail as a result of improper bonding. It will inconvenience you during swimming and any form of water aerobics. This is why it is essential to choose wisely.

Types of Fake Nails You Can Choose 

Just before we go down to the best fake nails you can choose for your swimming adventure, here are the various categories or types of fake nails you can go for whenever you hit the mall.

1. Gel Nails

A gel nail is a liquid-like gel product that is applied to the nails and cured under LED or Ultraviolet (UV) light. It is brushed on the nail tips to extend nail length. The nail technician applies the gel to your finger and subjects the nails under ultraviolet light for two minutes to harden.

Pros of Gel nails 

  • Gel nails have no odor during the process of application.
  • Gel nails maintain the color of the nail for a more extended period without chipping.
  • Gel nails are safe for swimmers.
  • It takes a shorter time to fix at the salon. Within 45 minutes, you are done with the application process.
  • There are varieties of colors and patterns to choose from.

Cons of Gel nails 

  • Gel nails make use of Ultraviolet radiation. Too much exposure may lead to skin aging.
  • It is relatively more expensive than acrylic nails.
  • You need a technician to remove it after use.
  • The nail beds may become soft after long use.

Gel Nails Guide

Gel nails grow with the nails and require to fill up after 2 – 3 weeks. After 2 -3 weeks, kindly meet your nail technician to file it. He/she needs to file down the edge of the gel close to the nail bed and fill the extra space.

It is not advisable to swim in the space without filling it. The extra space may lead to nail lifting. It can also expose you to infection.

Removal of Gel Nails

You can remove gel nails by soaking your fingers in a nail polish remover. There are wraps in the nail polish remover that will loosen the fake nails, making them easy to remove without drying the hands.

2. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are produced by combining acrylic glass and ethyl methacrylate (liquid monomer). The ethyl methacrylate is active and reacts with the acrylic glass to form acrylic nails.

The mixture appears like a paste. It is bonded to the entire nails as it begins to harden quickly. It uses air to harden. There is an emission of a strong odor during the time of applying it. The odor is not harmful as long as there is good ventilation in the room.

Pros of acrylic nails

  • Acrylic nails are stronger than gel nails.
  • They are good for super-long nails. Anyone that likes long nails can go for it.
  • Acrylic nails are safe for swimming.
  • It can stay for 4 – 6 weeks with filling in between
  • Does not require ultraviolet radiation during the application process

Cons of acrylic nails

  • The application process takes longer time than gel nails
  • It requires nail fill every 2-3 weeks as the nails grow. If it is left undone, it may lead to water entering the natural nails and lifting them during swimming
  • It softens the nail beds after long use

Acrylic Nails Guide

Acrylic nails grow with the nails and require filling up after 2 – 3 weeks. You are required to meet a nail technician to file it for you.

Removal of Acrylic Nails

During the time of removal, your technician will use nail polish remover instead of prying or forcing you to remove it. The soaking process may take up to 15 minutes to loosen the natural nails’ acrylic nails.

3. Silk Wrap Nails

Silk nails are fabric wraps that are glued to the nails to support weak nails. It is also used to facilitate the growth of cracked nails. Different materials are used to produce this kind of nail. Some of them are silk, paper, fiberglass, and linen.

Nail technicians design the material to fit the shape of the nails, hold the material in place, and use glue to brush it.

Pros of silk wrap nails

  • Silk nails add strength to the natural length
  • It enhances beauty with minimal damage to the natural nails
  • Silk nails reinforce weak and breaking nails

Cons of silk wrap nails

  • Silk nails are for temporary use
  • The length is not as long as acrylic nails
  • It requires regular follow-up visits to nail technicians.

Silk Nail Guide

Generally, silk nail is for temporary use. As a result, it requires a regular reapplication process by a nail technician. Adhesive can lose within 2-3 weeks. Swimming may cause it to loosen faster too.

Removal of silk nails

During the time of removal, your technician will use nail polish remover instead of prying or forcing you to remove it. The removal process is easy. Sometimes, you can remove it yourself.

4. Solar Nails

Solar nails are a special type of acrylic nail that is produced by creative nail design. There are some differences between solar nails and acrylic nails.  Solar nails are stronger, easier to maintain, and more durable with a long-lasting glossy appearance.

Pros of solar nails

  • Solar nails are long-lasting nails
  • The material used for production is durable
  • Solar nails look like natural nails
  • It is suitable for swimming

Cons of solar nails

  • The application process takes a longer time
  • It requires nail fill every 2-3 weeks as the nails grow
  • If it is left undone, it may lead to water entering the natural nails and lifting them during swimming
  • Solar nails are not in full circulation

Solar Nails Guide

During the application process by a technician, there is a residue of solar nails you need to take it off. Solar nails grow with the nails and require filling up after 2 – 3 weeks. After 2 -3 weeks, kindly meet your nail technician to fill it.

Removal of Solar Nails

During the time of removal, your technician will use nail polish remover instead of prying or forcing you to remove it.

5. Sculpture Nails

Sculpture nails are fixed to the natural nails using fiberglass gel. It is another fake nail that is popular. The nails are sculpted and lengthened over a foil to produce the needed shape and length. They are good for super-long nails.

Pros of sculpture nails

  • Sculpture nails are strong and durable nails.
  • They are good for super-long nails. Anyone that likes long nails can go for it.
  • Sculpture nails are safe for swimming.
  • Does not require ultraviolet radiation during the application process

Cons of sculpture nails

  • It requires nail fill every 2-3 weeks as the nails grow
  • It softens the nail beds after long use
  • Sculpture nails require a nail technician to remove them without damage to your fingernails.

Sculpture Nails Guide

Sculpture nails grow with the nails and require filling up after 2 – 3 weeks. After 2 -3 weeks, kindly meet your nail technician to fill it by filing down the edge of the fake nails close to the nail bed and filling the extra space.

Removal of Sculpture Nails 

During the time of removal, your technician will use nail polish remover instead of prying or forcing you to remove it. The soaking process may take up to 10 minutes to loosen the acrylic nails from the natural nails.

Best Fake Nails For Swimmers

1. Artquee 36pcs Pink Ombre Crystal Press on Nails

Artquee 36pcs Pink Ombre Crystal Press on Nails with 3D Rhinestones Mixed Pink Metal and Glitter Glossy False Nails Long Ballerina Coffin Flash Fake Nail Tips Manicure for Women and Girls

The Artquee pink Ombre crystal press on nails is a pre-designed full-cover fake nail made of acrylic ABS. Artquee fake nails are pretty easy to apply and remove. Within its pack are a small file, a user guide, a sheet glue sticker, and a wooden stick that are all packed to help you have a seamless fixing and removal of these fake nails.

With the pre-designs that come with the Artquee fake nails, you don’t have to bother about spending so much time designing these nails to suit your style during your manicure session.

2. French Fake Nails

Acrylic Nail Tips 500pcs, French Fake Nails Natural False Nail Tips with Nail Clipper and Storage Case for Nail Art Salon and Home DIY (10 Sizes)

French fake nail is another high-quality acrylic ABS fake nail, designed to last long and withstand harsh water conditions, especially when you are swimming.

The most outstanding about the French fake nails is the fact that it comes in various sizes of 50 fake nails each. What this means is that you don’t need to spend extra time trimming the nails to match your desired nail length as there is a perfect nail length in the set for you.

Also, with its coffin design, and natural color, this is a perfect fake nail that gives you the liberty of applying any nail polish or design as you may wish, especially to match your mood and swimming wear color. 

Within the pack of French fake nails, you will find a U-shaped nail cutter to give your fake nails either a straight or round cut and trim. There is also a clear storage section that helps you group your fake nails based on their length and size.

3. Natural Coffin Fake Nails

Natural Coffin Fake Nails - ECBASKET 500pcs Ballerina Acrylic Nails Full Cover Ballet Shape Artificial False Nail Tips 10 Sizes

Natural coffin fake nails are another premium acrylic fake nail for swimming. Its set contains 500 pieces of natural coffin fake nails, which is highly durable, breathable, non-toxic, and fit perfectly with your natural nails.

These fake nails for swimming are also known as Ballerina’s nails due to their design, which is made to give your fingers a slender and longer look.

Just like other fake nails for swimmers in this list, natural coffin fake nails come in different sizes and lengths, and each nail in a set is numbered 0-9 to help you easily sort each one without breaking a sweat.

Painting these fake nails for swimmers is pretty easy, maintenance and removal as well is a breeze, and it requires very minimal materials to maintain even in the comfort of your home.


KISS imPRESS Color Press-On Nails, Gel Nail Kit, PureFit Technology, Short Length, “Taupe Prize”, Polish-Free Solid Color Manicure, Includes Prep Pad, Mini Nail File, Cuticle Stick, and 30 Fake Nails

Kiss imPRESS fake nails for swimmers come in a set of 30 fake nails with a press-on manicure technology to save you from the hassles of applying nail polish. With its PureFit technology and its slim design, Kiss imPRESS fake nails are designed to give absolute comfort when using them.

The solid-color Press-On design of this fake nail for swimmers will give you a salon-looking gel nail polish manicure right from your home, and their ready-to-use design takes off the worries of glue and polish application with a long drying time your mind.

The most interesting about these fake nails for swimming is the fact that comes in mini-sizes for kids. So, you can now enjoy swimming with your little ones without worrying about their natural nails getting damaged.

5. Coffin Nails Long Fake Nails

Coffin Nails Long Fake Nails - Clear Acrylic Nails Coffin Shaped Ballerina Nails Tips BTArtbox 500pcs Full Cover False Nail Artificial Nails with Case for Nail Salons and DIY Nail Art, 10 Sizes

Coffin nails long fake nails are made of high-quality acrylic ABS material, and it comes in a set of 500 pieces of natural/clear coffin nails, and offers 10 different sizes with 50 nails of each size numbered 0-9 individually. With this, you can conveniently choose the most suitable size that fits your every finger. With its simple press-on application method, these fake nails for swimming are very easy to, paint, trim, and maintain as it doesn’t streak or separate colors during painting.

The environmentally friendly status of these fake nails makes them perfect for use both for swimming and as a fashion prop. More so, it is non-toxic, not harmful to your natural naturals, and doesn’t smell.

The clear color of these fake nails is also good for people who want to have their fake nails polished or designed to suit their taste.

Important Tips To Consider When Using Fake Nails 

1. Use professional instead of doing it yourself

There are skills that you may not be gifted in them. Look for a pro to fix your nails for a perfect job. If the nails are not fixed properly, you will be prone to infections and nail lifting during swimming.

2. Avoid peeling off your artificial nails

Some adhesives attach fake nails to your natural nails. If you peel the artificial nails, it may pull off the layers of the nails. Get a professional to do it right for you.

3. It is essential to choose a nails technician based on referrals

Though using fake nails to swim is safe, it is unsafe if it is not done properly. The main essence of going to salons recommended to you by someone else is to get the right services. An inexperienced nail technician can cause damage to your nails when filing and attaching fake nails.

4. Patronize salons that disinfect working tools between customers

Moreover, nails technician should keep their hands clean and ask you to wash your hands before the commencement of work. It will reduce the risk of infection during the application process.

5. Swimming too often in chlorinated water can affect your fake nails

Generally, chlorine is not a good friend to nails. When your fake nails have gaps between your nails, chlorinated water can damage your nails.

6. Skip using fake nails to give your natural nails a chance to grow

While it is nice to wear a glossy and attractive nails, it is advisable to allow your natural nails to grow.

Can Swimmers Have Acrylic Nails?

Swimmers can have acrylic nails, but there are extra precautions that should be taken before and after swimming. Often, the water in swimming pools is chlorinated to kill bacteria. This is why hands are washed after using the pool and why swimmers use special soaps to cleanse their skin. Chlorine can cause the acrylic nail to yellow or weaken the material.

In order to prevent this from happening, swimmers should take proper care of their nails before entering the pool.

Tips To Take To Avoid Damage To Your Nails

There is no doubt that artificial nails make your finger long, slender and charming. If it is not properly fixed, it can damage your finger. It can leave the nails brittle, thin, and parched.

The following tips are essential when fixing your nails to avoid damage to your nails.

1. Choose A Soak-Off Gel Nails

Gel nails are flexible and less likely to crack. Whenever you want to remove it, you soak it off instead of filing it off. There is less damage to your natural nails. However, it can cause peeling and nail brittleness.

2. Use Light Emitting Diode (LED) Curing light

Some salons use both LED light and ultraviolet (UV) light to harden the nails. It is essential to use LED light instead of UV light. LED light releases lower levels of ultraviolet radiation compared to UV light. The LED light does not expose your nails to too much Ultraviolet radiation because it cures quickly.

3. Skip the Cuticle Trimming

Often time, nail technicians trim cuticles during manicures. Trimming of the cuticle exposes the nails to infections. The role of the cuticle is to protect the surrounding skin from any form of infection. When you trim it, germs and bacteria can enter the body through the place.

It is essential to note that nail infections take longer to heal completely. Moreover, when the cuticle grows back, it tends to appear rough. It will warrant nail technicians to continue trimming it to make it smooth.

4. Keep Fake Nails For Important Occasions

As a lover of fake nails, it looks good to use most time. However, to give the natural nails a chance for repair, it is essential to occasionally remove the fake nails. You can reserve it for important occasions.

Either during swimming competitions or hanging out with friends at pools. Using artificial nails all the time can adversely affect your natural nails.

Do Impress Nails Stay On in the Pool?

Yes, they can. As long as the nails are firmly attached to your fingertips, the Impress Press-On Manicure will stay on while you swim. They’re waterproof and will resist being washed off by chlorinated pool water.


It is always a nice experience to hang out with friends at the beach or swimming pools. Your glossy, long, and attractive fake nails are safe to use for swimming when you know the best counterfeit nails to use. We hope you can make the right choice from the information above as a swimmer who loves using artificial nails.

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