Does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat Need UV Light

The use of gel polish for nail beautification has become the utmost need of many. This is because of the advantage of gel polish over regular nail polish since gel polish is made to last longer. Amongst all gel polish is the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish used for manicures and pedicures.

Gel polish is known for being long-lasting and the use of UV or LED light for curing or drying, while the regular nail polish airs drying. For efficient use of this polish since it is classified as a gel, you ask “does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel need UV light?”

No, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel doesn’t need UV or LED light for curing or drying. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish is sitting on the fence between traditional gel polish and regular nail polish.

What Is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a nail lacquer (coat that gives a smooth finish) polish that has a glossiness and hardened effect like every other gel polish but dries under natural air and light like regular nail polish.

It is easy to put on and easy to remove. It is chip-resistant and gives a gorgeous manicure that lasts long. It is not used for tips or for filling existing manicures, only on nails.

It contains a photo-initiator component that cures it after application. It is the best alternative for you who want to apply gel polish but are scared of the effect of UV or LED light on your nails. It is a hundred percent vegetarian, free from 16 harmful ingredients, and offers a beautiful shine. It is affordable with a perfect brush for application.

Does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Need a Base Coat?

No, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel does not need a base coat. Regular gel polish makes use of a base coat but Sally Hansen Miracle Gel does not require a base coat because the gel polish is produced with a no-stain effect on your nails. The gel polish is directly applied to your nails.

This gel polish comes with a special topcoat which is a major component of the manicure procedure to get the desired results. It is thicker than the normal topcoat which makes it creates a rounded gel feel after application. 

This topcoat has a high-quality texture and shade which makes the gel polish stay chip free. It can be used for nail art and designs too. One coat of this topcoat achieves a generous cover for your nail. This topcoat and the gel polish possess a feature called oligomer which makes both bonds tightly.

How To Apply Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

This gel polish is applied using a 2 step formula. The entirety of how to apply this gel polish is listed below:

1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry for easy application – Dirty nails will not allow the gel polish to relax on your nails. If your nails are wet during the application of this gel polish, it will not settle out on your nails.

2. Use nail polish remover to wipe off any remains on the nail – If you filed your nails or there is any more little dirt hanging on your nails, use nail polish remover to clear them out.

3. Apply two coats of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Color – this is the first step of the 2 step application, you’re only instructed to make use of two coats. Anything less than or more than this will yield a bad result.

4. Allow the gel to dry for at least 5 minutes – The gel polish needs to settle out on your nails before application of topcoat to avoid having a rough lol or feel.

5. Apply one coat of Sally Hansen Miracle topcoat – this is the second and final step of the 2-step application formula, after which you now let it harden.

6. Allow the topcoat to cure or dry under natural light and air – do not directly keep your hands under sunlight for drying purposes.

How to Cure Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

The Sally Hansen Miracle gel does not need UV light to cure. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a nail polish that has the thickness and durability of gel nails, but it’s made with an instantly dry formula that lets you get dressed right away.

It’s flake-free, meaning your manicure will last longer than traditional nail polish, and it’s also chip-resistant. You can apply it in just a few minutes without the use of a UV light or a special base coat, and you can remove it easily with regular nail polish remover.

How Long Does It Take Sally Hansen Miracle Gel to Dry?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel dries in a few minutes. It takes at least five minutes or more for complete drying. The drying is done by natural light and air in the salon or wherever you stay to do your manicure. 

The gel nail polish must be allowed to dry before the last procedure of the manicure which involves the application of the topcoat, to avoid making a mess of it.

How Long Does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Last?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel was produced to be durable with a high-shine finish. It lasts for days, counting from 5 days to 7 or 14 days when applied properly.

It stays chip-free throughout the day. It will last as stated when you don’t use your hands or feet to do work that will put pressure on your nails or soak your hands in harmful chemicals.

Carry out your daily duties carefully, do not bite your nails, and wear gloves when your finger will have to get in contact with harsh chemicals or rough surfaces, doing this will make you enjoy this gel polish system.

How To Remove Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

After application of this gel polish, it hardens and stays for a long time till you desire to remove it. The removal process will have to be repeated for it to peel off completely. For a better removal process, the Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Acetone Remover is used.

The steps for the gel polish removal are as follows:

1. Saturate a small piece of cotton the size of your nail with the gel polish remover fluid – do not allow the fluid to get to other parts of your finger.

2. Place the cotton over the gel on your nails and wrap tightly with a small square of aluminum foil – this will help to melt the hardened gel polish on your nails, resulting in gradual peeling.

3. Check the first finger after 15 minutes, then do the same to the other fingers – do not leave the cotton on your nails longer than necessary to prevent adverse effects.

4. If necessary, re-saturate the cotton, wrap fingers again and check every 5 minutes.

5. Gently push off the gel with a cuticle stick – the gel polish is not a light layer that can be blown away, hence the need for a cuticle stick.

6. Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Acetone Remover – it is a customized gel polish remover for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. It erases the gel nail polish quickly and easily. It contains a nourishing emollient (softens and soothes) for cuticle rejuvenation. It is 3-free and does not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP.

Can I use top coat without UV light?

Yes, you can use a top coat without UV light and no, you cannot use top coat without UV light. It depends on the type of top coat in question, if it is uv top coat or non uv top coat. A top coat gives you that extra-shiny finish, but it also protects your nails from daily wear and tear. That's why some of them actually require UV light to cure.

Can you cure Sally Hansen Miracle gel with led light

No, you cannot cure Sally Hansen Miracle gel with led light. This is because the nail polish is different from other brands of gel nail polish that needs led light to cure.

Can you cure Sally Hansen miracle gel with UV light?

No,it is not possible to cure Sally Hansen Miracle gel with uv light.

Do you have to cure Sally Hansen Miracle gel top coat?

No, you do not have to cure Sally Hansen Miracle gel top coat. The reason is because the top coats are non uv top coat which means it needs no curing.


Gel nail polish is the best option to go for if you want to keep your nails from the harmful UV lights but still have your nails look glossy and shiny. Carefully check the description of any gel nail polish you want to make use of to be sure of its procedures.

Remember to let your nails go on vacation periodically even if you have found a nail polish that lasts long after application. Make the right choices and have an amazing manicure and pedicure experience.

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