How to Fix Wrinkled Gel Nail Polish

After spending a good hour or two doing your home gel manicure only to discover that the gel polish on one or more fingers looks wrinkled, lumpy, or bubbling, this can be frustrating, and thoughts of abandoning nail polish completely may be crip in. However, this shouldn’t be the case!

However, Why Is My Gel Nail Polish Wrinkling after application? Wrinkled or lumpy gel polish most often happens because the polish is likely too thick, and this thickness prevents UV light from completely and effectively curing the gel polish at the lower layer.

As a result, your finger(s) becomes wrinkled or bubbled at the gel polish on the top layer. Adding more gel polish will not smooth it out. Even if it appears smooth, your whole gel polish will not be cured fully. Hence it will peel off prematurely. In this article, we will

Why Does Gel Nail Polish Wrinkle

1. Applying too much gel polish to your nails

Applying too much gel polish to your nails can cause them to wrinkle. This is because when you apply too much, it will end up thicker than the nail itself. When this happens, the gel polish will likely crack and wrinkle.

To prevent this from happening, apply just enough gel polish to cover your entire nail but not so much that it is thick.

2. Inadequate or poor nail surface preparation

Nail polish wrinkles can happen if the surface of your nail is not properly prepared for the application of nail polish. If you use a base coat, ensure it’s applied as thinly as possible. You should also make sure that your top coat is thin and smooth. If you don’t have enough of either layer, they could wrinkle when they dry and create an uneven surface that doesn’t stick to the nail.

3. Using an old polish

Sometimes the problem is that your nail polish is too old. It may have dried out and become stiff if you’ve used it for over a year. This can cause the polish to wrinkle when you apply it.

4. Using an old UV lamp or inadequate UV light source

If your gel nail polish is wrinkling, it’s most likely caused by an old or inadequate UV lamp. Gel nail polish is cured by ultraviolet light. If the light source isn’t strong enough, it will not cure properly and may cause the polish to wrinkle. If you are seeing a lot of wrinkling in your manicure, check the bulbs in your lamp to ensure they’re not too old. It’s also possible that you need new lamps if the ones you have are more than two years old.

5. Place nails on the wrong spot under the light source for optimal curing (this is very common).

Gel nail polish wrinkles because the light source is not placed correctly. The gel nail polish needs to be placed directly under a light source for it to cure correctly. If the nails are not in the correct spot, they cannot cure correctly and will wrinkle.

How Do I Fix Wrinkled or Bubbled Gel Polish?

The best way to fix wrinkled gel nails is to remove them and apply them alremoveIf this issue happens to you, the following tips will save you time and in doing so.


  • Acetone and cotton
  • priate size finger coats or cutout fingers from a latex glove.

After gathering the above requirements, bring them to your table to begin removing the wrinkled gel polish.


Step 1: Soak a little bit of the cotton with pure acetone and apply it to the fingernail that you want to remove the wrinkled polish. If you’re using a cutout finger of a latex glove, first insert it into your finger and roll it back until it looks like an unused finger cot.

Step 2: Rub the finger cot onto your fingernails; ensure the cotton ball stays on top of the wrinkled gel nail. If the cutout finger from latex is too loose, you can use a rubber band to wrap it around your fingers to keep the finger cot in place and allow your fingers to soaked for 13-15 minutes. Don’t wrap the rubber too tight.

Step 3:Take off the finger cots and the gel polish will come off your nails or by scraping it gently. Then prep the nail surfaces again.

Step 4: You can now reapply the gel polish color of your specification and do the finishing touches on all your ten fingernails.


The careful application of gel polish can go a long way in preventing your nails from wrinkling or bubbling. If you are experiencing unnecessary wrinkling on your polish nails, something might have gone wrong in the application process. Hence, an experienced technician will be a better person to fix the polish as they will avoid mistakes related to this issue and others. Don’t allow any problem to hinder you from flaunting those nails!