Can You Have Acrylic Nails In Cheer?

A cheerleader is a person who leads the crowd in cheering for their team. They are usually seen on the sidelines of the field or court, waving pom-poms and encouraging their team to do their best. Cheering and leading requires a lot of discipline, not just fingernails, but other body essentials like hair and other vitals. This is why someone asked, can you have acrylic nails in cheer?

No, you cannot have acrylic nails in cheer. Cheerleading ladies are advised to do away with any nails, not just artificial nails, but long natural ones.

Why Can’t Cheerleaders Wear Acrylic Nails?

The reason is that cheerleading requires lots of acrobatic moves involving the fingernail. Acrylic nails will only hurt you in more ways than you can imagine, as explained below by various real-life stories from cheerleaders across the united states of America and the world at large. Here are some of the people’s comments about having acrylic nails as a cheerleader

“some people are good at it…but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Last year a girl had to rip her entire real and fake nail off because it bent back. It was the worst pain she’s ever felt. She has not worn fake nails since plus, with stunting you can hurt someone. “ – Tori Vandepas, Aug 25, 2011

“Funny, this should come up because just on Tuesday, CP came home from practice and had deep gouges on her arms from her stunt group from a girl who has fake nails, and she says that they hurt bad!!

I encouraged her to show them to her coaches so they could ban these nails, but she didn’t want to get her group in trouble. She needs to either speak up for herself or suffer from these painful scratches-it’s her choice!!

IMO I think that they should not be worn during cheerleading season or competition season, for fear of injuring herself or someone else!!” – cheer mom, Aug 26, 2011

“I find it really odd that it can actually be allowed to have fake nails while Cheerleading. However, I cheer in Sweden, and at every competition, you need to make sure that all the girls have very short even nails.” – AnSsaN, Sep 10, 2011

“I wore them in high school, and my thumbnail got bent backwards during a stunt. So I had a black thumbnail, and my dad had to poke a hole through it to get the blood out and relieve the pressure. It was horrible!! Took em off after that and never got em again!” – current, Sep 11, 2011

Can Cheerleaders Have Nail Polish?

No, cheerleaders cannot have nail polish. This is because cheerleaders are expected to maintain a high level of cleanliness and personal hygiene, including their fingernails. Cheerleaders who wear nail polish might be disqualified from competing.

General Rules for Cheerleading

1. Respect

Cheerleaders are to show the uttermost respect to everyone, including the fans, coaches, and school staff. Any form of physical or verbal disrespect is usually treated with punishment.

2. Punctuality

Cheerleaders must be punctual to all events requiring their attention, such as normal practices, games, and fundraisers. Some schools penalize cheerleaders who show up late for events, especially if the coach is not informed of the situation causing the lateness.

Cheerleaders are also not allowed to loiter after each practice or performance session; they must leave the premises as soon as possible or face a penalty.

3. Preparedness

Cheerleaders are required to be prepared at all times when called upon. A cheerleader is to have the necessities required for practice which includes the right uniforms, a water bottle, sneakers, pom-poms, megaphones, etc.

Cheerleaders must dress up in the complete uniform with their hair bowed in and the correct undergarment for the occasion, as stated in the rule book, which may vary depending on the school.

Jewellery is also not allowed, and neither are chewing gums. Not having the required uniforms will require a cheerleader to miss the event and sit out with the coaches and not her loved ones in the stand.

4. Positivity and determination

Cheerleaders must show up to training with the work ethic required to complete the job. Personal issues are to be separated from the training ground, and only determined cheerleaders willing to go the extra mile will make it to the finals.

5. Mandatory attendance

Cheerleaders must attend the last practice before a game and the game itself to participate in the cheering activity.

Attendance on practice days is to be taken seriously by all cheerleaders, and any enforced absence is to be reported to the coach, who has the right to either approve or disapprove of such absence.

6. Caring for uniforms

Cheerleaders are required to pay extra attention when caring for their uniforms. Cheerleader is sorely responsible for the maintenance of their uniforms, and damage caused to the uniform during the school season is to be fixed by the cheerleader in question.

Cheerleading uniforms are to always appear clean and tidy at all times. On no account is a cheerleader allowed to appear in a rumpled uniform. Some schools require Cheerleaders to return their Cheerleading uniforms after every school season.

7. Attention during games

Cheerleaders are required to pay uttermost attention during games. On no account is a cheerleader allowed to engage in any conversation with the crowd, fellow Cheerleaders, family, friends, or any squad player.

A cheerleader should see cheering as the primary and only responsibility during games — nothing else matters.

8. Appearance

Cheerleaders are not allowed to have any acrylic nails, as stated earlier. Natural nails are to be kept trimmed at all times for the safety of fellow members during stunts.

Cheerleaders are only allowed to keep long nails or use acrylic nails during prom nights or homecoming.

Visible tattoos are also not allowed, and if there are any, Cheerleaders can cover them using a bandage or makeup — depending on the choice that does the best job of concealing the visible tattoo in question.

9. Visitor restrictions

No visitors are allowed during practice, including friends, family, acquaintances, boyfriends, etc. The practice area is considered off-limits to non-cheerleaders until practice is over, and Cheerleaders are required to follow this rule to the latter.

10. Travelling with the team

Cheerleaders are required to travel with the team to and from a game. A cheerleader is not allowed to travel to a game alone or ride with a friend or family member without the coach’s consent.


Cheerleading requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice to reach the top of the ladder. The fingernail is an important part of cheerleading activities, and they must be properly taken care of, not just for a cheerleader but for her teammates in general. Kindly drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section. Cheers!!!